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  1. Casa Decor Boquete is OPEN Boquete is a great place to do business! Casa Decor Boquete is open for business and we apologize to any clients that have come by when we have been out of the store. This is a matter of not having the doors open as advertised. We recently had some hacking happen and it takes time to resolve the matter. We hear the rumors too, so please do not pay attention to the rumor mill. Our store is open and if you have questions about any matters it is best to direct the concerns to Patsi or John as they are the only ones that can answer those issues. Yes, Casa Decor Boquete is for sale! That is a fact. Once again the contact regarding this is John and Patsi. The location is a good location, the clients, vendors and customers are excellent. The public does have a right to know about a business to some degree, we appreciate that. However, if there are concerns for any parties involved with the store or potentially involved, it is wise to come to the source of the business and direct your questions to the owners. Thank you to the many customers who are loyal also to new customers looking for home furnishings and decor that shop with Casa Decor Boquete. Vendors and Consignees are the backbone of this business and we strive to do our best to support them throughout the process. Come by the store, or call us and let us inform you so that all of your questions can be answered.
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone! Casa Decor Boquete is closing for the Holiday from December 22 to December 31st. Thank you for understanding. Casa Decor Boquete wishes everyone has a blessed and very Merry Christmas! See you after the holidays.
  3. We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" You will find a wide array of gift giving items all over the store! Casa Decor Boquete is your gift-giving headquarters in Boquete. Ladies love jewelry and the selections are beautiful. Colorful, classic, vintage, or jazzed up, Casa Decor Boquete has something for everyone. Many are unique, one of a kind, designs. Excellent pre-owned furniture in like new condition, home decor, accessories, art and more fill the store. Until December 15th Casa Decor Boquete is doing a toy and food Drive to help those who cannot do this for themselves. Be a Tropical Santa Claus and give a toy or food or both! Thank you for all who donate!
  4. "Casa Decor Boquete IS NOT CLOSING! There are rumors about the store closing. These are just RUMORS. The store is for sale. The store is open for business and we are not closing it. We have some interested parties looking at it. However, it is not closing. Due to health reasons one of the owners must return to the USA. This is a private matter, we had thought it was our right to remain in business and deal with our private lives without having to go public about personal issues. It appears we are wrong. For that, we apologize. This store is a success due to the support of this community. Casa Decor Boquete and all the parties involved love this store. We remain confident this store will find new owners and continue to be the same consignment store business as it currently is. Please call or come by if you are concerned. Casa Decor Boquete is not closing. This is a stable and solid business. The store is unique and the customers come from all over the whole country of Panama. You are invited to continue shopping and consigning with Casa Decor Boquete just as you have done for the last three years! Thank you for your support and kind words from so many of you. Please do not listen to the rumor mill, we are not closing the business. Casa Decor Boquete owners, staff, and vendors, consignees, and everyone that we do business with appreciates the confidence you have shown by shopping here. Thank you." _Patsi & John Phillips, Owners
  5. All art is on sale up to 50% off! All other items in the store will be 15% off on November 25th Black Friday fro 10 to 5 at Casa Decor Boquete! You are welcome to drop off non-perishable food or toys from the 25th to December 15th. So make the season festive for yourself with excellent savings, and for others by donating food or toys. ( or both) The store is decorated for Christmas and ready to do business Tuesday to Friday 10 to 5; Saturday 11 to 4 and Sunday 12:30 to 4. Closed Monday.
  6. Yes, you can still save on all items of merchandise over 90 days in stock! Ask Katy to point out the bargains. This is a great time to buy home decor at a discount. Also, we are nearing the gift giving season. Come by and enjoy savings. Shop in an upscale venue that is well staged and has an impressive collection of all kinds of merchandise. The time is right . Shop Tuesday to Friday 10 to 5, Saturday 11 to 4, Sunday 12:30 to 4. Call if you have questions 507 720 3777.Katy is bilingual. If you need to remodel take time to look at the beautiful, European style custom kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Colors samples available.
  7. Register for door prizes. TropicaAccessories.com has a beautiful necklace and earrings as a prize!
  8. Casa Decor Boquete is blasting out the merchandise that has been in the showroom for 90 days or more! The sale last thru the month of October. Come by and choose your home decor items before they go to another smart shopper. Casa Decor Boquete must make room for new items. This sale is for items that have been in the store for 90 days or longer. All are mostly one of a kind. Hard to find. EVERYTHING that is 90 days or older is 30% off. For your home, office,or patio there is a little something for every room in your home. There is no time like the present to save on home decor. Consigned items are all gently used almost new. Ready to shine in a new home. Art and many other decorator accessories are waiting to find you !
  9. Casa Decor Boquete has you covered if you love home decor! From small items to furniture, from bathroom custom vanities to custom kitchen cabinets too. Come by today and enjoy the beautifully staged merchandise. Colorful, fashionable, and designer styles you will love. Add some flare to a boring one color room, color or art, vases, picture frames, or tables. Got it! Artists Casa Decor.docx
  10. Thank you. It is the goal of Casa Decor Boquete to make everyone who drops in as welcome as possible. The owners want your shopping experience to a good one. The turnover is very fast on some items not so much on others. However, Patsi keeps things changed up, staged to catch the eye of the discerning shopper. Please feel free to call 507 720 3777 or come by during business hours Tuesday to Friday 10 to 5, Saturday11 to 4 and Sunday 12:30 to 4. The store is closed on Mondays. Email photos of items you want to consign to consignndesgn4u@gmail.com
  11. Casa Decor Boquete opens at 10 am on Tuesdays for your shopping convenience! Tues-Fri hours are 10 to 5. Sat 11 to 4, Sun 12:30 to 4. Closed Monday. Home decor, re-purposed furniture, reupholstered as good as new furniture. All types of home decor and accessories. Gift items from vintage to classic, art, collectibles, lighting, and more. Some items are marked 15% off so come and see them. Quality, value, and selections make this an excellent place to shop for your home or office.
  12. Casa Decor Boquete has a beautiful kitchen display to show off! You can order a custom designed kitchen or bathroom vanities from Casa Decor Boquete. There is also a free standing closet to see as well. Come by and see the choices of colors and countertops available. There are still may items 15% off so be sure to come by and see what is on sale now. Open 10 to 5 Tuesday to Friday, Saturday it is 11 to 4, and Sunday 12:30 to 4 the store is Closed all day Monday. Email photos of items you want to consign to consignndesign4u@gmail.com. Visit the Facebook page Casa Decor Boquete. The website is http://casadecorboquete.wix.com/interior-design You can call the store at 720 3777. Katy is bilingual.
  13. I goofed! It is a huge sale. This really is a blow out sale! And it really lasts until August 1st. So what about all art 15% off! And all bed frames 15% off. All Sofa's 15% off. The lovely cottage-look dining table and six chairs 15% off, a beautiful black china cabinet 15% off. You will find bargains galore inside Casa Decor Boquete. Patio tables & chairs are 15% off. Many items need to go, like the colorful and designer styles of sinks all 15% off. You win, Casa Decor Boquete takes a hit but everyone wins when you go home happy! Now through August, 15% off Blow Out Sale .
  14. Whoo-Hoo! Patsi just announced and even bigger sale! Not just 15% off sofa's or bed frames, Yes those are on sale still, but now there is a 15% big blow out sale including art work. A China cabinet and all the beautiful loose designer sinks 15% off. Also a dining room table with 6 chairs for 15% off. Throw Pillows all 15% off the ticket price. This is a BIG SALE! This sale ends Next Friday July 29th at 5 PM. Come and see what the fuss is all about! 15% Off sofas 15% Off bed frames 15% Off beautiful, designer, select sinks 15% Off Art 15% Off Throw Pillows 15% Off Dining table and six chairs 15% Off a China Cabinet
  15. Garage sales are too much work, yard sales, even advertising is a hassle. Consignment is a far better solution for most people. Now Boquete has a beautiful, upscale venue that shows off your treasures in style! Casa Decor Boquete is an inspiration for many, a destination for all kinds of bargain hunters. Come by and see the beautiful collection of gently used, almost new consigned furniture, accessories, lamps, rugs, re-purposed items and so much more. Make sure you visit the kitchen cabinet display. European design, several color samples to choose from as well countertop colors. Upgrade to custom designed cabinetry. Bathroom vanities and custom closets are also available. Thank you to all the wonderful consignees,customers, and vendors who have helped make this store possible! Come by from 10 to 5 Tuesday to Friday and Saturday 11 to 4, Sunday 12:30 to 4 every week. Closed Mondays. Email photos of your home furnishings or accessories to consignndesign4u@gmail.com or call 507 6674 1721.
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