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  1. I don't know.
  2. We traveled to Volcan for Mexican food again yesterday and had another real treat. We had seen two or three of the water buffalo in the orange groves on the short cut to Volcan before. But today we watched a heard of about 200 grazing and cleaning the underbrush from the orange trees. Nice drive, nice scenery and good food. Beats sitting around the house comtemplating life.
  3. Are the last two digits for the SS # correct for POL in this message?
  4. We stopped in this church yesterday on the way to Penonome. Religious or not it is truely amazing. It's the first pueblo the spaniards established according to the locals. In 1520 they landed there. You can't see the Pacific from town but it is very close. Most of the church and most things inside are original. The stone wagon wheels are the best things displayed to me. In three years the church will be 500 years old! There is a huge original bronze statue there also. We got there at noon, walked in and they were baptizing kids. We stayed for the service. I'm not catholic but enjoyed the service. My girlfriend is catholic and she was amazed also. She had never seen this church and she is a Bouquetena. I did a blog on this before and it is worth mentioning again. If you're bored----take a ride to Nata. Nata is located between Santiago and Penonome----about 180 miles from Boquete more or less.
  5. Sorry, my memory fails me. But I got it in change somewhere. Probably David. I thought I had gotten a trinket or bad money. My girlfriend told me it was the new quarter. It happened a month ago.
  6. I have had my hands on ONE. The color is surprising.
  7. You are entered into Part A automatically. You have to sign up for Part B. Living in Panama requires you send in the form for Part B. I did it throught the embassy. If you don't sign up or cancel their is a penalty to re enter or sign up at a later date. I'm thinking it's 10% a year not sure. If you don't have other insurance in the USA when you go back and forth you need Part A and B for coverage. You can be exempt from Obama care on the amount of days you are not in the USA. I have forgotten how many days out you need. If you are a veteran enroll in VA medical care then you don't have to have obama care. There are other options also.
  8. Great!!! "And Now The Rest Of The Story" lolololol
  9. I have 2-----samsung mini s3 smart phones with chargers. 5 inch screens. Very good camera. Used one year with Mas Movil. $150 both $80 seperate
  10. A new store near the InterAmericana Hwy opened last month. We shopped there a couple of times. The name is Dorado. Turn left at the light before Price Smart by the Delta Station and head back into David. Look on the left about half way to Calle F Sur. Really clean, prices are good and meat department is super clean. It's actually a few streets behind Super X-Tra and the parking is better. I will try Super X-Tra but have to find a time when the parking lot isn't full. They are busy. Walking isn't a problem for me after parking. When I tried to visit Super X-Tra there were NO parking places and traffic was jammed up on the Interamericana and the side street with people trying to park.
  11. walter diaz 6593 1191
  12. ok