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  1. The 4th Friday La Villa Drum Party is cancelled in preparation for the new schedule. There will be a program change starting in November. Instead of the twice monthly drum parties, Cafe La Villa will host a monthly full moon drum circle. This event will be around the time of the full moon as that date changes monthly. The La Villa Full Moon Drum Circle will be held on the 2nd Friday of each month. Arrive at 6 pm to mingle and get warmed up. Lighting of the Drum Circle Fire at 6:30 pm (weather permitting). All drummers are welcome and yes howling at the moon is encouraged. The Therapeutic Drum Sessions will continue every Wednesday at 4 pm at La Villa. There will be drum clinics for beginners held at various times to be announced individually. Our mission has been to promote Community Drumming awareness through drum parties, classes and presentations. To reach as many people as possible, I constructed a series of standard Cajon Drums that have been available to the public for free use during all our events. It's time to take this awareness to the next level by getting as many drums into the hands of drummers as possible. Some have purchased our Cajon Drums while others have chosen other types of drums. Some already have at least one drum and that's a good thing. So here's your chance to be part of our drumming family. All of our demo drums are on sale for $50.00. You can go to Cafe la Villa and buy one of these drum right now. There is a very limited number of these drums available and will likely be no more at this price. These drums can be painted and decorated many ways or enjoyed a la natural. It's your canvas. But don't despair, If you miss out on these demo drums I have new Cajon drums for sale including our all new Mola Cajon collection which is now on display at La Villa Cafe. There is time before Christmas if you want a custom design and color on our standard Cajon or the deluxe model. For more information and entertainment go to our web site: www.alscajons.com. Drop by Cafe la Villa for a brochure and a look at these Mola Cajons.
  2. Most, if not all of the legitimate charity organizations here in Boquete have an online presence - a website or Facebook page - with pertinent information about the organization. If ''Kid's Camp'' has one, I couldn't find it. I sent a request for information to the person who sent the announcement to Penny B at NewsBoquete. I did not receive the courtesy of a reply. If someone came to your door and asked for a donation without any explanation of what their organization was about or what your donated cash would be used for, would you give them money without asking any questions? (There are people who would, but I am not one of them.) If you asked the person how your money would be used and were told ''everybody knows we're honest and good'', is that all you need to hand over your cash? While I was writing this comment, I did receive a reply to my inquiry. ''Hello. I just want you to know that just because this announcement is coming from my email does not mean it's me . I know how to use a computer so they tell me what to write. If you have any further questions Please check with Alie MacArthur. Sandy Stephens or Bev Hall. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH.''
  3. Why is it ''suspicious'' to require information about a group which solicits cash donations? Not everyone knows about this organization. If anything is ''suspicious'', it is a group unwilling to provide information about itself and its purpose.
  4. McKayla: Please explain to me what the Kids Camp Fund is. Who runs it? Is it a locally or nationally recognized legal charity? Who is the president? Treasurer? How will the money you collect be accounted for? Which kids will receive it? Where is the ''camp?'' When is the camp? What is the purpose or ''theme'' of the camp?
  5. My purpose in posting the original was not to provide a venue for personal issues, but to let people know that, when Boquete Ning boasts about their high numbers of new members, some of those new members have joined only for the purpose of spamming or scamming (Princess). Spamming is profitable.... it is not done out of mischievousness or maliciousness, but is a business. They only need a few innocent people to click their spam link for it to be worth their while. A click means that a virus or a trojan could possibly be acquired, or that an IP or email address is noted and available for sale. It is apparently a profitable business, or it would not be so popular. In the old days, Lee and I screened every single request for membership. Applications like that from Princess would not be accepted. We knew the locations of many spammers and those applications would not be accepted. We had about 8 to 10 applications from spammers per day, membership denied. When a spammer DID get in, the minute he/she posted the first spam they were removed from Ning. In the old days. Obviously, applications for membership are always accepted now, regardless. And even after numerous spam is posted, the member is allowed to continue. Putting all Ning members at risk, especially those who are not tech-savvy and/or who post their email addresses on Boquete.Ning.
  6. I understand Boquete Ning has a bunch of new members. Now I understand the attraction..... spammers just love it!
  7. http://www.dannypanamatravels.com/cuba-trip.html
  8. Danny Panama Travels is taking a small group to Cuba in June! You know you want to go!
  9. "Complete anonymity" ? Does that mean that you no longer require Passport or Cedula numbers? ''Complete anonymity" to me means that your customers are identified ONLY by a unique personal code that does not reveal their identity in any way.
  10. "But, because buying a whole tenderloin for one person with a small freezer is not very doable ..." But.... buying a whole tenderloin and cutting it up into little filet mignon steaks, I usually get 15-20 servings out of one.... large tenderloin, small servings.
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