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  1. Gordon Bakke

    Recycling in Chiriqui

    "I am waiting for all the "electric car" batteries (which run on power generated by coal or gas, or hydroelectric, but much less efficiently) to start being "recycled". There will be a pile of oozing batteries that can't be "reused, recycled" but simply destroy the scenery or the planet." Not entirely true. Car batteries such as those used in Teslas can be re-used for quite some time (years) as part of a home electric system. Even though these batteries are no longer viable as car batteries - there is much useful life. And they CAN be recycled at the end of their useful life to some extent, as long as recycling is mandated. https://www.tesla.com/blog/teslas-closed-loop-battery-recycling-program https://www.vox.com/2016/8/29/12614344/electric-car-batteries-grid-storage
  2. John, you are right. Been waiting over two years for a permit on a Glock revolver.
  3. Gordon Bakke

    PriceSmart's private labels

    The clumping of kitty litter....I knew there was a reason that I am a dog person....
  4. Gordon Bakke

    Gasoline Chainsaw Rental

    You are right, Bonnie. I think I must have missed Elizabeth's remarks. Looks like any fine for cutting goes to the cutter, regardless of who owns the chainsaw? I will instruct my indigenous employee that any branches he cuts here are to be used for his domestic cooking needs.
  5. Gordon Bakke

    Gasoline Chainsaw Rental

    Sounds like a lot of fun - I'll take my chances.
  6. Gordon Bakke

    Gasoline Chainsaw Rental

    Or....you can just buy a chainsaw, operate it as needed, then pay any penalty that results, if you are questioned/caught. I'd still like some verification of the need to record this information - what a friggin' hassle. BTW, I have bought 3 chainsaws in Panama, and can verify that there is no need to register them or record any information at the point of purchase.
  7. Gordon Bakke

    Gasoline Chainsaw Rental

    Licensed? I don't think so. I would suggest that if you want just to cut down some limbs, that an electric chainsaw can be purchased quite reasonably - maybe $50 - $ 70 dollars.
  8. " After about a year in prison ...". My understanding was that rather than serving time in prison, that he was under house arrest until his conviction was set aside. Mr. McGrew's FB posts from 2011 and into 2012 would seem to bear this out.
  9. Dated, yes. And it fails to mention that Ron McGrew, the expat convicted in this case had the conviction overturned in May of 2012.
  10. Gordon Bakke

    Birding as a Hobby Resources

    Watching that live feed at night will give me something to do, when I'm not watching my grass grow during the day...
  11. Nowhere on Rodny's site do I see any information about the Hospital Cooperativo Medical Discount Plan . Is this plan still being offered?
  12. Gordon Bakke

    Grafted Hass Avocado Tree

    A question for Grayriver Farms; what rootstock are your Hass trees grafted to?
  13. Gordon Bakke

    Grafted Hass Avocado Tree

    Hass avocados most likely are of Guatemalan origin. Most of these Guatemalan trees are found growing above 3,000 feet elevation. I've bought several from the "Tico" store here in Volcan. One died, several others, planted with more care are doing well. Interesting paper on Guatemalan avocados from about a hundred years ago: http://www.avocadosource.com/CAS_Yearbooks/CAS_03_1917/CAS_1917_PG_104-138.pdf
  14. Gordon Bakke

    Recent Postings

    Having read some of the recent postings, I see that it might be in my best interest to check in more frequently. Quail eggs - what to do?? Libidinous actions - Oh my!! Lol...
  15. This is a nice addition to the restaurant scene in David. Minor complaints; no bean sprouts, no hot sauce or hoisin, and I'm really trying to remember if there was Thai basil.