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  1. You can fly to Cuba as an American under almost the same rules as last month. Trump only shut down the cruise ships going to Cuba and section 8 “people to people”. Section 12 is easiest “support for the Cuban people”. Spend money at non black listed Cuban restaurants hotels art gallery etc. document it. ViaHero.com can set you up with itinerary. When you sign the form you are stating that you are going to live by the rules and keep a record of what you did in case they want to review you. With 2 million tourist going from us to Cuba in the last couple of years I think you have a better chance at the lottery than being reviewed. Cuba is wonderful to visit, the people are friendly and for the most part honest. Normal dumb tourist over charge is in effect like many other countries but only a few places. Havana is incredible beautiful and also heart breaking. Two classes of people, rich and poor. We were there on June 1st and 2nd taught a paper making class to Cuban artist. It was great fun. Then June 4th trump shut down cruise ships to Cuba. Which canceled our return visit on June 8 and 9 Which only really hurts the poor people. American Airlines is $250 round trip from Miami to Havana July 2 I tried.
  2. Very long here. My friend in la Palma near golfito said it was really intense. I think the readings at 6.2 are closer. Having an after shock as I write this here in Caldera. Will post readings when I see them
  3. Now down graded to a 6.5. Jaco is over 170 miles from here. I am in caldera, that was a really lot of movement for an earthquake that was so far away. It does not make sense.
  4. First report in 6.8 in costa rica https://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/seismologist.php its up on usgs site now 6.8. It is a really long way from here this earthquake has to have caused a lot of damage in Costa Rica including San Jose, I hope I am wrong. Also wonder if we have a tsunami problem as it happens on the cost just south of San Jose.
  5. Restaurante El Novillo Gordo It is a little sad, we had some very good meals there when it was in David next to the used car lot on the old boquete road just as you come into town. We did stop in and had the chicken quesadilla which was very good. it had a slightly upscale atmosphere in david, table cloths, high ceilings mart work. I don't know what you would call it now. The last chef in david was good. what is sad is you almost could not pick a worse location for a restaurant in boquete. No parking, almost impossible to walk to it - weaving between moving and parked trucks. No visibility it has been there for a month and this is first time anybody said anything. In David we used to think it was a money laundering place because it was so nice the food was good and there was hardly ever anybody there. In David their executive lunch was only six dollars. Panamanian style lunch and usually quite good. Excellent soup, salad, rice and beans and meat. If we can remember will go try it out when were in town next time.
  6. We loved this place, great food, the veggie drinks hava no sugar and are almost a meal in themselves. Put a review on trip advisor to help them out Rustica Restaurant
  7. Every now and then I post this because many people from the north do not know about it. To unfog windows in your car turn on air conditioning AND heat, both at same time. Drys out car and you won't get cold. If you already know this then sorry for wasting your time :-) In Colorado we never did this cause it was either very cold or hot. chris
  8. OK well not exactly but it did turn spots of the ground white and it was frozen but unlike snow it hurt when it hit your head. You gussed it, it was hail, for about 8 min. I have heard of it happening before but it is very rare, in this area. It was fun to eat. This is pretty early for rainy season, the earliest I remember in 14 years of being here. My cows are loving it the grass is all green here that does not usually happen until end of May. We also had another pretty good shake yesterday around 12:20
  9. That was a shallow quake and as it was 19 km nne oof cerro punta. I wonder is old baru waking up :-). It was much stronger here in Caldera than the 6.? We had a few years ago. Stuff fell off the shelves.
  10. El Novilla Gordo is next door to the used car lot (Multimotors) as you come into David on the old road. In the past is was OK for their $8 lunch but their regular menu was not good expensive and overcooked. They have a new chef, not sure if it is a new owner but now they do a terrific lunch or dinner especially if you like meat. They have a $8 buffet that is very good includes chicken, salads, soup, vegies, rice and some things were terrific. However they have a $15 buffet (includes everything on the $8 buffet) that is kind of like a Brazillan Rodiaio. They bring out sizzling platters of different meats including smoked salmon and very rare steak. (you can let the steak cook to your desired doneness but remember very pink steak is tender) I loved it. It also included a beautiful chunk of salmon. They even let Lorraine order just the $8 and me the $15 she was happy, I knew they did not want me giving her huge chunks of meat. After a couple of platters I was full and what blew me away is that they let me take the left overs home. They also honor the jubliado discount. I hope they can continue because it is a great deal. This restaurant makes the trip to David not so unpleasant.
  11. Sorry http://www.ovsicori.una.ac.cr/ bud can you combine my messages. Sorry
  12. Costa Rica is showing it at mag 3.7 on highway 10 (bocas road) due east of caldera. They are just reporting one earthquake we felt two.
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