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  1. In 2007 (before we started using PRP in prolotherapy) Jane Brody wrote an article in the New York Times: http://bit.ly/prolorx
  2. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist I have to say that the article by Dr. Schmerling is typical of the kind of answer you would get from any mainstream medical doctor who is unfamiliar with the topic and hasn't bothered to educate himself. You know the saying about doctors and new ideas: "If they're not up on it then they're down on it." Dr. Schmerling says, "The theory is unproven" and, "I could find only a few articles in the medical literature that critically evaluate its effectiveness..." He didn't look very hard. Anyone can go to PubMed (the National Library of Medicine's database of the medical literature) and do a search on "prolotherapy" and get 200 article citations. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because in most medical literature the term prolotherapy is not used. It's called "regenerative injections" or something similar. But that article was published three years ago. A lot of research has been done in the last three years. In fact, just one year a later an editorial in the prestigious medical journal Arthroscopy pronounced, "Platelet-rich plasma injections, in a systematic review and meta-analysis of 10 Level I randomized control trials, were found to provide more pain relief and better functional outcomes than hyaluronic acid in patients with knee osteoarthritis at 12 months after injection. The time has come for those of us who have not yet tried platelet-rich plasma injections in our patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis to do so." Platelet-rich plasma is, of course, what we use in prolotherapy these days.
  3. Medical laser treatments can make you look and feel better. Get rid of unsightly toenail fungus - Our new treatment is even more effective Remove dark skin spots and discoloration - usually takes only a treatment or two. Is your face red? - Rosacea and spider veins can be instantly treated. Hair in the wrong places? - unwanted upper lip and facial hair can be quickly eliminated. Facial rejuvenation - regenerate your facial skin; smooth fine wrinkles; improve skin tone and color. Warts, tattoos, melasma, psoriasis, acne and a host of other problems can also be treated. Dr. Harrison works with Dra. Digna Diaz here in Boquete. For details of our laser treatments please visit our US website: www.rejuvacare.org. For questions please email Dr. Harrison at questions@bajareque.com. For an appointment please call Dra. Diaz at 6615-6740.
  4. Could someone record this talk, please? I'm really interested, but I'm not in Panama at the moment.
  5. Or your hips, back, shoulder, . . . ! Many of you have asked about the availability of prolotherapy treatment for arthritis, especially of the knees and hips. This year we have obtained a centrifuge for the Alfa Clinic so that they can prepare PRP for prolotherapy treatments. This will cut the number of necessary treatments by half, so you’ll get better quicker. Last week we treated our first three patients here in Boquete with PRP prolotherapy, so our clinical system here is now tested and proven. Prolotherapy is the only known way to cure osteoarthritis. It’s also very good for chronic sprains and strains. It takes two treatments, on average, about a month apart and the success rate is greater than 80%. If you’re interested in getting into the details please visit our website pages for: Arthritis: http://rejuvacare.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=188&Itemid=469 Back pain: http://rejuvacare.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=187&Itemid=470 In Boquete we work with Dra. Diaz at the Alfa clinic on main street downtown. For an appointment in Boquete please call Dra. Diaz at 6615-6740. For questions about pricing or more detailed information about the treatments send your email to: questions @bajareque.com. Theodore Harrison, MD MBA FACEP ABAARM Rejuvacare PC
  6. My iMac trackpad has broken. Where is the closest spot to get a new one?
  7. My water heater has only two controls. One is allegedly for water temperature and the other for flame intensity. I can understand water temperature in that I assume the heater measures temperature in the outflow and adjusts the flame to give more or less heat depending on where the temp is relative to the desired temp. But flame intensity is beyond me. Is this a way to control gas usage so that even if water doesn't get hot enough the flame is controlled to use less gas? Or what? I don't think this is a problem of fluctuation in water pressure as it behaves very consistently regardless of day or time.If we turn on two taps we get hot water. If we turn on only one we don't. Electric heater and tank heaters are pretty much out of the question. Anyone have a recommendation for a particular make/model of on-demand gas heater that will do the job?
  8. We had a new on-demand water heater installed last year, but now it's on the blink already. Apparently it's "too big" in that it requires a certain amount of hot water flow to start the heater part. And just one faucet turned all the way on is not enough flow. So whenever we want hot water we have to turn on two faucets! So this does not appear to be fixable. Can anyone recommend a good solid on-demand water heater model that is more reliable and less temperamental than average?
  9. We have a relatively new (one year old) on-demand gas water heater that has been giving us a lot of trouble. Can anyone recommend an expert in such devices who can help us get it to work right?
  10. Your Last Chance for Medical and Aesthetic Laser Therapy At the end of this month Drs. Harrison and Andrew are heading back to Canada - and taking their laser with them. If you've been putting it off, now is the time to make that appointment! They can fix: Ugly Toenails Medications for nail fungus are expensive; have side effects; and rarely work well. Our laser goes right through the nail and kills the fungus dead. Quick, painless, cheaper and safer than a course of anti-fungal medication. Skin Rashes Psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, melasma and acne can be unsightly and even disfiguring. Laser treatments can dramatically diminish these rashes and clear up your skin. Spots Age spots, “liver spots”, "sun spots" and other pigmented lesions rapidly fade after laser treatment. Veins Small spider veins and cherry angiomas disappear with one or two laser treatments. Warts and skin tags Sure, you could have these removed with surgery, but why go to the trouble when laser treatment is so much easier, faster and painless? For an appointment in Boquete please call Dra. Digna Diaz at 6615-6740 For questions, pricing, or more information send your email to: questions "at" bajareque.com.
  11. This year Drs. Harrison and Andrew have brought their medical laser from their regenerative medicine practice in the USA with them to Boquete. They are working with Dra. Diaz to offer treatments at her clinics in Boquete and David. Treat your toenails to a new look! Medications for nail fungus are expensive; have side effects; and rarely work well. Our laser goes right through the nail and kills the fungus dead. Brand new nails grow out. Quick, painless, cheaper and safer than a long course of anti-fungal medication. Get rid of “Age” Spots Age spots, “liver spots”, "sun spots" and even large pigmented lesions rapidly fade after laser treatment. Remove Spider Veins Small spider veins and cherry angiomas disappear with one or two laser treatments. Skin Rashes Psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, melasma and acne can be unsightly and even disfiguring. Laser treatments can dramatically diminish these rashes and clear up your skin. Rejuvenate your face! Reduce facial skin dullness, rough texture, laxity and fine lines. Our laser treatment can make your skin smooth, glowing and vibrant again. Warts and skin tags Sure, you could have these removed with surgery, but why go to the trouble when laser treatment is so much easier, faster and painless. For an appointment in Boquete please call 6615-6740. For questions, pricing, or more information send your email to: questions @bajareque.com.
  12. Maybe consider alternatives? Lettuce is not very nutritious. Iceberg lettuce, in particular, is almost nothing but fiber and water. Spinach, kale, chard, arugula, sprouts, etc. all make excellent salads.
  13. You're right. He just changed his days and hours so that he would be open on Monday when most other places are closed. And even though it says 10-6 on the door, it's really 8-8.
  14. We queried this forum a couple weeks ago about android TV boxes and whether they were usable in Boquete. We've been looking for years for a solution to the entertainment problem here. Most cable channels aren't content we want to watch and the ones that are show more commercials than program. We'd looked at Slingbox and other potential solutions, but they were all too complicated or limited. In the last year, however, it seems that android boxes have finally matured. Used to be that only hacker types could get these to work satisfactorily. But we're at about the third generation of such boxes now and most of the rough edges have been polished off. Background: Android boxes are essentially smartphones without a screen that have been specialized for capturing video from the internet and sending it to your TV. They cost much less than most smartphones ($60-$300). They run the same android OS as the phones, but use apps to find and display content. They are about the size of a large can of tuna (only square) and usually have an input port for ethernet (or no input port and just use WiFi) and a HDMI output port that goes to your TV. Plug in both cables and connect to electricity and you're good to go. The hard part has been the setup. You have to configure the system and the apps. Sometimes you have to choose, download, and install the apps. In my younger days i might have attempted this, but now I no longer have the patience. Hence my choice of the Rveal android box. The Rveal android box costs about $300. You can get it with a regular remote or a special keyboard remote. It comes with ALL software preinstalled. They're available all over, but we bought ours on eBay and had it shipped to us at eShop. It took about two weeks. Setup is simple: 1. Plug the included Bluetooth chip into a USB port on the box. 2. Plug in the box. 3. Turn on the remote (batteries included). 4. Turn on the box and your TV. 5. Set the TV for the appropriate HDMI input source. 6. Wait for a couple minutes as it installs and updates. 7. Watch any TV show or movie you want. The secret sauce is the Rveal software. On other android boxes you mostly have to spend a lot of time searching out the content you want. Sure lots of TV shows and movies are available on the internet, but you have to FIND them! The Rveal software and human team (real people in the USA) constantly scour the internet for content sources; test them; organize them; and present them to you in a friendly GUI. If you missed the last episode of the third season of Murdoch Mysteries, about 5 clicks will get you there. Virtually every show or movie ever made is available on the internet now. Many from multiple sources. Even Netflix shows. All free and commercial-free. New shows are added within hours of the time they initially air. Live sports and news are streamed constantly. The Rveal software taps into this for you. No subscription fees. Caveats: It's not all wine and roses. You need bandwidth. Rveal recommends at least 10mbps. The first time we tried to use it was right after the big storm. The Rveal was connected by WiFi (not ethernet) and when we ran Speedtest we found we had only 3mbps. It was miserable. Lots of buffering and crashes. The next night we tried again and found our bandwidth had increased to 7mbps. This time we were able to watch a TV show and a movie without any hitches. YMMV. We have yet to figure out exactly how to use the search function. With zillions of shows and movies available it'd be nice to go right to the one you want if you can be specific. The menu system works fine, but you have to drill down through multiple layers to get to the bottom.
  15. It's rare to find a good salad in Boquete. Even rarer to find a salad bar or DIY salad. Thankfully JuiceMi (not to be confused with the California drinks company of the same name) has come to the rescue of saladholics here. We came upon this restaurant (which offers a lot more than juices) because Renny scheduled our Spanish class to meet there. We expected a juice bar, but were pleasantly surprised to find a full service restaurant with a substantial breakfast and lunch menu (hours 10am-6pm). The highlight was the salad menu - pretty much a whole page unto itself. Juicemi offers standard salads, but the top half of the menu is dedicated to build-it-yourself choices with maybe a couple dozen ingredients to choose from. Choose up to 8 items and you get a regular size salad ($3.50) and up to 12 ingredients gets you a grande ($5.50). If you want protein you can add things like chicken, tuna, etc. for a small added charge. I ordered the regular size the first two days we were there for takeout lunch after class. The veggies were fresh and crisp. With the little bit of protein I added at home it was quite a satisfactory full meal. As there are enough ingredient choices to keep this from getting boring I think I'll make a habit of it. Juicemi is located across the street from Banco Nacional; catty-corner from the Delta station; across Avenida Central from Los Establos plaza (mas o menos).
  16. What does the recycling place take? Glass? Plastic? Paper?
  17. I need some minor body work done on a 2010 X-Trail. Can anyone recommend a good local body shop? And on another topic: Is there any recycling going on in Boquete nowadays or are we left to our own devices?
  18. Does anyone have experience using android TV box in Boquete? I'm considering getting one and would like to hear about any potential problems, risks, or downside.
  19. Get a cat. The foster cat we had for the last three months hunted down and "played to death" dozens of lizards around our house.
  20. Update on Uber: We called Uber from Tocumen for a ride to Costa del Este: $27. The car was there immediately and we had no trouble finding him. The driver told us that Uber has 3,000 drivers now in Panama City. He said you could even call an Uber from the airport and get a ride all the way to Boquete No idea how much that would cost!
  21. We just paid a visit to El Guapo, a local outfit in Volcancito that produces fruit liquers and mermalades. They have a killer coffee liquer (also maracunya and limoncello, maybe others by the time you read this), and many local flavors of mermalade (zarzamora, pina, guanabana, maranon, lemon/carrot/orange, papaya...). their products are carried at Retrogusto, Pomodoro, and several other places around town, but if you want the best prices and selection you'll want to visit their factory up in the hills. It's not easy to find. We missed them on our first attempt last week. They have a website (http://www.elguapodeboquete.com), but the map on the website is completely inaccurate. Take the Volcancito road up past Santa Lucia (but not as far as La Estancia) until you see the newish, orangish and white chapel on the right side. Turn right onto the road at the chapel (a school is on the opposite corner) and drive to the third gravel drive/road on the left. Turn here and go past two houses on the right. The third building on the right is their new factory (white) followed by their home (also white). A big greenhouse is across the street on the left. Probably best to call the owner (DEBORA AMATO 6279-3930) before coming to make arrangements. They also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/El-Guapo-Licor-Y-Mermeladas-721442204648577/ with lots of pictures.
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