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  1. Amazon. I have purchased them in larger bottles for Christmas gifts and E-Shopped them no problem.
  2. Almost everyone who travels to Medellin from here visits Penon and Guatape, and takes one of these cruises on the beautiful reservoir there. The boat went down very quickly, no reports yet as to the cause.
  3. A spay-neuter Clinic is being held today, for some reason not posted on the calendar
  4. Fiestas de San Juan, Patron Saint of Boquete The Agropecuaria EXPO continues today at the Fairgrounds and wraps up with a big Party starting at 4:00 p.m. with Barrerras, Galleras and Dancing.
  5. There are about 20 sites around the country where people are gathering en masse to help reforestation today. Locally out near Gualaca. This young is happy, about to plant his first tree.
  6. Bit of a tremor last night at 7:48 p.m. The actual activity was offshore.
  7. Following along on Ochy's arrest is the order today to have the former Minister of Public Works, Federico José "Pepe" Suárez, picked up. The overruns on the project in question were $60 million, or 38% of the original contract value. Certainly seems criminal to me.
  8. A taxi driver armed with a large knife jumped out of his cab in the middle of David this afternoon to chase down and attempt to assault a pedestrian. It was all caught on video and after the Transit Authortity published the Plate number, the cab was located, seized, and the driver was arrested.
  9. We were invited to a birthday celebration recently at Retrogusto and it truly was an awesome experience. The food was perfectly prepared and the service outstanding. David and his team are very professional and entertaining, too. In fact, I've now tried all three of his locations and quality is a common thread. The other two are APizza and Otto Gastronomia. Impressive.
  10. The first thing you will need is an up-to-date Certification of the Foundation from the Registro Publico. Send me a PM when you have that document in hand and I'll walk you through the process.
  11. Detention ordered for Martinelli associate Daniel Ochy in a case of contract 'overruns' on the highway widening project near P.C. His is the same outfit that that dropped a pedestrian bridge on that highway, blocked all the exits of LaPrensa newspaper one night, and received banana concessions. TransCaribe Trading is also responsible for that big gash which is so visible from Boquete on the side of Jaramillo, where about 6 square miles of forest were removed for development that never occurred.
  12. It's been my personal experience that folks who have made up their mind to leave an area, or are preparing to do so, are more apt to find fault or express displeasure with the place. It doesn't seem to be unusual for us to find more than ample justification for moving to or from somewhere when the right time comes.