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  1. This is definitely aimed at foreign markets. Can't see much reciprocal travel between the two countries. Jamaicans need a Visa to travel to, or even through, Panama.
  2. Anyone else notice that all these leaked messages are only damaging to former President Varela's people and the PRD? Not a bad word has emerged concerning former President Martinelli and his CD followers. The courts here couldn't convict anyone of wiretapping political opponents so why not do it some more? The Pegasus electronic spy equipment which the public paid for has never been located.
  3. Why drill a tunnel underneath the Canal if there's a bridge above? Trains are carried by multi-purpose bridges everywhere.
  4. The upscale department store Steven's opened last week much to the delight of some Boquete friends.
  5. This is a very complete report by YouTube journalist Shauna Rae who couldn’t get past the effects of this tragedy without collecting and recording every fact possible concerning the case. She questions previously promoted conclusions.
  6. The former President Varela feels that former President Martinelli is responsible, since after all it was he who had the spy equipment.
  7. The posted Environmental notice says permission was granted to level the area.
  8. It's pretty sad when other nations have to handle justice for one which is so corrupt as to be incapable of dealing with the theft of the people’s funds by public officials.The actions, inactions, and verdicts of the Courts in Panama are brutally offensive.
  9. Have not seen any mention of el Dia de los Difuntos / Day of the Dead / All Souls Day. It should be Saturday, November 2nd in 2019. Will alcohol sales be banned? Asking for a friend.
  10. We can only hope the purchase was made transparently, and without graft, as was the case with student backpacks and computers during the Martinelli administration.
  11. Teresa Joyce, who lived here for many years, led a very interesting life. R.I.P. Remembering: Theresa Joyce https://baygardens.permavita.com/site/TheresaJoyce.html?s=120&snId=166842&pageName=%2FsiteContent%2FonlineNotification.html&fbclid=IwAR0mty3eOcxzu-Ay8m3y7OS1YSh1KSby6NIMkehrw_gyBZr-X8vUotQn3Sg
  12. Although I'm fully aware that many people would disagree, there is no doubt in my mind that we are continuing to witness the effects of climate change.
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