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  1. Yes, they got sophisticated and added a cashier at the ATTT window which is SO much more convenient.
  2. The above Judge sat down for a LaPrensa interview last week for the column "Knockout". This story followed on December 30th. Leslie Loaiza, fifteenth criminal judge, refused to accumulate in a single file the summaries followed to the former Minister of Public Works concerning Federico Suárez, for the alleged commission of crimes against the public administration, to the detriment of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP). This was announced yesterday by the Judicial Branch in a statement. The document detailed that the decision was taken on December 30 through Auto 204. In recent days Rosendo Miranda, defense lawyer of Suárez, filed a petition so that the case followed by the former minister for alleged irregularities in the construction of the Vía Brasil corridor, section II, work that was done by Spanish construction company FCC, was accumulated in the office of Loaiza, who is handling another process of Suárez, related to the extension of the Via Cincuentenario, work that was done by Odebrecht. The case related to Vía Brasil is currently under the jurisdiction of the Eleventh Criminal Court. The Fifteenth Court also manages another case of Suárez, which is followed by an alleged cost overrun on Domingo Díaz, a work that was in charge of Ingenieros Civiles y Asociados, S.A. and the construction company Meco. The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office had filed an appeal before the court opposing the accumulation of the proceedings. He argued that "the facts and crimes charged are different in time, manner and place. Loaiza, this time coincided with the prosecution. He said that the cases do not have the same defendants, together with the fact that they are different facts, committed at different times. "There is no connection between them." He added that the aforementioned processes are at different procedural moments, and that accepting said petition "would violate guarantees and fundamental rights of the accused." Controversial Loaiza has been in the public eye for the treatment she has given to cases where corruption is investigated. He has in his office 40% of the high profile cases in which corruption is investigated. Many of those investigated in these processes have been set free of charge. In the Knockout published by La Prensa last Sunday, the controversial judge assured, for example, that he has his own definition of peculation, when he states that: “… I have authors who say that for there to be embezzlement economic heritage is referred to. The judges are independent in our discretion.” https://www.prensa.com/judiciales/juez-leslie-loaiza-le-da-la-razon-a-la-fiscalia-y-no-acumula-casos-de-suarez/ This is the link to the Knockout interview if anyone wants to translate it. https://www.prensa.com/impresa/panorama/volveria-a-tomar-las-mismas-decisiones-loaiza/
  3. It doesn't take much to bring vehicular movement to a total standstill in Panama City. The preparation, setup, and teardown for an event of this magnitude will paralyze it for at least two weeks.
  4. Science Digest was first published in January 1937[1] in an 8 x 5 inch digest size format of about 100 pages.[2] First edited by G.W. Stamm.,[1] it was targeted at persons with a high school education level.[1] It contained short articles about general science often excerpted from other publications in the style of Reader's Digest.[1] The headquarters of Science Digest was in Des Moines, Iowa.[3] In November 1980 the magazine was expanded to an 11 x 8 inch glossy page format with full-length articles and color pictures targeted at a college-educated reader.[2] The new version was largely the creation of its then editor Scott DeGarmo. It was issued bi-monthly with circulation of about 500,000 copies. At first it tended to favor breathless cover lines, and often turned to pseudoscience topics, including spontaneous human combustion and UFOs. Unable to compete with more serious publications, such as Discover and Omni, the magazine ceased publication in 1986.[4]
  5. Meanwhile the National Police were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the DIJ with loud music and fireworks while not giving a thought to the welfare of sick and dying patients at the neighbouring Oncolongical Institute. Pendejos.
  6. Merry Christmas Vecinos, losing a good loyal friend is an incredibly sad event. About a month ago I took a starving female to Dog Camp to recover. It appeared that she had been dumped some time ago up in the Parque Volcan Baru and that she'd given birth to pups recently. Nala, as she's been named, is an incredibly sweet dog full of love for anyone who helps her. She'll be ready for adoption after the January 26th Spay-Neuter Clinic. November 25th when I picked her up November 30th December 2nd December 23rd
  7. Flooding in Bocas del Toro including the Airport. 215 families have been affected and are receiving SINAPROC assistance. https://twitter.com/ensegundos_pa/status/1209914569470218241?s=
  8. This judge acquits so quickly that he can move through 40% of the high profile corruption trials in Criminal Circuit Courts.
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