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    Give me a break. Scantily clad women, heavy drinking and moral indiscretions are the norm in Carnival celebrations throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and by extension, Toronto. More productive efforts would be the distribution of free condoms and some pop-up Sex Education workshops. As well, the formation of volunteer teams to gather up and sort for recycling the thousands and thousands of discarded beer cans and water bottles is totally achievable.
  2. This guy was apprehended in a submarine carrying 5 tonnes of cocaine. Try doing the math on the street value of that load. Considering that escapes from Panamanian prisons are not uncommon, the authorities may have trouble hanging on to this guy.
  3. Agreed. A visit to their home within a dog shelter will tell you all you need to know.
  4. My daughter has been visiting, and the night before the guy was captured we were staying in some Cabañas in a forested area not too far away from the bridge where they caught him. Apparently he was traveling through areas north of the highway anyway, but it was more evidence that we’re never far from drama here. 😱
  5. gracias for your continuous and dedicated efforts.
  6. The woman received a call and an apology from the Director of the ATTT after her post went viral. Of course, he blamed the incident on the contracted security guard, who will most likely be looking for other work. Marta Alvarado @martaalvaradof · Me llamó el Director Regional de la ATTT en Chiriquí para pedirme disculpas por el incidente. Me dice que el seguridad es de una Agencia Externa. Disculpa aceptada. Sin embargo creo que es bueno el debate sobre estas normas, a mi juicio, absurdas.
  7. This woman was not allowed to enter the Transit office in Plaza La Riviera in David. Skirt too short.
  8. Is that a broad, unfounded statement or have you actually sat down lately with the people in charge of animal welfare to assess their capabilities, discuss their work, share knowledge, or offer assistance ?
  9. I am amazed there is no commentary on this important legislation which is yet another step to eliminating animal cruelty and improper care of domestic animals in Panama.
  10. On Thursday I arrived and departed through Tocumen and I can tell you that there are no visible precautions in place. Unless, perhaps, someone is actually arriving from China. Hand sanitizer here? Everywhere.
  11. The only way that could happen is if the authorities were to close the valve in front of your home which could easily be re-opened or even bypassed
  12. Pushing water uphill to Cabo Ane during periods with little pressure isn’t very successful when it can free flow to homes at lower elevations. Also it doesn’t help that the valve which controls the flow in either direction is set by some residents to favor the lower end of the Development. The only solution available to me was to install an additional storage tank with level monitoring. At one point last month after a long outage, service was finally restored at 130 lbs PSI which blew apart my kitchen faucet and one of the toilet fill mechanisms. Hoping the day comes soon when the new system is online and we have treated potable water service 24/7/365.
  13. Prison terms of 3 to 5 years for acts of cruelty that causes death to domestic animals The deputies also approved modifications such as fines ranging from $ 100 to $ 2,000 for incurring abandonment and animal abuse. Bill 173 that modifies Law 70, which tightens fines and increases prison sentences for animal abuse was passed in the third debate, Monday night at the Plenary Session of the National Assembly. The document modifies article 241 of the Criminal Code as follows: who, through acts of cruelty, causes death or seriously injures a pet, will be punished with imprisonment for 3 to 5 years. Before, law 70 contemplated imprisonment of 18 to 24 months for these acts of cruelty. Euthanasia and the slaughter of farm animals are excepted from this standard. In turn, the document hardened fines for different forms of abuse, such as not providing food and abandoning animals. These fines are: Article 16. The offenses established in numerals 1, in cases of minor injuries to a pet, and 2 of the previous article will be sanctioned with a fine of five hundred dollars $ 500.00 to two thousand dollars $ 2,000.00, community work, and the obligation to attend a 40-hour course on animal rights and non-abuse. Article 17. The faults established in numerals 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of article 15 (abandonment, malnutrition and deplorable hygienic conditions) will be sanctioned with a fine of $ 100 to $ 1,000, including community work, and the obligation to attend a 40-hour course on animal rights and non-abuse. Article S. Article 17-A is added to Law 70 of 2012 as follows: Article 17-A. Contravene the animal health measures contained in article 10, in its numerals 1,2,3,4,5,7, or in the offenses against domestic animals, contained in article 15, in numerals 8 and 9, of this law , will be sanctioned with a fine of one hundred $ 100 to $ 300. The bill that now awaits the presidential signature to become a Law mandates the rescue of the animal and its protection in a shelter until it can be in better conditions in new homes. And power is given to any person in the national territory to denounce acts that go against the rights of domestic animals. https://ensegundos.com.pa/2020/01/28/prision-de-3-a-5-por-actos-de-crueldad-que-causen-la-muerte-a-animales-domesticos/
  14. The operating expenses of a juvenile correctional facility shouldn’t have to rely on income gained by the labor of inmates. The issuance of new metal Placas every year is a huge governmental time and money waster at several levels. * The proposal doesn’t mean that fees won’t continue to be paid annually.
  15. I don't think the Speaker in Canada's Parliament or the U.S. Congress would allow this radical's defamatory rhetoric.
  16. Yes, they got sophisticated and added a cashier at the ATTT window which is SO much more convenient.
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