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  1. I believe I read somewhere at the time that the pups were valued at $1,500 each and the balance was for training. This was a public tender awarded to a firm called Dog School K9 Security . Personally, I don't understand the criticism of the expenditure. If this K9 team saves one life, and there's no doubt it eventually will, the investment will be immediately recouped, unless of course, you put the value of a human life at less than $17,900. https://impresa.prensa.com/panorama/Compran-entrenan-cachorros-JMJ_0_5161733865.html
  2. As was evidenced when the young Dutch women were missing, there is a real requirement here by SINAPROC for Search and Rescue animals. The Malinois pups in question were $1,500 each and the cost includes thousands of hours of training. Looks like they tagged it onto this budget.
  3. Today's 3+ hour power outage was nation wide and put a damper on events and businesses which require electricity everywhere, including the Feria in Boquete. Service is being restored gradually. The President explained that it was not due to the JMJ but he was in the dark about the exact cause of the crash. Despite spending $30+ million on a newly inaugurated backup system at Tocumen Airport, it took 20 minutes to kick in.
  4. My kind of healthy. Lettuce on the salami, ham, bacon, and provolone sandwich that I'll be seeking. Maybe with fries. 😊
  5. Just returned from a few days in the City where preparations are really ramping up for this youth festival and young pilgrims are arriving daily in droves. Tourism is really getting a boost in that other people from neighbouring countries are coming in on special Papal tours and filling hotels. The whole thing seems to be quite well organized. I even received a JMJ memorial $1 coin yesterday.
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    Panama Expats Forum

    What ever happened to the Panama Expats forum? I tried to load it from a Bookmark but received a ‘Page Not Found’ message.
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    Boquete ning?

    My comments were directed at improving your experience.
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    Boquete ning?

    As an aside, when websites are slow to load, I sometimes toggle ‘Reader View’ on the browser so that it only displays text.
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    Boquete ning?

    After Bonnie’s post I pushed the ‘Contact Us’ button and sent the link to this topic. I received a similar response from Rod, almost immediately, and he does feel that their problem is close to being resolved. It’s apparently an issue with .ning.com.
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    Boquete ning?

    Posting here about problems with another website is probably not going to improve it’s performance. A note to the owners might be more effective.
  11. A Vimeo Staff Pick, well worth another look
  12. Send a friend.
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    Drivers License Renewal

    No. No.
  14. A 59-year old U.S. citizen became the latest drowning victim at Playa La Barqueta yesterday.
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    Feria de Las Flores y el Café


    The President, the Minister of Tourism, the Controller General and other members of the government were on hand for the Fair opening last night.
  16. If my memory is correct, the same thing happened in David. Public opinion forced a halt to that city's parking meter initiative, too. A private enterprise invested a bundle and got shafted.
  17. I'm not as likely to assign the color of the roadway markings to the stupidity of Panamanians. "The last article of the site shows you the difference of colors on the roads, since in the vast majority white and yellow are used to identify limits or orders. The yellow lines are in the center of the road, and by the regular ones it shows us an order so that we can drive efficiently and avoid accidents at any cost. Pay attention to the yellow color The yellow color, especially on rural roads and highways, plays a fundamental role for all drivers and their safety on the roads. There are different yellow lines that can mean our passport to better driving or death itself. Knowing what they mean is an excellent opportunity to be a better person. Only yellow line: This, in addition to being a division between the lanes, means that we must not exceed any car that is in front. We will find it before a dangerous crossing, a curve or some risk zone, like the school one. Double yellow line: It has almost the same meaning as the previous one, only in this one you have to be a little more careful. Usually, if you see the double yellow line, it means that none of the 2 senses can overtake a car. Simple cut line: When you see a yellow line segmented into rectangles means that, with due care, we can pass the vehicle in front of us. Double line cut: Similar to what happens with the double yellow line, when we see 2 segmented lines it means that both senses can pass. Combined line: If you see a straight line on one side, and a segmented line on the other, it means that on one side it is totally forbidden to overtake, but on the other side we can perform this maneuver." TRANSLATED FROM http://www.conduccioneficiente.tv/que-significan-las-lineas-amarillas-en-la-carretera/
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    Tocumen Baggage Inspection Experience

    The dogs are out of sight, in the baggage room behind the carousel.
  19. Keith Woolford

    Tocumen Baggage Inspection Experience

    A dog may have run the bags and identified yours as having food ?
  20. There is no reason why there can't be two lanes on a one way street. The No Entre or Do Not Enter sign remains.
  21. The driver of this former pickup trick blew way over on the SecoMeter after he dumped it down the ravine near the Tourist Centre and landed by the river road this afternoon. Looks like a cooler there near the wreckage. Four people injured. ..one of those moments