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  1. Many payments for loans or services are structured on a 15 day basis in order to coincide with paydays on the 15th and 30th.
  2. Chaos ensued this afternoon in Albrook Mall after someone lit up a box of fireworks near the Food Court. Stores locked down, people running for exits, Police and Bomberos called. This was apparently a diversionary tactic in a bungled jewelry store robbery.
  3. Hmm, looks like encountering procedural difficulties with government is not something unique to Panama.
  4. Feasibility studies on Panama's Oriental Express are being presented today. Our team doesn't look very enthusiastic. https://twitter.com/EstrellaOnline/status/1106591791174828032
  5. Minister of Tourism and Boquete resident, Gustavo Him, invites nationals and foreigners to join the 'I am a Chiriqui Explorer' *campaign by publishing photos taken in the province on social media with the hashtag #Yosoydiscoverchiriqui * loose translation
  6. until

    The Pope's ride during his visit to Panama in Januray is on display at the Feria in David. No word on whether he's taking offers.
  7. It was about this time last year that Ferrufino was busted for a DUI at the Caldera checkpoint when out on bail for alleged corruption. Guys like this only serve to point up the ridiculousness of a system which allows a 'Sorry, I can't be tried right now because I'm running for political office" routine. imo,the policy should be changed so that political aspirants must not be facing any criminal charges.
  8. A bit of a bump at the dinner hour. 4.2 M, near Potrerillos Arriba There were also some tremors registered earlier in the day near Chepo in Eastern Panama.
  9. Here's the reason they ticket drivers for carrying passengers in the back of a pickup truck. This truck lost power going up a hill in Baru today and then weaved out of control as it rolled back down. One fellow died after he was pitched out of the box and run over by the vehicle. https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Muere-activista-Partido-Panamenista-Chiriqui_0_5258474160.html
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