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  1. Birding as a Hobby Resources

    Watching that live feed at night will give me something to do, when I'm not watching my grass grow during the day...
  2. Nowhere on Rodny's site do I see any information about the Hospital Cooperativo Medical Discount Plan . Is this plan still being offered?
  3. Grafted Hass Avocado Tree

    A question for Grayriver Farms; what rootstock are your Hass trees grafted to?
  4. Grafted Hass Avocado Tree

    Hass avocados most likely are of Guatemalan origin. Most of these Guatemalan trees are found growing above 3,000 feet elevation. I've bought several from the "Tico" store here in Volcan. One died, several others, planted with more care are doing well. Interesting paper on Guatemalan avocados from about a hundred years ago: http://www.avocadosource.com/CAS_Yearbooks/CAS_03_1917/CAS_1917_PG_104-138.pdf
  5. Recent Postings

    Having read some of the recent postings, I see that it might be in my best interest to check in more frequently. Quail eggs - what to do?? Libidinous actions - Oh my!! Lol...
  6. This is a nice addition to the restaurant scene in David. Minor complaints; no bean sprouts, no hot sauce or hoisin, and I'm really trying to remember if there was Thai basil.
  7. Fanny Romero & her husband will be opening a new restaurant location in Volcan Tuesday, August 1. From FB " We are waiting for you at the grand opening of our restaurant in volcano (Old Sunrise Mountain Village), Tuesday 1St August at 5:00 pm. We thank you for your assistance. I believe this location is on the road to Cerro Punta, about a half mile from the main intersection (police station) in Volcan.
  8. Drama in the Gulf of Chiriqui

    Yes, I watched it, and as I said, it appears to me that this was an angry response by fishermen whose line was illegally cut. Any sign, in the video of a ship being rammed? Nope. BTW, Bruce's smaller white charter boat can also be clearly seen in the video.
  9. Drama in the Gulf of Chiriqui

    Groups that are represented by the "Sea Shepard" and such have their own agenda(s). It really doesn't make much sense to me to faithfully believe what ever they have to say without at least listening to the other side.
  10. Drama in the Gulf of Chiriqui

    Don't believe everything you read in the news or online. A friend of mine, whose boat was right there, and is intimately familiar with fishing regulations, told me that NONE of the boats pictured above was fishing illegally. Imagine, then, that your fishing nets are purposely severed by a third party. BTW, neither the "Sea Shepherd" or "Dejoria" was ever rammed as stated.
  11. Island Get Away Spacial

    Four days in space for the low-low price of $650?? Such a deal!
  12. Grafted Hass Avocado Tree

    BTW, avocado trees need excellent drainage. That and the selection of appropriate root stock may be key factors for success in growing these.
  13. Grafted Hass Avocado Tree

    While I would not normally recommend this, a friend here in Volcan has grown a couple trees from Hass seeds. Kind of a crap shoot, but he claims the fruit from said trees is remarkably similar to that from his Hass clonal trees. Also, if I remember right, he claims to have gotten fruit from these seedlings after only 3-4 years. Might be worth a try.
  14. Nice concise report about the sport. One of the issues we have had is that as people become more proficient at the game, newcomers can be a bit intimidated at the level of play. Its our hope, in Volcan, to buy another net, so that one court can be dedicated to new players.
  15. Warren Fast is one in the Boquete group. I think they are playing maybe two days a week at the large gym there. wfast54@shaw.ca In Volcan, we play Tuesday & Friday at 2:00 at the lions club. gbakke342@msn.com You might be able to get by just borrowing racquets to play. At our facility, that's what we generally do, as we have a couple of young Panamanian guys who play with us.