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      The Boquete Feria de Las Flores y del Café   01/12/2017

      The Boquete Feria de Las Flores y del Café begins Thursday, January 12th and runs until Sunday, January 22nd. For those who have not yet seen -- and experienced -- this magnificent fair, you are in for a treat, and some inconveniences. Most importantly, you must see all of the flowers and the tiendas at and around the Fair Grounds here in Boquete.  During these eleven days you also need to be extremely careful, especially while driving and in planning your activities. In recent years there have been well in excess of 100,000 visitors to Boquete. Last year that number was closer to 200,000, and some predictions for 2017's Fair are closer to 300,000 people coming to our area to see the Fair. Traffic congestion will be the norm. Getting seats in restaurants will be difficult at times. Parking spaces will essentially be nonexistent. Buying groceries may be difficult and time consuming. Busses will be parked on the side streets, making driving difficult. There will be lots (as in LOTS) of people walking, standing around the bridge and the Feria and the many tiendas (small shops and stands [kiosks]) while taking pictures, talking, viewing the scenery, etc. Please be extremely attentive while driving, and drive slowly. Some streets will be blocked and require passes to use them. Other streets will simply be blocked based on congestion. Please be careful of your personal items, such as purses and wallets. Having so many people in one area creates a prime target for pickpockets and other maliantes to do their thing. To repeat, most importantly, you must see all of the flowers and the tiendas at and around the Fair Grounds here in Boquete.  Three closing thoughts. First: enjoy. Second: be safe. Third: you might wish to post your pictures, comments, reviews, etc., here on CL (start a topic or reply to an existing topic in http://www.chiriqui.life/forum/118-boquete-feria-de-las-flores-y-del-café/).   To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.


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  1. Panama has been flooded with chinese products for a long time.
  2. Ecedula

    I had heard rumors of 3 hours to all day for completion of the Ecedula at the Tribunal Electoral in Panama City. Well, I'm either a lucky guy or they streamlined the process. I was in and out in 40 minutes------Totally completed and they said; they would send the Ecedula to the Boquete Tribunal Electoral. Very nice staff and very professional. Three trips up and down from the second floor (1st) to the first(PB). But the good new is the elevator worked every time. The first woman you see with your paper work is from Bouqete also. Anyway, with all of the immigration stuff going on I decided to go to another level.
  3. Yes it has affected Chiriqui. The cubanos brought the h1 n1 virus with them and financial stress. Some cubanos died here with the virus and also infected Panamnians. Ecuador started enforcing visas and Costa Rica said no more undocumented cubanos. Panama didn't do much other than house them and fly the last group to Mexico. Locals told me they were mad because they had to foot the bill for the cubanos.
  4. Good for Obama. And, good for the Carribean, Central and South America, and the USA. Get there legally!!!! Immigration changes everywhere now days! http://edition.cnn.com/2017/01/12/politics/us-to-end-wet-foot-dry-foot-policy-for-cubans/index.html?adkey=bn
  5. No one was in line 2 when I returned also. This is good in Tocumen. Fast entry. Although they did require 4 fingers of right hand and not the entire scan again.
  6. It doesn't matter about your status in Panama everyone entering will be in the registry. The first finger printing is all fingers on both hands and both thumbs. The next time you pass through it catches you original prints in the data base and does an instant match when you place your right four fingers on the pad and they wave you through after stamping your passport. You will not go through the entire process again. They needed a good data base to start with. I've been through 5 times after the first printing and it's quick. It's a good idea to catch international and local criminals. I used the native line all four times after the first printing and no problem. All entry and exit points have the scanner working now days.
  7. A lot of us thought this would happen. Some will leave and some will stay because of the new rule. Border hopping is still legal. If they change the time out of the country to more than 72 hours probably a lot more will leave. Some can't afford the 90 day turn around. Most countries don't allow 72 hour exit and return on tourist visas. We'll see. Panama had to protect itself. I forgot to say that some of these so called lawyers will make you lose your money not completing everything within six months. Mine took 4 months and she has connections in Panama City.
  8. New Immigration Policy

    The Policy Did Not Change For US Tourist. The information was very confusing until the Embassy got the correct information from the Panamanian Government and passed it on. Some countries will be effected by the new decree. Changes are frequent in Panama. I hate to see this happen for the honest people using the old 180 days tourist visa (border hopping was LEGAL and still is) or the 90 days tourist visa with driving on a foriegn drivers license privalge and not working here illegal. There are people here that can NOT afford to live in the USA on Social Security. And, those living here on Social Security will have a difficult time getting residency because some live from check to check. Also, those living here on small social security checks will have difficulty staying out of the country for 72 hours or more on their income. IF, and I say ,IF, you get a good lawyer you can get residency in 4 months. I had a good lawyer and got mine in 4 months. Some of these lawyers will have to do a better job now. But the vote is out on that. And, about over staying a visa in the USA----not everyone gets a tourist visa to over stay. The USA doesn't have the open visa policy. In other words, a tourist visa for Panama is automatic if you are not a wanted criminal listed with interpol or Panama and if you are "clean" you are stamped in at all immigrations points and in the USA you have to apply ahead of time through an embassy. Most panamanians are refused tourist visas to the USA. Some people don't know this. We were in Panama for my girl friend's visa and 7 out of the first 10 in line were denied. The reason given for denial up front by the interviwer was----the U.S. is afraid you won't return to Panama (over stay.) So, I would Not compare Panama to the USA on immigration. Panama is a friendly nation when it comes to Tourist Visas and the USA is not-----because we vette more on terrorism, over staying visas (not much enforcement once overstayed) and illegal workers sneaking across borders without visas. I will say that Colombia and Venezuela have caused this problem. And, to "NOT" discriminate they are giving equal opportunity for all on tourist visas unless there is something I'm missing------(now as of 12-28-2016 they are discriminating for good reason.)The other visas will be for people that can afford them such as the Friendly Nation Visa and that will help eliminate the illegal employment here. Visitors will need to abide by the rules-------So will residents. Panama had to do something on immigration for a lot of reasons not just because of expats using the 180 rule. My 3 cents worth. Whether you agree with me or not it is new policy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  9. 45 minutes for two fish filets(small squares) 4 inches square, bad taste, four spoon fulls of cole slaw cut in large slices, curly fries, two glasses of lemonaide ($2 a glass) and price $27 for two total. Not for me. I spoke with Chris about how long it took. He didn't have much to say. And, my girlfriend has a relative working there out front. I have to say the staff out front is ok. The portions seem to be smaller under the new owner/management and the prices are much higher. So, I'll do Sabrasons and get more and better food. Pretty difficult to make a piece of fish 4 inches square taste bad. I can get a serious nice seafood plater in one of David's nice restaurants for $15 (including drinks) and three could eat from it. So, $4 for gas to and from David is a good couple of hours spent. And I'm talking everything that swims in the pacifice on this plater. There are better choices in Boquete and David. As for giving the owner/manager time to get it right------he's been doing this for a good while. Sorry, I'll go elsewhere.
  10. Everyone pays 7% sales tax in panama. Raise it to 16% and it's fair to everybody. Then Allocate money to single projects, like schools, roads, etc-----through the proper agency. The other taxes get abused just like in the USA I get that.
  11. i wish i had your vocabulary. salute
  12. We were rerouted going into David because of the tree down. The tree was in the highway near the Majagua River bridge before you reach the straight flat stretch of road headed to El Reys on the old Boquete highway. They diverted traffic traveling in both directions. We were in David for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and tried using the old highway returning and they turned us left over to the four lane heading back. The bridge is down the hill from the Delta Gas station and Los Algarrobos housing development community on the left. I don't understand why power was out in all of Boquete, Dolega and North (or west if want to call it that) David. It must be a switching problem on the grids. Oh well, when we got home power was up and running and I didn't miss Alabama getting beat.
  13. Tax more and you get better storm sewers, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, electrical grids, schools and roads. Just got back from Colombia. 16% sales tax for everyone. roads better than the U.S., modern buildings, clean roads, great infrastructure and schools in good shape. And no pablo escobar didn't build Medellin. 7% tax in David and Boquete (don't know about ANY other taxes or other city taxes) so you get what you pay for. 7% based on the population purchasing goods and services in Panama isn't much. Maybe 40 to 45 percent of the population work and pay taxes---not sure. I do agree spreading the pennies they collect is not done wisely at the local level and there isn't much collected considering what the country needs to move on from being second world. My 3 cents worth. At least Varela is giving the money collected in the province back to the province. Martenilli's format was not the same. The thief President living in Miami and his buddies short changed the provinces when dividing the money out unequal in Panama City. I read about the change right after Varela took office. Some things have gotten better and somethings have gotten worse. Over all in the last two years I've seen improvement in most areas. Just not wise distribution of funds or someone is skimming. A small country of mostly Poor people has poor ways. Florida has an ad valorem tax/property tax adjusted in mils at the local level for schools (county tax) and most states do the same. And the state kicks in millions to the counties from the Florida state 6% sales tax. Florida has some of the best schools in the USA and funded well. Tax at the county or parish level for the schools insures local control. Here it's a national system. It can't be fair at all. I don't look for the national system to change in Panama.
  14. no. it implies minimum requirements for pensionado. "baseline" doesn Not imply other income or property owned.