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  1. Machine broke down? Well, you know how that works here!!! lololololol
  2. Obviously as mad as he was in the photos the contractor wasn't reporting progress or lack thereof or not representing the truth of his work. I wish I could recover the money I had to spend on the front end of my car because of the roads. Had the roads been paved on time after the tubes were laid I would not have had to replace front ends parts. But, I have written it off already. Just saying. I think the contractor should be fined. And if a time line was not in the contract it should have been. This is serious money Varela passed on to Boquete. Hope it isn't squandered away.
  3. Panama Canal

    Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks.
  4. Biomuseo ------ Panama City

    Very Amazing Structure and Exhibit.
  5. Of course poorly designed roads with little to no crown for water run off is dangerous. Most wrecks in Panama are from speeding added to the No Reovery if you run off of the shoulder. Actually there are no shoulders for recovery.
  6. I play golf sometimes with the owner. He knows the business well. And, he will be adding additional things when the new addition is completed.
  7. I am a Floridian living in Boquete and I have been in many hurricanse. Marie I lost everything in Opal 1995. Tampa has been hit or swiped by many hurricanes since 1921. You might want to get another news source.
  8. EXTRADITED-----APPEALED SOON AND APPLIED FOR ASYLUM. It's just a matter of timing now. The people of Panama will get justice sooner or later. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article170521432.html
  9. i dont use the internet exclusively for panama. so foriegn test are more important
  10. worked great for me. i tried 10 different test and got 10 diffferent readings between 45-75
  11. Don't use cable onda's speed test. use another one.
  12. I pay for 30mb. Now i'm getting the 60mb!!!!! 30 was very good but this is super.
  13. I have caught this virus in one eye. The drug stores in town have plenty of medicine. Hopefully the other eye doesn't get it. I am applying the medicine to both eyes anyway. Oftagen; with .3% gentamicina. The pain has gone so maybe the pink eye will leave soon. Don't have a clue where I caught it. Maybe on the golf course...................lololololol
  14. Stinging SilkMouth Caterpillar

    Very beautiful caterpillar. Very dangerous and bad sting. I found it on a putting green while golfing. We relocated it off of the putting green and hope it survives. I took the picture yesterday and had enough time today to research it and found the name and info.