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  1. Health authorities hunt for missing arriving China passenger who gave false information Posted 17/02/2020 Panamanian authorities are trying to locate an airline passenger who arrived at from China on February 5 and gave false information Xoxinquiao Zhang last week, who was in China and gave false information when he entered the country on February 5. Lourdes Moreno, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health,(Minsa) clarified said in Telemetro Report on Monday. February 17 that at the time of entering the country temperature tests were done and Xoxinquiao Zhang was entered in the Ministry database for follow up because he was in an area affected by the new coronavirus. The monitoring of health authorities consists of daily calls and home visits. When trying to make the home visit it was found that he had provided false information to Migration and Customs. According to Moreno, the foreigner provided a false address. hence, the search carried out has the support of the National Migration Service, the National Security Council and the Chinese Embassy in Panama. https://www.newsroompanama.com/health/health-authorities-hunt-for-missing-china-passenger-who-gave-false-information-1
  2. I saw this mentioned on Facebook. A lot of people in town are affected. The recommendation was to visit the CVT in David (I have no idea where it is located) to get the packages rerouted there. Several people stated that they were going there, but nobody reported back how successful they were in getting their packages.
  3. The only good news here is that China may finally be providing better data on the epidemic. The drop in the reported growth rate over the past several days was misleading, at best. It's not that 15,000 people caught the virus overnight, but that people who have the virus were not being counted. Even so, the new numbers only reflect one province, not the whole of China, so we know the numbers are even worse than what this big spike shows. We know the numbers didn't really change from a 4% growth rate to a 34% growth rate overnight. So, this is a data aberration and we will see what the reported rate is in coming days. One alarming thing to note is that the new numbers do not show a decline in the mortality rate, which we might have expected. Instead, we have a large increase in the number of resolved cases, with more discharged from the hospital, and more corresponding deaths. 7,657 patients who caught the virus now are now either fully recovered or dead. The death toll has risen to 1,370. The mortality rate has fallen only slightly to 18%, remaining shockingly high. It is hard to believe it will remain that high as a virus that deadly tends to kill off the hosts too quickly to keep spreading fast. But there are two reasons why the virus can continue to spread while being so deadly. The first is that unlike SARS or Ebola, this virus, COVID-19, is spread by victims who have no idea they are infected. That makes it extremely difficult to contain. The second reason is that the virus doesn't really kill that quickly. Patients don't generally die in the first week, and often not even in the second week. So, we have a real problem. I don't know what to think about the suspension of beef imports into China. It's hard to believe it's a drop in consumption as explained. Even if 60,000 Chinese are infected, there are another billion who are not, and they still eat. If the answer is that the fear of the virus has disrupted Chinese logistics to the point where they can't unload and distribute food, then things are far worse than we realize. The world must demand more transparency from Chinese officials.
  4. China will probably cut imports even further as more cities are quarantined. It has even cancelled flights between Shanghai and Beijing.
  5. I don't think this is a very good idea. This isn't restoring natural beaches. There aren't any there. More importantly, the bay is a dead zone. Pollution and runoff from the city will continue to contaminate the bay. This isn't unique to Panama, by any means. All coastal cities do it to some extent. But because of the configuration of the bay, wave action is minimal and the water is more stagnant. Hence, the dead zone and why the waters will always represent a potential health hazard to beach visitors.
  6. If we can believe the Chinese numbers (and that remains to be seen), the growth rate of the infection spread dropped further overnight to 5% from 6% the day before. I would like to believe this good news and hope that the growth rate, whatever it is, has peaked and is declining because of the containment efforts. The mortality rate does not show a drop yet. 5,946 patients who caught the virus now are now either fully recovered or dead. The death toll has risen to 1,115. The mortality rate is steady at 19% for now.
  7. It seemed a bit ridiculous to me, but this kind of thing isn't entirely unexpected. Cultural change doesn't happen overnight. Perhaps this incident helped move the needle a little bit for the future.
  8. Not exactly cheerleader short. A good reminder that government offices in Panama are decidedly more formal than a hamburger joint.
  9. The news on this virus is decidedly mixed today. The good news is that yesterday the growth rate of reported infections was only 6% over the previous day, "only" 2500 new cases for a new total of a little over 43,000 people who have conclusively been infected. That's the lowest rate since it was first tracked on January 23. Let's hope it continues to drop. Now, here's the bad news, although we shouldn't overreact to it. Out of the 43,000 who have been infected so far, 5,386 have had their cases "resolved",meaning they have either recovered and been discharged from the hospital, or they died. 1,018 have died so far. That's a 19% mortality rate. Incredibly frightening. Fortunately, I sincerely doubt that it will remain at that level. It must reflect the early numbers when only the sickest were seeking medical attention. There have to be many people who get mild cases of it and thought it was merely the flu, which is also circulating. Deaths are fairly easy to tabulate, but an accurate number of people currently infected is nearly impossible. But keep an eye on the actual mortality rate which is tied to outcomes, not to the number of those who have been infected so far. We don't know what the mortality rate will be for the 38,000 or so who are currently sick. But we can track it over time.
  10. Interesting. I hadn't heard about that obstacle. It seems to me that the tank farm isn't much of a threat to international flights. Perhaps it is to the terminal. In any event, it's not much of a tank farm. Move it!
  11. Good news, but I'm still hoping that someday we will have a direct flight to the US from David, even if only once or twice a week.
  12. It's really hard to know for sure what is going on in China. The anecdotal reports are terrible, but they are very hard to verify. The reported numbers of the infection growth rate have slowly dropped from over 20%/day to about 10%, although that is still very alarming given the logarithmic nature of those numbers. From the time the virus was first detected and concerns raised, but before China imposed the quarantine on the city of Wuhan, over 5 million people left the city. They mostly traveled within China, but that's why there out outbreaks all over China now, and less so internationally. We need international observers from the World Health Organization on the ground in China. Some experts think the numbers of those infected is probably 10 times what is being reported. Certainly some mild cases are not being reported, but China also has an incentive to try to keep the public from panicking and not going to the workplace. Unfortunately, I don't see how it matters too much whether the number of infected is 3,700, or 370,000. We have no way of containing it until a vaccine is developed, produced, and distributed. The measures already taken have almost certainly slowed the rate of new infections but you can be sure that the number tomorrow will be higher with no end in sight.
  13. Well, apparently he was resurrected. Multiple news sources now report that he is only in critical condition at the moment and earlier reports were premature.
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