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  1. BTW, avocado trees need excellent drainage. That and the selection of appropriate root stock may be key factors for success in growing these.
  2. While I would not normally recommend this, a friend here in Volcan has grown a couple trees from Hass seeds. Kind of a crap shoot, but he claims the fruit from said trees is remarkably similar to that from his Hass clonal trees. Also, if I remember right, he claims to have gotten fruit from these seedlings after only 3-4 years. Might be worth a try.
  3. Nice concise report about the sport. One of the issues we have had is that as people become more proficient at the game, newcomers can be a bit intimidated at the level of play. Its our hope, in Volcan, to buy another net, so that one court can be dedicated to new players.
  4. Warren Fast is one in the Boquete group. I think they are playing maybe two days a week at the large gym there. wfast54@shaw.ca In Volcan, we play Tuesday & Friday at 2:00 at the lions club. gbakke342@msn.com You might be able to get by just borrowing racquets to play. At our facility, that's what we generally do, as we have a couple of young Panamanian guys who play with us.
  5. Yes. There is a group in Boquete & a group in Volcan. Still to come in the not too distant future - the "Chiriqui Challenge", an informal competition between the two emerging super-powers.
  6. Yes, yes I swallow. Hmm..that just didn't sound right....NOT! "The site that potential expats trust" C'mon Chuckie.....
  7. http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/scientist/roubik.html
  8. Are not Africanized honey bees the main form of honey bee found here? Seems like it would make a lot more sense for a bee keeper to re-locate such a swarm rather than destroying them.
  9. This is within about 1/4 mile of where American expat Georgia Tripp was murdered in 2013.
  10. Also, I think Fidelity's charge for an international wire transfer is $10 - $15. The receiving banking institution in Panama will likely charge you a similar additional amount.
  11. I'm pretty sure that Fidelity charges a 1% foreign transaction fee on ATM withdrawals, while re-imbursing any other fees.
  12. Thank goodness Bert's wife, Dr. Rima is still with us. Conspiracy Theory, Season 1, Episode 5:
  13. Very nice. I noticed a couple minor spelling errors in skimming through - namely Stachytarpheta & Ocotea.