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  1. When this topic was started last May, I had no idea that it would end up with this much traffic, or so many viewings (currently over 2,500). Wow!!! Alison, you now have very well known eyebrow pencils! Congratulations. Maybe you could put them on display and charge admission.
  2. Bringing a Pet (Cat or Dog) Into Panama From the USA (Version 1, Published May 26, 2016) This topic applies specifically to the procedures and forms associated with bringing pets into Panama from the USA. In the context of this topic, the word pet only means a cat or a dog, and not birds, equine, reptiles, exotic, or controlled animals, etc. The term used for the procedure of bringing a pet into Panama is 'to import.' What follows are thirteen steps to follow in the sequence listed for importing a pet. These steps were compiled by Judy Sacco based on her research and experiences. She provides this information to those who inquire of the process. Judy has graciously agreed to let her information be published here in CL for the general benefit of pet owners wishing to bring their pet into Panama. If you have questions about importing a pet, you may post a reply here (assuming you are a CL member). Alternatively, Judy is a member of CL; you may contact her via private message to 'JudyS'. It is reasonable to think that bringing pets to Panama from countries other than the USA would follow roughly the same steps, but that the agencies in the home country would, of course, have different names and procedures. For background information, first go to the US Embassy website for Panama to find the requirements for bringing in a pet (Traveling With Pets). There is a two page Panamanian Ministerio de Salud form in PDF format called "Solicitud De Cuarentena Domociliaria" (Home Quarantine Request) that should be filled out and faxed to Panama. That PDF form is attached at the bottom of this posting. It is strongly recommended that you read the entire referenced page on the US Embassy website. If you have information changes that you believe should be included herein, please send your suggestions via email to petvet@chiriqui.life. The preferred method to share this information with others is to provide a URL hotlink for this topic. We request that references to this resource listing include attribution as to source, specifically meaning the Chiriqui.Life website. The URL hotlink for this resource listing is: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2405-bringing-a-pet-into-panama-from-the-usa Disclaimer: The information provided herein is simply information and a listing of resources. CL does not endorse, make recommendations, or screen the resources listed. It is suggested that you do your own due-diligence prior to engaging any of these resources. Step 1: Call the USDA office in your state and make sure you get the right forms that the veterinarian needs to fill out. This is really important because a lot of vets don't know the right forms (although they may say that they do), let alone even know if they are federally accredited or not. Also find out from the USDA if your vet is federally accredited -- they have a database of all vets that are accredited. Step 2: Call around to different airlines and see if they will allow the pet to travel either in cargo or in carry-on. This is important because depending on the airline and the time of year, sometimes you can't carry your animal in cargo. Be sure the airline has a temperature controlled and pressurized cargo hold for animals. Get it in writing and triple check that they know that you are traveling with a pet. If it is a carry-on animal, be extra careful that the carrier will fit under the seat in front of you. And don't trust the people from the airline on the phone as to what dimensions will fit. Step 3: Call the selected airline and book your tickets and your pet's ticket at the same time. This is because they only allow so many animals on one plane, and you do want your animal on the same flight as you. Then when it is done, call back and verify that everything is correct with a different agent. Step 4: Download the form Cuarentena de animales formularios y requisitos. You will also find this document as a link on the embassy website link listed above. Follow instructions in Step 11. Step 5: Ten days (not earlier or later, but ten days) prior to departing the USA for Panama, go to your veterinarian, who must be federally accredited (check with the USDA and make sure your vet is federally accredited, as mentioned before). Have the vet fill out three documents: the International Health Certificate (USDA Sanitary Certificate) the signed rabies certificate. The rabies vaccine must be at least 30 days old, but no more than 1 year when you arrive in Panama. Puppies and kittens under 4 months old do not need a rabies certificate. The pet also must have other recommended vaccinations. The vaccine records must accompany the pet when you take it to Panama. the general health certificate. This one is required by the airlines. It does not have to be sent to the embassy. Step 6: Take the International Health Certificate and signed rabies certificate from the vet to the USDA office the same day to be notarized (or apostilled). Go to the USDA office that notarizes animal health certificates (there is one per state that does this), and with all of the forms (the originally signed ones, not copies) and have the USDA office notarize all of the forms. Tell them to make sure to make copies of all forms before you send the originals to the embassy. Note: If you have more than one pet, all of them can be put on the same form. That way the $30.00 you will send to the Panamanian Consulate (see Step 7) will cover all the pets. If they are put on separate forms, it will be $30.00/pet. Step 7: Take or send by FedEx the USDA notarized forms (originals), along with a prepaid FedEx envelope that is addressed to yourself, to the Consulate of Panama in Washington DC. Enclose a $30.00 money order. Let them know you are sending something, so they can be on the look out for it. It is vital that there is a fast turn around time, and they will return the forms to you the same day they receive them if you let them know they are arriving. Step 8: Call the Panamanian Consulate to verify they have received the forms and check progress. Step 9: Make sure you purchase an animal carrier that is appropriate. Also get a harness and leash for each pet. Using sedatives for your pet can be risky. Check with your vet about this. Some vets do not recommend sedatives. Step 10: Receive health and rabies forms back from the Panamanian Consulate, and keep them with your passports because your animal won't be able to (a) get on airplane, or (b) get into Panama without them. To be sure you have enough cash, take at least $200.00 per pet. It costs $130.00/animal to get them through quarantine, and if they have to stay overnight, it will be a little more. Step 11: Three days prior to departure, email or fax the form, Cuarentena de animales formularios y requisitos (see Step 4 above) to the Ministry of Health in Panama. Their email address is dcontreras@minsa.gob.pa. The email might bounce, so you might have to fax it to (+507) 212-9449 and (+507) 238-4059. (Note: People and phone numbers change. To make sure you send it to the right place, contact José Saenz; contact information is at the end of this document). Step 12: Leave extra early for your flight, because there will almost certainly be complications, despite everyone's best efforts. If your pet is going as carry-on, you will have to remove it from its carrier when you go through Security. Cats get very frightened and can easily escape. Be sure to attach the leash to the harness (not a collar) before removing the cat. Step 13: Airport quarantine and vet release: If your flight is going to arrive (or may arrive due to delays) after 8:30pm Panama time, be sure to either (a) call the airport to have a vet stay later or meet you (for example on a weekend) or (b) be prepared to have your animal stay in quarantine at the airport until the following business day (Monday if over a weekend). Although they are open till 10:00pm, it can take an hour or more to get through customs to the vet. The vet is located after immigration has checked your passport, and near the place where customs scans your luggage after you pick it up off the conveyor. Import license fee is $16.00 for one pet and $10.00 for each additional pet. Health Ministry "Home Quarantine" process costs $130.00 per pet. The Panamanian authorities offer services Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. They are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Pet Relocation Services [copied from the Pet Care Resource topic; see http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2354-pet-care-resources-of-the-chiriqui-province/] Golden Frog, José Saenz (English and Spanish), 6614-7811, jose@goldenfrog.net, http://www.goldenfrog.net/index.htm Panama Pet Relocation, Mario Vilar (English and Spanish), Gerente General, 6674-1598 or 6619-6964, info@panamapetrelocation.com, http://www.panamapetrelocation.com/, Magna Corp. Building, Suite 707, Financial District, 51st Street & 3rd Ave S., Panama City Luis Arce, 6536-1179, luistaxi777@yahoo.com Click the below hotlink to download the MINSA form (see the paragraph just before Step 1 above): MINSA-Formularios Para Introduccion De Animales Menores.pdf The following USDA online resource may also be of interest: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/animalhealth/export/international-standard-setting-activities-oie/sa_by_country/sa_p/ct_animal_panama
  3. Numerous additional earthquakes are occurring in Mexico. Just this morning we were informed that a "fairly major amount of damage from a 6.2 earthquake on the west coast (and shallow depth)" has occurred. In researching the Internet, we see that there have been many. This is probably a regular and naturally occurring sequence of quakes, but given the recent major earthquake and resulting death/damage, we thought we would just post a follow up. Here is one link to such reports: https://www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-b&dcr=0&q=earthquakes+in+mexico&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWouyNh7zWAhUO52MKHWKZBDcQvwUIIygA&biw=1680&bih=872
  4. Here is the link that you refer to: If this new location actually comes to fruition, then these topics will be merged.
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  7. Thanks, Roger. I'll modify the title of this topic for a bit more precision. Just a bit curious how you have access to her cédula?
  8. Attached is a PDF format copy of the Animal Protection Act of Panama -- Law 70 of 18 October 2012. The official version is the Spanish language copy, and a high fidelity English language translation has also been provided, both courtesy of Dottie Atwater, who runs the spay/neuter clinic in Volcan. Anyone wishing to report animal abuse, as defined in these documents, is advised to contact their local Corregidor. Animal Protection Act (Spanish).pdf Animal Protection Act (English).pdf Note that downloading of the above documents requires that you be a registered member of and logged into this website. There is no charge for a membership.
  9. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Ah-ha. Keith has the answer. It was a Facebook posting that had a picture.
  10. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    I am talking about looking at the original email as received, processed, distributed, and then archived by News.Boquete. There was no picture associated with that email.
  11. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Sorry to have to inform you of this, but there was no picture associated with the email that was distributed via News.Boquete. I went back to the original source email archives that are stored by News.Boquete, and there was no picture as part of that email and thus none associated with the positing done here on CL. Perhaps you are recalling a posting done on August 30th about a dog and that did include a picture. That was a brown dog and does appear to be an adult.
  12. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Be advised that we have received numerous complaints about this posting. The complaints are because no picture was provided, meaning no one knows what the missing puppy looks like. Not even a verbal description. We have tried to find that missing picture, including searching all the way back to the original email that was received; the originator simply provided no more information, and no picture. Please do not complain any more. There is nothing that we can do about this unfortunate situation.
  13. HEALTHCARE RESOURCES FOR CHIRIQUI PROVINCE Version 1.2, August 30, 2017 The information contained in this listing of healthcare resources was originally compiled by Mary Lynah many years ago. Beginning August 2017, this resource listing is now maintained by Doug and Jo Johnson, who are full-time Boquete residents, having retired several years ago from legal and medical careers. If you find incorrect, outdated, or missing information, please notify Doug and Jo, and they will research, validate, and then post the correct information on this listing for everyone's benefit. Doug and Jo may be contacted by PM (private message) here on CL using the @Doug and Jo display name, or by regular email to health.info@chiriqui.life. It is strongly preferred that communications with Doug and Jo about this listing not be conducted by postings in this forum or in this particular topic. Be advised that not all of the resources listed below are actually located within the Chiriqui Province. Sometimes there are health care situations that may require specialized care that is not available in Chiriqui. And so this listing focuses on the health care resources that someone residing in the Chiriqui Province may need, even though requiring travel outside of the province. In some cases, resources outside of Chiriqui may came to Chiriqui for specific cases. Your mileage may vary. There are two emergency assistance services in Chiriqui Province: Alto al Crimen Hotline at 6477-6662, for help in getting an ambulance or other emergency assistance in English. Rodny Direct, which is a 24/7/365 emergency helpline service in English and Spanish, email info@rodnydirect.com. There is a group for attending to emergencies that can be solved or stabilized here in Boquete, on/off hours, on weekends, holidays, and weekdays at night. The service activates by calling BOQUETE MEDICAL AND ASSOCIATES (BMA) at 6619-7911. You will be attended in the Alfa Clinic by a local physician and paramedic (Dr. Yanko Guillen, Dra. Nelly Quiroz, or Dra. Sue King Loo). All of them speak English. BOQUETE CLINICS Clinica Especializada, 6676-7132 General practice. Across the street from Melo in Bajo Boquete. Previously informally known as "Dr Chen's Clinic", this clinic is run by Dr Gomez. He speaks excellent English. Prices are slightly higher for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Dra Sue King Loo Chung and Dr Alfonso Mou, 720-2434. Her cell is 6949-5998, and she speaks English. Boquete, General practice. Clinica Alfa, next to La Reyna on the main street. 8:30 - 12 and 1 - 5:30. Clinica Valle Boquete, private clinic, no phone. General practice. Across from the back of the fire station. 7 AM - 7 PM or maybe 9 PM. Several doctors there at various times, some of whom speak English. Dr Yanko Guillen, especially recommended, M-Tu mornings, Th-F aft and eves. Appts are $7.50, $6 jubilado. Ministry of Health Clinic, Mon - Fri, 7 am - 7 pm, next to Romero. Dra Boya, family medicine, office in clinic across from Mike’s Global Grill. 6728-3098. Speaks English. Dra Digna Virginia Diaz, Specialist internal medicine and aesthetic medicine. Can certify good health for over 70 driver’s license. Patients by appointment only, 6615-6740. For appointment, call between 12pm - 7pm, all days. Home visits are available. Very good English spoken. Available days in Boquete: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays after 1pm. She sees patients in several locations, so she will tell you where your appointment will be. PRIVATE HOSPITALS Hospital Chiriqui, David 774-0128 Doctors and specialties at http://www.hospitalchiriqui.com/directorio Centro Medico Mae Lewis, David 775-4616, small hospital, 10 rooms. PUBLIC HOSPITALS (for Panamanians or auto accidents if they don’t know where to take you) Regional Hospital (also called the Social Security Hospital ) adults: 775-2162 Hospital José Domingo de Obaldia, for obstetrics and children: 775-4222 PHYSICIANS AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS BY SPECIALTY ALLERGY AND INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dr Manuel Espinoza Goldman, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X2245 . ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, GYNECOLOGY, THERMOGRAMS: Dr Maximo Pinzon, Panama City, 263-7910, cell 6672-1901 CARDIOLOGY: Dr Alexander Adames, Chiriqui Hospital, 777-8016. 6674-1477. Need appt. Also has privileges at Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City. Speaks English. Dr Norberto Javier Calzada, Cardiologos Associados Panama City, 204-8395, 269-0566, ncalzada@psi.net.pa Dr Domingo Correa, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 2024 Dr Franklin Anguizola, Mae Lewis, 774-2453 Speaks English. CARDIOVASCULAR, ENDOVASCULAR, AND THORACIC SURGERY Dr Jorge Che, Hospital Chiriqui Consultorios #309, Angiograms and Vascular surgery for arteries, veins and lymph. Speaks English.774-0128 X3226, cell 6429-1243. email jorgeche1971@hotmail.com Dr Pedro Escheverria, cardiovascular and endovascular surgery,Hospital Punta Pacific and Clinica Hospital San Fernando,204-8538 office, cell 6670-3335, email pedroemd@gmail.com Dr Chi Shing Man Wan, Hospital Chiriqui, Clinic CINAM 774-1435. Speaks English DENTISTS: Dra Monica Sanjur, Boquete, 720-1152, cell 6748-0006 Speaks English. Dra Luz Barria-Cruz, Boquete, next to Machu Picchu restaurant, 720-1735 or 6643-5490. Speaks English. Dr Guillermo Arosemena, David, 775-1301, implants, root canals, crowns Dra Magalys Luz, David, 777-4887, 6611-1939, across from Revilla Farmacia about 100 yards past Rodelag Dr Franklin Halphen, David, 775-3344, cell 6673-3563, root canals, periodontics, crowns, etc. Good English. Dr Alfredo Spiegel, David, 775-2683, cell 6614-9087. Dr Karina Granada, David, 6675-9025, near Tambu (Tamurelli) Restaurant Dra Vanessa Lambiz, 6676-5704., Chiriqui Hospital. 774-0124 X2412. Fair English Dr Charly Garcia, Avenida Balboa, Panama City. 264-4380 Dr Juan Carlo Ortiz Hugues, endodontist, across from Emergency at Chiriqui Hospital. Odonto Advance Clinica, 730-7169, good English Dr Ana Ventura, 6076-2284 implants, crowns, Odonton Advance Clinica, good English Dra Patricia Morales, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Chiriqui Hospital. 775-2689, 775-2699, 6673-9910. Good English, will perform procedures at Dra Monica Sanjur's office in Boquete as scheduled. DERMATOLOGY: Dra Deyla Rodriguez de Vergara, Chiriqui Hospital #111, 774-0124 X3056. Can freeze age spots. Skin, hair, nails, facial enhancement 6266-8899. Some English. Dr Armando Mocci, Panama City, dermaclinica@psi.net.pa 269-5222 Dra Karen Zapata Montenegro, Hospital Chiriqui 774-0128, X3225, Speaks English. karenzapata@clinicaflordepiel.com Dr Hipolito Gonzales, Panama City, Patilla Hospital, 269-5222, 263-7977 central lines to the hospital. Ask for his clinic. EAR NOSE AND THROAT (ENT): Dr Alvaro Candanedo, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8011, 774-0128 X2024. Walk in starting at 3:00PM. Dr Carlos A Beitia, Centro Medico Paitilla, Panama City, 6614-6448 cabeitia@hotmail.com, 269-3387, 206-2458, 264-5155/811 (Beeper) Dr. Mario Grenald Rios, Centro Medico Mae Lewis and Hospital Chiriqui, good English skills, Mae Lewis office direct 775-4311, via Mae Lewis switchboard 775-4616 X319, cell 6227-0068, http://guias21sa.com/dr-mario-grenald-rios/ ENDOCRINOLOGY AND INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dr Alvaro Panchon Burgos, Mae Lewis, 775-4176, cell 6615-2440 or 6714-7784. Dr Enrique Mendoza, San Fernando Hospital Clinic, Via España, Panama City, Phone 308-6300 (central number) Speaks English and French. drenriquemendoza@gmail.com Dr Álvaro Pachon, diabetes specialist and internist, office in Mae Lewis. Cell phone 6615-2440. Speaks good English. GASTROENTEROLOGY: Dr Carlos Abadia, Chiriqui Hospital, 1st floor, 774-0128 X3056 or 3085, cell 6616-8406, specializes in Colon/procto problems, laproscopy, good English. carlosabadia17@hotmail.com Dr Enrique Fernandez, Mae Lewis Hospital, Asillo verde #10, Mon – Fri- 3:30 pm to 6 PM, in order of arrival, Speaks some English, 775-5566, 775-4616 Dra Velkys Betia, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616, cell 6690-2236. Also liver specialist. Make sure she understands that she has to handle the insurance forms Dr Jose Mendez, Consultorios Medicos Patilla, Pimer Piso, No 118, Panama City. 263-7977, 269-5222, direct 206-2594*** GENERAL MEDICINE: Dr Rimsky Sucre, Clinica Einstein, Panama City, 264-7110, Via Argentina, El Edificio Einstein #57 GERONTOLOGIST: Dra Luz Vizuette, Chiriqui and Mae Lewis Hospitals, 775-4616 X298, cell 6612-4293. 2D Mae Lewis Hospital, lucyvizuette24@hotmail.com See also Dr Tobon, Internist. HEMATOLOGIST: Dr Carlos Montero, Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X2245. Dr Luis Harris Zamora, Mae Lewis Hospital, hematology and internal medicine, after 3:30 pm in order of arrival, Mon,Wed, Fri only. 775-4616, cell 6674-2499. INFECTIOUS DISEASE AND GENERAL PRACTICE: Dr Cesar de Gracia, 775-6666, Hospital Cooperativo in David Dr Nestor Sosa, infectious disease expert and director of Hospital Gorgas in Panama City. INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dr Diaz, 6615-6740, see first page. Dr Alcibiades Arosemena, Internal Medicine and Respiratory Disease. Hospital Chiriqui, 2nd floor, Consultorio #4, 774-0128 X3126, cell 6124-2035 Dr Llerana, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616. Dr Julio Osorio, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Intensive Care, Chiriqui Hospital, Clinic CINAM 774-1435, cell 6693-4642 Dra Ligia Gonzales, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616 X315, cell 774-5515. She can certify you to get a driver’s license at the age of 70 GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS: Dra Rubis Perez, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8076, cell 6614-8332, laparoscopy, very good English, **** Dra Yosiy Montes, 774-0128. Some English, Hospital Chiriqui in the tower. Dra Ida Sam Rojas, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3085, 6561-1022. Spanish only but has English speaking assistant. Dr Ariel Guerra, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 3062 Dr Tomas Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8024 Speaks English. Dra Roxana Salcedo Montiel (speaks English) 777-8019, Hosp. Chiriqui, hours 3-6 pm NEPHROLOGY: Dr Marion Giron, Hospital Chiriqui, office hours from 3PM, 774-0128. He speaks English, but the receptionist does not. Also certified in internal medicine, but practice is nephrology. NEUROLOGY: Dr Eimir Perez, Hospital Chiriqui and Panama City, 774-0128, cell 6619-4223. Neurosurgeon. Dr Valderrama A, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 2200, 777-8080, cell 6450-4735. Dra Evelia Gomez Wong, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Clinica San Fernando Norte, Panama City, 305-6355 ONCOLOGY: Dr José Fabrega, excellent English, Hospital Paitilla Consultorios Medicos, next to Multicentro Mall, 263-7977, 269.5222, also 263-7977 ext 2358 or 2359 OPHTHALMOLOGY: Dr Adriano Young Leon, Hospital Mae Lewis, 777-2324 or 775-4616, specializes in cataract surgery. Comes to David twice a month. Dr Augosto Arosemena, Patilla Hospital, PC, office 206-2424, speaks English www.eyedoctorpanama.com Dr Marino Rivera, 774-6600, Spanish only. Dr Miguel Wong, 229-2967, 6729-7060, comes to David on weekends. Dra Sonia Gordon, Mae Lewis, 777-4171, 775-4616 X 319 or 317. Dra Mitzi Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128. Dr Roberto Vasquez, Consultorios Medicos Paitilla, 6th Floor, Panama City, 206-2569 (Direct), 269-5222 (Central) Dra Ana Victoria Paz, Retinal Specialist, Consultarios San Fernando, PC, 6618-4337 cell, 264-5155 office, 261-9440 fax Dr Edith Perez de Lopez, Hospital Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Retinal Specialist, 204-8434 or 203-6086, cell 6612-2453. She speaks English, staff not so much. Has retinal CT scanner. retinayvitreo2020@hotmail.com Clinica Yee, a family of opthalmogists who specialize in surgery, retinology, cataracts, 230-0005, Panama City Dr Ruben Orillac, Opthamologist in Panama City. His partner is Dr. Ernesto Calvo. Clinica De Ojos Orillac-Calvo, Balboa Plaza 201-202, phone 269-7475; 269-7476; 269-7477 Dr Miguel A. Molina, eye surgeon in Chiriqui Hospital. 6670-2121, 774-0128 drmiguelmolinavega@gmail.com Speaks English. Dr Juan Petrocelli, Chiriqui Hospital, Tower 3, Office 4, speaks English, Appts 6876-5556, 6568-3335. ORTHOPEDICS AND TRAUMA: Dr Eric Tortosa, Chiriqui Hospital, etortosa@yahoo.com, 6612-6484. Very good English. Dr Arkel Gonzales, Ortho and trauma, specialist in feet and ankles. Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X3226, Mae Lewis, 775-3125 x255 http://handstotoes.com/doctores/dr-arkel-gonzalez/ Speaks English. Dr Donaldo Baez. Speaks some English. Trauma, orthopedics, arthroscopy, joint replacement, knee surgery. Hospital Chiriqui 777-8085 or 774-0128, Centro Medico Mae Lewis 774-4600 Cell: 6618-7534, dabaez@hotmail.com Dr Victor Rivera Man, Consultorio #6, Chiriqui Hospital, 777-8037, 6619-7497, personal cell 6618-4010. Good English. Dr Martin Solis Giron, alternatives to surgery, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3125 Dr Heraclio Barria, Hospital Chiriqui, office across the side street from Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X2110, cell 6671-4444. Also practices at Paitilla Hospital in Panama City 269-5222. Very good English Dr José Moreno, specializes in feet and ankles. Swiss trained, excellent English. 204-8587 Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City Dr Juan Carlos Pretto, shoulder specialist, alternatives to surgery, Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X3226, Mae Lewis, 775-3125 x255 http://handstotoes.com/doctores/dr-juan-carlos-pretto-escartin/ Speaks English. Dr Ceferino Gonzalez, critical care, knee specialist, management of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, Chiriqui Hospital, 774-0128 X3226, 6618-6042. Speaks English. PALLIATIVE CARE: Dr Luz Vizuette. Specializes in geriatric care and can prescribe narcotic pain relievers 6612-4293, Mae Lewis Hospital. Speaks excellent English. Dr Bruna C. Chin at Mae Lewis and Regional Hospital. 775-4616. PHYSICAL THERAPY: René Estribí, 6983-3914 Social Security Clinic in Boquete and private practice. rene.estribi@gmail.com Johana Pitti, House calls in Boquete, teaches Physical Therapy and works for MINSA. johapitti@hotmail.com 6469 6434 Jennifer Jimenez, speaks English, 720-3174, 6281-4827 email: chiriquivalleypt@gmail.com. Licensed Physical Therapist: Practices in patients' homes or local area gym. Post stroke neurological recuperation and Aqua Therapy. Clinica de Terapia Fisica y Rehabilitación, Bajo Boquete (adjacent to Clinica Especializada) has two licensed physical therapists: Jessica Bell, 6211-7011, physioelement@gmail.com, will make house calls, excellent English,and Belkys Atencio, 6741-8115 physioelement@gmail.com. PLASTIC, ESTHETIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY: Dr Roberto Tribaldos, Patilla Hospital in Panama City, phone 206-2594, cell 6613-4410. Also practices in David at Chiriqui by special arrangement. Dr Luis Crespo, Punta Pacifica Hospital, 1st floor, Room #163, excellent English, does reconstructive surgery, breast surgery, highly recommended. 204-8481 or 204-8552 PSYCHIATRY: Dr Vejarano, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0218. Dr Ramon de Aguilar Alvarado, Mae Lewis, 775-4616 X 316, cell 6674-6141. Dr Waldemar Oliveros, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3224, 775-5155 PULMONOLOGY (LUNG): Dra Xiomara Nunez, 774-2453 Dr Rafael Rodriguez, Chiriqui, 774-0128, respiratory and internal medicine. 774-1435 or 774-0128 X2245 Cell 6614-8590. Speaks very good English. RADIOLOGY: Dr Jamie Bravo, Sonogram and X ray. RHEUMATOLOGY: Dr Generoso Guerra, Calle 53 in Panama City 340-9977 or 9978, 263-3283 fax X2000, 2003, 263-3464 SPEECH THERAPY: Betty Landis, 6540-7016 SURGERY: Dr Samuel Cattan, surgery and internal medicine, 775-4616, Mae Lewis Hospital. Dra Jossary Prieto, general surgery, Chiriqui Hospital 6151-7808 Dr Erick Miranda Rivera, 775-4616 X257, surgery and coloproctology UROLOGY: Dr Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X2035 Dr Marta Sanchez, 777-2588. Speaks English. Chiriqui Hospital. 777-2588 or 774-0128 X3134 Dr Enrique Aleman, Consultorios Medicos Paitilla 3rd Floor, Panama City 263-2795, 206-2477 (appointments) HEARING AND HEARING AID SERVICES AND PRODUCTS Calasa, Licda. Zuleymis Ortega; Calle 3 era Oeste, Ave H/I Norte, Barrio Manuel Quintero Villa Real, Detrás del Nuevo Banco Nacional de Panamá; Telefax: 774-7101, info@calasapanama.com, zuleymis.ortega@calasapanama.com, http://www.calasapanama.com/index.html Clinica Hospital Cattan, Dr. Diogenes Cattan; Centro Auditivo Widex Clínica Cattan, Frente al antiguo Hospital Jose Domingo Obaldía, 2do Piso, 1er Consultorio a la derecha, David, 775-7099, 775-3553, 6408-3145 Hear4You, brands carried include Alera 5, Crisp, Enzo, Verso 7, Linx 7, Enzo 7, Verso 9, Linx 9, Enzo 9; Hospital Chiriqui, Local #305 y #306, 777-8022, 775-2603, 777-8021; www.hear4upanama.com, www.resound.com, http://saludch.wixsite.com/salud-chiriqui/hear4u HELPFUL PEOPLE INTERPRETER: Lola Braxton, David, $8 per hour, good medical translation skills, 6607-9423 CHIRIQUI HOSPITAL: Maribel Malbonado, Administration Finance, 774-0128 or 6679-0059 MAE LEWIS HOSPITAL: Elsa Herrera, Patient Assistant, 775-4616. She speaks English. KEEP IT SIMPLE PANAMA: Irma Castillo Smith, assists in the coordination of medical issues in David https://www.keepitsimplepanama.com 6716-2843, 6705-9845, infokeepitsimplepanama@gmail.com; $25/hour; the first hour is free (If you are a Rodny Direct member she charges $15/hour). ASK GEOVANA: Geovana Caballero, an advisor, coordinator, information resource, problem solver; 6675-3667, sweetpeppers28@gmail.com, askgeovana.weebly.com PUNTA PACIFICA HOSPITAL: The contact person at Hospital Punta Pacifica now is Brenda Warner de Gibbs. Her direct phone line is 204-8246, e-mail bwarner@hpp.com.pa. She speaks English well and is very helpful.
  14. Chiriqui.Life (CL) has many "nice-to-have" features built into it. One of them is to show the location of an event that has been posted on CL's calendar, using the Google Maps geographical map panel within an event. Because Panama is not as well documented as many other regions of the world, use of the Google Maps is at times difficult to configure properly. The purpose of this Q&A is to document what the more popular location configuration parameters are for various places in the Chiriquí highlands. As an aside, one of the things that the CL staff has been doing over the past several months is to edit the Google Maps application database so that more of the Boquete area locations are configured in its database. Anyone is free to do that, but it can be somewhat daunting to sign up, sign in, and then do it. But if you are so motivated, we would encourage you to do so. Please take note: it doesn't matter what the "official name" of an entity might be, nor what you think the address might be; the important concept here is that Google Maps is controlled by Google, and Google decides how things are called, or what their address might be. What is provided below is what works with Google Maps. If you do not agree with their names or the associated location data, then it is incumbent upon you to take the matter up with Google. We've tried, and failed repeatedly. What follows in the replies to this question in our Q&A forum are the correct parameters to enter for the Google Maps data fields while posting (or editing) an event on the CL calendar. These replies will be added as new locations become configured by Google Maps. CL members can also add replies with these configuration parameters in case we have overlooked something of importance. Note that Google Maps software is very sophisticated. It tries to be intelligent about the names and obvious variants of names, and has an ability to learn (the so-called artificial intelligence thing). Do not be surprised if you find that you are successful in using configuration data other than as outlined below.
  15. We'll be performing well known LIVE Jazz Standards and Hit Songs from the 70's to Present on Wednesday Aug. 30th at: The Rock 6-8:30pm, with your favorite Dance Music, Lights and Dancing on the Patio from 8:30-9:30pm. For reservations: The Rock Restaurant on 11th of April Street, Boquete www.therockboquete.com or call 507-720-2516 Mark your calendars now for 2 Upcoming Holiday Shows at the Rock: Friday Dec. 1 & Wednesday Dec. 27, 2017 6:00-9:30pm DeDe & Larry at the 2016 Rock Holiday Show DeDe Wedekind Recording Academy & Grammys Voting Member “Dream of You”-2016 IMEA ALBUM of the YEAR ! Indie Music Channel's 2016 BEST New Female ARTIST of the YEAR! Be a FAN & get FREE music on ReverbNation. DeDe's Official Website: DeDeWedekind .com --
  16. Radio Chiriqui has changed our broadcast time to 12:00 Noon on Friday, beginning August 25. We will NOT be broadcast at 10:00 am as in the past. This change is due to a series of bicycle races that Radio Chiriqui will be covering live for the next several weeks, in memorial to the founder of the station, Ramon Guerra. It's been a great deal of work by many people, to bring you the weekly show for the past 3 months. We didn't intend for the show to go on this long, but thanks to Linda Sherman, we were able to continue for a total of 14 weeks, through September 1. That day will be our last broadcast of the Listen Up! Expat Radio Hour. We all need a break. Mike Webber's Strange Brew Radio Show will continue at a time to be announced by Mike later. Both Listen Up! and Strange Brew past dates shows will continue to be available on our website, www.listenupboquete.com. We'll keep this site up for as long as possible into the future. So visit the website and enjoy all our past shows. Thanks to all of you who have listened, interviewed, contributed and helped with production. It's been a massive effort by many volunteers and we are eternally grateful. And thanks to all our restaurant sponsors whose commercials were broadcast, and for supporting Panama Red Rum. So Listen Up! at 12:00 noon on Friday August 25 and September 1 to hear our last two broadcasts. Thanks so much for listening. Penny --
  17. The BCP mail service needs to find a volunteer traveling to the U.S. this week (before next Monday) to take a small bag of mail and deposit into any mail box anywhere in the U.S. If you can do this or know someone who can, please email pjbarrett@aol.com --
  18. How God has healed me and others of Cáncer/Como Dios me ha sanado a mi y a otros de Cáncer. In October, 2006, one week after opening the orphanage, a tumor came up in my neck. This tumor resulted in being a high-grade, non-hodgkin lymphoma. I had surgery to remove this tumor, which was originally diagnosed an Anaplastic thyroid cáncer. En Octubre del 2006, una semana después de haber abierto la Casa Hogar, un tumor apareció en mi cuello. Este tumor resultó en ser un limfoma de alto grado non-hodgkin. Tuve una cirugía para remover este tumor, lo cual fue originalmente diagnosticado como un cáncer anaplásico de la tiroide. I went through chemotherapy from January to September, 2007, and due to the surgery had no voice during that time. While taking chemo, a lady at the hospital recommended I take an immune system building product. That product is called Transfer Factor Plus, made by 4Life. I began taking this product (10 pills daily) and did so for over a year. Afterwards I took 3 pills a day. During my chemo treatments I would only be sick for 24 hours and after that I would go back to my daily routine. I only missed church one time during my whole treatment and I even played in our softball league. I know that God is the one that healed me but I always wanted to know if the Lord just did a miracle or used the chemo, the Transfer Factor Plus or the other natural medicines I took. It would take almost 10 years for me to have an answer. Pasé por quimioterapia desde enero hasta septiembre del 2007 y debido a la cirugía no podía hablar. Mientras tomaba la quimeo, una dama en el hospital me recomendó que tomara un producto que fortalecía el sistema inmunológico. Este producto es llamado Transfer Factor Plus, hecho por la 4Life. Empezé a tomar este producto (10 pastillas diarias) por más de un año. Luego seguí tomando 3 pastillas diarias. Durante mi tratamiento de quimeo solo me enfermaba por 24 horas y luego volvía a mi rutina diaria. Solo falté a la iglesia una sola vez durante todo mi tratamiento y hasta jugué en nuestra liga de sofbol. Yo se que Dios es el que me sanó pero siempre quise saber si el Señor hizo simplemente un milagro o si utilizó la quimeo, el Transfer Factor Plus o las medicinas naturales que tomé. Tardaría 10 años el tener una respuesta. The couple in this picture have been in our church since 1998. He is today a Pastor even though he is legally blind. His wife is his "eyes." Silveria became very ill from February to May, 2016, when the doctors finally announced that she had a Stage 4, metastatic abdominal and lung cancer. She was hospitalized and they would only give her morphine for the pain. She was given no hope. I decided it was time to do more than just pray for her so we began purchasing the Transfer Factor Plus with the help of other churches here in Panama. We would sneak 15 pills a day into her hospital room and she would take them. Within 2 weeks a lump had built up on her side and finally broke open and out came puss and blood for the next 2 months. She eventually walked out of the hospital without ever taking any chemotherapy and the picture above was take just a few weeks ago. She is doing very well. I truly believe in this product and if you would like to try it, I am sure you will not be disappointed. 4Life not only produces Transfer Factor Plus, but they also produce products directed to assist in Cardiovascular problems, diabetes, kidney problems, hormonal dysfunctions, liver problems, Detoxification, weight loss and stabilizing your metabolism. Any products you buy using our code will not only benefit you but it will also benefit the orphanage. All proceeds we receive through the sales of these products are being used to help finance our orphanage. We receive about 15% of the amount of money you spend on any product. Our code is: 9496935 If you would like to sign up to purchase 4Life products, you may send me an email with the following information and you will receive your own code to buy it online or at a store near you. Full name Email Phone Address Country Temporary password Once I have signed you up you will receive a code and you can go to www.4life.com and put in your code and password and see the products and place orders. All your purchases will bring a 15% gift to our orphanage. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. God bless you, Byron Willis La pareja en esta foto han estado en nuestra iglesia desde 1998. El hoy día es Pastor aunque es ciego. Su esposa es sus "ojos." Silveria se enfermó gravemente desde Febrero hasta mayo del 2016, cuando por fin los medicos nos informaron que ella tenía un cáncer metastasico en el abdomen y los pulmones y estaba en la etapa 4. Ella estaba hospitalizada y solo le daban morfina por el dolor. No le daban esperanza de nada. Yo decidí que era tiempo de hacer más que solo orar, así que empezamos a comprar el Transfer Facter Plus con la ayuda de otras iglesias aquí en Panamá. Metíamos a escondidas al hospital 15 pastillas cada día y ella los tomaba. Dentro de 2 semanas se fue recogiendo una masa en su costado lo cual rompió y empezó a salir pus y sangre por 2 meses. Ella salió caminando del hospital sin haber recibido quimioterapia y la foto arriba fue tomada hace solo unas semanas atras. Ella se encuentra muy bien. Realmente creo en este producto y si deseas probarlo estoy seguro que no te desepcionaría. 4Life no solo produce Transfer Factor Plus, sino también productos para ayudar en los cardiovascular, diabetes, riñones, disfunciones hormonales, desintoxicaciones, perdida de peso y estabilizar su metabolismo. Cualquier producto que compres usando nuestro codigo no solamente le beneficiará a usted sino que tambén a nuestro orfanato. Todas las entradas que recibimos de las ventas de estos productos están siendo utilizadas para financiar nuestro orfanato. Nosotros recibimos el 15% de la cantidad de dinero que que usted gaste en un producto. Nuestro codigo es: 9496935 Si deseas inscribirte para comprar los productos 4Life, puedes enviarme un correo electronico con la siguiente información y recibirás tu propio codigo para comprar por internet o en una tienda cerca de usted. Nombre y apellido Correo electronico Numero de telefono Dirección País Contraseña temporal Una vez que le inscribo recibirás tu propio código y puedes ir a www.4life.com y poner tu código y contraseña y así ver los productos y hacer pedidos. Todas sus compras darán un dividendo del 15% de lo que gastes al orfanato. Si tienes más preguntas favor contactarme. Dios le bendiga. Byron Willis Missionary Byron and Briceida Willis David, Panama Our mailing address is: Open Door Baptist Church 1212 S. Beltline Rd. Mesquite, TX 75149 Telephone in Panama: (507) 6501-7595--Cel; (507) 775-6639--Home; Email: bwillis@cwpanama.net This email was sent to news.boquete@gmail.com why did I get this? unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences Manna Panama · Las Lomas Chiriqui · David · Panama --
  19. August Animales Clinic

  20. Del 28 de Septiembre al 1 de Octubre II Feria del Libro Boquete 2017 VEN Y DESCUBRE LA II FERIA DEL LIBRO BOQUETE 2017 DONDE ENCONTRARÁS: Venta de Libros por editoriales y Librerías Autores Nacionales e Internacionales Conferencias Cuenta cuentos Talleres Presentaciones artísticas Concurso de disfraces Homenaje especial a la escritora chiricana Milagros Sánchez Pinzón y mucho más... COME DISCOVER THE II BOOK FAIR BOQUETE 2017 WHERE YOU WILL FIND: Book sale by editorials and Libraries National and international authors Conferences Tale story telling Workshops Artistic presentations Costume contest Special honoring to Panamanian writter Milagros Sánchez Pinzón much more... GRAN VENTA DE LIBROS - 2 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2017 9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. Lugar: Biblioteca de Boquete ¡Precios muy bajos! GREAT BOOK SALE - SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2017 9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. Location: Library of Boquete Low prices! Visita nuestra nueva Página web! Copyright © 2017 Biblioteca de Boquete, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to Biblioteca de Boquete Our mailing address is: Biblioteca de Boquete Calle Principal Bajo Boquete Boquete Panama Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list. --
  21. The owners/administrators of the Chiriqui.Life (CL) website are very pleased to announce the release of another audio podcast in the series that is called "Chiriqui.Life Podcasts". These podcasts are produced by Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber, and basically are conversations with the "movers and shakers" in the Chiriqui highlands area. (Note: "Chiriqui.Life Podcasts" is a different series from the "Chiriqui.Life Stories" audio podcasts that are produced by Michael Schwartz and also published on CL.) The subject of this podcast is Chris McCall of the Black Rock Art Ranch in Caldera. Chris is an interesting person who has had many diverse careers. He has traveled extensively internationally, and has talents in photography, real estate, construction, art, computer programming, radio/television, solar power systems, leaded glass artwork, cement artwork, paper making, and you name it. He is an interesting and talented man living among us here in Boquete, but with a penchant for teaching. That is who Chris really is -- a teacher. And teaching about paper making is his current passion. He has a rarely seen philosophy about life that supports his many talents. Podcasts are premium content on CL, which means that you need to be a registered member of CL and logged in. Membership on CL is free, so if you are not already a member, then register and listen to Chris' podcast. If you are NOT already a registered member of CL, then first access CL at Chiriqui.Life and click on the "Sign Up" icon in the upper right area. Then wait for your registration to be finalized (you will get an email to that effect). If you already are a registered member of CL, then and only then may you access this podcast at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/6967-chiriquilife-podcast-16-an-interview-with-chris-mccall-of-the-black-rock-art-ranch/ Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life -- support@chiriqui.life www.chiriqui.life --
  22. REMINDER! Ticket prices for the 2018 Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival 3-day passes increase September 1st. Don't delay! Get your tickets at the Tuesday Market 8/22 and 8/29, or online at www.mieventos.com/event-details/2018bjbf The performance schedule is being finalized. Single day tickets will be available September 1st. See all the latest information at www.boquetejazzandbluesfestival.com --