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  1. Not sure but I think the access is near Km 8 southbound on the Via Boquete.
  2. Judging by the video, I suspect they also envision cargo shipping to facilitate the movement of goods from China through Panama to points further north.. Certainly having less bus and tractor trailers on the highway would be a positive. The commuter flights to Panama City in Air Panama’s old Fokkers in the mornings and late afternoons are almost always full.
  3. from Panama Today EXCLUSIVE Sittón: "Governments of the United States and Panama are interfering with the Department of Justice’s decision" In an exclusive interview with Panama Today, the lawyer representing former President Ricardo Martinelli said that there is a political interest behind Court’s decision to suspend Panamanian former president request to be released from jail on bail: "We are facing a very atypical situation and if we add that the Panamanian Government has just signed a bilateral agreement with the United States authorizing the US military to wear uniform and carry weapons, it is very worrying, because it seems to be an exchange of favors. Also, the Foreign Ministry sent a letter once the bail was granted, where the Foreign Ministry says it is in communication with the US Government regarding this case." The jurist also referred to President Juan Carlos Varela’s trip. According to Sittón Varela undertook the trip the same day Ricardo Martinelli was granted release on bail: "The President travels to Washington at night and dawns yesterday (February 14), on a trip whose destination was not notified by the Secretary of State Communication. They did not even officially announce it to the media, but by whatsapp saying it's a private trip and did not inform where he is traveling. But it turns out that he was seen at the State Department in Washington and to this day they have not reported where he is going." Sittón also questioned the role of the US Embassy in recent days, with regard to Martinelli’s case," once the judge grants in effect suspension the emergency motion filed by the prosecutor, immediately he tweeted that the judge reversed the decision. Moreover, the US Embassy had taken part in a judicial case that was being disclosed in the United States." Regarding the current situation of Martinelli after the judge decision yesterday, Sittón affirmed that bail is granted by the judge but the facts and effects of his release are suspended until the emergency appeal process is resolved, he is in a "stand by" situation at this point. http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/exclusive-sitton-governments-united-states-and-panama-are-interfering-department-justices
  4. In my opinion, more attention is required to be paid to 'moving' violations. Over 700,000 Transit Violations in First Seven Months of 2017 Between 1 January and 31 July 2017 703.242 violations have been recorded, the transit authority (ATTT) reported Thursday. Toll Fees: In the first place with 305.851 faults is the lack of sufficient balance on Corredor Passes which allow travel on toll highways and corridors. Corresponds to the infringement No.71, according to the Department of Minor Infractions of the ATTT. Parking: Followed by this, the most common infraction is No.64 or by vehicle parked wrong with 62.294 offenses. On the other hand, the inspectors of the ATTT and agents of the National Transit NO Stopping Zone: Oerations of the National Police detected 62.141 drivers who were punished for neglecting the lines of "Don't stop", pedestrian and indications of inspectors through the infringement No. 69. Speeding: 38.132 other drivers were caught exceeding the speed limits Obstructing Traffic: 23.283 were sanctioned for driving obstructing traffic No License: 15.112 were punished for not carrying a license. Careless Driving: The ATTT explained that imposed a total of 14.228 offenses for driving in a haphazard manner; Cel Phone Use: 13.905 talking on the phone Prohibited Turns : 13.641 and by making turns prohibited. Among other infractions described by the ATTT are U-Turns and Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road: 12.067 by driving on contrary or turn in the form of "U" on the track, No Insurance: while other 9.017 were punished by not having liability insurance in force. Drunk Driving: A total of 4.162 drivers were caught in a drunken state, Alcohol on Breath: 2.607 for driving with breath alcohol and Pirate Public Transport: 2.079 to provide the service of public transport vehicle is not authorized. Info from Telemetro http://www.telemetro.com/nacionales/ATTT-registra-infracciones-primeros-meses_0_1050495742.html
  5. Caution. Someone is upside down in the median on the Via Boquete near the turnoff for Potrerillos. Another Chevy. The driver of this one says he was hit by a horse 🐎. At least he didn’t take out any electrical power poles.
  6. If the pilots have to throttle back to save fuel it could really be a slow boat to China. I’m betting the U.S. is only granting Air China 🇨🇳 a license to refuel, and they’re specifying where that refueling is to take place.
  7. Gas Natural Fenosa finally issued a statement saying high winds are causing havoc with electrical service in various sectors of Chiriqui.
  8. No Exercise Is Better Than The Wrong Exercise

    Great, I’ll keep it up.
  9. The fires have now moved south of the Caldera turnoff and the smoke is visible as far south as Dolega.
  10. BJBF2018 newsletter published!

    I believe that the Chiriqui festival is a separate entity scheduled to take place in David in April, the brainchild of Antonio Singh, who will no doubt get an additional credit to tag onto his communications.
  11. BJBF2018 newsletter published!

    Recently saw a sign for the BOQUETE MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL entering town which begs the question as to whether BJBF will be transformed to a more inclusive format, or is this just a change in name only?
  12. Launch of Chiriqui Jazz Festival in David

    Not sure about the BJBF tiles, but this appears to be a different festival than the one coming up in Boquete.
  13. Pedestrians seem not to realize how blinding the sun can be for eastbound drivers in the early hours of the morning. A fatality was recorded in David this morning around 7:00 a.m. when someone crossing the PanAmerican on foot was tossed by a vehicle.
  14. The U.S. prosecutor in the case has announced that Judge Cooke’s decision to grant bail to Martinelli will be appealed.
  15. Hard to imagine, but Judge Marcia Cooke is letting ex-president Ricardo Martinelli out of the hoosegow in Miami on $1,000,000 bail. He will be confined to home and have to give up his Passport. I'm guessing he has a few Passports. Time to start wondering which countries don't have extradition treaties with Panama. Former President of Costa Rica, for example José Figueroa lived openly in Switzerland for years in order to avoid prison at home.
  16. The headline's a bit deceptive. Construction started last year on this small $500k. campus adjacent to the Retorno which is located about a Km north of the Foundation.
  17. Located in the same building as Dra. Monica Sanjur's dental office, near the Biblioteca.
  18. Another capsize in Bocas del Toro yesterday left passengers swimming. https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/963180037695557633
  19. Many residents of Panama City escape the mayhem there and spend the Carnaval holidays here in Boquete. José Blandon, the Alcalde of Panama City, came in to Baru yesterday and sat down for lunch with our own Boquete Mayor, Millo Walker.
  20. There have been a number of reports over the Carnaval holidays of 'bad guys' being picked off at checkpoints all over the country. This 21 year old who has 2 citations, 3 orders to appear, and an order to capture, was picked up yesterday at the stop in Dolega after being checked out by an officer with a PDA.
  21. Hung over? Carnaval hours, apparently.