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  1. https://booksr4reading.wordpress.com/
  2. https://booksr4reading.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/a-business-opportunity/ As everyone knows, I’ve been trying to sell the BookMark for a number of years now. To recap, $25,000 for 35K(+/-) books, shelving, furniture, and the goodwill of Panama’s most famous used English bookstore. Retail value for the books alone come to around $250,000. Years ago, we had listed on Alibris nearly 500 books for sale online, the individual value of those books were from $5 to $100, plus we were allotted $10 (paid by Alibris) for shipping, so, if a book only cost $5 to ship, we made an additional $5. There was also a provision for over-sized books. I haven’t kept it up because that was Harold’s thing, plus my motivation was extremely low at the time so I couldn’t be bothered. In any case, since then, I’ve acquired a large number of books from different sources that I have discovered are worth significant money, with a number of them worth over $1000 each. Unfortunately, right now they are sitting in boxes, I don’t recall exactly the titles (they were text books, historical series, etc), but at the time I had checked out the prices on E-bay, and there’s a small fortune to be made. Which goes back to the point, since I’m a lazy, terrible procrastinator…If anyone is interested, they could re-establish the Alibris business, the BookMark receives 50% of the sale. In addition to that, those higher-end books would be sold on E-bay(I’ve seen some of those bidding wars, you’d be surprised), for those books, the seller would receive 25%. The best part, this is something that can be done from the comfort of your home. Of course, at this point, I’m just punting around ideas. We could do a trail balloon and see how it works out. In any case, the person would have to… Have an E-bay account. Have a PayPal account.(?) Perfect English speaker. Have a love and understanding of books. If interested, please contact me and we could work out the details. Ellis_m_1@yahoo.com
  3. Given the Art book sale was a success, I've extended it. 20% off Art section for the rest of January. The 501 Spanish Verbs took a hit and only a few left, get them while you can. Hemingway is back in style, and going fast. Let's not forget, alot of Panamanian history...Time of the Tyrants, and the Path between the Seas....if you want to appear smart, and have a real intellectual conversation, books to read. Lastly, welcome to the new year, may all your kindle dreams be unrealized and false hopes of a digital library remain staid. Hugs and kisses. Michael
  4. Hello everyone, Just recently joined the site and wanted to inform you about The Bookmark. The BEST used English bookstore in all of Panama All details concerning location, emails, and telephone can be found on our website, see the link below. https://booksr4reading.wordpress.com/2015/10/31/spooky-stuff/
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