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  1. Those at the end of the line certainly seem be the most affected. We had a couple of 10 or 15 minute outages in Alto last night but the UPS provided power to the internet modems and TV, so Hockey Night in Canada continued uninterrupted.
  2. Well, it's in real time so always subject to change. It would be informative to see the historical data.
  3. This tracking site with map can tell folks who are relocating to the U.S. where they're least likely to experience power outages. https://poweroutage.us/ There are still over 350,000 without electricity in Puerto Rico.
  4. Police were down in Bajo Boquete this afternoon in the area known to Gringos as Indian Alley, and to Panamanians as the Cholodromo. They're looking to stop liquor consumption in the streets and other public areas.
  5. Not sure but I think the access is near Km 8 southbound on the Via Boquete.
  6. Judging by the video, I suspect they also envision cargo shipping to facilitate the movement of goods from China through Panama to points further north.. Certainly having less bus and tractor trailers on the highway would be a positive. The commuter flights to Panama City in Air Panama’s old Fokkers in the mornings and late afternoons are almost always full.
  7. from Panama Today EXCLUSIVE Sittón: "Governments of the United States and Panama are interfering with the Department of Justice’s decision" In an exclusive interview with Panama Today, the lawyer representing former President Ricardo Martinelli said that there is a political interest behind Court’s decision to suspend Panamanian former president request to be released from jail on bail: "We are facing a very atypical situation and if we add that the Panamanian Government has just signed a bilateral agreement with the United States authorizing the US military to wear uniform and carry weapons, it is very worrying, because it seems to be an exchange of favors. Also, the Foreign Ministry sent a letter once the bail was granted, where the Foreign Ministry says it is in communication with the US Government regarding this case." The jurist also referred to President Juan Carlos Varela’s trip. According to Sittón Varela undertook the trip the same day Ricardo Martinelli was granted release on bail: "The President travels to Washington at night and dawns yesterday (February 14), on a trip whose destination was not notified by the Secretary of State Communication. They did not even officially announce it to the media, but by whatsapp saying it's a private trip and did not inform where he is traveling. But it turns out that he was seen at the State Department in Washington and to this day they have not reported where he is going." Sittón also questioned the role of the US Embassy in recent days, with regard to Martinelli’s case," once the judge grants in effect suspension the emergency motion filed by the prosecutor, immediately he tweeted that the judge reversed the decision. Moreover, the US Embassy had taken part in a judicial case that was being disclosed in the United States." Regarding the current situation of Martinelli after the judge decision yesterday, Sittón affirmed that bail is granted by the judge but the facts and effects of his release are suspended until the emergency appeal process is resolved, he is in a "stand by" situation at this point. http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/exclusive-sitton-governments-united-states-and-panama-are-interfering-department-justices
  8. Caution. Someone is upside down in the median on the Via Boquete near the turnoff for Potrerillos. Another Chevy. The driver of this one says he was hit by a horse 🐎. At least he didn’t take out any electrical power poles.
  9. If the pilots have to throttle back to save fuel it could really be a slow boat to China. I’m betting the U.S. is only granting Air China 🇨🇳 a license to refuel, and they’re specifying where that refueling is to take place.
  10. Gas Natural Fenosa finally issued a statement saying high winds are causing havoc with electrical service in various sectors of Chiriqui.