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  1. Undoubtedly, the stolen satellite phone, and possibly the IPads, gave away the location of the pirates leading to the arrests.
  2. I would sure like to know how Varela thinks Martinelli is responsible for the leaks when the former president was in prison at the time with no access to an electronic device of any kind.
  3. This is what happens when you create consumer subsidies or entitlements, and then have to remove them because you don't have enough revenue to continue them.
  4. I don't know why the authorities can't figure out how end the ridiculous bus rides for domestic passengers. Other international airports handle domestic and international travelers with ease.
  5. That is too bad. Sometimes he was like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, and other times he was quite chatty. I loved his chicken. I wonder if his wife will keep the place open, although to be honest, I thought he was the better cook.
  6. Thanks, Keith. I will not rub those moths all over my body, no matter how tempting that is.
  7. This baffles me. How do people get butterfly fluff all over their skin? And I would love to know what this evil butterfly that attacks ankles looks like.
  8. I find it amusing that American consumers are willing to pay a premium for "grass fed beef", which is what all the barely edible Panamanian beef is. Give me a corn fed T-bone steak, please!
  9. Instead of banning plastic bags for these merchants and grocers, the laws should require the bags to be biodegradable. That way, residents would still have bags to clean up dog and cat poop, and you wouldn't have the unhealthy dirty cloth grocery bags which get contaminated by meat pretty easily.
  10. This resolution did not call for military intervention in Venezuela. I think it is a bit pathetic to complain about the Maduro regime while abstaining on a vote of solidarity in the OAS declaring the Venezuela crisis as a threat to regional security. Nobody is talking about invading Venezuela, which would be an extremely difficult task given the topography. At least Panama didn't vote NO, despite the misleading headline.
  11. I couldn't find any in town on Monday. Super Baru got some in on Tuesday. Onions are a price-controlled item in Panama. If farmers can't get a fair price for growing onions, they will plant something else instead.
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