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  1. Twin 17-year old brothers operating jetskis near Santa Clara collided on Friday and one of them died, the other is injured. http://static1.telemetro.com/nacionales/Muere-persona-colision-Santa-Clara_0_1054995296.html
  2. As many as 22 people have been injured this morning in a collision between a Coaster bus and a pickup truck on the PanAmerican highway near the entrance to Boqueron.
  3. About 1,700 Chiricanos attended a Job Fair hosted by the Ministry of Labour today in David, where various employers offered over 700 positions.
  4. Oh well, bully for them Bonnie, you certainly made the effort. It seems they would rather put out the usual doublespeak on a singular basis.
  5. Protests continue on the PanAmerican highway in the areas of San Felix and San Lorenzo . Some violence has erupted as National Police attempt to keep the roadway clear.
  6. SINAPROC has sent air and land rescue teams to the comarca Ngobe Buglé where two people are trapped in a vehicle which was caught in a landslide at Kankintu, near Cerro Santiago.
  7. Miami Judge Edwin Torres reversed his decision to move Martinelli to a minimum security institution and he'll be staying put. http://www.telemetro.com/casosmartinelli/Juez-EEUU-cambiar-prision-Martinelli_0_1054395545.html
  8. Most likely in an effort to keep himself occupied and in the spotlight at the expense of the state, Holbert is appealing his 47-year sentence to the Supreme Court of Panama. With any luck they'll increase it.
  9. Moderator comment: three separate topics were merged today (May 31, 2017) because they all are addressing the same general subject. The prior topic titles were "Immigration Inspections", "Returning to Panama", and "Expulsion from Panama". This kind of merging is not something we routinely do, but it seemed the most appropriate given the strong relationship between these separate but related topics, and especially relevant because part of these postings were inadvertently associated with a pedophile related topic (which is not related to expatriation and "cleaning up" and "tightening up" of immigration procedures). Immigration Inspectors are working with the Policia Nacional checking documents in various sectors of the City and interior.
  10. This Cableonda announcement says that clients should reset their modem in order to initiate this free upgrade. 20-30 Mb increasing to 60 Mb 50 Mb increasing to 100 Mb 100 Mb increasing to 200 Mb 200 Mb increasing to 300 Mb
  11. The ATTT Transit Authority has announced that ATMs using the Clave system will accept payments for fines and other payments. 24/7 x 365 Saves a trip to the Mall.
  12. The construction infringes on the property of others and the public right of way. To the best of my knowledge, the order to comply, which would require demolition, is still bouncing around in the court system.
  13. Forces are out improving access roads to remote areas of the Comarca. https://twitter.com/SecMetas/status/897825285927825408 https://twitter.com/SecMetas/status/897827876652937223
  14. This project never should have been permitted, imo. The Paitilla area is already overbuilt and the developers totally ignored shoreline setbacks, among other things. Now it will likely sit unfinished for decades just like the building across the street from the Bistro in downtown Boquete, neither completed nor removed.
  15. Cableonda Increases Service Speeds

    Disconnect all cables from the device, wait a minimum of 30 seconds, and reconnect.
  16. This August 10th Telemetro article and interview with the Director of Pharmacy and Medications, Lisbeth Tristan de Brea, explains the Ministry's position on cosmetic products. http://www.telemetro.com/nacionales/Minsa-permitira-cosmeticos-personal-comprados_0_1052594924.html
  17. Google results for "holistic treatment conjunctivitis". Medical resources such as Dr. Axe, Mommypotamus, and Holisticsquid recommend using everything from soup to nuts.
  18. Over 10,600 cases of conjunctivitis have been reported and the Ministry of Health has declared a 'low intensity' epidemic.
  19. The Minister of Health has been around since June 2016. The crackdown on imports through couriers was triggered by overzealous purchasers bringing in large quantities of unregistered cosmetics for resale.
  20. Seems unusual at this time of year as the famous annual raptor migration when about 2,000,000 birds pass over the isthmus, takes place at the end of October. http://insider.si.edu/2014/11/panama-shatters-raptor-migration-record/
  21. The point is that it will never be known if vaccination might have prevented the deaths of these folks. We also don't know if they passed the virus on to others.
  22. If I'm not mistaken, the original report which Bud shared stated that three people who recently died from AH1N1, type B influenza, had not been vaccinated.