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  1. Hmm.. this happened in Miami.
  2. Declaration now required if leaving Panama with $10k.+. This is a new rule, seems similar to the U.S. declaration.
  3. Making an immediate complaint to ASEP would be a start although Spanish is required and I don't know if personal equipment would be claimable.
  4. Of course, there's no better time for the CSS to make claims for damages to any/all equipment that may or may not have been caused by the outages.
  5. ASEP, the consumer watchdog, is contracting independent inspectors to determine the cause of the failures and outages. Lack of maintenance is an easy tag.
  6. Manuel Noriega Granted House Arrest Irma Rodríguez Reyes | 23 ene 2017 02.16pm The former dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega could exit the El Renacer Penitentiary Center after receiving the benefit of arrest or house arrest. This measure has been confirmed by his lawyer, Ezra Angel who explained this afternoon at rangefinder which has been granted house arrest to Noriega, for the preparation of a surgery to remove a brain tumor. According to the lawyer, the output of the Noriega has not yet been clarified, nor is there an exact date for the operation. In a preliminary way is only known to be operated in the month of February. In 2016, and following a review of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences recommended domicialiario arrest of former "strong man" of Panama to this in pre- and post-operative care. Ezra added that, although the measure has been granted by the case of the disappearance of Heliodoro Portugal, Noriega can access the new precautionary measure despite the other causes. Manuel Antonio Noriega (MAN) who will be 83 years old on 11 February, was extradited to Panama from France, the 11 of December of 2011 and since then has been imprisoned in the Rebirth. MAN ruled in dictatorship, between the years 1983 to 1989, when it was removed from power after the US invasion of Panama.
  7. There was a fire at India Vieja (La India de Jaramillo?) today. This photo was taken by someone from the slow, noisy helicopter that passed overhead.
  8. With the high winds of late, the annual sport of setting field fires in Alto Boquete is in full swing. The Bomberos have a big new truck so I suppose we have no need to worry.
  9. A profesora in Panama City has been taking some heat over her physical demonstration of childbirth in the classroom. It seems that a student made a video of the demo and it went viral on local social media. "Young people lack guidance and nobody dares to use the orthodox methodology that i use," were the words with which the professor Teresa Argüelles, teacher of the School Isabel Herrera Obaldia, located in Paitilla, defended her way to educate students, this Wednesday, March 22. Argüelles, an educator for 19 years, explained that she has always spoken to the "Girls and boys against unwanted pregnancies" because that is what is currently going among young people. The Ministry of Education announced today that Profesora Arguelles will not be sanctioned. Good for her.
  10. The high tension cables on the top rack of the pole in this photo are under some really high tension physically holding things together here. I hope the juice was off at this time.
  11. A major explosion has occurred at the Condado del Rey sub-station and a number of sectors are without power. Hopefully no electrical workers were injured. Security measures are in effect.
  12. For the skeptics. Here is a link to the projects and work that the World Bank is involved with in Panama.
  13. Panama Hardens Policies to Prevent Irregular Migration AFP | 16 mar 2017 08.17pm Foreigners living in Panama as tourists must leave the country for a month if they want to reenter Panamanian territory, in addition to other restrictions on immigration, announced on Thursday the director of Migration, Javier Carrillo. The new measure applies to foreigners who reside in the country as tourists, who when carrying more than five months, should leave Panama for at least a month If thhey want to re-enter, explained the official. "This is for those who have more than five months in the country as tourists and leaving for nothing more than to return to re- enter. Now you have to be 30 days outside the country," said Carrillo to AFP. Panamanian law provides that foreigners with tourist visa have a limit of six months of continued stay in the country. But once that term is drawing to an end, many cross to Costa Rica with the objective that in their passports the exit stamp of Panama and return to Panamanian territory. "The difference now is that if you come out with six months will not be permitted entry because people must go regularize status, nobody can be a tourist permanently," said Carrillo. According to the official this measure does not affect tourists who spent a short period of time in the country and re-enter at a later date. Data from the National Migration Service of Panama indicate that since 2010 there have been more than 100,000 requests for residence in the country, mainly of Venezuelans, Colombians, Spaniards, Estadosunidenses and Dominicans. A high economic growth close to 5%, a dollarized economy, climate and a relative social peace have made Panama attractive to workers and retirees from other countries. The measure is in addition to another taken at the beginning of the year when Panama eliminated the possibility of entry to foreigners with visas in the European Union. With this, Panama was intended to prevent citizens from more than 50 countries to which restricts the entry, such as Cuba, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria and Algeria, take advantage of a European visa to enter. "They are nationalities that had a restricted type of visa in Panama and to continue with that process what we have done is to revise the policy toward these countries," said the Minister of Safety and Security, Alexis Bethancourt. Carrillo ruled out that the immigration policy of Panama has any relation with the plans of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to limit the arrival of migrants to that country from Central America.
  14. These measures may be in effect again this year due to the inconsistency in weather. This site shows reservoir levels at the nation's major generating stations.
  15. A Revisado inspection certificate can be obtained at QuickFix in Boquete, which is across the street from Plaza Los Establos, or at any one of a number of authorized garages in David. If the car is registered in David, the Plate would be at the Treasurer's office in the Municipio de David building, which is near the Bomberos fire station and Hotel Nacional.
  16. 2500, maybe 3,000. The best source of data would probably be Pricesmart's membership list, lol.
  17. In the absence of any data, the 'best estimate of approximately 4,500 American expatriates living in Chiriqui' is over exaggerated, imo.
  18. There's been some action this week at the site of the old Las Ruinas restaurant in Alto Boquete.
  19. The young woman's compañero, Juan de Dios Pino, has been charged with homicide in this case.
  20. A body was found buried today in Bugaba. A 27-year old Bugabeña, Luz Michelle Orocú, has been missing since February 27th. Her mother filed a missing person Denuncia on March 13th. Video interview with the young woman's Mom the other day
  21. The third hearing in the William Holbert, Laura Reese murder cases was held today in David and the trial has now been scheduled to begin May 29th.
  22. thanks for getting the interactive feature working, Bud. Credit The data for this map comes from the UN Population Division’s estimates for Total Migrant Stock — the number of global migrants, broken down by country of residence and country of origin. The numbers are not fully consistent. In some cases, they represent foreign citizens and in others they represent foreign born. See the dataset itself for the full set of footnotes. To convert those figures into immigration estimates, I took the difference between the migrant stock in 2015 and that in 2010. Since some of that difference is due to mortality, not immigration, I adjusted the 2010 numbers down assuming an annual mortality rate of 0.8%, the global average. The map was made in Javascript using D3, three.js, and MapboxGL. Max Galka I'm an NYC-based entrepreneur (my newest project: Blueshift). I'm fascinated by data visualization and the ways that data is transforming our understanding of the world. I spend a lot of time with my face buried in Excel, and when I find something interesting I write about it
  23. Who published this map? It certainly seems unrealistic that Australia, the U.S., and central Europe are the only migratory destinations noted.
  24. Tweeted photos from today's activities
  25. President Varela is in town today to Inaugurate the completed repairs at the downtown school Josefa Montero de Vásquez and to sign the orders of procedure for the Panamonte vehicular bridge and the coompletion of the Ruta Sur. Tomorrow he climbs Volcan Baru.