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  1. Two Chiricano pedestrians have been bounced off cars and lost their lives this weekend, one in Paso Ancho, Volcan on Friday and the other yesterday near Las Lomas, David.
  2. There is another horrid crash being cleaned up on the PanAmerican highway this morning near Las Vueltas in eastern Chiriqui. Bomberos are on site.
  3. Twin 17-year old brothers operating jetskis near Santa Clara collided on Friday and one of them died, the other is injured. http://static1.telemetro.com/nacionales/Muere-persona-colision-Santa-Clara_0_1054995296.html
  4. As many as 22 people have been injured this morning in a collision between a Coaster bus and a pickup truck on the PanAmerican highway near the entrance to Boqueron.
  5. About 1,700 Chiricanos attended a Job Fair hosted by the Ministry of Labour today in David, where various employers offered over 700 positions.
  6. Oh well, bully for them Bonnie, you certainly made the effort. It seems they would rather put out the usual doublespeak on a singular basis.
  7. Protests continue on the PanAmerican highway in the areas of San Felix and San Lorenzo . Some violence has erupted as National Police attempt to keep the roadway clear.
  8. Miami Judge Edwin Torres reversed his decision to move Martinelli to a minimum security institution and he'll be staying put. http://www.telemetro.com/casosmartinelli/Juez-EEUU-cambiar-prision-Martinelli_0_1054395545.html
  9. Most likely in an effort to keep himself occupied and in the spotlight at the expense of the state, Holbert is appealing his 47-year sentence to the Supreme Court of Panama. With any luck they'll increase it.
  10. The ATTT Transit Authority has announced that ATMs using the Clave system will accept payments for fines and other payments. 24/7 x 365 Saves a trip to the Mall.
  11. The construction infringes on the property of others and the public right of way. To the best of my knowledge, the order to comply, which would require demolition, is still bouncing around in the court system.
  12. Forces are out improving access roads to remote areas of the Comarca. https://twitter.com/SecMetas/status/897825285927825408 https://twitter.com/SecMetas/status/897827876652937223