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  1. I have a 3 tiered donut type traction device. It is a hand/air pump adjustable traction device. Very soft and covered with good material. Does not irritate the neck. It worked great for me opening up C1 and C2 vertebrea. The pain in my shoulders and hands have gone. whatsapp 6347 3871 $25
  2. Cardboard or paper straws. I clearly remember using paper straws before when I was young.
  3. Hil

    Puerto Armuelles/Chiquita Banana

    The old pier/dock. Very interesting to walk the old structure. The rail road track remains on part of the pier. The off loading facility still remains at the end of the dock. Nice sunday adventure.
  4. Please enter me.And send details of time to show up with chili. i sent a request email but no results. thanks
  5. Hil

    Chili Challenge - Amigos de Animales


    Does anyone know how to enter, the cost and what the rules are? I have ask through email but never got an answer.
  6. Bud where you are wrong is; Panama does not seem to "think conservative or accountable" like non Panamanians do...........it could be true. lol
  7. Hil

    Buena Ventura

    Exactly. I would not golf there but I get a recipocal agreement discount!
  8. Hil

    Buena Ventura

    Yes Twosailors, it is a big place well kept and the food is really great for a few pennies more. I don't know the price of the hotel there but I'm sure it is pricey. We stayed up on the mountain.
  9. Hil

    Buena Ventura

    Very nice country club and facilities. Played golf there the second week in June. Jack Nickaulas course. The beaches there are nicer than up toward Las Lajas and Las Olas and the undertow in much less. I visited Playa Blanca and was not impressed. I'll do Bijao next trip. We stayed in Anton Valle up in the mountains. Anton Valle is actually the only city on earth built directly in the caldera of a volcano. Cheers
  10. Hil

    City Mall grand opening May 24th

    Really great store. We went just to look around and wound up buying travel stuff; two certified airline cabin bags,Nautica paid $170 (worth $560), a jacket paid $32 (worth $100) and some food. Eggs $1.09, cheeses are cheaper and many varieties. In the chest type freezer they had nice american steaks frozen. They have enough cashiers working that the wait time is nothing compared to other stores. So far for me, this store beats all the prices on name brand goods and groceries. Great location----PriceSmart and City Mall close to each other.
  11. Well, I guess the taxi driver lied!! And, I REALLY DON'T CARE. LOLOLOLOLOL
  12. I talked with a yellow taxi driver in Boquete. He told me there are 2 Ubers in Boquete.
  13. Maybe they can catch the thieves with their hands in the cookie jar. At least that would be a start. And then, hold each province school administrator responsible. The school system here is in sad shape. It's all about politics, money and priorities. The biggest problem with all of Panama is CORRUPTION. At least the prosecutors in Panama City are over loaded with work under this administration "trying" to prosecute and get a handle on corruption.
  14. Hil

    BCP - Open Auditions

    Rumors is a great comedy. I saw it in the states 18 yrs ago.
  15. This seems like a huge project but it is not. Train routes are easier and quicker to build than super highways. As a matter of fact, they have been building these rail lines in Europe going from country to country for years through mountains and coastal areas. Japan and China do these projects with ease-----they are equipped and have the technology to get the job done. This line will be short compared to most rail lines in country to country travel. It will be under 500 miles to Costa Rica.