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  1. Watch the birds. Turn up your sound, enjoy...
  2. Very cool - well cold in fact... A great source of cheap energy for Panama. Their tankers will put lots of ships through the new canal.
  3. Sorry folks, I wanted to delete this post, but you can't do that on the forums it seems. It will come back later.
  4. Some light reading for a rainy Sunday afternoon in Boquete I went down to buy a $70,000 Land Rover and brought home a $999 iPhone X instead
  5. 2 - 2TB Seagate and WD 3.5" internal hard drives - $25 each 3 - 3TB Seagate and WD 3.5" internal hard drives - $35 each Guaranteed working, only used by a little old man for web surfing. Call Mark at 6499-6074 WhatsApp +50764996074
  6. A few weeks ago, I presented this story at the BCP reading group. It was well received and I have gone on to publish it on Medium.com. The story is real, save for one tiny detail. Enjoy... A Haunted Housewarming in Panama Mark Heyer
  7. Just like it says - perfect condition, gold with excellent gold case, 64GB, factory unlocked, will work with any Panama carrier. $280 A great phone, great camera. markh@heyertech.com
  8. The Pacific rim is rockin & rollin Tonight we got a reminder that the earth moves under our feet. The first picture is the last two days. The second is the last week. The whole Pacific rim, up to Alaska and down to Indonesia is moving and shaking. Mark
  9. Boquete is becoming the land of festivals - besides the growing Boquete Flower and Coffee festival, the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival is taking wing as world class event. This year, we added the Boquete Video Festival to our repertoire of BCP events that enrich our lives here in Panama. And what a great addition it is! For a first year premiere, the BVF was a rousing success. Backed by an enthusiastic and dedicated band of volunteers, Patrick and Gabrielle Reynolds with Producer Sheila Strunk organized, recruited video makers, made T-shirts, repainted the BCP lobby and even came up with a red carpet to celebrate the arrival of guests and videographers. And special thanks to Manzar Lari and Terry Richmeier of Casa de Montana, the best bed and breakfast in Boquete, who stepped up to not only kick start the festival sponsorship, but put in countless hours making it happen. The crowd was enthusiastic, the theater full and everyone had a great time, laughing and cheering as videos were theatrically presented in the categories of documentary, comedy, promotion, travel and adventure, and musical. As MC, Patrick was, well, Patrick, the judges an unruly mob, the video presentation on the big screen was flawless and professional - Rod Parker, Phil Bennet and the theater crew did a fabulous job. All the video makers are to be congratulated for their efforts. Deborah Green’s video on Chalo opened our eyes to appreciate the artistic genius who lives in our town and graces our lives here. Michael Schwartz brought us hilarious news reporting about the “Thousands of holes” in Boquete that nobody talks about. His new news channel? Boquete Source - “Nobody brings you more - BS.” Among my personal favorites, Phil Bennet’s lyrical Time Flies, Gilberto Barria-Vallarino’s Grounding 101, Brandy Gregory’s Knitted Together in Love and the lovely video about one of our most important charities, the Fundacion pro Integracion (the “Handicapped Foundation”), In Water I Am Free. All of these can be watched on YouTube. This year's premiere of the Boquete Video Festival was a wonderful miniature version of the famous film festivals of the world. I for one will certainly look forward to the years to come for the BVF and to the next production from the new BCP artistic directors, Patrick and Gabrielle Reynolds and their growing crew of enthusiastic and capable volunteers. Mark Heyer
  10. Bud, thanks for taking the time to report to the community about the status of the police and recent policy issues. This is very helpful and Rodny will send it along to all his members. One question I would have is the scope of the "taking pictures" issue. Does that apply just to the police or to civilians as well? If you take a picture or video of an intruder, is that included? Can it be used as evidence? In the infamous San Carlos robbery a couple of years ago, Rodny's sister organization, the Panama Helpline in Coronado hired a Boquete detective to investigate. Turns out one of the robbers used a stolen iPhone to take selfies of himself and his family. They went up to the iCloud and were widely circulated. Does that count against the prosecution? As for a more substantial garita at the Caldera turnoff, that has been on the books since the days of Manolo Ruiz. I hope they can finally get it done.
  11. When I try to sign up for passport services, it says "sold out." Is that real or just a political comment?
  12. It all started a few days ago when Keith took me to task on this forum for commenting about what was said in a Tuesday Talk without providing full reporting about what had gone on for those who couldn't attend. I agreed with Keith's comments, so I decided to video the talk this Tuesday by Dr. Digna Diaz of the Alpha Clinic here in Boquete. Being a person who seldom needs medical help, I barely knew that the clinic existed, right across from Mailboxes Etc. So I did video the presentation, which was excellent and informative, and Wednesday morning uploaded it to YouTube for all to see, thank you Keith. After that I ambled downtown to do some errands and stopped off at Mailboxes. As I prepared to cross the street to return to my car. I stepped up not quite all the way onto the pavement, my heel rocked back, I heard a loud POP and found I was hustling across the street with one leg working and the other about as useful as a stick. Instantly I realized that the Alpha Clinic was only ten meters away, so I hobbled in their door and collapsed in a chair. As I knew from just having watched their presentation, the Clinic operates on appointments and is not an emergency room. None of the principal doctors had yet arrived for their 4PM appointments. However, the receptionist was very accommodating and within five minutes an on-call internist appeared and diagnosed my injury. Fortunately it was not as serious as I feared, the nurse gave me a painkiller shot and in less than 20 minutes we were done. All for the princely sum of $25. Later examination by a senior orthopedic surgeon friend who happened to be in Boquete for a dinner party confirmed both the diagnosis and the quality of the doctor who attended to me. Leaving the clinic, Dr. Sue and Dr. Diaz had arrived along with a gaggle of mothers and children. I couldn't help noticing the friendly and personal doctor-patient relationships that were expressed. Two of the people in the waiting room had been to the Tuesday Talk and were there to sign up. Which brings us to the topic of improved primary clinical care in Boquete. Had my injury been only a little more severe, I would have been schlepping down to David for a visit to an emergency room for an ultrasound, at huge cost in time, frustration and money. Why don't we have this basic equipment in Boquete? Medical providers frequently use pre-paid medical plans as a way to raise money to improve facilities and services. In the last two weeks, we have had two plans presented to us - one from the Panamanian-serving hospital Cooperativo in David and this Tuesday, the Alpha Clinic in Boquete. It is not my purpose to do a complete comparison, but having seen both presentations, one huge item jumps out. The Cooperativo plan provides discounts on some covered procedures. However, the math doesn't add up. If you purchase the plan direct from the hospital for $120 and receive a 30% discount, it means that you have to spend $400 at the hospital - on covered procedures - before you begin receiving ANY discount - you have to "pay off" your initial payment. For jubilados, the scenario is much worse. Dr. Wong is undoubtably a wonderful and sincere doctor, but this is a structural problem with their plan. With the Alpha Clinic plan in Boquete, you pay $200, but that includes three free email consults with each of the principal doctors at the clinic along with other discounts. In short, the doctors are investing their own time and effort to match your financial investment. If you have chronic medical problems, or had a serious procedure at the hospital and need local followup, this could be worth the price of admission alone. They also provide discounts to Rodny Direct members even if you are not in a plan. As the expat population in Boquete grows and ages, there is great need for a fully-equipped primary care clinic in town. If you watch the Alpha Clinic presentation, you will see that they have such a plan for growth and are evolving it to better meet the needs of the expat community. I was very impressed with both their forward-thinking professionalism and the friendly atmosphere of the clinic. In Coronado, Rodny's sister helpline, the Panama Helpline, partnered with the local Rotary Club to deploy defibrillators. Maybe it's time for some of our forward thinking expat community leaders to begin working on how we might "invest" in equipping a first-rate clinic that would benefit everyone in town and in the end save us all a great deal more money than simplistic discounts and more ambulances. Thanks Keith, without your prodding and an unplanned slip in front of Mailboxes, I wouldn't be writing any of this today - from my bed with my leg up... Best wishes to all for a great Christmas. Mark
  13. Keith, as a member in good standing of Rodny Direct, or in fact anyone in the general public with a question, you are welcome to ask at info@rodnydirect.com. Want to know the cost of an MRI at Mae Lewis? Just ask. No charge. Honest and direct answers. By the way, if you are interested in this topic, you might want to catch the presentation this Tuesday by Dr. Diaz regarding primary care in Boquete. Just a hint.
  14. Anyone who attended the Tuesday Meeting where Irma and Gloria spoke knows that they speak perfect English and are consummate professionals. Mae Lewis doesn't publicly publish a price list for the same reason as all other hospitals - prices change and the services are complex. Keep It Simple Panama has offered the first hour of consulting to Rodny Direct members for free. Again, if you were at the Tuesday Meeting, you will recall that Irma received cheers and applause from audience members who had been her clients when she was administering MS Panama insurance at Hospital Chiriqui. She has worked for many years inside the health industry in Panama and now as Keep It Simple Panama knows how to navigate the system on behalf of her Rodny Direct members and private clients.
  15. This is exactly the point of the Rodny Direct membership plan. Keep It Simple Panama, who works with Rodny Direct has the up to date fees. If you are a member of Rodny Direct, call Irma or Gloria at Keep It Simple Panama and you will you can learn the fees and what your discount will be.
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