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  1. Don't know the number of Uber Taxis in Panama but I never have waited over 5 minutes anywhere in Panama City. These car owners with Uber have to provide insurance documents, car titles, and all other documents. How many Taxis drive with expired plates and no insurance? I don't think Uber registration will let them run with out proper documents. I know they have to provide everything up front in the USA before signing a contract and when renewing.
  2. STRIKE AVOIDED This is a good thing. We have enough weather delays out of David anyway. https://www.tvn-2.com/economia/empresas/Copa-Airlines-Sielas-logran-acuerdo_0_4902259807.html
  3. The Seller of Panama

    My Panamanian Son-In-Law spent 20 days in China last year promoting tourism for Boquete/Panama. This year he spent 20 days in Japan doing the same thing. He and another person were sent there by the Government Of Panama. They went on a grant provided by Panama. Varela and staff have been at this for his entire time in office. It's just slow going. The Chinese have been investing billions globally for some time. Panama will benifit in a huge way with this trip. I'm thinking the Education system might get some good direction now.
  4. In comparison, Enron was a good investment also. Never gamble with more than you can lose.
  5. Maybe they can get on with business now. I've used UBER many times in Panama City. Great company for Panama. Never waited over 5 minutes for an Uber Taxi. Watched the taxi on the interactive map enroute to where ever I was waiting. Newer cars, clean cars, and pleasant drivers. And, never paid over $5 anywhere in the city. I didn't have to use it from Tocumen to Albrook. I think those days are over since Copa flies to David now(except the ones that refuse to fly Copa to David). I really like the auto billing to my credit card and now carry less cash. Maybe one day they'll think of Chiriqui----Especially David.
  6. There are many colored coral snakes in Panama. The Snake lady gave a presentation last year at BCP. Treat all snakes as deadly ones and you'll figure it out after you haven't been bitten.
  7. Your right on american births even McCain's. The Iranian is not American Born.
  8. The article below distinguishes the groper as Iranian Origins and American Nationality. Technically he is Iranian and this is not spinnable. Place of Birth. By the way for Technical puropses----McCains" birth certificate is registered in Louisiana. When the Canal was under construction with Americans working there they came under the State Of Louisiana Laws. Lot of misinformation out there on McCains birth. All Americans born in the Canal Zone during contruction have Louisiana birth certificates. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/extranjero-expulsado-del-pais-cometer-actos-libidinosos-vuelo-aereo/ Maybe this will clear up the misunderstandings for everyone. cheers......
  9. Machine broke down? Well, you know how that works here!!! lololololol
  10. Obviously as mad as he was in the photos the contractor wasn't reporting progress or lack thereof or not representing the truth of his work. I wish I could recover the money I had to spend on the front end of my car because of the roads. Had the roads been paved on time after the tubes were laid I would not have had to replace front ends parts. But, I have written it off already. Just saying. I think the contractor should be fined. And if a time line was not in the contract it should have been. This is serious money Varela passed on to Boquete. Hope it isn't squandered away.