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  1. I'm now reluctant to say publicly for several reasons: I don't want to create new problems for anyone. Businesses compete. I don't understand this new complication. It seems harmful and indefensible from any perspective -- government, consumer, trade union, etc. I don't know who was being "harmed " by the status quo. I don't subscribe to "misery loves company" , either. Just because some couriers have problems does not mean that all must be required to have problems. I don't want my next shipment of perfectly innocuous blood pressure and cholesterol control medicine jeopardized. That's selfish, perhaps, but I am not convinced this problem is universal in Panama as to prescription medicine.
  2. Nope. I simply ordered refills of existing prescriptions at my US pharmacy. I put my Florida forwarding adress as the shipping address. It arrived today, about 10 days after I placed the order. The plastic envelope definitely rattles like a bunch of pills in bottles. It's quite apparent what is inside. I've never filled out any forms.
  3. For what it's worth, I picked up nine bottles of prescription medications this afternoon for my wife and me, shipped in from Florida. No problems whatsoever. I was a little worried given the content of this topic, but I've been doing this every 90 days since I've been here. I've never tried to bring in supplements or cosmetics. The ladies tell me I look horrible wearing lipstick, anyway.
  4. I've said before that biodegradable bags are the answer, but unless they are available and affordable, it's not going to work. In 1990, California mandated zero emission vehicles to replace gas and diesel engines. 10% of all new vehicles sold in 2003 had to be ZEV. It didn't work, of course.
  5. Taken to its logical conclusion, garbage and wastebasket bags will be banned, also. Kitchen waste, cat poop, used hygiene products, etc., all just loose. Buy lots of buckets and fly spray.
  6. Best I can tell, the US Embassy in Panama is less helpful than the worst Department of Motor Vehicles any American has ever encountered in their lives. Even the IRS doesn't demand a Cashiers Check from me when it rips me off. The US Embassy doesn't accept US currency for payments. Weird, huh? For the embassy to show some genuine interest in assisting Americans living here by helping to clarify this issue would go beyond what they are required to do by law. Nobody working there has any incentive to be helpful. Expats have no political clout at all. We can beg. We can say please and thank you. Maybe that might help a little on some occasions. Without a directive coming from the State Department in Washington DC, I strongly doubt our embassy will lift a finger. After all, they can have all their cosmetics, drugs, etc., delivered by Diplomatic Pouch which is immune from Panamanian inspection. Put me in the "not expecting help from the embassy on this one" camp.
  7. Disturbing. From this report, it was no random act of violence.
  8. Obviously, this was the right decision. Good for the Mayor. Future tragedy averted.
  9. I wonder what prompted the decision to remove it. It didn't seem to me that it was in danger of falling.
  10. I have no patience with any group that blocks public roadways. It is far more than an inconvenience; it can cost lives in an emergency. Tolerating it only encourages more of it. Some pepper spray would discourage this nonsense.
  11. Cedula?

    Every nation is entitled to enforce its borders, and determine which foreigners are allowed to enter. If you have a front door with a lock you use, you understand the concept.
  12. I don't have it, either. Of course, Bonnie is my neighbor, so that makes sense....
  13. Wait, are Canadians not considered "Gringos"? I assumed the term applied to anyone whose place of origin is north of Mexico.
  14. Yep, feral kittens under 8 weeks of age can usually be tamed (the younger the better), but after that the fear of humans is pretty much permanent.
  15. Oh, covered parking! When I saw the construction, I feared that it was a new building being erected and the parking spots for Super Baru would be lost entirely. Now, if the store would sell frozen chicken pot pies, my life would complete...