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  1. Finca Dracula

    This is a nice little Sunday adventure. Hunderds of varieties of Orchids and Ferns. She wanted to walk the property and we did. It isn't that big of a place and there are rest areas to stop and rest. The air is a little thin up there. I'm guessing close to 7000+ ft elevation----not sure. You will find a small restaurant on the property at the beginning of the tour. We ate at the Fanny's Terrace Bistro on the way up. Really great food there but not a huge selection on the menu. We had the Pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce. Turn right in Volcan towards Cerro Punta and maybe 2 miles on the right to Fanny's.
  2. China understands long term investing in other countries. They can build this line. Panama should approve it fast. Financing the entire project with very small annual payments always works out for China's partners.
  3. Rubén Blades in David

    I was at the David concert. He puts on a great show. I might be wrong but I think I counted 13 members in his band. Big Band Salsa at its best.
  4. Subsequently, the President and his team made a tour of the new Aqueduct system, Sanitary Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boquete, which will benefit more than 22 thousand residents of this district with a progress in their infrastructures is of 76%?????? I have my doubts on this number.
  5. Hear 4U Hospital Chiriquí

    Very professional company. I have two hearing aids that I purchased from them. Their tests were also approved, at the time I got mine, with the Veterans Administration(I don't know if they continue the service with VA). As a matter of fact the VA made the appointment with them for me. Highly recommend them and some of the Resound Hearing Aids are compatable with some cell phones for adjustments of the hearing aids.
  6. Rubén Blades in Concert


    Bought my tickets yesterday at Filipe Motta next door to the Honda dealer in David. Easy purchase. Ready!!!
  7. Holidays

  8. Cartegena, Colombia

    Not a bad vacation. A little warm but the carribean breezes makes it ok. San Felipe Castle was the most interesting site there. The walled city is unique and has good shopping and restaurants. Snorkeling trip was a bust. High winds, huge waves and strong undercurrents had the bottom and coral reefs less visibile. Don't know the next vacation spot YET!
  9. A few hours wait is better than 11 days. Panama would like the business but they complainers could take the long way around the horn.
  10. Don't know the number of Uber Taxis in Panama but I never have waited over 5 minutes anywhere in Panama City. These car owners with Uber have to provide insurance documents, car titles, and all other documents. How many Taxis drive with expired plates and no insurance? I don't think Uber registration will let them run with out proper documents. I know they have to provide everything up front in the USA before signing a contract and when renewing.
  11. STRIKE AVOIDED This is a good thing. We have enough weather delays out of David anyway. https://www.tvn-2.com/economia/empresas/Copa-Airlines-Sielas-logran-acuerdo_0_4902259807.html
  12. The Seller of Panama

    My Panamanian Son-In-Law spent 20 days in China last year promoting tourism for Boquete/Panama. This year he spent 20 days in Japan doing the same thing. He and another person were sent there by the Government Of Panama. They went on a grant provided by Panama. Varela and staff have been at this for his entire time in office. It's just slow going. The Chinese have been investing billions globally for some time. Panama will benifit in a huge way with this trip. I'm thinking the Education system might get some good direction now.
  13. In comparison, Enron was a good investment also. Never gamble with more than you can lose.