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  1. A new store near the InterAmericana Hwy opened last month. We shopped there a couple of times. The name is Dorado. Turn left at the light before Price Smart by the Delta Station and head back into David. Look on the left about half way to Calle F Sur. Really clean, prices are good and meat department is super clean. It's actually a few streets behind Super X-Tra and the parking is better. I will try Super X-Tra but have to find a time when the parking lot isn't full. They are busy. Walking isn't a problem for me after parking. When I tried to visit Super X-Tra there were NO parking places and traffic was jammed up on the Interamericana and the side street with people trying to park.
  2. walter diaz 6593 1191
  3. ok
  4. I really enjoy the local artist around Chiriqui. Most of them have never been to an art school. The little Panamanian restaurants have some great work. This one is past Dolega in the direction of David.
  5. Gualaca had about 200 or more in the same location that came from Paso Canoas last time. I was on the Frontera when there were about 3000 living in tents there. Then the government did a forced take over of the hotels and a big ware house just before the border to get them out of tents and off of the streets in tents in Paso Canoas. My friend that did own a hotel used by border hoppers was taken over. We were on a Sunday drive and stopped in to see the owners while the cubanos where there. She wasn't happy but said the government paid her $5 a night for each Cubano. At least they are not in tents now. I passed the Gualaca site last time they were housed near the reservoir/hydroelectric plant (Fortuna). The site is fenced with guards on the gate even when no one is living there. We went to Bocas not long ago and saw the guards at the gate. At least they have a roof, food and are contained until they can be deported or another country accepts them. My girlfriend and many other Panamanian friends do not like this and are complaining about having to pay for food, housing, electric and medical care. I understand the Red Cross is assisting in this also.This might be the last "wave" of cubanos that missed the Wet Foot/Dry Foot free ride in the USA.
  6. Jim I have taken a few spanish classes and my girl friend is FLUENT in Spanish. Her family is poor but a very good family and second generation Boquete family. This city is only about 100 years old. And I have been involved with the public here in Boquete and David. My loved one is a Boquetena.You can not insult me with your misinformation. By the way, Bud and I were in a spanish class together and he is more fluent in Spanish than you would know. There are many expats (not all expats are americans) that are involved here all of the time. I have talked with the Mayor Of Boquete many times at Las Lajas on weekends. He is actually a welcoming guy. He does not exclude expats in his position as Mayor. I have used mechanics, lawyers, maids, and needed information from Panamanians many times. Also,I love the Panamanian food and eat in those establishments probably more than Expat eateries for good reason----they are better for my health. NEVER ONCE have I had a bad experience on the HUMAN side of these realationships. I did have a Panamanian woman in David one time tell me she was still a NORIEGA FAN and wished I would go home (this was not a relationship of a friend or business). She is the exception on relationships with Panamanians. She was loud and obnoxious in Super 99. All of the Panamanians listening to her came up and apologized when she was finished hosing me down. I NEVER opened my mouth and she left. Had I retaliated I would have been the FOOL. I always tell myself------life is what I make of it anywhere I land. Panamanian people of all of the other cities I have visited have been good to me and I recipocate well with them with friendship and spending money locally. The Panamanians I associate with are very honest and humble people. We travel every Sunday to a different location in Western Panama and have always been welcomed by the locals. Perception is key to life. End Of My Story. Life Is Good.
  7. I know a lot of expats that emerse themselves in panamanian culture in Valle and Boquete. Perception is the key.
  8. exactly. A lot of foriegners live here and mingle well with Panamanians. Events are put on all of the time here and invitations are sent out to the public.
  9. Jim you might want to get better information. You can eat at the restaurant, join the gym, play golf WITH/OUT living there or being a member. Workers pass the gate every day.
  10. Casa Batteries gave me the discount and i was surprised----3 times. you can ask them why. im not concerned why they gave it to me. i am not looking for right or wrong. conway gives me jubilado also. maybe we can get a private investigator talk with these two companies to solve the discount issues some people have. I dont have an answer for you. might just be good panamanian companies who knows.
  11. I have bought three batteries there and they HONOR the jubilado discount. Really a big savings on batteries.
  12. until

    211 mil in spanish is 211,000. Spanish is important here!!! lolololol