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  1. My step son, Gerarado Guerra, has opened a new produce store near the Terpel Station. Coming into Boquete from David go past the Terpel and take the next right. It is the first container on your left. He is the owner of Cloud Forest Travels and has been in business for many years. He was the owner of the original Sandwhich Factory and closed because his chef was hit by a car and died. Gerardo's father has been in the Produce business for over 40 yrs and provides fresh products daily. Gerardo and Jorge are fluent in English. The store is very clean and produce is fresh daily. HUGE parking lot i
  2. Clean, no damage. Works great. Wife wanted new phone so we upgraded. Dual Sim. Internet capable. Unlocked. 6347 3871 Firm $150
  3. until

  4. until

    How can you keep advertising these sales and we are quarantined on Sat and Sun? Do you have special conducto salvo?
  5. I thought we were under lockdown on weekends?
  6. I thought we were under lockdown on weekends?
  7. The speed is the same on regular cable or fiber when it leaves the distribution center. All fiber does is provide more Band Width and stable speed. Fiber gives the opportunity for more customers on the line with less lag/buffer time. Certainly more stable also. One problem with fiber, when the glass is broken it takes a long time to repair. Copper can be repaired in a few minutes. Also, most companies DO NOT run fiber into the house or structure. So, you will have copper in the house in most cases. More up to date countries are running fiber into houses but it is not necessarry. The short runs
  8. Global Bank has never limited my withdrawls. My bank in the U.S. limits me to ONE withdrawl per 24 hrs with USA debit card and a fee is charged. If I use my USA debit card it WILL NOT give me my $500 limit because of the transaction fee puts me over my limit. Now that is just crazy. So, I withdraw less... I hardly EVER use my USA. I just drop an american check in my Global Bank account once a month.
  9. Is Novey in David opened for business?
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