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  1. Yes. There is a group in Boquete & a group in Volcan. Still to come in the not too distant future - the "Chiriqui Challenge", an informal competition between the two emerging super-powers.
  2. Yes, yes I swallow. Hmm..that just didn't sound right....NOT! "The site that potential expats trust" C'mon Chuckie.....
  3. http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/scientist/roubik.html
  4. Are not Africanized honey bees the main form of honey bee found here? Seems like it would make a lot more sense for a bee keeper to re-locate such a swarm rather than destroying them.
  5. This is within about 1/4 mile of where American expat Georgia Tripp was murdered in 2013.
  6. Also, I think Fidelity's charge for an international wire transfer is $10 - $15. The receiving banking institution in Panama will likely charge you a similar additional amount.
  7. I'm pretty sure that Fidelity charges a 1% foreign transaction fee on ATM withdrawals, while re-imbursing any other fees.
  8. Thank goodness Bert's wife, Dr. Rima is still with us. Conspiracy Theory, Season 1, Episode 5:
  9. Very nice. I noticed a couple minor spelling errors in skimming through - namely Stachytarpheta & Ocotea.
  10. Mmmm....SALMON! Or...facsimile thereof....mmmm
  11. Yes. We made reservations online through Copa. Then, when we booked the flights through the Copa office in David, we received the discount.
  12. 3 guys?? Do these 3 guys have names??
  13. Please remember the disclaimer that purchasing a ready-made TFDB (tin foil deflector beanie) can, in some cases, be deleterious to your health (leakage problems, etc.). Usually best to construct them yourself.