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  1. My last pueblo in USA. Devastated. http://www.newsherald.com
  2. http://static1.telemetro.com/nacionales/Policia-Nueva-York-panamenos-prevencion_0_1180382955.html
  3. Hil

    USTV Now Problem

    I used USTV free this morning. working fine.
  4. great american made turkey burgers, veggie burger and hamburgers in el rey. i have never found them out of this product. "bubba burgers". turn left after entering store and last chest type freezer on the right in the isle.
  5. I had my account with Global completed and debit card in hand in less than two hours. One statement from my bank in the U.S.(emailed to me printed---acceptable), Ecedula, letter from my lawyer and character reference letter. Times have changed on opening an account. It is much easier now days. The english speaking woman at the bank advised me---do not open a checking account. So, I followed her advice and did the savings account with a debit card. I am so happy to have followed her advice. Very rarely do you see a Panamanian writing a check in a store. I have seen a few but not many. I don't know the numbers but I see Panamanians and foreigners using cash a lot. I use my card for grocery shopping and withdrawing cash (no charge). I deposit one check a month from the U.S. that cost me $10.70 for a foriegn deposit. Really simple bank. And, no minimum requirement in the account. I do some transers to other banks in Panama with their online system. It is easy and has never been a problem and no charge. They actually pay a dividend also!
  6. Hil

    New recycling rules

  7. Great company in David. I bought my hearing aides there. Good english and very professional. I believe they are an American company. http://www.hear4kidz.com/
  8. Just got this Bud, 5.4 magnitude earthquake 9 km from Golfito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica 22 minutes ago UTC time: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 21:33 PM Your time: Wednesday, August 29 2018 4:33 PM Magnitude Type: mww USGS page: M 5.4 - 8km NE of Golfito, Costa Rica USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist Reports from the public: 11 people
  9. I have a 3 tiered donut type traction device. It is a hand/air pump adjustable traction device. Very soft and covered with good material. Does not irritate the neck. It worked great for me opening up C1 and C2 vertebrea. The pain in my shoulders and hands have gone. whatsapp 6347 3871 $25
  10. Cardboard or paper straws. I clearly remember using paper straws before when I was young.
  11. Hil

    Puerto Armuelles/Chiquita Banana

    The old pier/dock. Very interesting to walk the old structure. The rail road track remains on part of the pier. The off loading facility still remains at the end of the dock. Nice sunday adventure.
  12. Please enter me.And send details of time to show up with chili. i sent a request email but no results. thanks
  13. Bud where you are wrong is; Panama does not seem to "think conservative or accountable" like non Panamanians do...........it could be true. lol
  14. Hil

    Buena Ventura

    Exactly. I would not golf there but I get a recipocal agreement discount!
  15. Hil

    Buena Ventura

    Yes Twosailors, it is a big place well kept and the food is really great for a few pennies more. I don't know the price of the hotel there but I'm sure it is pricey. We stayed up on the mountain.