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  1. FYI Dra. Diaz fee is $55, discounted to $40.
  2. In Shanghai, and Toronto, as well. The point is that the tucked away places referred to where one is eating 'typico oriental' food are located in large Chinese communities, which we don't have (yet) in Alto Boquete. In David, I've always liked the Steak House but prices there have climbed, too. Palacio Oriental serves what I would call a great PanaChina executive lunch. Personally, I'm glad there's now an option for takeout food close to home and I'm looking forward to trying it. Regards the pricing, it's probably been set knowing that at least half the clientele will be looking for a discount. I'm all in favor of keeping prices down but in comparison to the $30 and up items on the other new menu I saw recently, this one doesn't look so bad. Just my opinion. Here's the other side of the menu.
  3. Another big increase this year in the number of teen pregnancies in Panama. The 'Raging Hormones' team scored 9,086 times while the 'Sex Education' side was shut out. Teenage pregnancy increases in Panama The Ministry of Health published that between January and November of this year there were 9,086 pregnancy cases in people between 10 and 19 years of age, which represents an increase in teenage pregnancy in the country. The figure reflects an increase of 859 cases (10.4%) compared to the same period last year. According to the report, Panama is the province with the highest incidence (3,883 cases), followed by the regions of Ngäbe Buglé (1,133) and Chiriquí (1,106). The remaining cases are distributed among the other provinces. The data does not include the reports of young pregnant women seeking medical care in the Social Security Fund or in the country’s private clinics. http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/teenage-pregnancy-increases-panama-5955
  4. Here's the Menu. I'm sure it will expand with demand. Yes, this is Daniel's place.
  5. The Ministry of Security has extended the six-month Firearms Importation Ban for the seventh time, which makes four years in total (so far). One of the statistics that's often publicized by MINSEG as an indicator of improved security, is the number of illegal weapons that are being removed from the streets, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a change of policy any time soon. In 2017 to date, 1409 illegal firearms have been seized and are destined for destruction. http://www.telemetro.com/nacionales/Minseg-extiende-septima-ocasion-importacion_0_1089791333.html
  6. Chop Sticks - A Restaurant, has opened for business in Alto Boquete in Daniel Higgins new complex, beside Gluten Free Gold. Just below Skateworld, the new Texaco station, and Larry’s Place on the west side of Via Boquete.
  7. A technical problem with Cable & Wireless ADSL internet modems manufactured by Huawei has been discovered. According to the article, anyone with of these defective pieces of equipment is advised to take it to the local C&W office in Plaza Los Establos for exchange and instructions on setting up the new one.
  8. SINAPROC is reporting this morning that rains and the level of rivers flowing from the Cordillera are diminishing.
  9. Electrical Short Cicuit causing Fireworks near the Brewery. Looks like one of the high voltage lines.
  10. The Palo Alto bridge and the footbridge to Jaramillo Centro have been closed for safety reasons.
  11. A rescue operation is underway to retrieve seventeen people who spent the night at the peak of Volcan Baru due to the nasty weather.
  12. A bus crash yesterday in Bocas del Toro on the highway between Chiriqui Grande and Almirante left 2 dead and 7 injured