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  1. It's open. A friend was there one day this week.
  2. Bud, I think most restaurant employees believe that if a Tip goes on a Credit Card, the chances of them seeing a dime of it are slim to none as the restaurant owner will keep it for himself. For that reason I always tip in cash.
  3. Seems more like using rental violations as an excuse to conduct a raid on the tenants.
  4. The Mayor's office continues with proposals for the treatment of waste being put forward by Professor Demetrio Miranda with a presentation to Council.
  5. This is an effort to help keep kids on the straight and narrow. Mayor of BOQUETE SUPPORTS TRAINING DAY AT SCHOOL OCTAVIO LÓPEZ PASCAL With the support of the mayor of Boquete and the City Council, the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) regional of Chiriqui, held today Thursday an important training session at the educational center Octavio López Pascal in Los Naranjos de Boquete. This training was carried out to students, teachers and parents and provided talks of values, Adversarial Criminal System, bullying, among others, and also discussed some situations that must parents must be involved with regard to the care and education of children. The training was provided to the children of the school with the purpose of delivering to society good members who follow their dreams because it is the only way to avoid the punishment as a child, cultivating their values, stressed the Director of MIDES, Anayansi Diaz. The training workshops are also held in San Felix, Dolega, Baru, Alanje, Divala, and now in the district Boqueteno, with the above-mentioned training also work was carried out in the gardens of the educational center and it will be replicated at the Secondary School Benigno Tomás Argote, stressed the Director of MIDES Anayansi Diaz. Public Relations Department
  6. The CAJA DE SEGURO SOCIAL is COMMEMORATING the 28th of April in Boquete. Supported by the Mayor of Boquete, the Department of Occupational Health of the Social Security Fund, carried out a major Health Fair today on the premises of the Caja with the participation of different sectors of the community and, above all, of the Boqueteños. This Health Fair offered attentions to optometry, Blood Pressure tests, nutrition, dentistry, general medicine, and vaccination, which was in the hands of the Department of Nursing, took the opportunity to promote the Day of Vaccination in the Americas, and support senior citizens. Tomorrow there will be the first day of Health presentations at Valle Escondido, with the support of the Policlinica Dr. Ernesto Pérez Balladares (father) teaching in different subjects prevention, occupational hazards, economy, among others, with the companies; the exhibitors are all medical professionals in the field of Occupational Education. It should be noted that the Occupational Health Department conducted the Health Fair with a hike, cultural events, with the support of the mayor of Boquete, companies like Opticentro Vega, the Nutrition Laboratory of our district, all within the framework of the commemoration of the International Week of Occupational Health, and on April 28 the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Public Relations Department
  7. 16 Year Sentence for Femicide Eric Serrano, 35, cut a deal today with the prosecutor for a 16 year sentence for stabbing to death Yolanis Gomez, 40, his female partner, in a drunken event in David on August 6, 2016.
  8. Amelia Stroup was a lovely lady and being in her presence was a joy. As a fill-in for a fill-in, I was fortunate enough to play opposite her in my only Boquete theatre appearance, before the dawn of BCP. RIP Amelia.
  9. Bill, this article about Martinelli and his troubles was posted way back in December of 2015 because it was a good summary of the situation at the time. I'm not sure why it surfaced again or what today's comments refer to.
  10. "generating approximate 3,100 direct jobs and the consequent generation of 12 thousand indirect jobs in trade and services " according to the Comptroller's statement. * I do agree that Newsroom is often disappointing with their accuracy.
  11. Suspicious ..of duplication of efforts. Why? Because we have an existing Vecinos Vigilante program with a Police representative in our neighbourhood as do 158 others in Chiriqui. Members of the expat community previously established the Alto Al Crimen and RodnyDirect reporting services, as well as an organization to help families of Police. Are those groups supporting this effort?
  12. These guys shot there way into the bus. I did see a Tweet showing a bullet hole in the door, so I can't imagine the driver risking his life to defend the bus and it's cargo, which includes passengers. 'Radio Silence' seems to have enveloped this story. Bus owners are powerful people.
  13. If that was the case, the Policia Nacional would be sending out a signed official communication. This logo is from a Mexican blog. What do others think?