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  1. Judy, Not sure what the problem is here. Did you not see that this topic, as it currently exists, consists of two pages of replies. It appears you are only looking at the second of two pages. Trying to figure out how serious you were about this posting; or were you just joking? No, things do not get deleted from CL except in extraordinary circumstances, which is not the case here. And are you aware that if there is a section of quoted text in a posting, that you can go to that quoted text by clicking on the curved, right-pointing arrow that is to the far right of the citation for that quoted extract? Try it; it works great. To date there have been 31 attempts to hack into CL, all of which have been unsuccessful. Most of the attempts have come from Russia, but recently several from China, and a few from Europe and Africa. Monitoring and preventing of such activity is a routine management requirement for any responsible website administrator.
  2. De nada. It is a cool "map". I would have used the word "chart" to describe what was being displayed, but that website specifically labels it a "map". Oh well, so much for my naval training. It turns out that the only way to post the interactive version (given my current level of knowledge) is to use HTML code. That is something that only admins are permitted to do here on CL because it is very easy to destroy a website by using those powerful tools. Damage to a website can be either unintentional (e.g., simply making a typo), or intentional (the so-called bad dudes/dudettes). Most people do not think about those issues, but website owners have to protect their websites. So far in CL's life we have had about 30 attempts to hack CL, mostly from Russia, but one in particular from an African country. That is more than once a month. Such is life nowadays.
  3. Thank you Siempre. You saved me some time. If you look at the map on their website, it is not a static display as shown here. Interesting. I just wonder where they get the underlying information to make such a chart. My interpretation is that the Middle East, Europe and SE Asia are more active with migration as compared to the Americas. Others may see things differently, however.
  4. Chiriqui.Life (CL) has many "nice-to-have" features built into it. One of them is to show the location of an event that has been posted on CL's calendar, using the Google Maps geographical map panel within an event. Because Panama is not as well documented as many other regions of the world, use of the Google Maps is at times difficult to configure properly. The purpose of this Q&A is to document what the more popular location configuration parameters are for various places in the Chiriquí highlands. As an aside, one of the things that the CL staff has been doing over the past several months is to edit the Google Maps application database so that more of the Boquete area locations are configured in its database. Anyone is free to do that, but it can be somewhat daunting to sign up, sign in, and then do it. But if you are so motivated, we would encourage you to do so. What follows in the replies to this question in our Q&A forum are the correct parameters to enter for the Google Maps data fields while posting (or editing) an event on the CL calendar. These replies will be added as new locations become configured by Google Maps. CL members can also add replies with these configuration parameters in case we have overlooked something of importance.
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    The annual international fair in David is described a bit more (in Spanish) at Also see
  6. Lucero Golf & Country Club (includes Seasons Restaurante that is co-located with the golf and country club)
  7. Chris, your postings are as combined as I can make them, short of editing individual posting content (which I prefer not to do).
  8. Fundación Pro-Integración (i.e., the Handicapped Foundation) NOTE: You must use the spelling of this organization exactly as shown in the bold text above, including the accented letter "ó" in both words, and the hyphen. On Windows machines you may use the character set ALT+0243 (meaning holding down the ALT key while typing the numbers 0 2 4 3, then releasing the ALT key) to enter an accented letter ó.
  9. CL doesn't "delete" its members. We simply monitor and ensure compliance with the published guidelines and rules. What you have done is cross-reference relevant information from another source, and cite that source.
  10. Thanks, Bonnie. Perhaps I should be less polite in the future and more of a curmudgeon. I'll try to do better. On the other hand, I was taught by my parents that honesty and politeness (in that order) are important personal traits -- for everyone.
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