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  1. Dear Chiriqui Lifers, I recently read a rather long and convoluted forum posting about something or other, and there was a lot of stuff in it, and some back-and-forth, and much "quoting", then followed by much "re-quoting", which was either construed or mis-construed, and then there was a bit of a rhubarb, with postings and ripostes, and it seemed as though some feathers were ruffled and a bit of fur flew, and there was the requisite "blah-blah-blah", and an imbroglio instigated investigation of intolerance, and civility was verging on civil war, with families and friendships torn akimbo and the very essence and stuff of life itself and all that is honorable and good and holy and treasured and revered and celebrated and valued was suddenly vulnerable and threatened and at-risk of being rent asunder .... ... and suddenly! -- our fearless Moderator stepped-in, and the entire thread was arrested and incarcerated and sentenced to the dust-bin of history, and roiled waters were calmed, and Mean Mr. Trouble was banished, and peace descended upon the land, and the "New Dawning of the Age of Chiriqui Life" commenced, and it was good. BUT! As a verified "Inexpert User" of this forum, I am compelled to take great personal offense at the following quote: "However, this topic is going awry." As the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Sole Member of the Official "wryawry Fan Club", I take great offense at the flippancy of the above quote, and this has "triggered" me, and now I shall be forced to retreat to my "safe space" in order to contemplate the grievous and egregious insult, and consult with my Legal Team in order to strategerize retribution and the likelihood of significant monetary redress. NOW THEREFORE: Let every Member of this Forum be put ON NOTICE that personal insults such as these WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and that AS OF THIS MOMENT this writer plots serious and profound REVENGE!!! You will all be severely punished with love, wryawry
  2. Hola, ChiLis, It's been a while since I've enriched all your lives with wisdom and enlightenment but since it seems that the World will be ending the day-after-tomorrow-ish, I just wanted to say thanks for all the info shared relevant to those green, green hills; and I hope that whosoever may be leading our souls as they rise from this vale of tears will guide us onto the sendero that leads to the good place -- which, in all likelihood, will closely resemble Chiriqui Province . I bet we'll all be singing in per-fect har-mo-ny. Be careful, out there ... Dav
  3. Personally speaking, I'm fond of the "dislike" feature, but eschew the "like" component.
  4. Just loving life while lamenting loss, and praying for rain! (i'm starting to feel like James Taylor. The EARLY J.T.! We've seen the first part, it's time for the second part!!) Wishing all continuing ease and grace, Dav
  5. I am shattered to hear this news. I've been patiently awaiting the emergence of the right Charismatic Leader to whom I could become a loyal, unquestioning henchman. I feel I was born to be a boot heel, lick-spittle lackey. Are there any other top-secret compounds in those hills I should know about? Still searching, wryawry
    Hey, Bill, drinking it in or spewing it out? Only YOU know the truthiness! Dav
  6. Nice photojournal, Hil, and thanks for sharing. It appears that Edna has more artifacts on display in el museo now than she did ten years ago. The history of her family's care of Sitio Barriles, and some of the conflicts that were fomented by outside archaeologists and "officials" was disheartening, challenging, and extraordinarily complex for the family. That they were able to preserve what they have is a testament to their tenacity and their genuine love and respect for the site and its remaining treasures. I personally enjoyed the opportunity, several times, to wander the quiet little loop trail that meanders up the ridge to the south of the interpretative trails in the little canyon. Much like exploring the less-accessible trails in Mesa Verde N.P., for example, it provides a sense of what life was like for the original inhabitants, and an appreciation for what their world looked like all those generations ago. Sitio Barriles is truly a treasure for the discovering. Thanks again, Dav
  7. Thanks for these links. I've been thinking that maybe I'd like to try living as a broad. This will certainly afford a better perspective on time, happiness ... and hairstyle! Where can I find the appropriately-sized clothing? I'll be needing size eleven heels.
  8. Dear Ex-Pat Community, Many publications, such as International Dining, have presented numerous articles about interesting topics such as importing recipes and menu ideas from foreign lands into places like Panama. The question is, if you are going to try to bring items like, say, Mexican food into your diet while being a guest in Panama, are you going to do it right? Let's say that you've decided to spice-up your diet with, say, chilis rellenos. Do you have the right ... stuffing? It takes a lot of hard work and preparation and planning to ensure that you've got the right stuffing, otherwise you might have to send those chilis rellenos right back where they came from! Many gringos have attempted to prepare chilis rellenos with the Wrong Stuffing, and have had to just throw the whole thing right into the basura! Sad! All because they didn't have the right stuffing! Publications like International Dining don't even mention the fact that the right stuffing is crucial -- they just go ahead and promise that any old ordinary day-to-day stuffing will work, and this just leads to all kinds of misinformed gringos with the wrong stuffing winding-up disappointed and annoyed -- because they didn't do their research. If you don't have the right stuffing, you have no one to blame but yourself, and you should hang your head in shame. These cold, hard truths don't apply only to chilis rellenos, but to tacos, burritos, enchiladas, -- even tostadas!! You'd better believe it! Fortunately, there are well-prepared individuals that have All the Answers, and for the right price, you can learn all about the Right Stuffing. Just send us $9.99 Balboas, and we'll send you a comprehensive manifesto about learning the Right Stuffing, understanding how to obtain all the ingredients of the Right Stuffing, preparing the Right Stuffing correctly, and enjoying the Right Stuffing better than your ignorant gringo neighbors. Your chilis rellenos will be the best in all of Chiriqui Province! Remember the "Seven P's" -- and don't forget the $9.99 Balboas. Humble words of wisdom from The Compound, wryawry
  9. Sorry, Hil. I made a mistake. When I said "The Potentate of Potrerillos", I meant "The Plenipotentiary of Potrerillos." Something like that. One of those things.
  10. I shall henceforth model my life based upon the pursuit of the pinnacles of perfection presented within the precepts of ... The Potentate of Potrerillos.
  11. The good folks here at wryawry Inc. are very pleased to announce the inauguration of our new "Expatriate to Panama!" (tm) Program. Our highly-skilled researchers have invented the innovative "Life Pod" (tm) to simplify your move to Beautiful Panama. Membership benefits include: Your own self-contained "Life Pod" module (with optional "sustainance charging"). First-class container vessel shipping from Miami to Colon. Ground transfer from Colon to your "Forever Finca" in Herrera Province in our custom "comfort truck". Your "Life Pod" will ensure your every comfort by cocooning you in an intimate, climate controlled clear plastic ball engineered to completely recycle all your wastes into "Life Fuel" (tm). You will never have to engage in clumsy social interaction of any sort again -- forever! Prices start at $999,999.00 Balboas, with a monthly service fee of $999.00 Balboas. ACT NOW--a limited number of ocean-view lots are still available!!
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