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  1. i dont use the internet exclusively for panama. so foriegn test are more important
  2. worked great for me. i tried 10 different test and got 10 diffferent readings between 45-75
  3. Don't use cable onda's speed test. use another one.
  4. I pay for 30mb. Now i'm getting the 60mb!!!!! 30 was very good but this is super.
  5. I have caught this virus in one eye. The drug stores in town have plenty of medicine. Hopefully the other eye doesn't get it. I am applying the medicine to both eyes anyway. Oftagen; with .3% gentamicina. The pain has gone so maybe the pink eye will leave soon. Don't have a clue where I caught it. Maybe on the golf course...................lololololol
  6. Stinging SilkMouth Caterpillar

    Very beautiful caterpillar. Very dangerous and bad sting. I found it on a putting green while golfing. We relocated it off of the putting green and hope it survives. I took the picture yesterday and had enough time today to research it and found the name and info.
  7. Roundabout, please give the map and directions to half of the state. I would like to see this huge contamination.
  8. Non-Cents

    No it is free.
  9. Non-Cents

    The machine in El Reys counts martinellis. I save them and go there once a year with them. You can not Mix any coins though. They all have to be the same denomination.
  10. I always see expats at the Mercado. We shop there three or four times a week. If the parking lot if full I usually make the block and pass again and find one open at Romeros or the Mercado. I have always found what we need at the Mercado cheaper and fresher than anywhere in town. The Mercado gets our business first and Romeros and Super Baru are second. We always support the little guy in Panama first.
  11. Had dinner there last night. The "Trout" was delicious and the salmon tacos entradas were great. Yes dig deep when you have dinner there.
  12. Chiquita Banana

    united fruit company en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Fruit_Company
  13. Chiquita Banana

    Nice visit to Puerto Armuelles today. Looks like Delmonte has a huge project ahead of them.
  14. No outage here in Boquete. Watched it all weekend. Watching TVN right now.