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  1. 16 Year Sentence for Femicide Eric Serrano, 35, cut a deal today with the prosecutor for a 16 year sentence for stabbing to death Yolanis Gomez, 40, his female partner, in a drunken event in David on August 6, 2016.
  2. Amelia Stroup was a lovely lady and being in her presence was a joy. As a fill-in for a fill-in, I was fortunate enough to play opposite her in my only Boquete theatre appearance, before the dawn of BCP. RIP Amelia.
  3. Bill, this article about Martinelli and his troubles was posted way back in December of 2015 because it was a good summary of the situation at the time. I'm not sure why it surfaced again or what today's comments refer to.
  4. "generating approximate 3,100 direct jobs and the consequent generation of 12 thousand indirect jobs in trade and services " according to the Comptroller's statement. * I do agree that Newsroom is often disappointing with their accuracy.
  5. Suspicious ..of duplication of efforts. Why? Because we have an existing Vecinos Vigilante program with a Police representative in our neighbourhood as do 158 others in Chiriqui. Members of the expat community previously established the Alto Al Crimen and RodnyDirect reporting services, as well as an organization to help families of Police. Are those groups supporting this effort?
  6. These guys shot there way into the bus. I did see a Tweet showing a bullet hole in the door, so I can't imagine the driver risking his life to defend the bus and it's cargo, which includes passengers. 'Radio Silence' seems to have enveloped this story. Bus owners are powerful people.
  7. Highway Robbery near Santiago confirmed This Wednesday morning an incident was reported on the Panama-David bus route, near La Mesa de Santiago. Two men who were traveling by car sedan intercepted the bus, stripped the driver of the money, proceeded to check a bag and then left, confirmed the director of the National Police in a message read on the program X-ray of Eco TV. Earlier reports in social networks indicated that armed men attacked the passengers, however this version has not been confirmed by the authorities.
  8. If that was the case, the Policia Nacional would be sending out a signed official communication. This logo is from a Mexican blog. What do others think?
  9. Two of the workers in critical condition with second and third degree burns have been transferred to Hospital Santo Tomás in Panama.
  10. 3 Workers Injured in Boiler Explosion in Baru Monday 24 April 2017 - 4:30 pm Elmer Quintero Cedeño An explosion in a boiler of Extradora del Baru S. A. EBASA* left three workers burned, in the district of Baru, Chiriqui Province. Burns received the workers were from steam, the product of the explosion of one of the boiler. Injured are Geronimo Castle, of 30 years, Barnabas Enrique González Castillo, 28 years, and Jesus Tello of 29 years of age. * EBASA operates a Palm Oil extraction operation.
  11. Office of Citizen Participation Initiates Report Lines
  12. New polls were released yesterday by Dichter & Neira for TVN Noticias that tell us what folks are thinking. Here are some of the results. President Varela's popularity is up by 4 points to 47%. The Government's approval rating also increased to 43%, highest since March 2016 78% of Panamanians surveyed are opposed to same sex civil unions. 16% are in favor, while 6% didn't respond. 55% of people questioned about the formation of the Task Force Eagle feel that nothing will change in terms of security. The rest were divided as to whether the Unit is a good thing or a bad thing because of it's militaristic style.
  13. This would be a huge step in the wrong direction, imo. Panama was heralded at the time for it's initiative in banning purse seining and long lining, which collaterally kill thousands of sharks, sea turtles, billfish, and other species.’s-long-line-ban/
  14. We're mainly using KODI and YouTube which don't require a VPN (at the moment). I did use Unlocator previously and it was good.
  15. We haven't been using a VPN for a while now and unfortunately can't access anything that's offered on Amazon, even though I'm a Prime subscriber and using Amazon hardware. Out of the zone, it appears.
  16. Although a bit cramped, we're preferring Super Baru for the same reason, price, plus better selection and good quality meats. Spiro is a terrific hands-on grocer.
  17. Eight months to incorporate new technology (software) ? The shareholders should be indignant. They lost a bundle because of management's incompetence, and you can guess who's going to help them recoup those missed profits ..the consumer through higher prices.
  18. The protest was apparently about the government respecting the pueblo's decisions such as removing the leader Demetrios Cases. He is the man who was punished in the ancestral stocks.
  19. Running out of Spanish
  20. First National Indigenous Ancestral Games to be held in Guna Yala Panama, 23 April 2017.- The Guna Yala will become the headquarters of the First Indigenous Ancestral Games, to be held from 26 April to 1 May this year on Isla Tigre, with the participation of sports delegations from the Ngöbe Bugle, Embera and Wounaan, Guna Yala, Madungandí and Wargandi nations. This event aims to set a historical precedent on a sporting level in the country, through the exchange of culture and sports, in which the folklore, tradition and healthy coexistence will be the elements that combine to highlight the richness of the indigenous peoples of Panama. The Games will include at least 12 ancestral disciplines within which stand out: races of 100 meters, canoeing, tests of physical strength and endurance, archery, swimming, soccer competition; in addition to cultural activities and training seminars for the athletes and participating delegations. The Deputy Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Feliciano Jiménez, highlighted the importance of this initiative for the strengthening of the ties of friendship between the peoples of the country and for the projection of their cultural and ancestral values. The conclusion of these first games is the anteroom to the preparations for the II World Games. It should be noted that in 2015 the Panama participated in this international competition which was held in Brazil, where the Panamanian delegation achieved a total of 3 awards in the Canoeing competitions (gold and silver), and bronze in swimming open in the female category. In the same way they achieved a special recognition for being the only indigenous delegation to present a diversity of samples at the cultural level during the celebration of these competences. Posted by Katherine Palace/Photos: Ariel Montezuma
  21. The government has begun gearing up for this event, which has to be a logistical nightmare. I'm wondering if some pilgrims who want to attend will have difficulties with immigration policies in some countries. Perhaps they will have special visas.
  22. Yet another fatality was sustained last night in a rollover down the road by the entrance to the Altamar neighbourhood in Los Algarrobos.
  23. Those people have the option of regularizing their immigration status or leaving the country for thirty days. I'm not sure either choice is a penalty.