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  1. The Procadura General or Attorney-General here has to walk a fine line to protect freedom of the press which was apparently purchased with money stolen from the public and is being used as a weapon to criticize the government at every opportunity. This op-ed piece concerning the Epasa group purchase was published in LaPrensa and republished in Newsroom. Hoyporhoy La Prensa June 27 THE TAXES that Panamanians paid with so much effort were given to a company as an advance for the expansion of a major highway. The money was diverted to make a business transaction, which is a crime. Its origin was concealed using foreign banks and Caribbean companies, to place it in a basket together with funds from other companies and individuals to buy a publishing group . The Public Ministry has made visible the sinister network that stole public funds, and laundered them. These are not simple crimes, but criminal acts of the worst kind. The theft of public works for the business whims of an inner circle. The prosecutors have an extremely sensitive case on their hands because there are three newspapers critical of the current government that must be protected. This is not persecution of freedom of expression, but it should be clear that the public treasury must be defended, as must freedom of the press. Panama is confident that the public prosecutors will fulfill their duties. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/opinion-money-laundering-tarnishing-press-freedom
  2. Indigenous peoples have been blocking the highway at San Feliz sporadically and it's closed this morning.. They are protesting the lack of transportation for teachers to remote areas of the Comarca. Last week 2 teachers died up there when their pickup truck was caught in a landslide.
  3. Does anyone have a referral for an orthodontist? This is about braces for a young person.
  4. until
    1st Preventative Health Care Census for Folks 40+ gymnasium of Los Naranjos, people over the age of 40 years or more, insured and uninsured Wednesday June 28th corresponds to the districts of Bajo Boquete, Los Naranjos and Jaramillo Thursday June 29th the corregimientos Alto Boquete , Palmira and Caldera from 5:00 in the morning onwards details at this link
  5. 1st Preventative Health Care Census for Folks 40+ source Alcaldia freetranslation The first census of preventative health care FOR CITIZENS OVER 40 YEARS WILL TAKE PLACE IN BOQUETE ON 28 AND 29 JUNE The Ministry of the Presidency in conjunction with the Regional Health of Chiriqui, which integrates the Ministry of Health and the Social Security, reports that the first census of Preventive Health in the district of Boquete will be held on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of June from 5:00 in the morning onwards; was released today during a meeting of the Municipal Council of Boquete by Doctor Ramón Castillo. The above-mentioned census is for people over the age of 40 years or more, insured and uninsured, will be provided services such as: laboratory testing with immediate delivery of the results nutritional evaluation medical evaluation delivery of drugs reference to the specialist doctor in case it was necessary talks and guidance related to the prevention of these diseases and the care that must have in order to preserve the health of the older adults. According to Dr. Castillo the census will be taking place in the gymnasium of Los Naranjos, Wednesday June 28th corresponds to the districts of Bajo Boquete, Los Naranjos and Jaramillo and the day on Thursday June 29th the corregimientos Alto Boquete , Palmira and Caldera where transportation will be free for all those who wish to attend. It is important to note that you must be as follows: Fasting - no food before 10:00 a.m. I.D. carry an identity card or Passport and card of vaccine (if available) Remember that transportation will be completely free of charge, after the laboratory examinations breakfast will be offered in the place. Public Relations Department
  6. Turns out Martinelli also tapped the phones of a couple of U.S. citizens. Tsk tsk. That revelation may not bode well for him in the States where they frown on that type of behaviour and he could face U.S. charges. There are plenty in Panama would love to see him locked up there instead of here where he can pull strings. https://www.tvn-2.com/mundo/Martinelli-enfrentar-espionaje-ciudadanos-EEUU_0_4789021146.html Interesting to look back at Panama Guide posts from 2010 about Wikileaks, Martinelli, former Ambassador Stephenson, and wiretap equipment http://www.panama-guide.com/index.php?topic=news&page=214
  7. Imanol Francisco Peñaloza Rodriguez, 17 years of age was attending a fiesta last night in the El Varetal section of David last night when some other people arrived by car and filled him full of holes. Police carried out several operations but no suspects have been detained as of yet. https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Investigan-homicidio-menor-Chiriqui_0_4789770982.html Just a kid. RIP
  8. This is the official communication published on the website of the Public Ministry (Attorney-General) concerning the evidence that laundered money was used to purchase the EPASA group of newspapers and media outlets for $39 million by an offshore corporation called New Business s.a. freetranslation
  9. Global Bank was open for business today.
  10. Noticed today that this business has opened an office in the building which housed a Funeral Home for a very short period of time, just north of the Foundation in Alto Boquete.
  11. Epasa is the group of newspapers and media which serve as a mouthpiece for former President Ricardo Martinelli. The Prosecutor is alleging that money laundering was involved in the purchase of the media group. Apparently eighteen people came up with a few million dollars each within a two day period to close this deal. Where did they get it? Remember those cost overruns by David Ochy's company TCT on the Arraijan-Chorrera highway project? Since this investigation was made public the other day, Martinelli supporters have been crying foul screaming that President Varela is trying to shut down the newspapers and inhibit freedom of the press. To that end, the Attorney General Kenia Porcell held a news conference today to lay out the case and reiterate that there is no intent to stifle journalism.
  12. Amazon. I have purchased them in larger bottles for Christmas gifts and E-Shopped them no problem.
  13. Almost everyone who travels to Medellin from here visits Penon and Guatape, and takes one of these cruises on the beautiful reservoir there. The boat went down very quickly, no reports yet as to the cause.
  14. A spay-neuter Clinic is being held today, for some reason not posted on the calendar
  15. These cronies of former President Martinelli are accused of loaning out people's savings in the Caja de Ahorros for fraudulent purposes. Riccardo Francolini, Rodrigo Arosemena jailed in Caja de Ahorros case The first anti-corruption prosecutor last night ordered the provisional detention of Riccardo Francolini, former president of the board of Caja de Ahorros, in relation to an investigation made by the bank to the consortium HPC-Contratas-P&V for the construction of the Amador convention center in 2012. + info Spanish version Rodrigo Arosemena Pino, the former deputy manager of the bank, was also ordered detained. Francolini and Arosemena were taken by police to the prosecutor's office Wednesday morning. After several hours of questioning, both men were ordered to be detained. Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Tania Sterling confirmed that the investigation was prompted by an October 2015 article in La Prensa which reported irregularities in the loan. Francolini entered the prosecutor's office at about 10 a.m., escorted by police officers who drove him from his residence in Costa del Este. Police also searched Francolini's residence for evidence linked to the case. http://www.prensa.com/in_english/Prision-preventiva-Riccardo-Francolini_21_4597250230.html Carlos Carrillo, Francolini's lawyer, claimed that the investigation is motivated by Francolini's position as manager of Nex TV, saying the investigation is based on the reporting of a "competing media." Francolini was also represented by Anibal Salas.
  16. Fiestas de San Juan, Patron Saint of Boquete The Agropecuaria EXPO continues today at the Fairgrounds and wraps up with a big Party starting at 4:00 p.m. with Barrerras, Galleras and Dancing.
  17. A 3.9 Mw tremor has been reported as occurring at 6:09 p.m. near Celmira, just east of the border with Costa Rica.