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  1. The other morning I went to pulll into McDonalds on the PanAmerican Highway and found the manager blocking the entrance. She told me they were closed because of 'ladrones' (thieves). Here's the story from the Ministerio Publico. Investigation Ordered for four people for attempted larceny to the detriment of a restaurant in Chiriqui Four people remain in custody, for being linked to a crime of attempted theft to the detriment of a fast food restaurant, located on the Inter-American highway in the district of David. On March 18 in the early hours of the morning, agents of the National Police apprehend four people, two of them inside a vehicle and the other two near the restaurant, after receiving information of what was happening. According to the first inspections, the roof of the local storage area the area was breached and glass doors and other doors were broken, causing serious damage. With the elements of conviction gathered by the Public Prosecutor's Office through the Primary Care Section, in charge of Prosecutor Mitzila de Saldaña and Alberto Concepción, Prosecutors Jose Luis Castrellón and María Villarreal of the Decision and Early Litigation Section, requested legalize the investigation against them, which was admitted by the Warranty Judge who ordered the provisional detention. Inside one of the vehicles were found two tools known as goat's foot, a mallet, adhesive tapes, a scissor to cut metal objects and green socks. During the hearing the need for the measure of provisional detention was raised, since the accused are a danger to businesses and society in general, since three have criminal records related to these crimes. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/ordenan-investigar-a-cuatro-personas-por-hurto-en-grado-de-tentativa-en-perjuicio-de-un-restaurante-en-chiriqui/
  2. Enrique Athanadasias, the owner of Avicola Atenas and the father of our Diputada, says it was he who punched Benicio Robinson in the stomach at the cabalgata, but his daughter and Robinson deny it. 😕 It appears that this is going to be a tough contest. from La Estrella In the morning hours, a video was circulated on social networks in which two riders came to blows in the cavalcade of San José de David, province of Chiriqui. Then a row was reported in which Benicio Robinson, president of the PRD and Enrique Athanasiadis, father of a deputy from the same party, got involved in the fracas. Some witnesses confirmed to La Estrella de Panama that Enrique Athanasiadis, father of the deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Athenas Athanasiadis, got involved in a fight with the deputy and president of the PRD, Benicio Robinson, during the activity. Enrique Athanasiadis, said that he did hit the deputy Robinson in the stomach, "for treason" in the traditional parade in honor of San José de David. He said that during the ride, 'Robinson approached me, but as a traitor I did not trust him in that proximity and I gave him a blow' said the deputy's father. Athanasiadis Sr., said that Robinson negotiated the nomination in circuit 4-5 (province of Chiriqui) that belonged to his daughter and that is why he considers him a traitor. The PRD nominated for May's legislative elections, Manolo Ruíz, who in the past electoral process was a candidate for Cambio Democrático (CD) and who opposed Athanasiadis is now a candidate of the Molirena and the PRD. So far the deputy of the PRD said on her Twitter account that her father is not one of the men that appears in the video that circulated after the ride. For his part, Deputy Robinson informed that he is not involved in this incident. http://laestrella.com.pa/panama/politica/pegue-traidor-dijo-padre-diputadaathanasiadis/24112460
  3. The Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Town Hall event at the Feria next Thursday March 28th to meet local candidates for election and hear their proposals. Seating is limited . Free admission tickets can be picked up at various locations while they last.
  4. Former Mayor of Boquete Manolo Ruiz has been found innocent of charges that he used state funds for political purposes. The decision took about 4 years.
  5. The horse and rider returned to the fracas so I guess they're alright. The concern over this is the hurt that could be put on innocent parade goers or bystanders.
  6. Apparently politics got out of hand at a cabalgata yesterday in David. One of the horses went down. ☹️
  7. If at all possible Bonnie, I would recommend you hang on until you're back in the States to make a purchase. Everything sold here has the Operating System installed in español. Also ..any warranty issues would be easier to resolve.
  8. NO Municipal Water Service Thursday March 21st from 7:00 a.m until 8:00 p.m. This shutdown is programmed for the purpose of connecting the new system in Alto Boquete.
  9. Don't think so. There are a number of lists of Pet Friendly establishments in Panama City. https://www.degustapanama.com/panama/recomendaciones/restaurantes-pet-friendly_34.html http://perritosamigos.com/
  10. Many payments for loans or services are structured on a 15 day basis in order to coincide with paydays on the 15th and 30th.
  11. Chaos ensued this afternoon in Albrook Mall after someone lit up a box of fireworks near the Food Court. Stores locked down, people running for exits, Police and Bomberos called. This was apparently a diversionary tactic in a bungled jewelry store robbery.
  12. Hmm, looks like encountering procedural difficulties with government is not something unique to Panama.
  13. Feasibility studies on Panama's Oriental Express are being presented today. Our team doesn't look very enthusiastic. https://twitter.com/EstrellaOnline/status/1106591791174828032
  14. Minister of Tourism and Boquete resident, Gustavo Him, invites nationals and foreigners to join the 'I am a Chiriqui Explorer' *campaign by publishing photos taken in the province on social media with the hashtag #Yosoydiscoverchiriqui * loose translation
  15. until

    The Pope's ride during his visit to Panama in Januray is on display at the Feria in David. No word on whether he's taking offers.
  16. It was about this time last year that Ferrufino was busted for a DUI at the Caldera checkpoint when out on bail for alleged corruption. Guys like this only serve to point up the ridiculousness of a system which allows a 'Sorry, I can't be tried right now because I'm running for political office" routine. imo,the policy should be changed so that political aspirants must not be facing any criminal charges.
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