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  1. Varela was supposed to be the opposite of Martinelli, and in a way he was. There is no indication that he was corrupt, but also unlike Martinelli, he didn't get much accomplished. He stalled and stalled on appointing judges, did nothing to root out corruption in the courts or in the Assembly. He wouldn't even investigate Orderbrecht until the international community did it for him. He did get a lot of frequent flier miles, though. To the extent he had anything to do with the construction of the new Panamonte bridge, I thank him for that.
  2. Looks like a pretty intense fire. Looks like the metal roof suffered extensive heat damage. The concrete block is all intact, but it looks like a flashover fire occured inside. Everything flammable inside the house would have caught fire. They have my sympathy.
  3. Holy Toledo, that is a major wipeout im the Assembly. But before I get too excited, it might just be 69 new crooks.
  4. Holy Smokes. These people should apply for asylum in their home country at the American Embassy.
  5. Interesting. I'm sorry at least one family had a very bad day. I would think that house fires are very rare in Panama, as most everything is cinderblock construction. I'm sure there are some exceptions.
  6. At first I thought my cat had jumped on the bed, and then maybe a kangaroo. I was in a deep sleep and it took me a few seconds to realize the whole world was bouncing.
  7. Baru isn't coming to life, at least not at present. The last known steam vents became inactive 7 or 8 years ago. It appears to be getting really dead. The USGS warns this can change. I think it wants about a million years after an eruption to declare a volcano truly dormant, and it's been about 500 years since Baru last erupted. We apparently have a while to wait before we can truly know we're in no danger.
  8. Isn't it unusual that we haven't had any aftershocks?
  9. It really shook in Palo Alto. No apparent damage, but I don't think homes are supposed to bounce !
  10. The East side of the Caldera sure seems to get more outages than the rest of greater Boquete. It wasn't even stormy last night when the power went off.
  11. I spent some time with the mayoral candidate for Boquete this afternoon, Joswar Alvarado. Of course, I'm not allowed to vote, but he has a vision for Boquete including an office for foreign residents and fixing all the dang sidewalks in town and beyond.
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