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  1. I don't want to throw Betty Landis at hospice under the bus, but she asked us to share this information at this site. She just went through this process and must be visiting some of the affected areas in Colombia that you listed. She probably wasn't aware that it isn't universally required before booking her trip.
  2. Well, this is Panama where they either enforce the law to the extreme or don't really enforce it at all. But, even if you somehow convinced the clinic in David to give you the certificate, you would be taking a chance that Colombian authorities would check your passport age against the certificate and deny you entry at the airport.
  3. Has anybody seen disruptions in David yesterday or today?
  4. I'm one of those who have been vaccinated but can't find my records. I'll be going through this drill soon.
  5. Whatsapp Viruses Now!

    I'd rather it be a false alarm than make a stupid mistake
  6. It is a lovely home. Does this mean you are planning to leave Boquete?
  7. I use Cable Onda for Internet channels and have been pixalated and frequently knocked off for the past few days. Most of the time I am registering a strong signal, but something is definitely fluctuating.
  8. It seems to me that Dry Season may have ended sometime last week. We are now getting rains that form and move from David toward the Intercontinental Divide above Alto Quiel. It sure looks like the rains must have hit the path pretty hard.
  9. I don't really know. But Dow futures trade long before the stock market opens Monday morning. Those are trading somewhere. But look what happened Friday evening after hours: https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/aqb That's more than a 10% increase over the NASDAQ closing bell price.
  10. The stock price of Aquabounty soared more than 10% in after hours trading this weekend.
  11. Ending the Copa flights to Venezuela is a pretty big deal.
  12. It's just my guess, but I suspect that there has been a net outflow of gringos from Chiriqui in the past 12 months, largely due to the end of "perpetual tourism". And, although construction material costs have skyrocketed in recent years, I'm not sure a gringo influx is to blame. Think of the mountain of concrete and steel going into Federal Mall in David.
  13. The Summit of the Americas to be held in Lima, Peru next week will be a big deal. Venezuela will be an important topic. But if the US really wants to do something decisive, it would ban the import of Venezuelan crude oil. That would not be painless to the US. Citgo refineries on the Gulf Coast are machined to refine the heavy crude oil that Venezuela produces. A ban would shut them down and cost American jobs. It would also spike gasoline prices. It would likely trigger the collapse in Venezuela which is needed for political reform, and which isn't a complete certainty today given some continued support for Venezuela from China and Russia. Citgo is effectively owned 50% by Venezuela and is the primary source of Dollars for the country. Cut off Venezuelan crude to Citgo refineries and gas stations and Maduro’s government will collapse. There are no other refineries that can use their oil easily. Venezuela's currency is already essentially worthless. Without dollars coming in, Maduro doesn't eat.
  14. It is unfortunate that the only hope now for Venezuela is a complete implosion. The humanitarian disaster won't end until President Maduro is dragged from the palace by a mob.
  15. That sounds pretty ominous.