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  1. The minor who was being investigated in this case was charged as an adult for illegal possession of a firearm. A plea agreement was struck and and he has been sentenced to 62 months in prison. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/ordenan-detencion-provisional-3-personas-se-logra-condena-mediante-acuerdo-pena-cuarto-implicado/
  2. plus one +1 https://twitter.com/laexitosapanama/status/920277978952716289 https://twitter.com/laexitosapanama/status/920275577021566976
  3. One of the two Glock firearms that the officers were slain for in this case was recovered yesterday. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/mp-policia-nacional-recuperan-arma-reglamento-agente-policial-asesinado/
  4. Three suspects in this case were arraigned yesterday. 3 men in court in police murders THE PRELIMINARY hearing against three men facing accusations of murdering two National Police officers, were held behind closed doors on Monday October 16 at the request of the prosecution. The two policemen, agent Juan Martin and first corporal Ernaldo Córdoba. were killed with shots to the head on Saturday, October 14 in Chilibre in an area known as El Trébol Accused are construction workers Giovanny Ureña de Gracia, 27, and Daniel Enrique Gálvez, 22, and mechanic Ricardo Caballero, 20. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/3-men-court-police-murders
  5. Inmates are on the move today from the old jail in David to the new facility east of the city There were protests yesterday by prisoners and family about lack of potable water (rumour) and the difficulty of access for visitors. (too bad)
  6. I believe it more likely that they were slain for their Glock pistols.
  7. It was just reported that Six suspects have been detained in this case. Two will be arraigned tomorrow morning.
  8. Police were down by the Gallera today citing indigenous citizens for drinking in public. https://twitter.com/RetenChiriqui/status/919685318403600387
  9. It seems ludicrous to attach blame for any of these incidents on the presence of a Police checkpoint, which in the opinion of officials and other residents, has lowered crime in the area. Who's to say that the officers from there would be reassigned to the village of Boquete, anyway?
  10. Have a look at the weapon that the Police found on a suspicious looking subject they observed at the bus stop near Los Algarrobos about 2 hours ago if you think the bad guys are all up here.
  11. Please provide any statistics which would back up that statement.
  12. Apparently as a result of yesterday's murder of two officers at a similar checkpoint in Chilibre, all personnel scheduled at 'puestos de control' nationwide have been reassigned. The Mayor of Boquete stated emphatically that he is not in agreement with this measure.
  13. Notice is a bit late, but there is a free symphony concert at 10:00 a.m. this morning in Parque Central presented by the Alcaldia, UNACHI and the Municipal Council.