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  1. good news. one air panama plane on the tarmac for 5 months in david. sounds like a management problem. also, maybe they need better quality control on regular maintenance program. the manufactures of these planes know every detail on these planes. maybe some extra schools for the inspectors and mechanics. kinda of scarey to all of a sudden ground an entire fleet. oh well, i'll be using them soon.
  2. A lot of poor Panamanian people don't have credit cards but yet pay a higher price for yellow taxis with cash. (they charge what they want to charge) Who is the winner (MONEY)? Simple answer-----yellow taxis with no meters. Medellin has metered taxis and it works well for everyone. I have found UBER the best taxi service with Cleaner cars, more amiable, dependable and the safest drivers. The poor people (LOSERS) suffer over not being able to pay in cash to Uber. The winner here is UBER AND THE LOSERS ARE THE POOR. The crooks in Panama wanted to make UBER leave Panama-----DID NOT WORK. Uber is a cheaper fare in Panama City on all routes. As usualy, the poor Panamanians get screwed. Uber's software on your cell phone tells you the price of your trip before you call them. Just as good as meters. UBER, does the vetting of drivers and cars. If you ever use one you will not go back to yellow taxis. Yellow taxis ( Panama City) are mob like operation in my opinion.
  3. I use voltage protection and regulators. My Digital Samsung Fridge won't take this surge and low voltage.
  4. John, you may not know this but Naturgy is not government owned and Deportes is a government organization. Sad Deportes is not privately owned. Always room for improvement on transmission lines and pole to house lines.
  5. It appears feeding people has priority over a bridge. No brainer. Good planning for a bridge down the road.
  6. Medellin (Parque Arvi) has an identical one. Great view of the ENTIRE city on the way to Parque Arvi. Also, the Mass Transit System ends at the Gondola Ride Pick Up Point with taxi and bus rides leaving for all of Medellin. Across from Cefati would a great place for Park N Ride, Gondola start point and all other transit systems.
  7. Corruption has a lot to do with it. When dollars are handled by crooks outside and inside of Panama City you see the results. For example, form 080 (deputado expenditures) and the bus buy back program. One look at road conditions and schools is tell all on the tax base stealing. The poor will suffer until some form of transparency is kept on the front burner and class warfare is engaged more. Increase wages and stop working people for $15 a day. Track taxes at cash registers closely. I know plenty of stores that sell a little cheaper if NO factura is ask for. That in itself is a serious tax base problem country wide. We will see what NITO does. He made a lot of promises and so did Varela. There are a lot of foreigners stealing work illegally in Panama. Some are in Boquete. You do NOT have to work here to pay taxes. People need to have sufficent funds to live off of here and not take work from Panamanians. Just a few observations from living in David and Boquete. I still love it here.
  8. until

    ate there 3 times. disappointed all three times with service and quality of food.
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