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  1. I hate it. It's bad enough that poor families give money to the church that they can't afford. At least arguably, it's voluntary. But when the government spends taxpayer resources on a stage for the Pope, that's money that could have been spent back on infrastructure. Anyone who has ever been to the Vatican can attest to the fact that the Church can pay for its own boondoggles. It's not even a close question. Panama is spending almost as much on this single trip as NATO countries are supposed to spend on defense.
  2. Call me cynical, but I don't see how this isn't really a giant fundraiser for the Vatican at the expense of Panama. Maybe they chipped in a lot of money toward the expenses, but I haven't seen any mention of that in the talk of the costs of this event.
  3. Uncle Doug

    Chiriqui's Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

    That does look pretty much cat-proof!
  4. I have no idea why they removed the traffic light at the intersection of Calle F and the Pan Am highway. That made a bad situation worse, and I can't come up with even an implausible reason to remove it. It was the way I went to the airport, and now I don't know a better way than just winging it.
  5. Failed state is gross exaggeration. Libya is a failed state. Yemen is. Venezuela is closer, but even it isn't a failed state. Panama is not living up to its potential. That I firmly believe.
  6. You can also make the argument that as these operations become more efficient, they can undercut the competition with lower prices.
  7. So, we have a completion date of late November and a completion date of March of next year. I think I am probably safe in assuming that this won't be done anytime BEFORE March of next year.
  8. Wow, bad decision. 100% the fault of the raft company. They are paid to be the experts.
  9. I haven't seen any reports and doubt there is very much. Despite how long that sucker lasted, it was only a 4.7 on the Richter scale according to the USGS. It certainly alarmed me and I ran for the door, but it never really threatened to topple anything at my place
  10. Do you know that they aren't attempting to do that?
  11. I'm a very patient person and I fully understand that any project can run into unexpected problems. However, the incompetence and utter lack of planning here is beyond any possible defense.
  12. That would be a pretty good reason to quit working.