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  1. Sailer, "this ain't rocket science." Two things to remember in piped sewer systems, stinks goes up in the air (at the treatment plant and vented out of the house usually through the roof) and water, poop, and objects are pumped to the treatment plant or gravity fed down hill----UNLESS pumped uphill. Treatment is another story. I can't wait for the new smell in Boquete. You can bet they did not include the price of a scrubber. Scrubber; a system to prevent smell and some corrosion. Also, if they don't treat the water to a potable state they will have to sprinkle the liquid on land and let the land purify it before it gets back into the aquafer. Another problem with a sprinkle waste water system here is rain, run off and lava rock. It's going to be a challenge. I don't know of another city in Panama that has EVER installed a new and complete sewer system all at one time. This will have a huge learning curve for future use. I'm sure the mayor has a responsibility with the contractors. Solid waste is another story. It can be used for fill in certain areas. We have a golf course built on top of a solid waste site back home. The also use the methane gas for heat and lights on the golf course. And NO SMELL. Septic tank solid waste will be the same. It has to be moved out of the tank sooner or later.
  2. Yes, transparency would stop a lot of this under management, unprofessional engineering, and unskilled work. It will cost a fortune down the road and be problematic in all of the houses and businesses connected to the system.
  3. I would think the 23-25 million dollars Varlea gave to Boquete for the upgrade of the water system and "new sewer system" will cover the entire project. We were told yesterday that the street repairs and piping would be done in six months for the sewer system. I will NOT BANK on that. PVC, glue and fittings are not that expensive, labor is not high hear, equipment is relatively high, engineering that I've seen so far Can Not be that expensive, management of the project will be a serious cost over run if you have watched them dig up streets two times correcting mistakes. The biggest problem I see after completion will be the junction boxes (possibly collapse). I have seen some of them hand made from blocks. I don't understand why they didn't use a manufactured concrete junction boxes (maybe they are now). I'm afraid the 6 inch feeder lines will be problematic down the road, If it is a forced main which I doubt it will be----then it would be okay. It appears the lines have been engineered for down hill gravity flow all the way to South Bajo Boquete. I haven't seen a construction manager anywhere on the job. A forced main will require back pressure valves and grinder pumps at every entry point to the main lines. If grinder pumps are not used the main 6 inch line will be clogged all of the time. I haven't seen one installed yet. If this is a build as you go project (which it appears to be) there are major problems ahead. On a good note, everyone will have a backup Septic Tank.(hopefully)I watched a small city such as Boquete do a entire city upgrade on the sewer. It was actually a new install. Everything was changed. But, they did it in sections in a logical order. Then they would move onto another section. The engineers on the Boquete project or the construction managers missed the boat on planning the construction. The city's businesses were never thought about or they would have managed the project accordingly. Just an observation. I can live with what ever they do. The only complaint I have is the damage to cars undersides and mechanical issues caused by the wacos. Gravel works wonders for holes. They have teased the public with a little gravel but I have YET to see a waco filled and leveled. Such is life in Boquete.
  4. Would like to buy a "good" golf cart with "good" batteries and "good" tires. Email me; hajenkjr1@gmail.com
  5. I have driven it two times. Once in the wet season and once in the dry season. It is a seriously dangerous drive in the rainy season. We had a great drive during the dry season. The road is in good shape from Paso Canoas Arriba all the way to Volcan. But, if you've never driven in the mountains prepare yourself for some slow going. It is dangerous anyway you view it. Nice Video.
  6. The property that had all of his exotic animals is run by the Teen Challenge out of David. The young boys are housed there. They had to seperate the girls and boys. The girls are housed between the Bomberos and Chiriqui Hospital in David on the same street. A few of us did some volunteer work at the boys place near Portrerillos. The animal pens and main buildings are still there. The minister that runs the place has all the history. He says; "This is where Noriega kept his girls for partying and for his visiting friends. It is not in good shape and the minister operates on donations. The locals burned the place during the invasion." All that was left were the blocks and concrete structures. The roofs, doors and windows were repaired. It is a beautiful piece of property. The kids garden, raise cows, hogs, sheep and goats. They are self contained and it is in serious need of donations such as rice, beans, and other things such as mattresses and chairs.
  7. Very nice trip. Reasonably priced. $35 Small break at the top of the hills before returning. Approx 3 hours round trip. That's enough time on a horse at my age. Bring your own water and snacks. "Franklin's Horse Rentals". Good guide with good English.
  8. We visited Sitio Barriles last Sunday. I have been reading about this site for a couple of years. This is a small site with probably the oldest known people occupying Central America before Baru's Eruption----Possibly Chinese and Africans (Pre-Colombia). The Link below gives a lot of details of the site. The tour guide doesn't go into details about the dates of the site. She did general explanations and dates. We had the Spanish tour guide and enjoyed the tour. There is an English guide but we don't know the days for this. The site is small and the original huge artifacts are in a museum in Panama City. The tour guide did say the area is full of artifacts from the same time period on private property but they refuse to allow excavation. The Link below has a good detailed discription of Sitio Barriles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barri les
  9. I'm going to buy a tin foil hat and visit the business. Maybe I can market the hat to them for the electronic inspection FREE.
  10. Good idea on recovering the bribe money and putting it to good use. But, the rock thing a "must" be safety thing here. We see it all of the time. I guess they don't trust the Park on automatics, in gear manuals or the emergency breaks!!! I have ask myself many times why the rocks behind or in front of the tires.
  11. I'll bite the hook for free.
  12. Panama has been flooded with chinese products for a long time.
  13. I had heard rumors of 3 hours to all day for completion of the Ecedula at the Tribunal Electoral in Panama City. Well, I'm either a lucky guy or they streamlined the process. I was in and out in 40 minutes------Totally completed and they said; they would send the Ecedula to the Boquete Tribunal Electoral. Very nice staff and very professional. Three trips up and down from the second floor (1st) to the first(PB). But the good new is the elevator worked every time. The first woman you see with your paper work is from Bouqete also. Anyway, with all of the immigration stuff going on I decided to go to another level.
  14. Yes it has affected Chiriqui. The cubanos brought the h1 n1 virus with them and financial stress. Some cubanos died here with the virus and also infected Panamnians. Ecuador started enforcing visas and Costa Rica said no more undocumented cubanos. Panama didn't do much other than house them and fly the last group to Mexico. Locals told me they were mad because they had to foot the bill for the cubanos.
  15. Good for Obama. And, good for the Carribean, Central and South America, and the USA. Get there legally!!!! Immigration changes everywhere now days! http://edition.cnn.com/2017/01/12/politics/us-to-end-wet-foot-dry-foot-policy-for-cubans/index.html?adkey=bn