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  1. Problems continue in Colon with protests and a general strike demanding improvements. Last night the historic Wilson building was burnt down. Minister of Security Bathancourt says it's under control.
  2. Recycling in Chiriqui

    Dumping a scrap car out by the street and selling it by the piece doesn't seem like appropriate activity for a recycling centre.
  3. Hotel La Serrania

    Boquete Garden Inn consistently gets 5 star reviews at $99.
  4. Hotel La Serrania

    Los Naranjos across from the Baseball stadium
  5. 23 mar 2018 - 16:07h The National Oncological Institute recently opened their own Blood Donor Centre on Via España and have collected over 1,000 pints in the last four months. https://www.prensa.com/sociedad/Centro-ION-recibe-donaciones-sangre_0_4991500819.html The Vice-President and Chancellor of the Republic, during a tour of the Centre, stated that "It makes sense that Panama has a National Blood Center to ensure a quick and safe supply of blood to the entire population"
  6. People are being encouraged to wear a red shirt today, April 19th, in support of a National Hemocentro. Share your photo today in a red shirt to show your support for a national Blood Bank in Panama using the hashtag #HemocentroNacionalYa
  7. The label indicates it's smoked which may be the secret.
  8. 17 year old Minor Held in Recent Femicide in Volcan A 17 year old minor has been arrested, charged, and is being held, in connection with the beating death of an unidentified woman who was found in a ditch last weekend in Volcan. An adult was also arrested this morning. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/imputan-cargos-a-menor-de-edad-y-aprehenden-a-un-adulto-por-caso-de-crimen-de-mujer-en-volcan/
  9. Emergency rescue personnel are lsearching this morning for 16 tourists reported to be missing somewhere in Parque Nacional Volcan Baru since yesterday afternoon.
  10. These folks were located and rescued yesterday along with their 'guide'.
  11. The Full Monty was shown on TVN and revealed that the guy was at least truthful about having nothing to hide.
  12. Latin America’s First Climate Change Exodus Posted on April 12, 2018 in Panama, Panama Some 1,450 Gunas from the San Blas island Cartí Sugdup, will become the first indigenous community in Latin America to be relocated because of climate change, according to the NGO Displacement Solutions. The Panamanian state resumed the relocation project in 2017, which began in 2010 reports La Prensa The Gunas will leave their traditional dwellings of walls of white cane and roof of pencas, on one of the largest islands in the Guna Yala Archipelago by 2019 to about 300 homes of 41 square meters and two bedrooms, with buildings s for cultural meetings of the tribe. The total cost will reach $10 million, according to the government. the exodus is the first of the 40 inhabited islands in the regions 365 with a total indigenous population of 33,109 inhabitants, distributed in coastal lands and islets. The accelerated increase in sea level caused by melting polar icecaps has already disappeared some white sand islands in what is seen as a paradisiacal archipelago. The debate continues in other island communities, but in spite of climate change skeptics, the waters keep rising. http://www.newsroompanama.com/environment/panama-3/latin-americas-first-climate-change-exodus
  13. Rife in Boquete

  14. Return of The Love Train

  15. There has been all kinds of concern for the last few days over some stops being made here in Panama by U.S. warships and fighter jets. Their appearance is not connected to medical and engineering missions. https://twitter.com/tvnpanama/status/985508330029404161
  16. Confirm Sentence of 21 years for two Minors for murder and theft to entrepreneur in Chiriqui The Public Ministry in the province of Chiriqui, achieving a higher court of Childhood and Adolescence will confirm the penalty of 21 years in prison for two teenagers of 15 and 17, for the crime and theft of the businessman Jorge Nodier Espinoza Castle (Q.E.P.D), who lost his life, for the date of 17 September 2015, when three people entered with gun in hand to his business premises, located in the city of David. The judgment issued on 25 September 2017 to check the Prosecutor of Adolescents Jhony Towers, by means of elements of conviction and evidence the responsibility of both young people with the commission of the crime, which were condemned as criminally responsible for the acts. Despite having handed down judgment of guilt the defense of both persons filed an appeal, by which the case should be elevated to a higher court, to decide on the matter, specifically with regard to the amount of years that had been imposed. Both were imposed the following sentence; 12 years for the crime of aggravated homicide, 6 years for the crime of attempted homicide; 3 for the crime of theft. For this crime was also convicted in another hearing to 30 years in prison the citizen Christopher Aaron Tejada, of 20 years. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/confirman-sentencia-de-21-anos-para-dos-menores-de-edad-por-homicidio-y-robo-a-empresario-en-chiriqui/
  17. Charges Laid in Boquete Robbery & Sexual Assault Jueves 11 Mayo , 2017 A 20 year old citizen has been charged with the robbery and sexual abuse of a young couple, both of age, after sufficient evidence linking him with the commission of the offenses was presented at a hearing. The facts presented were that, on the evening of May 7th, several people attacked the couple stripping them of the cash they carried at the time and their personal clothing, in a sector that is located next to the shopping area of the district of Boquete, . A female victim was sexually abused by the assailants, one of whom was caught in the act by the Police who arrived at the scene. The alleged aggressor, a citizen who was born in the district of Rio Sereno, was brought before a judge, who agreed to legalize the requests made by the Public Ministry, including arrest warrants, charges and application of detention as a precautionary measure, made through the Municipality of Boquete, represented by Gisele Acosta. The charges that were forth today, were investigated for crimes against the economic assets in the form of aggravated robbery and against sexual freedom in the form of aggravated sexual violation, to the detriment of the couple. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/imputan-cargos-robo-delito-sexual-boquete/ I'm going to read between the lines here and surmise that these offenses occurred somewhere over by the old Gallera.
  18. Are you saying that this is is the case in Guna Yala? Are shifting tectonic plates causing the island of Carti Sugdup to gradually disappear?
  19. A plea deal was struck in this case the other day, sentencing the perpetrator, Alexander Azael Villarreal Jiménez , to 9 years in prison. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/nueve-anos-de-prision-por-delito-de-robo-agravado-en-dolega/
  20. Eric Jackson has published a good piece on the issue. http://www.thepanamanews.com/2018/04/acp-picks-a-fight-with-the-tug-captains/
  21. The photo in the story looks more like Isla Colon in Bocas to me. This is the island Carti Sugdup that's going under water.
  22. A delegation of physicians and military engineers from the US Southern Command arrived in Panama today to provide sanitary aid and infrastructure assistance in depressed areas of the country for three months. "The purpose of the project is to promote the exchange of technical knowledge among physicians and engineers in Panama and the United States, and, at the same time, carry out various social work programs for the benefit of the population in the provinces of Darién, Coclé and Veraguas," said the US Embassy in Panama. The mission, called "Nuevos Horizontes 2018", is coordinated by the Southern Command of the United States and the Panamanian Ministries of Security, Health and Education, the US delegation said in the same statement. Military physicians will undertake medicine general, dentistry, gynecology, pediatrics and optometry consultation, will perform diagnoses and ear surgeries and vision care in different health centers of the country. In June, epidemiologists from the Southern Command will attend workshops on advances in the fight against tropical infectious diseases offered by Panamanian professionals at the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health Studies, said the statement. The military engineers will help to build schools, as well as tanks and septic tanks in the jungle province of Darién, which acts as the natural border with Colombia and which is the only point on the continent where the Inter-American Highway is interrupted. ACAN-EFE http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/us-physicians-and-military-engineers-begin-their-mission-panama-6633