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  1. Hmm.. this happened in Miami.
  2. Making an immediate complaint to ASEP would be a start although Spanish is required and I don't know if personal equipment would be claimable.
  3. Of course, there's no better time for the CSS to make claims for damages to any/all equipment that may or may not have been caused by the outages.
  4. ASEP, the consumer watchdog, is contracting independent inspectors to determine the cause of the failures and outages. Lack of maintenance is an easy tag.
  5. There was a fire at India Vieja (La India de Jaramillo?) today. This photo was taken by someone from the slow, noisy helicopter that passed overhead.
  6. A profesora in Panama City has been taking some heat over her physical demonstration of childbirth in the classroom. It seems that a student made a video of the demo and it went viral on local social media. "Young people lack guidance and nobody dares to use the orthodox methodology that i use," were the words with which the professor Teresa Argüelles, teacher of the School Isabel Herrera Obaldia, located in Paitilla, defended her way to educate students, this Wednesday, March 22. Argüelles, an educator for 19 years, explained that she has always spoken to the "Girls and boys against unwanted pregnancies" because that is what is currently going among young people. The Ministry of Education announced today that Profesora Arguelles will not be sanctioned. Good for her.
  7. The high tension cables on the top rack of the pole in this photo are under some really high tension physically holding things together here. I hope the juice was off at this time.
  8. A major explosion has occurred at the Condado del Rey sub-station and a number of sectors are without power. Hopefully no electrical workers were injured. Security measures are in effect.
  9. Declaration now required if leaving Panama with $10k.+. This is a new rule, seems similar to the U.S. declaration.
  10. For the skeptics. Here is a link to the projects and work that the World Bank is involved with in Panama.
  11. These measures may be in effect again this year due to the inconsistency in weather. This site shows reservoir levels at the nation's major generating stations.
  12. A Revisado inspection certificate can be obtained at QuickFix in Boquete, which is across the street from Plaza Los Establos, or at any one of a number of authorized garages in David. If the car is registered in David, the Plate would be at the Treasurer's office in the Municipio de David building, which is near the Bomberos fire station and Hotel Nacional.
  13. 2500, maybe 3,000. The best source of data would probably be Pricesmart's membership list, lol.
  14. In the absence of any data, the 'best estimate of approximately 4,500 American expatriates living in Chiriqui' is over exaggerated, imo.
  15. The young woman's compañero, Juan de Dios Pino, has been charged with homicide in this case.