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      The Boquete Feria de Las Flores y del Café   01/12/2017

      The Boquete Feria de Las Flores y del Café begins Thursday, January 12th and runs until Sunday, January 22nd. For those who have not yet seen -- and experienced -- this magnificent fair, you are in for a treat, and some inconveniences. Most importantly, you must see all of the flowers and the tiendas at and around the Fair Grounds here in Boquete.  During these eleven days you also need to be extremely careful, especially while driving and in planning your activities. In recent years there have been well in excess of 100,000 visitors to Boquete. Last year that number was closer to 200,000, and some predictions for 2017's Fair are closer to 300,000 people coming to our area to see the Fair. Traffic congestion will be the norm. Getting seats in restaurants will be difficult at times. Parking spaces will essentially be nonexistent. Buying groceries may be difficult and time consuming. Busses will be parked on the side streets, making driving difficult. There will be lots (as in LOTS) of people walking, standing around the bridge and the Feria and the many tiendas (small shops and stands [kiosks]) while taking pictures, talking, viewing the scenery, etc. Please be extremely attentive while driving, and drive slowly. Some streets will be blocked and require passes to use them. Other streets will simply be blocked based on congestion. Please be careful of your personal items, such as purses and wallets. Having so many people in one area creates a prime target for pickpockets and other maliantes to do their thing. To repeat, most importantly, you must see all of the flowers and the tiendas at and around the Fair Grounds here in Boquete.  Three closing thoughts. First: enjoy. Second: be safe. Third: you might wish to post your pictures, comments, reviews, etc., here on CL (start a topic or reply to an existing topic in http://www.chiriqui.life/forum/118-boquete-feria-de-las-flores-y-del-café/).   To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.

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  1. radiochiriqui@radiochiriqui.com is the address on their website
  2. These are wonderful photographs. https://oasislinda.shutterfly.com/
  3. The National Police conducted a raid on vendors of unlicensed merchandise at the Feria. Doesn't seem like a big priority to me. http://www.prensa.com/provincias/Decomisan-articulos-falsificadas-Feria-Boquete_0_4670532933.html
  4. Accusations without proof really are non-productive and could be damaging to public relations. No one has offered a receipt showing $x and one from their immediate neighbour showing $x/2. However, I have noticed over the years that many folks are more inclined to believe rumours than facts if they agree with their perceptions.
  5. The definitive answer is that there is no discrimination by nationality with Municipal of Boquete water and garbage accounts. Some people have seem to have difficulties understanding the billing system by zone, while others are challenged by the Spanish language.
  6. Here's the back pedal. http://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Varela-ordena-suspension-aumento-Registro-Unico-Vehicular_0_4668283204.html
  7. It seems the only sex education that a lot of these kids are getting is out behind the school or at Tio's house. Our gardener's granddaughter, who is intellectually challenged and, at most, 13 years of age, showed up pregnant the other day.
  8. I actually think this latest 'clarification' is a nod to residential tourism. Last Thursday I sat next to Gustavo Him on the airplane and mentioned the controversial 'length of stay' changes to him. He seemed to feel that a remedy to one problem (Colombians, Venezuelans) wouldn't be solved by causing another (to residential tourism). Interview with the Director of Immigration http://m.telemetro.com/nacionales/entrevistas/Director-Migracion-decreto-turistas-extranjeros_3_989931000.html
  9. My birthday is in March every year. Last time I renewed my DL was in early April, 2015. My next expiry date is March 31st, 2019.
  10. Well Marie, you may have your wish. Apparently Decree 590 only deals with people from countries who require a Visa to visit Panama. For folks from Canada, the U.S., and a number of other countries for which Panama does not require a Visa, the180 day stay is still in force. Confused yet?
  11. You should be allowed 180 days (not 6 months) from your entry on December 28th, as the Decree did not take effect until published in LaGaceta on January 10th.
  12. Most, if not all of the press articles, seemed to have missed the point that the measures have been in place since 2009. ..unless I'm reading it totally wrong or over-simplifying, the decree of 2009 allowed anyone with a Visa issued by one of the four countries mentioned, plus the E.U., to enter Panama. (without a Visa) DECRETO EXECUTIVO No. 591 de MIERCOLES 28 de DICIEMBRE, 2016 This is the DECRETO EJECUTIVO NO. 248 DE 21 DE JULIO DE 2009 signed by then President Martinelli in July 2009 which is being repealed and replaced.
  13. I'm confident that there are reasonable (although maybe not logical) explanations for differences in rates and I'll stay on it. This is the "get real" look I got when I mentioned discrimination had been suggested.
  14. Here's another article. http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/european-union-visas-will-no-longer-help-foreigners-entering-panama-3226 It would seem that the assumption by Panama is that the vetting processes of the four countries are equal or superior to their own.