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  1. The lady of the house had a doctors appointment in David yesterday so after the pain and misery of waiting two hours for the doctor we visited the Fair in David yesterday afternoon. We went around 4pm and it was great. Very few people at that time and we seen some interesting culture and animals. For Panama, this is a good fair.
  2. Water pressure is the problem with the on demand heaters here. If you have a tank with a pump you are okay, set it to 30-50lbs and then the ignitor and flow will work good. Also, you have to keep the small inline filter cleaned regular. It is located on the cold water inlet side of the heater. Here is the process; Water pressure/flow triggers the battery operated ignitor, then water pressure and flow keeps the burner burning, and the water Pressure HAS to be constant for continious flow of hot water. The on demand heaters usually have three controls on them. The controls work great if the water pressure is constant at about 30-50lbs of water pressure and filter is clean. It will NOT work properly all of the time in the Boquete area on the public water system because of flucuations in water pressure and trash in the water. If you an afford an electric hot water heater it is the best. We have an electric heater and no more hot water problems.
  3. Chiriqui Baseball team is using the Dolega field. I've been to a couple of the the games. They won last night beating Los Santos 3-1. Maybe the new stadium in David will be finished for next year. It's looking good too. Schedule and standings; http://www.rpctv.com/beisbolnacional/calendario.html
  4. I'm a lucky guy. I've had my papers checked one time in 2.5 years there. Never had my new license or ecedula checked. I know it's happening soon. Immigration is on a manhunt. lololololol
  5. I had never been checked at the Check Point headed back towards David before I got residency. Maybe they have been instructed to start doing so since they are "enforcing" their laws now. Thank goodness I got my Pensionado and Ecedula.
  6. If you didn't have your Ecedula it probably would have cost you $50 for over staying your visa. I wonder where and how long it takes to pay the fine?
  7. Like another person has said. Walk back across. Get her on the plane in March out of Tocumen. If they say something just tell them to deport because she already has a ticket for herself. Do the same with yours later and then maybe you can at least get a contract on your land and house.
  8. We ate there and the lasanga was great to us. She had the veggie and I had the pollo. Reasonably priced and the portions were fitting also.
  9. Good idea Penny--yes he can walk across. Then "maybe" he can make his flight out of Tocumen. I don't think they will look at his passport too close when leaving Tocumen. They don't look too close at the exit stamp out of costa rica when leaving from Tocumen. If they say something at Tocumen he can tell them deport me on "My Flight I have booked." Anyway you slice it if he walks across and makes it to Tocumen in May they can let him pass or deport him on his "own" scheduled plane ticket. It's worth the gamble to get his property on the market.
  10. Two sailors, I have dealt with the ambassador personally. He and his staff will answer any and all questions with the information they have at the time. They are talking to the Panamanian Government---they already sent out a letter. Things might changes since the letter. Go to the meeting and ask questions. The ambassador helped me with a VA problem and answered my emails personally and he got the VA to straighten out a problem for me. His stafff does screen emails and I addressed my email to him. So it's worth the effort.
  11. It's $50 and only good for six months now. It used to be good for a year. I used one until my final garnet was obtained. David migracion has the temp 6 month visas.
  12. Panama might not be exaggerating but I know from experience there are just as many Vens and Colombians working in Costa Rica (costa rica doesn't do 180 day visas) on a 90 visa as there are in panama if not more. So some of them being denied entry to border hop into Panama and return to Costa Rica to work have the same delima. So, Costa Rica might be next to enforce there labor issues also or they will have Vens and Colombians overstaying Visas in there country illegally. I talked with a prominent Panamanian today and he slammed Varela and the ministry of immigration. I guess he supported the expats more than his own country. I didn't pursue the issue anymore and kept hitting golf balls. I'm safe---I have an Ecedula. Those that don't have the carnet or ecedula are not happy and will be forced to leave soon or when there Visa expires and I understand. Most of them are good people not stealing jobs and spending a lot of money in Panama. Sad. A few expats work here illegally but the Vens and Colombians are the real problems. I don't know how a country could cherry pick by nationalities and get away with it. We'll see in a couple of weeks. I don't think all the information has been publized yet.
  13. Does the BMA take insurance? Thanks, Hil
  14. Some of them might be working in Costa Rica on the Venezuelan owned Palma Farms on the Pacific Side. Costa Rica requires 72hrs out of country also on a tourist visa. I toured a Venezuelan palma farm and watched their operation near Quepos. The have a huge herd of water buffalo they use to pull their trailers on the farms. Also, they have so much respect for their animals they work them 2 days and rest them 5 days. 300 is a huge number at the same time. I wonder if Panama is exaggerating a little.