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  1. Why would they omit any mention of whether or not the gang was successful in finishing the murder?
  2. It is hard to understand why anyone would voluntarily seek medical care in Venezuela today.
  3. I hope it's not all just a ploy to sell crappy Chinese tractors to Panama.
  4. The Chinese "invasion" of Panama continues.
  5. Yeah, this tax treaty is about using foreign bank accounts to hide taxable income, which is classic tax evasion. It may reduce tax cheating but it will likely increase the use of crypto currencies like Bitcoin to accomplish the same thing.
  6. I assume that means we will have strong winds in Boquete all week. I'll tie down the lawn furniture and pets!
  7. I think it's translation issue or just sloppy use of language. Everyone "avoids" paying sales tax whenever they choose not to buy a particular item, for example.
  8. Sometimes when I finish reading an article I know less than when I started it. This is one of those times.
  9. Someone reported it out also at the top of Jaramillo. It gets old.
  10. I get the "New Silk Road" initiative by China. It's a long-term strategy to project power globally. It is almost certainly inevitable that China will surpass the US as a global power this century. With four times the population and the most rapid modernization program in world history, the demographics dictate that outcome. Controlling transportation networks all around the Pacific Rim would obviously benefit China in the long run. China achieved a huge diplomatic victory by convincing President Varela to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Perhaps this railway was Varela's price. This train makes no economic sense today. It might make a lot of sense by 2080 if it connects Chile to Mexico. Bud is absolutely right that the Chinese play the long game and are patient enough to achieve their goals slowly so long as it makes achieving them inevitable. The Chinese will have to subsidize the railway for years, just like the US spends on Amtrak. But if the Chinese view this as a strategic global power investment rather than a normal economic investment a private company would consider, I suppose it could make sense from their perspective.
  11. I don't see how this is anything more than a fantasy. California has been unable to make any significant progress on their high speed rail connecting the huge populations of San Francisco and Los Angeles. How on earth would it make any economic sense to build one to a city of 150,000?
  12. It's way too close. Dodge storms or have to circle the airport once, and it's a fuel emergency. Either the specifications I found are inaccurate, or they'll do something more reasonable like refueling in Honolulu.
  13. I visited Isla Iguana last week. There are plenty of bomb craters from WWII bombing target practice. Far more craters than iguanas, actually.
  14. They had better pack the plane completely full of fuel in Houston. That particular model of aircraft has a maximum range of 7,370 nautical miles, and it is 7,217 miles from Houston to Beijing.