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  1. Global Bank has never limited my withdrawls. My bank in the U.S. limits me to ONE withdrawl per 24 hrs with USA debit card and a fee is charged. If I use my USA debit card it WILL NOT give me my $500 limit because of the transaction fee puts me over my limit. Now that is just crazy. So, I withdraw less... I hardly EVER use my USA. I just drop an american check in my Global Bank account once a month.
  2. Is Novey in David opened for business?
  3. Fiber Optic is now in the underground duct work in Boquete Country Club. I don't know if the houses are connected yet or not. They ran the fiber down on the road headed to Palmira a month ago. I don't know how far they went towards Palmira. I have Netflix and 60 mg internet without issues. If you noticed they were running new fiber up and down the main road from David to Boquete for months. Maybe they will connect soon and provide more band width, speed and capacity. I recieved maintenance emails from Cabla Onda everytime the Fiber people worked on the highway laying the fiber. I do not believe it is functional yet. The reason; I do NOT see any difference in my internet or cable TV.
  4. Thanks, You are correct. I just got the official rules by email.
  5. There is much confusion on Jubildo ages. Everything we have read so far on Panamanian news is 65 for 11-1pm and the Embassy says 60. Who is right--------Embassy or President Cortizo?
  6. A local bar owner closed his bar. When ask why he responded; "I could not keep beer in the cooler."
  7. It has been blocked from viewing in Panama. Use a VPN. It works great with ProtonVPN. Proton is free.
  8. Maybe people have to be paid. Maybe people are serious about the climate melt down. And just maybe, some people do not use politics to salvage what is going down the tube fast------- DEGRADING CLIMATE.
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