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  1. Oh, covered parking! When I saw the construction, I feared that it was a new building being erected and the parking spots for Super Baru would be lost entirely. Now, if the store would sell frozen chicken pot pies, my life would complete...
  2. The best advice is to NOT DIE. However, there are things a responsible person does in advance, just in case the unexpected happens. One is to let family members out of country know the location of bank accounts and important documents. Thanks for the post, Bonnie.
  3. Good news! I never fully understood the underlying dispute, but I'm glad my supply of pineapples is not in jeopardy.
  4. Donald Trump's previous "cozy" relationship with Martinelli is pretty meaningless. He was cozy with the Clintons and anyone else who could further his interests at the time. This arrest could not have happened without the approval of President Trump. I assume the decision was made at the time Varela was invited to the White House. That corresponds with the time Martinelli was put under active US "surveillance." The reports that the timing of his arrest was moved up suggests that Martinelli realized that he was no longer safe hiding in plain sight in Miami. It's hard to imagine that he'll be released on bond, although he is certainly entitled to fight extradition in US court. But these recent events certainly indicate to me that Martinelli has no friends in the current US administration, and that his request for political asylum is effectively dead.
  5. This seems pretty alarming to me. I hope President Varela shows some leadership pretty quickly.
  6. I am injecting coffee straight into my arm right now, trying to make up for the morning caffeine shortage. That was brutal.
  7. I definitely did not predict this. But I imagine Martinelli will definitely put up a extradition fight. Bail will be an interesting issue, if it's even available. He obviously is a flight risk. President Trump would been informed in advance. And Panama just broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of Beijing. Maybe it's all a coincidence but maybe it's payoff the Chinese for stalling NK warhead test. Busy day for Panama
  8. I definitely did not predict this. But I imagine Martinelli will definitely put up a extradition fight. Bail will be an interesting issue, if it's even available. He obviously is a flight risk.
  9. That is what is known as a "Sabado Noche Especial". Maybe. Duolingo hasn't taught me fluent Spanish yet.
  10. It was a good radio show this morning. I was a bit surprised by the amount of musical content, although the selections were excellent. I'll tune in again next Friday.
  11. Arrests can (but may not always) show up in a criminal background check. It depends on the local jurisdiction where the arrest occurred, and when or if the data was shared on a national level. But an arrest can have severe consequences even if the person is found not guilty or the charges dropped as completely bogus. For example, if you are charged with statutory rape in Texas, you automatically are a registeted sex offender for life. It doesn't matter that the cop misread the age on a Drivers License. Depending again on the local jurisdiction, it might be possible to get something expunged from your criminal record but not if you were found guilty. It would take a Presidential pardon, or from a state governor to accomplish that in nearly every case.
  12. Random means, by definition, no selective criteria. I do not believe that several Americans were detained and then returned to the US last Thursday because of random background checks. Either it didn't happen, or it was no coincidence.
  13. Something doesn't quite sound right. An arrest is quite different than a criminal conviction. It also seems odd that Panama is now capable of running a complete criminal background check on American tourists arriving at Tocumen and returning all those who who ever ran afoul of a policeman at any point in their lives. Did they hack into the FBI? We all know the scrutiny on permanent visa applications as well as the effort to end "permanent tourism." But that is far different than turning away every American businessman or tourist with an arrest from long ago.
  14. I don't know how libel law in Panama is adjudicated, but I can say that if a legal system does not hold that truth is an absolute defense to a charge of slander or libel, it is not a justice system at all. It would be a system serving only the corrupt and powerful. If truth is not a defense, then anyone may successfully sue for being offended.