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  1. Today's 3+ hour power outage was nation wide and put a damper on events and businesses which require electricity everywhere, including the Feria in Boquete. Service is being restored gradually. The President explained that it was not due to the JMJ but he was in the dark about the exact cause of the crash. Despite spending $30+ million on a newly inaugurated backup system at Tocumen Airport, it took 20 minutes to kick in.
  2. My kind of healthy. Lettuce on the salami, ham, bacon, and provolone sandwich that I'll be seeking. Maybe with fries. 😊
  3. Just returned from a few days in the City where preparations are really ramping up for this youth festival and young pilgrims are arriving daily in droves. Tourism is really getting a boost in that other people from neighbouring countries are coming in on special Papal tours and filling hotels. The whole thing seems to be quite well organized. I even received a JMJ memorial $1 coin yesterday.
  4. Keith Woolford

    Panama Expats Forum

    What ever happened to the Panama Expats forum? I tried to load it from a Bookmark but received a ‘Page Not Found’ message.
  5. Keith Woolford

    Boquete ning?

    My comments were directed at improving your experience.
  6. Keith Woolford

    Boquete ning?

    As an aside, when websites are slow to load, I sometimes toggle ‘Reader View’ on the browser so that it only displays text.
  7. Keith Woolford

    Boquete ning?

    After Bonnie’s post I pushed the ‘Contact Us’ button and sent the link to this topic. I received a similar response from Rod, almost immediately, and he does feel that their problem is close to being resolved. It’s apparently an issue with .ning.com.
  8. Keith Woolford

    Boquete ning?

    Posting here about problems with another website is probably not going to improve it’s performance. A note to the owners might be more effective.
  9. A Vimeo Staff Pick, well worth another look
  10. Keith Woolford

    Drivers License Renewal

    No. No.
  11. A 59-year old U.S. citizen became the latest drowning victim at Playa La Barqueta yesterday.
  12. Keith Woolford

    Feria de Las Flores y el Café


    The President, the Minister of Tourism, the Controller General and other members of the government were on hand for the Fair opening last night.