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  1. Baru isn't coming to life, at least not at present. The last known steam vents became inactive 7 or 8 years ago. It appears to be getting really dead. The USGS warns this can change. I think it wants about a million years after an eruption to declare a volcano truly dormant, and it's been about 500 years since Baru last erupted. We apparently have a while to wait before we can truly know we're in no danger.
  2. Isn't it unusual that we haven't had any aftershocks?
  3. It really shook in Palo Alto. No apparent damage, but I don't think homes are supposed to bounce !
  4. The East side of the Caldera sure seems to get more outages than the rest of greater Boquete. It wasn't even stormy last night when the power went off.
  5. I spent some time with the mayoral candidate for Boquete this afternoon, Joswar Alvarado. Of course, I'm not allowed to vote, but he has a vision for Boquete including an office for foreign residents and fixing all the dang sidewalks in town and beyond.
  6. Not that it really matters too much, but it seems unusual not to identify which hostel was involved.
  7. The US has imposed very nasty and expensive regulations on Panama banks with accounts owned by US citizens. Scotia apparently is making an effort to get rid of their American account holders. While regrettable, it's somewhat understandable.
  8. I can't be completely certain, but I reckon mistakes were made.
  9. I've never understood why a day of torture and execution is called GOOD Friday. It was pretty much bad.
  10. It's apparently both. Panama both imports and exports electricity depending on regional demand. It seems this line might primarily benefit Panama City, but the interconnections mean better supply for everyone.
  11. I've got both liquid and tablet Benadryl at home just for wasp and bee stings. I suspect a scorpion sting would be as dangerous, but I've never been hit by one. That's great as long as the stings occur near home and can get to the Benadryl within 10 minutes or so. Otherwise I might be out of luck. These fatal insect attacks are far less common than fatal vehicle accidents around here, but the threat is not imaginary.
  12. When the government doesn't pay its bills, something is very wrong. I hope it's just a single person not doing his job.
  13. I don't want to minimize it too much, but 250 of boom to contain this suggests suggests a very minor spill of a few gallons at most.
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