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  1. Developers had to have seen this coming but they are still building large malls which will only get emptier over time.
  2. About 6 months ago I purchased a vehicle for someone in this relatively new but crappy building. The poor quality of construction was evident in the lobby, hallways, and parking garage. I do not see any evidence in the photos that there was a reinforced bond beam on top of the parapet wall that the car crashed through. The bond beam would normally be tied into principal vertical columns. The span of the parapet walls between columns is far too long, imo.
  3. Bit of a trip for nothing if that's the only motive The information is all over the internet. Sales of alcoholic beverages will continue to be prohibited in the District of David. The Municipality of Panama will re-initiate sales this morning.
  4. The additional costs to local business owners associated with social distancing in the workplace, and lower gross income due to less retail traffic are going to drive some pretty healthy inflation.
  5. I suspect the Boquete branch will re-open. If not, I will miss the excellent service provided by their wonderful personnel.
  6. The editorial is criticizing members of the National Assembly, not the President.
  7. Terms used in Panama Pandilla - Gang Pandillerismo - Gang Activities (a crime) Maleante - Bad guy, often a gang member
  8. COVID-19 Data - Republic of Panama April 18, 2020 as of 6:00 p.m. 4,273 Total Confirmed Cases 63 New Cases 120 Deaths 19,091 Total Tests Administered 535 Today's Tests
  9. COVID-19 Cases Chiriqui April 17, 2020 One new case in Alto Boquete, 3 Total Cases 1 Quarantined, 1 Hospitalized, 1 Recuperated
  10. COVID-19 Data Republic of Panama as of 6:00 p.m. April 17th, 2020 4,210 Total Confirmed Cases 194 New Cases 116 Deaths 18,559 Total Tests Administered 709 Today's Tests
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