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  1. The Chiriqui.Life website currently has two (2) different categories of audio podcasts. One of those categories is called Chiriqui.Life Podcasts, which focus on SMEs (subject matter experts) or the "movers and shakers" of the Chiriqui highlands area. Chiriqui.Life Podcasts are produced by the owners/administrators of Chiriqui.Life, namely Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber. Chiriqui.Life Podcasts typically will provide information about one of two different themes: One theme will feature subject matter experts (SMEs) and "movers and shakers" in various fields of endeavor, or owners/operators of entities that may be of interest to the members of this website. The other theme will be community service type subject matter, such as an audio recording of a presentation at the Tuesday Talks series that are hosted by the BCP, etc. The other category of audio podcasts is called Chiriqui.Life Stories, which focus on locals and expatriates who are living an extraordinary life and contributing to our special community. The audio podcasts in the Chiriqui.Life Stories are produced by Michael Schwartz. This topic provides an index of both categories of audio podcasts that have been published here on CL. For both categories of audio podcasts, be advised that: In order to listen to these audio podcasts, you must be a registered member of CL and logged onto the website. Index of Chiriqui.Life Podcasts This is a listing in chronological order of the Chiriqui.Life Podcasts that have been published, including the name of the guest/subject and the date. Chiriqui.Life Podcasts are audio podcasts about SMEs (subject matter experts) and the "movers and shakers" in the Chiriqui highlands area. They are produced by Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber, who are the owners/administrators of this Chiriqui.Life website. The below titles are "hotlinks", which means if you wish to listen to a particular podcast, then simply click on the item of interest. Chiriqui.Life Podcast #01 -- Rodny Direct, Emergency Helpline Service, April 21, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #02 -- BCP Tuesday Talks - Hatstone Lawyers, August 11, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #03 -- BCP's Premiere Performance - Olde Timey Radio Show, May 26, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #04 -- BCP Tuesday Talks - Healthcare Alliance Panama, and We Care Pharmacy, June 9, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #05 -- An Interview with Hank Landis, One of the US Wardens for the Boquete Area, July 5, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #06 -- An Interview with Lloyd Cripe, Boquete's Mr. Weatherman, July 9, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #07 -- An Interview with Dan Porter of Twin Wolf Technology, July 13, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #08 -- An Interview with Bonnie Williams, One of the US Wardens for the Boquete Area, July 21, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #09 -- BCP Tuesday Talks - Irma Smith of Keep It Simple Panama, and Rodny Moreno of Rodny Direct, July 28, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #10 -- An Interview with Dottie Atwater, The Driving Force Behind the Spay/Neuter Clinics in Volcán, August 3, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #11 -- An Interview with Kris Berg of Howling Success K9 Services, August 9, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #12 -- An Interview with Elba Landau, and Her Recollections of the Early History of Boquete, August 14, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #13 -- An Interview with the Management Of The PanaBandas Project, August 15, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #14 -- BCP Tuesday Talks - Betsy Barbeau Discussing VA Pension Benefits Called "Aid and Attendance", August 16, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #15 -- BCP's Second Olde Timey Radio Show, August 21, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #16 -- An Interview with Chris McCall of the Black Rock Art Ranch, August 22, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #17 -- An Interview With the Recently Elected Key BCP Management, September 10, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #18 -- BCP's Third Olde Timey Radio Show, January 27, 2018 Chiriqui.Life Screencast #19 -- Volcan Baru Presentation bg Dr. Paul Myers, March 27, 2018 Chiriqui Life Podcast #20 -- Impact of Immigration on the Future of Panama, the New Relationship with China, and Third World/First World Issues by Dr. Maria Ruiz, May 6, 2018 Chiriqui.Life Podcast #21 -- BCP's Fourth Olde Timey Radio Show, May 11, 2018 Index of Chiriqui.Life Stories This is a listing in chronological order of the Chiriqui.Life Stores that have been published, including the name of the guest and the date. Chiriqui.Life Stories are audio podcasts that focus on locals and expatriates who are living an extraordinary life and contributing to our special community. They are produced by Michael Schwartz with postproduction services provided by Boquete Recording Studios. The below titles are "hotlinks", which means if you wish to listen to a particular podcast, then simply click on the item of interest. Chiriqui.Life Stories #01 -- Mort Rabkin, August 15, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #02 -- David and Leiann Scee, August 22, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #03 -- Elizabeth (Lucy) Farrell de Rios, August 27, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #04 -- Harry Hunt, August 29, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #05 -- Inga Collins, September 7, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #06 -- Mike and Heidi Rehm, September 11, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #07 -- Gabrielle and Patrick Reynolds, September 16, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #08 -- David van Harn, October 27, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #09 -- Susan Clare, December 12, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #10 -- Nina Kieh and Baris Ger, December 25, 2016 Chiriqui.Life Stories #11 -- Dr. Bill McGraw, April 24, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Stories #12 -- Frank Stegmeier, June 25, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Stories #13 -- DeDe Wedekind, July 1, 2017 Chiriqui.Life Stories #14 -- Blaise Dismer, August 29, 2017
  2. Classified advertisements are not one of CL's strong points; advertisements in general require considerable flexibility in managing the content of the ad as well as its lifespan. That is difficult to achieve on CL because of the data architecture that has been implemented and the software that drives CL. The best way to approach classified ad postings on CL is to think in terms of posting a static advertisement, and then all subsequent changes or deletions being handled by the CL management team. There is no cost in terms of money for this service, but there is a "cost" in terms of flexibility. If you wish to post a classified ad here on CL, then please do so, using the guidelines/rules specified in the next section after the horizontal line. Once posted, then contact management at support@chiriqui.life for all follow-up support regarding that posting. Note that the below Forum Specific Rules for classified ads are in addition to the the site-wide general Terms and Rules, not in place of. Postings in this Classified Ads forums are subject to the following additional Forum Specific Rules: Specify in the thread subject or as "tags" whether you are 'offering' (or 'for sale') or 'wanting'. Note that only topics may be posted in these classified ads forums (topics are the lead/first posting in a thread). That means that no one will be able to reply to your topic to ask questions, etc. Even you will not be able to reply to your ad to provide missing information or to correct misinformation. We strongly urge you to post the price of your goods or services. It is a common practice to add the term "obo" (meaning "or best offer") to the price if you are so motivated. Include your contact information in your posting so that interested parties may contact you. Think about the words in item 2 above. Provide your real name, home and/or mobile telephone number, FAX, email address (as a hot link, see Making Hot Links), and possibly a website (also as a hot link). Provide interested parties with at least one method to contact you. Otherwise your ad is wasted energy and resources. Once an item is sold or removed from the market (i.e., no longer available) or no longer desired, contact CL management so that your ad can be deleted. You will not be able to delete your topic yourself. Simply contact a support person at Chiriqui.Life in order to close topic. The easiest way to do that is either to (a) send a PM (private message) to Moderator_02 (@Moderator_02), or (b) email support@chiriqui.life -- in either option specify your Display Name and the specific topic that is to be closed. Normally only the originator of a classified ad (topic) may request that their topic be closed. Except under unusual circumstances, it is strongly recommended that you advertise only one item in each posting. For instance, if you have two cars for sale or two condo units to rent, then post two separate ads, one for each item. That way, when one item has sold or rented and after you request deletion of that ad, then the other ad remains active and working for you.
  3. How to Post An Event on the CL Calendar Sign Out This is a fairly lengthy posting. Please do not be turned off by that fact. Most of the length comes from the numerous screenshots. Posting of an event is not complicated, and shouldn't take more than about two minutes, once you have all of your information collected and access to your online graphics/documents. What Is An Event? In the real world, an "event" is something that happens or is regarded as happening, in other words an occurrence, especially one of some importance; an event is something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time. Examples are a club meeting, a concert, a church service, a national holiday, a fund raising drive conducted on a TV or radio program, a celebratory party, an opening ceremony for a new business, etc. With regard to CL, an event is an entry (a posting) on one of the configured calendars. Why is the Calendar So Important? Why is it important to post events on the CL calendar? CL has a fairly sophisticated calendaring capability. This is important functionality for two primary reasons. First, you get to advertise, publicize, or market your event so that you maximize participation, including by those other than with whom you directly communicate or know. Secondly, by looking at the calendar while planning a future event, you can see what other events are scheduled during the time frame for your planned event. You may wish to reschedule your event if you find that a major event would be competing, thus lowering the likelihood of people attending your event. The Upcoming Events Panel There is a very important advantage for posting events on the calendar. There is a display of upcoming events on the CL homepage, and that display is called the "Upcoming events" panel. The software automatically updates the upcoming events panel to display a maximum of 20 events, in chronological order, and looking for one week into the future. See the below screenshot and pay particular attention to the rightmost area. What this means is that everyone who accesses CL will see the homepage, which includes the upcoming events panel. This panel provides a fantastic (and free) opportunity for event planners to place their event in front of many viewers on an ongoing basis. CL users do not have to go to some obscure or remote part of the website to find out what is happening in the area. Events on the calendar provide the data for the upcoming events panel. How To Access the Calendar The calendar itself is accessed by clicking on the "Calendar" icon in the upper left area of the browse tab while looking at the homepage. See the below screenshot. What will then be displayed is the main calendar dialog, typically showing the current month and all configured calendars. From this window, you will be able to select the time period to be displayed, as well as the style in which it is displayed. See the below screenshot. In the above screenshot, you will see that display option is a monthly period, and that the month being displayed is December 2017. If you wish to view a prior month or a following month, then you may click on the previous and next month hotlinks at the top left and top right of the main calendar display (they are shown as November 2017 and January 2018 in this screenshot). If you wish to view the calendar information in other than a full month display, then you may select the "Week" or the "Day" options in the center below the title. There also is an "Event Stream" option, which we will not discuss in this topic, other than to say that the Event Stream is somewhat similar to the "Activity Stream" for viewing member activity in the forums, blogs, photo galleries, etc. You are free to pursue the Event Stream if interested. How to Create A New Event To create an event, simply click on the "Create event" icon while in the calendar display window, as shown in the below screenshot. The next dialog (see below screenshot) is where you select which calendar is to be used for your event. Note that the calendar functionality on CL is quite robust, and includes the ability to have different specific calendars (to be used for different purposes, or perhaps be viewed by privileged members, such as moderators or administrators). CL is currently configured with five calendars, and such that all calendar events are visible to all authorized users. CL's calendars have been configured for several different purposes. Currently there are five different calendars: Community Events Calendar Repetitive Health, Exercise, Sports, Dance, Hobby Activities Religious and Spiritual Activities Holidays, Festivals, and Fairs Crime Reports Calendar When you click on the calendar selection pull-down selection dialog, you will then see the five calendars currently configured on CL. Regular members may post events on the first three of those five calendars. Only administrators and moderators may post on the last two calendars (and those are grayed out for those not authorized to create events on them). You need to select which calendar to post your event on. For instance, if you are a minister and wanting to post your Sunday church services on the calendar, then you obviously would select the third calendar. Most other events will be posted on either the first or second calendar. The difference between the two (as configured here on CL) is whether your event is a "discrete" event, meaning that it is a one-time event, which would use the first calendar, or if your event is more of a repeating "activity", such as a commercial fitness routine, which should select the second calendar. If you are not clear about which calendar to post on, simply select one, and the moderators/administrators will routinely review and offer advice and/or reconfigure an event. This is not a crisis situation; don't lose sleep over it. The most important and discriminating factor between the first and second calendar options is whether your event is a discrete (one time) event, or a repeating event. Note that the five different calendars display using different colors on the calendar display. This helps users of CL who are looking at the calendar dialog to figure out what kind of events they are looking at. At times there can be many events on one day, and things can get confusing. How To Input the Information That Is Needed to Create An Event Start With the Start Date, Start Time, Stop Date, and Stop Time Fields The first group of configuration data is related to the start and stop date(s) and time(s), as well as if it is a "repeating" event. This is the dialog that will cause the most difficulty. If you just take each step slowly, but knowing what the particulars of your event are, then this is just a clerical function. The reason for recommending going slowly is to get you not to assume that all events fit in the same profile. For instance, some events are "all day long" (e.g., a national holiday) and so have no start or end time (in reality these kinds of events do have a start and end time, but those times are midnight to midnight). Note also that some events actually span multiple days (e.g., Carnival is a multi-day national celebratory period/event). The start date and time data is inputted in the leftmost of the two date/time sections; the stop date and time data is inputted in the rightmost of the two date/time sections. Start with the start date and time, and also respond to the two "toggle" buttons below those fields. If you check the "Single day" button, then the rightmost field will request only the stop time; uncheck the "Single day" button, and the rightmost field will request both the stop date and the stop time. Similarly, if you check the "This is an all day event" then no start and no stop times will be requested. One of, and perhaps the most important field to be configured during entering an event, is the timezone of the event. Refer to the green arrow in the above screenshot. This appears to be a difficult concept for some people to understand. Rather than bore you with unnecessary details, just be sure that the timezone, which is set in the pull-down selection list in the right area just below the date and time entries is set to the "America/Panama" setting. Failure to configure the correct timezone will produce strange/incorrect displays for other users of CL. How To Configure An Event As A "Repeating" Event (If Applicable) The hardest concept to understand is that of a "repeating" event. Take for instance the Team Trivia fund raising event, which is held every other Tuesday at Skateworld. The basic event would indicate the first Team Trivia event, which has a start and end date (which would be the same date), and a start and end time. But then this event is repeated every other Tuesday, using the same start and end times. We will address repeating events in another paragraph or two. Just remember to keep the concept of a repeating event as something totally different from an event that spans multiple days. Configuring a repeating event can be confusing to the uninitiated. There are many variations in how an event can repeat. You enter the repeating configuration dialog by clicking on the Repeating event configuration box; see the below screenshot (see the blue arrow). When clicking the repeating link, then you get another dialog. See the below screenshot. The first parameter to configure for a repeating event is the interval of the repetition. The options are daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The second parameter is the frequency, which is a number. There is a special case if you specify the interval to be weekly, and that is that you can specify which days of the week that an event occurs. For instance, if you have a club meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00AM to 11:00AM, during the month of February 2018, then you would create a new event that starts on February 2, 2018 (which is the first applicable day of the week in February 2018), be configured for repetition per the below screenshot. And results in the following display: One final comment about configuring a repeating event: Please do NOT configure your event to last forever. Doing so will result in an edit by a CL moderator or administrator. CL has a policy of allowing repeating events to be configured for about three months. If toward the end of that time frame your event is still valid, then your event can be either edited to extend the stop date, or reentered as a new event. Simply request assistance from @Moderator_02 or email to support@chiriqui.life. How to Enter The Basic Description of your Event These fields are rather straightforward, and very similar to how one enters the data for a topic or reply. We are not going to repeat those details here, but rather refer you to http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/8125-how-to-post-a-topic-and-how-to-reply-to-a-topic/. Refer to the below screenshot for the fields associated with the basic event description fields. The Remaining Fields that Need To Be Configured There are only a few remaining fields that need your attention. If you would like to include a "Cover Photo", then you can upload it. Be advised that the "Cover Photo" is something that displays behind only the header information in your event, but in several cases this can be very effective at creating reader interest. The most important of those remaining fields is the Location parameter. The Location Field (aka Google Maps Data) The location field essentially is a Google Maps field that results in a graphical depiction of the location of the event. It is not difficult to configure, but baffles many people. This issue of configuring the Google Maps data fields has been made relatively easy as of early 2018. Many of the more common venues in the Boquete area have been "pre-defined", and it is simply a matter of scrolling down a pull-down list of those venues and selecting the appropriate venue. Only if your venue is not one of the pre-defined venues, then we recommend that you review a separate topic here on CL. Simply go to that topic (Click Here for Google Maps Data), scroll down to find your venue, and then copy the configuration parameters directly into your event. Or perhaps you are already familiar with Google Maps and need no assistance. (Optionally) Inserting One Of Your Photo Albums If you have established a photo album, then it is easy to include those photos in your event by invoking the "Album" pull down menu. Most CL members tend to skip over this function. If you invoke this option, then all of the photos in the selected album will be appended to the bottom of your event. The Final Review and Submission of Your Event Go back to the top of your event and review everything. When you are satisfied that you have provided as much information as you can, then click on the "Submit an event" at the very bottom of the window.
  4. Maggie's List (Animal Care Resources of the Chiriquí Province), and Pet Abuse (Issue 1.33, Updated January 13, 2019 with more current list of veterinarians in Boquete area) As a lead-in and related topic, there are legal restraints against the abuse of domestic animals in Panama. For those who wish to read the applicable statute, there is a separate topic here on CL that provides both the Spanish and the English language versions of Panama's Law 70, dated 18 October 2012. Here is a link to that topic: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2442-animal-protection-act-of-panama/ Below are various categories of resources in the Chiriqui Province that (a) support, (b) provide services or products related to, and/or (c) deal with pets. These resources are listed in alphabetical order based on the category name. Some of the listed resources are not located in the Chiriquí Province, but may be of interest to pet owners while in transit or needing pet relocation services. If you have additional resources that you would like to have included in this resource listing or corrections to information found here, please send your suggestions via email to pet.vet.info@chiriqui.life. The recommended method to share this information with others is to provide a URL hotlink for this topic. We request that references to this resource listing include attribution as to the source, specifically meaning the Chiriqui.Life website. The URL hotlink for this resource listing is: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2354-pet-care-resources-of-the-chiriqui-province Disclaimer: The information provided herein is simply a listing of resources. CL does not endorse, recommend warrant, or screen the resources listed herein. It is suggested that you do your own due-diligence prior to engaging any of these resources. ========================== Start of pet care resource listing. ========================== Dog Grooming Boquete Area The Dog Spot Boquete, Roberto Rios, professional groomer, English and Spanish, "Where Dogs Hang Out & Cool People Chill", across from San Francis Church on the main road just past Ivan heading into town, Alto Boquete, 6603-5347, thedogspotboquete@yahoo.com, www.thedogspotboquete.wix.com/go , www.facebook.com/TheDogSpotBoquete Charlies Pet Fashion, Calle 4a Sur, Bajo Boquete, Edificio Don Vidal, 720-1566, 6285-9897, Grooming walk-in or by appointment. Carries pet food to accessories and toys, clothes for most breeds, collars, leashes and barking collars, and specialty dietary foods; willing to order specialty items that are not stocked; hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM but closed during lunch from 12:00 noon until 1:00 PM. Grooming walk-in or by appointment. Clinica y Famarcia Veterinaria San José #2, grooming service by Cesar and Ruby, M-S 8:30 - 4 PM. (some English), 730-9618, 6090-2503; Ruby is an assistant and she speaks good English; see entry under veterinarians for location details Martha Beatriz Miranda, pet sitting, dog walking, also baths and light grooming, 6917-7784, boquetepaws@gmail.com, Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mirandaulate David Area Hospital Veterinario Happy Pet, Dr. Samuel Candanedo, and Dra Patricia Guirardi Candanedo, 6948-1476, 6948-1475, 775-0501, 775-2039, happypetdavid@hotmail.com, Spanish and Portuguese and English; see entry under veterinarians for location details Calle 6ta Oeste , Doleguita Ciudad De David, Chiriqui, Panama Dog Training Boquete Area Jennie Allen, 6446-5830, jensallen94@hotmail.com South of Potrerillos Area Howling Success K9 Services, Kris Berg. Offers dog and puppy training, including all behavioral issues. “Creating a bond between dogs and their owners since 1977.” We are located in La Acequia, which is north of Dolega in between Boquete and David. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM by appointment only. Check out our website or email us for more information. http://www.howlingsuccess.com, www.bravodoberman.com, www.dogfetish.com, fordogs@howlingsuccess.com. 6879-5455. Hotels and Lodging (Pet-Friendly) Note: Pet policies at hotels can change with little or no advance notice; confirm pet policies with a hotel prior to booking reservations. Puerto Armuelles Area Hooked On Panama: Pet-friendly and a nice place to stay right on the beach; not just for fishing although that is their main business; info@hookedonpanama.com, http://www.hookedonpanama.com/, 6485-4124, +1 (888) 733-5368; pets stay free, located in Punta Burica,17 K south of Puerto Armuelles Panama City Area Hotel Centroamericano, 227-4555, Avenida Ecuador 4-24 Esq. Justo Arosemena, welcomes two pets of any size for an additional $10 per pet per night, http://www.hotelcentroamericano.com/english/, ventas@hotelcentroamericano.com Albrook Inn, 315-1789 or 315-1975, Las Magnolias Street #14, Albrook, Ancón, reserva@albrookinn.com, http://www.albrookinn.com/en/, $25 per dog per stay Hotel Riande Tocumen Airport, 291-9013 or 204-4473, resort-2@riandehoteles.com, http://riandehoteles.com/aeropuerto/, we are a pet-friendly hotel, like you we love our pets, but we must establish rules that allow the happy coexistence between the guests and the pets that visit us; when booking a room you must inform us that your pet will accompany you, attach a photograph and tell us the breed, size and weight to assign an adequate room accordingly needs; our facilities allow us to receive pets (cats and dogs only) up to 30 pounds and breeds that are considered friendly; the cost is $ 25 per pet per night, and a maximum of two pets per room is allowed; note that any damages caused by the animal in the room or common areas may result in additional charges; out of respect for other guests your pet should be tied when it transits through the common areas of the hotel; in areas such as the swimming pool, bars, restaurant, etc., your pet is not allowed, unless the dog is for guide or care service; these types of dogs should be reported, and on arrival must submit documentation or license to apply for no charge during your stay with us Le Meridien Hotel, http://www.starwoodhotels.com/lemeridien/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=3259 Volcan/Cerro Punta Area Los Quetzales EcoLodge and Spa, 771-2291 or 774-5555, dogs stay free, stay@losquetzales.com, losquetzales@gmail.com, http://www.losquetzales.com/ Importation / Exportation of Pets (Supplemental Information Resources) This section is a pointer to additional information rather than a service or product. Three documents related to the importation and exportation of pets have been published on CL. For more information about those three related subjects, please visit the following topics: Panama Health Ministry, Department of Zoonosis Control, Information To Introduce Small Animals In The Country: http://www.minsa.gob.pa/sites/default/files/general/information_to_introduce_small_animals_in_the_ountry.pdf; Forms required: http://www.minsa.gob.pa/contenido/tramites-y-formularios Importation of Pets: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2405-bringing-a-pet-into-panama-from-the-usa/ Exportation of Pets: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2406-taking-a-pet-out-of-panama/ Laboratory Services (Specifically Including Pet Samples) Boquete Area Laboratorio Clínico Biomedica, 720-1739, Edificio Doña Andrea, in the same block as Multibank but facing the side street and next door to the Personeria, some reports that they may provide containers/tubes for samples. David Area Laboratorio Dixon, Manuel Dixon, 777-0481, 6664-1581, Spanish and English, laboratoriodixon@gmail.com, analyzes skin scrapings, blood, etc., of animals (note: Laboratorio Dixon is a full-service laboratory that also analyzes other samples, including water, human samples, etc.), if possible it is recommended that you contact the laboratory prior to collecting samples for the proper procedures and supplies to be used for collecting, labeling, storing, protecting, and transporting samples; click here for Google Maps display of Laboratorio Dixon Laboratorio Clínico Biomedica, 774-2164, Plaza Oteima, across the street from Hotel Ciudad de David Frontera, Paso Canoas Area Laboratorio Clínico Biomedica, 6674-7905, 770-5007, Edificio Don Hidalgo in front of the park Pet Kennels, Boarding, Supervised Day Care Boquete Area The Dog Spot Boquete, Roberto Rios, professional groomer, English and Spanish, "Where Dogs Hang Out & Cool People Chill", across from San Francis Church on the main road, Alto Boquete, 6603-5347, thedogspotboquete@yahoo.com, www.thedogspotboquete.wix.com/go, www.facebook.com/TheDogSpotBoquete Dog Camp Boquete, Javier Madge, and Magaly Bustamante, 6143-6385, 6563-8686 (WhatsApp), javierandmagalyhouse@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008412934153, located in Volcancito with a big area, totally fenced and perfect for pets to run free but supervised Panama City Area Mascota Resort Panamá, 6639-9699 or 6857-3942, mascotaresort@hotmail.com, http://www.mascotaresort.com/, essentially a "hotel for dogs", website in Spanish South of Potrerillos Area Howling Success K9 Services, Howling Success K9 Services, Kristine Berg offers cage-free and kenneled dog boarding, behavioral training, basic obedience. Over 40 years of experience. We are located between Boquete and David. Found on Google Maps, Waze, or contact fordogs@howlingsuccess.com http:www.howlingsuccess.com 6879.5455 Pet Photography Boquete Area Javier Madge and Magaly Bustamante, 6143-6385, 6563-8686 (WhatsApp), located in Volcancito, javierandmagalyhouse@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008412934153 Beth Abrahams, bkabrahams@gmail.com My Best Friend Photography, Tania Cabal, 6567-0003, 6205-8162, 730-2992, mybfphoto@gmail.com, www.mybfphoto.com, https://www.facebook.com/My-best-friend-photography-193711314346910/ Pet Related Web Resources Boquete Area Furry Friends In Boquete: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FurryFriendsBoquete/ Panama City AdoptaPanamá, adoptapanama.com, Spanish only Pet Relocation Services Golden Frog, José Saenz (English and Spanish), 6614-7811, jose@goldenfrog.net, http://www.goldenfrog.net/index.htm Panama Pet Relocation, US & Canada Toll-Free 1-888-213-8550, +(507) 223-1598, Worldwide pet shipping services to and from Panama. All kennel sizes. WhatsApp/Local phones: All speak English/Spanish Mario Vilar, 6674-1598 / Paola Angulo, 6316-4953 / Karina Fay, 6619-6964, contact@panamapetrelocation.com http://www.panamapetrelocation.com/ Testimonials at www.facebook.com/panamapetrelocation/reviews; address: Magna Corp Building, Suite 609, Financial District, Panama City, Panama, paola@panamapetrelocation.com Luis Arce, 6536-1179, All around logistics assistance. luistaxi777@yahoo.com Servicarga, in Panama City, for transporting large dogs or other large animals from Panama to other countries; helps with larger animals in 700-sized kennels. Dogs must fly into Miami, and then from there to their final destination. The owner is responsible for getting the animal through customs and onto the connecting flight. Alfredo Amaya is the contact person, phone 6671-0712, email amaya.alfredo@servicarga.com.pa. He is very helpful. Pet Services (Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, etc.) Boquete Area Dog Camp Boquete, Javier Madge, and Magaly Bustamante, located in Volcancito with a big area, pet sitting, dog walking, animal rescue, 6965-9423, 6563-8686 (WhatsApp), javierandmagalyhouse@gmail.com, dogcampboquete@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008412934153 Jennie Allen, dog walking, 6446-5830, jensallen94@hotmail.com Martha Beatriz Miranda, pet sitting, dog walking, also baths and light grooming, 6917-7784, boquetepaws@gmail.com, Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mirandaulate Pet Supplies (Food, Cages / Kennels, Accessories, Medicines, etc.) Boquete Area Mascotas y Jardines, across the street from Heladeria Ana's Sweets on the same street as CHOX and Sr Gyros, Bajo Boquete Pet Boutique, Roberto Rios, across from San Francis Church on the main road, Alto Boquete, 6603-5347, thedogspotboquete@yahoo.com, www.thedogspotboquete.wix.com/go Charlie's Pet Fashion, Calle 4a Sur,Bajo Boquete,Edificio Don Vidal, 720-1566, 6285-9897, most everything you need for your pet from food to accessories and toys, clothes for most breeds, collars, leashes and barking collars, and specialty dietary foods; willing to order specialty items that are not stocked; hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM but closed during lunch from 12:00 noon until 1:00PM. Grooming walk-in or by appointment. Limited vet services by appointment between 2 pm and 5 pm with Dr. Janzel Trujillo. Melo, same street as Romeros, north on left side past the new mercado complex, www.melopetandgarden.com Clinica y Farmacias Veterinaria San José #2, Dr. José Batista, pet food, supplies, and medicines; see entry under veterinarians for location details David Area Melo PET Terronal, 775-6194, 775-6197, on the InterAmerican Highway next door to Pio Pio, across from the Hyundai dealer; Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 8:00PM, Sunday from 9:00AM to 7:00PM, pet-terronal@grupomelo.com, www.melopetandgarden.com, has a large selection of all pet related items, especially including carry-alls/cages and houses, etc. Melo Downtown, in the same block as Tribunal Electoral, on the side of that building on the one-way street leading out of downtown, www.melopetandgarden.com Hospital Veterinario Happy Pet, Dr. Samuel Candanedo, and Dra Patricia Guirardi Candanedo, 6948-1476, 6948-1475, 775-0501, 775-2039, happypetdavid@hotmail.com, Spanish and Portuguese and English; see entry under veterinarians for location details Mr. Dog, Plaza Mallorca (on the main one-way street, across from Radio Megamix), 6543-4944 (Carlos, store owner, Spanish only), 6681-4422 (Joel, the son, Spanish and English), 730-7429 (business line), mr.dogpanama@hotmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/mr.dogpanama/, general pet type supplies, but also has the equipment to make custom engraved metal pet ID tags PriceSmart, for Kirkland brand foods in bulk for cats, dogs, and puppies Novey, a good selection of dog food such as Royal Canin and cat food such as Fancy Feast and flea and tick applications DoIt Center, some supplies, including dog crates Veterinaria San José, Dr. José Batista, pet food supplies, see entry under veterinarians for location details Clinica Vet Don Henry, Dr. Jorge Gomez, pet food supplies, see entry under veterinarians for location details Volcan Area Bodegon has Kirkland brand pet foods Rescue and Adoption Services Boquete Area Salvadores de Animales (Formerly known as ARF, Adoption Rescue Foster) Salvadores de Animales is a non-profit organization committed to the well-being of all companion animals, rescued, abused or injured. We provide medical treatment, fostering and adoption. We ensure all animals find a loving forever home. We dedicate our time through supporting the efforts through education, outreach, community services. www.saldea.org saldeapanama@gmail.com Pets Want Homes: http://www.petswanthomes.com/index.html Dog Camp Boquete, Javier Madge, and Magaly Bustamante, 6143-6385, 6563-8686 (WhatsApp), javierandmagalyhouse@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008412934153, in Volcancito with a big area, totally fenced and perfect for pets to run free but supervised David Area Patas y Pies: patasypiespanama@gmail.com Voz de los Animales: Iris Herrera, vozdelosanimales@yahoo.com, www.facebook.com/vozdelosanimales/ Angeles con Colitas: 6984-1110, angelesconcolitapty@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/fangelesconcolitas/ 4 Patitas: Dina, 4patitaschiriqui@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/4patitaschiriqui/ (predominantly Spanish) Puerto Armuelles Area Voluntarios por Los Animales Puerto Armuelles, contact is Irma Guerra at 6230-3623, Spanish and English; https://www.facebook.com/Voluntarios-Por-Los-Animales-1518793168339370/ but not updated frequently Panama Dog Rescue, Panama Dog Rescue has been operating since 2014 in and around the Portobelo National Park – a beautiful and remote part of Panama on the Caribbean coast. Our main focus is on setting up low cost sterilization clinics in the area as we really believe that a one of the biggest problems is a growing population of animals that are competing for a limited amount of food and shelter. Call, text or whatsapp us on +507 6030 2208 Email us at panamadogrescue@gmail.com Find us on Facebook at Panama Dog Rescue Check out our fluffy pictures on instagram @panamadogrescue Spay and Neuter Services Boquete Area Asociación Amigos de Animales Boquete: http://fadab.org/, sponsors low-cost sterilization services on the last Sunday of the month, for appointment contact Magaly (English and Spanish) at boqueteanimales@gmail.com or 6563-8686 David Area Agnes and Patrick McKittrick: 6674-4842, agnespatrick@cwpanama.net, Spanish and English Puerto Armuelles Area Voluntarios por Los Animales Puerto Armuelles, contact is Irma Guerra at 6230-3623, Spanish and English; clinics occur on the third Saturday of each month; https://www.facebook.com/Voluntarios-Por-Los-Animales-1518793168339370/ but not updated frequently Volcan Area Spay Panama-Chiriqui: muffiemae@gmail.com, http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org, low-cost sterilization services once a month, Dr. Andres Tello is the doctor, for appointments call 6517-8752 (English) or 6891-0999 (Spanish) Veterinarians (Spanish: Médico Veterinario) Boquete Area Dr. Felix "Cuco" Gonzáles, 6588-3039, 720-1700, Spanish, makes house calls, available at night after normal working hours Dra Chely Castillo, 6518-4127, Spanish and some English, participate's in spay/neuter clinics Dr. Jansel Gonzalez-Trujillo, WhatsApp Chat 6593-1567. He has a clinic at his home but works mostly via home visits. Reportedly a good diagnostician. He speaks English. Dr. Roberto Crespo, 6480-7273, Spanish, area north of Boquete, lives in Concepción, vetcon@hotmail.com, house calls only Clinica y Farmacia Veterinaria San José #2, Dr. José Batista, near La Posada Restaurant, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am -12 noon by appointment only. 730-9619, 6090-2503, 6480-7380 (Boquete clinic), 6650-0458 (emergency), Asst. Ruby, 6220-1805, Spanish and English; general medicine, surgery, pharmacy, diets, full service, grooming, pet and medical supplies, 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM Monday-Saturday. well staffed office and vet tech are knowledgeable; see listings under dog grooming and pet supplies as well. Dolega Area (mobile services) Vet-on-Wheels, Dr. César Mendoza, 6908-3833, Spanish and English, mobile vet clinic 24/7, home call vet service, vetonwheelspanama.com David Area Dr. Claudio Garcia, saintfrancishospital@hotmail.com, 6497-9399, 6700-1931 emergency or 730-3630, Spanish, 24-hour clinic (Ref: Martha), near St Francis Church, at the end of Calle Tercera next to Funeraria El Retiro Dr. Contaro, 6560-1158, Spanish, works with Amigos spay/neuter clinics, (Ref: Agnes & Patrick) Clinica Vet Don Henry, Dr. Jorge Gomez, Calle E Norte y Avenida Central, 775-7531 office, 775-7522 home, 6675-3719, Spanish and English, clinic, pharmacy, pet food supplies. Dr. Moisés Lezcano, Calle G Norte, 775-4969, Spanish and some English, 24/7 emergency clinic including holidays, x-ray, lab Hospital Veterinario Happy Pet, Dr Samuel Candanedo and Dra Patricia Guirardi Candanedo, 6948-1476, 6948-1475, 775-0501, 775-2039, happypetdavid@hotmail.com, Spanish and Portuguese and English, Calle 6 Oeste - Doleguita (go Obaldia toward town center, turn left Calle M Norte, left again on Calle 6a Oeste), hours 8:30AM-6:00PM Monday-Friday, Saturday till 3:00PM, closed on Sunday Veterinaria San José, Dr. José Batista, Quinyero Villareal St, 6090-2503, 6480-7380, 730-3329 (David clinic), 6650-0458 (emergency), Asst. Jimmy Gaitán, 6220-1805, Spanish and English (?); general medicine, surgery, pharmacy, diets, home visits for emergencies, full service, grooming, pet and medical supplies, 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM Monday-Saturday although he is in Boquete by appointment only. Clinica Belen, Dr. Pedro Caballero, 775-2998, Cls 3 Oeste y C Nte, Spanish Dr. Eduardo Alexis Alvarez, 775-5028, Ave 2/0 C Sur, Spanish Potrerillos Area Dra Sandy Ullstrup, part time, 6506-2974, English, participates in spay/neuter clinics, is retired, will provide answers/advice by phone only Emilio González, mainly horses and cattle but will take care of dogs, house calls only, egcvet@gmail.com, 6384-6933, Spanish and English, studied and practiced for many years in California USA Panama City Dr. Norman Escruceria, 6677-6785, 217-1310, Spanish and English, comes to Chiriqui for spay/neuter clinics Dra Anabel Herrera, 261-2470, 6604-5145, Spanish and English, comes to Chiriqui for spay/neuter clinics K-Nino, Dr. Miguel Gonzáles Rivera, 236-7131, 260-5748, 6612-6873, Spanish and some English, 24-hour emergency, x-ray Costa Rica (but close to the border with Panama) Dr. Andres Tello, [+506] 8326-5542 cell, [+506] 2783-3396 office, [+506] 8384-7849 home, Spanish and English, will come to the border and take animals to his clinic, operates at the spay/neuter clinics in Volcan once a month, once a month in David, and a few times a year in Boquete. ========================= End of pet care resource listing. ========================= ************************************************************************* Horse Care Information ************************************************************************* ============================== Start of equine care resource listing. ============================== Associations Panama Farrier Association, https://www.facebook.com/wellshodpanama/ Panama Quarter Horse Association, 730-7761 and 6107-5158, Daira Rivera Boarding Boquete Equestrian Center, 6622-9234, info@ridebec.com, Jessica. http://ridebec.com/, horse rescue services when space allows, training and classes, horses for sale, boarding, grooming, tack, and saddles. Equine Adoption, Rescue & Retirement BEC Rescues 6622-9234 Horse Angels, Panama Rescate Equino (co-founded with BEC) facebook group Farriers, Farrier and Blacksmith Supplies Dalander Faust, 6381-7107, deerusmc@gmail.com, US-trained, English, and Spanish. Very knowledgeable in hoof geometry and proper trim for correct foot fall. Barefoot Hoof Trimmers, Hoof Doctor Panama, 6622-9234 (all of Panama) Hoof Doctor Panama (APFA/CPFA, FIA) 6622-9234, hot/cold, normal, corrective, therapeutic to total reconstruction of the hoof. Hard cases and "impossible cases" gladly accepted. Specialty: transition from shoes to natural hooves in just one trim and bump angles up to 11 degrees in just one trim. Specialist in hoof care and maintenance. Tuscon Horseshoeing School, class of '96. References and testimonials. Pauli, shoer in Boquete. He can be found at the corner of building to East of Police Station in Boquete. El Corcel, David. Via Boquete, 2 blocks prior to Interamerican on the left-hand side, just past the gas station. Products: Mustad, Bellota, Derby, Diamond, Heller brands. Horseshoes plain, Hunter/Jumpers, rims. 00-2 sizes. Basic farrier tools for beginner trimmers and shoer Horse Branding Horse Brandmarks MELO, Boquete sells branding irons Horse/Equine Education & Employment Boquete Equestrian Centre (BEC), 6622-9234 , info@ridebec.com, Apprenticeship, working/competitor student position available. Equine Education: seminars, basic-advanced horsemanship classes (certification upon completion) Horse Events Boquete Equestrian Center (BEC), 6622-9234, info@ridebec.com, Jessica. http://ridebec.com/, offers barrel racing, roping, and many other equine sports training events. Horse Veterinarians Dr. Jose Vega (speaks English), 6614-5590, Veterinarian to vet international bound horses Dr. Carlos Nahder, 6614-8166 Medicines, Feed, Hay, and Supplies MELO Boquete Agropecuaria, across from MELO, kitty-corner. Agropecuaria el Semillero, David. (across the street from bus terminal) Agrocet Panama, 6672-4647 Finca La Yeguada, out towards Playa Barqueta Agropecuaria La Rueda, Dolega 776-0709 Agropecuaria, David, 3 blocks past Super Baru and on right-hand side Productos Moreno, compras@empresasmoreno.com Alexis, 6643-2395, delivers good clean hay Mascotas y Jardines, across the street from Heladeria Ana's Sweets on the same street as CHOX and Sr Gyros, Bajo Boquete Rodeo Arenas Pista Rancho, Las Trancas, Alto Boquete Pista La Agropecuaria, Dolega Internacional Feria, David Pista de Las Estrellas, David Pista Los Fundadores, Gualaca Saddles and Tack Boquete Equestrian Center (BEC), 6622-9234, info@ridebec.com, Jessica. http://ridebec.com/ El Corcel, David and Panama City, 6997-8687, www.facebook.com/elcorcelpanama/ High-end horse gear, clothing, etc. Stables, Ranches, Barns Boquete Equestrian Centre (BEC), 6622-9234, info@ridebec.com, Boarding, Lessons, Training, Classes, Clinics, Events, Rodeo, Horses for sale. Indoor riding arena, outdoor competition arena. 5 Star rated Boarding Facility, Volcan, Jose Batista Munoz, 6422-4684. Exceptional care and wonderful facility. Experienced and calm horsemen. Covered dome riding area. Western discipline. Boquete Country Club, 720-3696, Boarding Training, Classes, and Trail Riding Boquete Equestrian Center, 6622-9234, info@ridebec.com, Jessica. http://ridebec.com/ Starting young horses, rank horses, basic and advanced training. Trainers/Instructors Jessica Schrock N.A. info@ridebec.com Cert. 30+ years experience All types of training. Rank horses, additional cost Instruction in all disciplines. $25 group, $35 semi-private, $45 private class 1 hr+.Testimonials and references available. Hacienda La Rafaela, $65 per hour class. https://www.instagram.com/haciendalarafaela/ Transportation/Trailers Boquete Equestrian Center (BEC), 6622-9234, info@ridebec.com, Jessica. http://ridebec.com/, Transport 4 horses, slant load- gooseneck. Bandaged, wrapped, head bumpers, frequent stops, water breaks and free fed. Service to all of Panama and border of Costa Rica. Alexis, 6643-2395, up to 2 horses. Toyota Hilux with rack, Safe and reliable, Spanish only. Toto Gonzales, 6677-9311, medium and large size trucks Yeyo, 6565-3131, 4-6 horses, Spanish only, also safe and reliable. ============================ End of equine care resource listing. ============================
  5. HEALTHCARE RESOURCES FOR CHIRIQUI PROVINCE Version 1.92, July 19, 2018 The information contained in this listing of healthcare resources was originally compiled by Mary Lynah many years ago. Beginning August 2017, this resource listing is now maintained by Doug and Jo Johnson, who are full-time Boquete residents, having retired several years ago from legal and medical careers. Some of the information in this listing is several years old and has not yet been verified by the the new Healthcare Resources custodians. If you discover incorrect, outdated, or missing information, please notify Doug and Jo, and they will research, validate, and then post the correct information on this listing for everyone's benefit. Doug and Jo may be contacted by PM (private message) here on CL using the @Doug and Jo display name, or by regular email to health.info@chiriqui.life. It is strongly preferred that communications with Doug and Jo about this listing not be conducted by postings in this forum or in this particular topic. Please note that not all of the resources listed below are physically located within the Chiriqui Province. Sometimes there are healthcare situations that may require specialized care that is not available in Chiriqui. This listing focuses on the healthcare resources that someone residing in the Chiriqui Province may need, even though it requires travel to Panama City. There is an emergency assistance service in Chiriqui Province: Rodny Direct, which is a 24/7/365 emergency helpline service in English and Spanish, email info@rodnydirect.com. There is a medical group in Boquete which will tend to emergencies that can be solved or stabilized here in Boquete, on/off hours, on weekends, holidays, and weekdays at night. The service activates by calling BOQUETE MEDICAL AND ASSOCIATES (BMA) at 6619-7911 (after hours). Patients will be seen at Clinica Alfa by a local physician. BMA and Keep it Simple Panama have teamed up to offer discounted medical care in Boquete and referrals when appropriate, and a health care advocate service to recommend, find and obtain the best price for health care services (including hospitals) in David. Annual membership fee. Contact Keep it Simple Panama 6705-9845 or visit Alfa Clinica for program details. BOQUETE CLINICS Policlinica, This is the Social Security clinic for Boquete. Located across the street from Fire Department. For Panamanian employees, the clinic is open to expats for a fee. Its hours of operation are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Mondays through Fridays. It has diagnostic equipment like x-rays, EKG and a limited pharmacy. Many Boquete doctors practice there in morning hours. It has an ambulance on the emergency system with the Fire Department and MINSA. Clinica Especializada, 720-2080, 6676-7132 General practice. Across the street from Melo in Bajo Boquete. Previously informally known as "Dr Chen's Clinic", this clinic is run by Dr Josimar Gomez. He speaks excellent English. He is joined by Dr José Valenzuela and Dra Shannon Tuer. All are considered excellent doctors. Prices are slightly higher for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Clinica Valle Boquete, private clinic, no phone. General practice. Across from the street back of the fire station. 7 AM - 7 PM or maybe 9 PM. Several doctors there at various times, some of whom speak English. Dr Yanko Guillen, especially recommended, M-Tu mornings, Th-F aft and eves. Appts are $7.50, $6 jubilado. Ministry of Health Clinic, Mon - Fri, 7 am - 7 pm, next to Romero. Clinica Jhave Rafah, is run by Dra Liliana Boya, family medicine, clinic is across the street from Mike’s Global Grill in Boquete. 6728-3098. Speaks English. Clinica Alfa, next to La Reyna on the main street in downtown Boquete. 8:30 - 12 and 1 - 5:30pm Mon-Sat. 720-2434, 6949-5998 LOS ANASTACIOS CLINIC Minsa Capsi, on the road from Boquete to David in Los Anastacios. 7 am to 7 pm daily (7 am - 3 pm on weekends). 776-1975. PRIVATE HOSPITALS Hospital Chiriqui, David 774-0128 Doctors and specialties at http://www.hospitalchiriqui.com/directorio Centro Medico Mae Lewis, David 775-4616, small hospital, 10 rooms. Clinica Hospital Cattan, David 775-7099, small hospital, 12 rooms. PUBLIC HOSPITALS (for Panamanians or auto accidents if they don’t know where to take you) Regional Hospital (also called the Social Security Hospital) adults: 775-2162 Hospital José Domingo de Obaldia, for obstetrics and children: 775-4222 PHYSICIANS AND HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS BY SPECIALTY ALLERGY AND INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dr Manuel Espinoza Goldman, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X2245 . ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, GYNECOLOGY, THERMOGRAMS: Dr Maximo Pinzon, Panama City, 263-7910, cell 6672-1901 CARDIOLOGY: Dr Alexander Adames, Chiriqui Hospital, 777-8016. 6674-1477. Need appt. Also has privileges at Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City. Speaks English. Dr Norberto Javier Calzada, Cardiologos Associados Panama City, 204-8395, 269-0566, ncalzada@psi.net.pa Dr Domingo Correa, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 2024 Dr Franklin Anguizola, Mae Lewis, 774-2453 Speaks English. CARDIOVASCULAR, ENDOVASCULAR, AND THORACIC SURGERY Dr Jorge Che, Hospital Chiriqui Consultorios #309, Angiograms and Vascular surgery for arteries, veins and lymph. Speaks English.774-0128 X3226, cell 6429-1243. email jorgeche1971@hotmail.com Dr Pedro Escheverria, cardiovascular and endovascular surgery,Hospital Punta Pacific and Clinica Hospital San Fernando,204-8538 office, cell 6670-3335, email pedroemd@gmail.com Dr Chi Shing Man Wan, Hospital Chiriqui, Clinic CINAM 774-1435. Speaks English DENTISTS: Dra Monica Sanjur, Boquete, near Biblioteca de Boquete, 720-1152, cell 6748-0006 Speaks English. Dra Luz Barria-Cruz, Boquete, next to Machu Picchu restaurant, 720-1735 or 6643-5490. Speaks English. Dr Guillermo Arosemena, David, 775-1301, implants, root canals, crowns Dra Magalys Luz, David, 777-4887, 6611-1939, across from Revilla Farmacia about 100 yards past Rodelag Dr Franklin Halphen, David, 775-3344, cell 6673-3563, root canals, periodontics, crowns, etc. Good English. Dr Alfredo Spiegel, David, 775-2683, cell 6614-9087. Dr Karina Granada, David, 6675-9025, near Tambu (Tamurelli) Restaurant Dra Vanessa Lambiz, 6676-5704., Hospital Chiriqui. 774-0124 X2412. Fair English Dr Charly Garcia, Avenida Balboa, Panama City. 264-4380 Dr Juan Carlo Ortiz Hugues, endodontist, across from Emergency at Hospital Chiriqui. Odonto Advance Clinica, 730-7169, good English Dr Ana Ventura, 6076-2284 implants, crowns, Odonton Advance Clinica, good English Dra Patricia Morales, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hospital Chiriqui. 775-2689, 775-2699, 6673-9910. Good English, will perform procedures at Dra Monica Sanjur's office in Boquete as scheduled. Dra Miriam Rodriguez, located in Plaza Mallorca on the Via Rapida in David. 730-2826 6004-0296, speaks some English, assistant speaks good English Dr. Abel Gomez Goff, located in Oteima Plaza in David. 775-6133. Speaks good English. DERMATOLOGY: Dra Deyla Rodriguez de Vergara, Hospital Chiriqui #111, 774-0124 X3056. Can freeze age spots. Skin, hair, nails, facial enhancement 6266-8899. Some English. Dr Armando Mocci, Panama City, dermaclinica@psi.net.pa 269-5222 Dra Karen Zapata Montenegro, Hospital Chiriqui 774-0128, X3225, Speaks English. karenzapata@clinicaflordepiel.com Dr Hipolito Gonzales, Panama City, Patilla Hospital, 269-5222, 263-7977 central lines to the hospital. Ask for his clinic. Dra Dalila Mirones, Clinica Alfa/Boquete Medical and Associates, 720-2434, 6949-5998. Wednesday mornings in Boquete only by appointment. Dra Mirones treats all skin conditions including skin cancer, skin tags, keratosis, rosacea, and skin allergies. She also has an office at Mae Lewis Hospital next door to Dra Luz Vizuette. 730-1952. EAR NOSE AND THROAT (ENT): Dr Alvaro Candanedo, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8011, 774-0128 X2024. Walk in starting at 3:00PM. Dr Carlos A Beitia, Centro Medico Paitilla, Panama City, 6614-6448 cabeitia@hotmail.com, 269-3387, 206-2458 Dr. Mario Grenald Rios, Centro Medico Mae Lewis and Hospital Chiriqui, good English skills, Mae Lewis office direct 775-4311, via Mae Lewis switchboard 775-4616 X319, cell 6227-0068, http://guias21sa.com/dr-mario-grenald-rios/ Dr. Teofilo Camilo Gozaine, Hospital Chiriqui, excellent English, graduate of Creighton University Medical School (Nebraska), Practiced 11 years in the US. 6675-3268. Is also available by appointment at Clinica Alfa on Thursday afternoon from 12:30 - 5:00 pm. (720-2434, 6949-5998). Performs sinus endoscopy, laringoscopy, nose-bleeding coagulation, tympanometry (detects liquid in middle ear), head and neck excisional biopsy, hoarseness study and treatment, vertigo study and treatment, speaking impairments. Dr. Gozaine also has a lot of experience treating skin cancers. ENDOCRINOLOGY AND INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dr Álvaro Pachon Burgos, office in Mae Lewis, 775-4176, cell 6615-2440 or 6714-7784. Diabetes specialist. Speaks good English. Dr Enrique Mendoza, San Fernando Hospital Clinic, Via España, Panama City, Phone 308-6300 (central number) Speaks English and French. drenriquemendoza@gmail.com GASTROENTEROLOGY: Dr Carlos Abadia, Hospital Chiriqui, 1st floor, 774-0128 X3056 or 3085, cell 6616-8406, specializes in Colon/procto problems, laproscopy, good English. carlosabadia17@hotmail.com Dr Enrique Fernandez, Mae Lewis Hospital, Asillo verde #10, Mon – Fri- 3:30 pm to 6 PM, in order of arrival, Speaks some English, 775-5566, 775-4616 Dra Velkys Betia, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616, cell 6690-2236. Also liver specialist. Make sure she understands that she has to handle the insurance forms Dr Jose Mendez, Consultorios Medicos Patilla, Pimer Piso, No 118, Panama City. 263-7977, 269-5222, direct 206-2594*** GENERAL MEDICINE: Dr Rimsky Sucre, Clinica Einstein, Panama City, 264-7110, Via Argentina, El Edificio Einstein #57 GERONTOLOGIST: Dra Luz Vizuette, Chiriqui and Mae Lewis Hospitals, 775-4616 X298, cell 6612-4293. 2D Mae Lewis Hospital, lucyvizuette24@hotmail.com See also Dr Tobon, Internist. HEMATOLOGIST: Dr Carlos Montero, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X2245. Dr Luis Harris Zamora, Mae Lewis Hospital, hematology and internal medicine, after 3:30 pm in order of arrival, Mon,Wed, Fri only. 775-4616, cell 6674-2499. INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Dr Cesar de Gracia, 775-6666, Hospital Cooperativo in David Dr Nestor Sosa, infectious disease expert and director of Hospital Gorgas in Panama City. Dr Blas Camaño, infectious diseases, tropical diseases, venereal diseases, HIV, other complicated infections (fungal and bacterial), and parasites. Offers IV and IM antibiotic treatments as appropriate. 720-2434, 6949-5998. Appointments available at Clinica Alfa Mon-Fri between 4:00 to 5:30. Dr Camaño's wife is his on-site English translator at Clinica Alpha. INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dra Digna Virginia Diaz, Specialist internal medicine and Master of aesthetic medicine. Excellent English skills. Patients by appointment only, 6615-6740. For appointment, call between 12 pm- 7 pm, all days. Home visits may be available. Excellent English. Available days in Boquete: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 2:30 - 5:30 at Clinica Alfa/Boquete Medical and Associates. 720-2434, 6949-5998. She sees patients at several other locations, so she will tell you where your appointment will be. Drivers License and Handicap certificates, Death certificates, Botox, fillers, plasma (aesthetic use), skin biopsies, skin tags, cauterization of keratosis, spider veins, vascular nevus. Pre-operative cardiovascular risk evaluations. Vitamin and Cellular therapy. Dr Alcibiades Arosemena, Internal Medicine and Respiratory Disease. Hospital Chiriqui, 2nd floor, Consultorio #4, 774-0128 X3126, cell 6124-2035 Dr Llerana, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616. Dr Julio Osorio, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Intensive Care, Hospital Chiriqui, Clinic CINAM 774-1435, cell 6693-4642 Dra Ligia Gonzales, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Mae Lewis Hospital, 775-4616 X315, cell 774-5515. She can certify you to get a driver’s license at the age of 70 NEPHROLOGY: Dr Mario Giron, Hospital Chiriqui, office hours from 3PM, 774-0128 X2150. Cell 6625-5723 and 6116-7221. He speaks English, but the receptionist does not. Also certified in internal medicine, but practice is nephrology. NEUROLOGY: Dr Eimir Perez, Hospital Chiriqui and Panama City, 774-0128, cell 6619-4223. Neurosurgeon. Dr Valderrama A, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 2200, 777-8080, cell 6450-4735. Dra Evelia Gomez Wong, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Clinica San Fernando Norte, Panama City, 305-6355 NUTRITIONIST: Bixby Tapiero, available during the day Mon-Fri by appointment at Clinica Alfa, 720-2434, 6949-5998, by appointment at Clinica Especializada 720-2080 or by appointment at Hospital Mae Lewis 777-2325. Excellent English. Jaclyn Castillo, available afternoons Mon-Fri by appointment at Clinica Alfa, 720-2434, 6949-5998, management of diabetes, dislipidemia, gastritis, gluten intolerance, reflux. Does not speak English, but there is a translator at the clinic. OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Dra Irma Araya, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8024, and at Clinca Alfa/Boquete Medical and Associates next to La Reyna on the main street in Boquete. Mondays through Fridays by appointment only. 720-2434, 6949-5998. Pregnancy control, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases. Fetal Doppler, Bartholin's cyst drainage, cauterization of papillomas. Speaks good English. Dra Rubis Perez, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8076, cell 6614-8332, laparoscopy, very good English Dra Yosiy Montes, 774-0128. Some English, Hospital Chiriqui in the tower. Dra Ida Sam Rojas, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3085, 6561-1022. Spanish only but has English speaking assistant. Dr Ariel Guerra, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X 3062. Speaks English. Dr Tomas Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8024 Speaks English. Dra Roxana Salcedo 777-8019, 6617-0660 Hospital Chiriqui, Speaks English. ONCOLOGY: Dr José Fabrega, excellent English, Hospital Paitilla Consultorios Medicos, next to Multicentro Mall, 263-7977, 269.5222, also 263-7977 ext 2358 or 2359 OPHTHALMOLOGY: Dr Adriano Young Leon, Hospital Mae Lewis, 777-2324 or 775-4616, specializes in cataract surgery. Comes to David twice a month. Dr Augosto Arosemena, Patilla Hospital, PC, office 206-2424, speaks English www.eyedoctorpanama.com Dr Marino Rivera, 774-6600, Spanish only. Dr Miguel Wong, 229-2967, 6729-7060, comes to David on weekends. Dra Sonia Gordon, Mae Lewis, 777-4171, 775-4616 X 319 or 317. Dra Mitzi Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128. Dr Roberto Vasquez, Consultorios Medicos Paitilla, 6th Floor, Panama City, 206-2569 (Direct), 269-5222 (Central) Dra Ana Victoria Paz, Retinal Specialist, Consultarios San Fernando, PC, 6618-4337 cell, 264-5155 office, 261-9440 fax Dr Edith Perez de Lopez, Hospital Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Retinal Specialist, 204-8434 or 203-6086, cell 6612-2453. She speaks English, staff not so much. Has retinal CT scanner. retinayvitreo2020@hotmail.com Clinica Yee, a family of ophthalmologists who specialize in surgery, retinology, cataracts, 230-0005, Panama City Dr Ruben Orillac, Ophthalmologist in Panama City. His partner is Dr. Ernesto Calvo. Clinica De Ojos Orillac-Calvo, Balboa Plaza 201-202, phone 269-7475; 269-7476; 269-7477 Dr Miguel A. Molina, eye surgeon in Chiriqui Hospital. 6670-2121, 774-0128 drmiguelmolinavega@gmail.com Speaks English. Dr Juan Petrocelli, Hospital Chiriqui, Tower 3, Office 4, speaks English, Appts 6876-5556, 6568-3335. ORTHOPEDICS AND TRAUMA: Dr Eric Tortosa, Hospital Chiriqui, etortosa@yahoo.com, 6612-6484. Very good English. Dr Arkel Gonzales, Ortho and trauma, specialist in feet and ankles. Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3226, Mae Lewis, 775-3125 x255 http://handstotoes.com/doctores/dr-arkel-gonzalez/ Speaks English. Dr Donaldo Baez. Speaks some English. Trauma, orthopedics, arthroscopy, joint replacement, knee surgery. Hospital Chiriqui 777-8085 or 774-0128, Centro Medico Mae Lewis 774-4600 Cell: 6618-7534, dabaez@hotmail.com Dr Victor Rivera Man, Consultorio #6, Hospital Chiriqui, 777-8037, 6619-7497, personal cell 6618-4010. Good English. Dr Martin Solis Giron, alternatives to surgery, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3125 Dr José Moreno, specializes in feet and ankles. Swiss trained, excellent English. 204-8587 Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City Dr Juan Carlos Pretto, shoulder specialist, alternatives to surgery, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3226, Mae Lewis, 775-3125 x255 http://handstotoes.com/doctores/dr-juan-carlos-pretto-escartin/ Speaks English. Dr Ceferino Gonzalez, critical care, knee specialist, management of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3226, 6618-6042. Speaks English. Evelio Camaño, trauma surgery, knee replacements, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 x2235. Not much English, but daughter is excellent real-time translator. Dr Luis Cuesta, orthopedic surgery, Friday mornings only at Clinica Alfa by appointment. 720-2434, 6949-5998. Ingrown toenail, Hyaluronic acid to treat knees, joint infiltration. Electrocauterization. PALLIATIVE CARE: Dr Luz Vizuette. Specializes in geriatric care and can prescribe narcotic pain relievers 6612-4293, Mae Lewis Hospital. Speaks excellent English. Dr Bruna C. Chin at Mae Lewis and Regional Hospital. 775-4616. PEDIATRIACS: Dr. José Jaen, Pediatrician, Afternoons Wed-Fri at Clinica Alfa by appointment. 720-2434, 6949-5998. Does not speak English, but there is a translator on-site. PHYSICAL THERAPY: René Estribí, 720-2434, 6949-5998 rene.estribi@gmail.com Social Security Clinic in Boquete, The Haven, and also at Clinica Alfa Monday - Friday only by appointment. 720-2434, 6949-5998. Speaks good English. Offers tape therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation for pain management, post-op, lumbosciatica, scoliosis, rehabilitation, and strength therapy. Johana Pitti, House calls in Boquete, teaches Physical Therapy and works for MINSA. johapitti@hotmail.com 6469 6434 Jennifer Jimenez, speaks English, 720-3174, 6281-4827 email: chiriquivalleypt@gmail.com. Licensed Physical Therapist: Practices in patients' homes or local area gym. Post stroke neurological recuperation and Aqua Therapy. Clinica de Terapia Fisica y Rehabilitación, Bajo Boquete (adjacent to Clinica Especializada) has two licensed physical therapists: Jessica Bell, 6211-7011, physioelement@gmail.com, will make house calls, excellent English Belkys Atencio, 6741-8115 physioelement@gmail.com. PLASTIC, ESTHETIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY: Dr Roberto Tribaldos, Patilla Hospital in Panama City, phone 206-2594, cell 6613-4410. Also practices in David at Chiriqui by special arrangement. Dr Luis Crespo, Punta Pacifica Hospital, 1st floor, Room #163, excellent English, does reconstructive surgery, breast surgery, highly recommended. 204-8481 or 204-8552 PODIATRISTS: Dr Lorena, on Main Street in Bajo Boquete. Also available at The Haven. Speaks some English WhatsApp 6843-8122 PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS Dr Yanko Guillen, General Physician and Occupational Health, Clinica Alfa, Boquete, 720-2434, 6949-5998. Primary care and follow-up. Health control and health certificates, death certificates, and makes house calls. MAPA (24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring), EKGs, electrocautery for superficial lesions, and capillary glucose (for diabetes). Speaks good English. Monday through Saturday (except for Wednesday) 3:00-5:00 pm. Walk-ins welcome. Dra Liliana Boya, Clinica Jhave Rafah, Boquete 6728-3098. Primary care and follow-up. Family medicine. Speaks good English. Dra Sue King Loo, Clinica Alfa 720-2434, 6949-5998. Primary care and follow-up, obesity and overweight treatment, high blood pressure treatment and management, health certificates, annual health checkups. MAPA (24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring), EKGs, and capillary glucose (for diabetes). After hours phone: 6619-7911. Speaks good English. Dr Josimar Gomez, Clinica Especializada, Boquete 6676-7132, Primary care and emergency care. Speaks excellent English. Also Dr José Valenzuela and Dra. Shannon Tuer at this same clinic location. Dra. Nelly Quiroz, Clinica Alfa, Monday to Friday only by appointment (rotating schedule). 720-2434, 6949-5998, General physician and Master of Diabetes Management. Diagnosis, control and prevention of complications associated with diabetes. Can provide Health Certificates and Death Certificates. EKGs, electrocautery for superficial lesions, and capillary glucose (for diabetes). Speaks good English. PSYCHOLOGY: Alma Rivera, Psychologist, available at Clinica Alfa Mon-Fri by appointment 720-2434, 6949-5998. Treats anxiety, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, phobias, stress management. Adalena De Leon, available at Clinica Alpha Mon-Fri by appointment 720-2434, 6949-5998. Treats anxiety, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, phobias, stress management. PSYCHIATRY: Dr Vejarano, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0218. Dr Ramon de Aguilar Alvarado, Mae Lewis, 775-4616 X 316, cell 6674-6141. Dr Waldemar Oliveros, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X3224, 775-5155 PULMONOLOGY (LUNG): Dra Xiomara Nunez, 774-2453 Dr Rafael Rodriguez, Pacifica Plaza in David. Affiliated with Todo Salud. 730-4290 Speaks very good English. Dr Humberto Juan Serrud, Hospital Chiriqui, Consultario 17, Cell 6770-2537 RADIOLOGY: Dr Jamie Bravo, Sonogram and X ray. RHEUMATOLOGY: Dr Generoso Guerra, Calle 53 in Panama City 340-9977 or 9978, 263-3283 fax X2000, 2003, 263-3464 SPEECH THERAPY: Betty Landis, 6540-7016 SURGERY: Dr Samuel Cattan, surgery and internal medicine, 775-4616, Mae Lewis Hospital. Dra Jossary Prieto, general surgery, Chiriqui Hospital 6151-7808 Dr Erick Miranda Rivera, 775-4616 X257, surgery and coloproctology Dr Mariela Hustado, general surgery and bariatric surgery, Hospital Chiriqui 774-0128 X3126, 777-8071. Dr. Hustado is also available at Clinica Alpha Wed-Fri by appointment only 720-2434, 6949-5998. Laproscopic Deep tissue biopsies (thyroid, adenopathies, muscle, breast) Gall bladder stones, appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, hernias. Bariatric surgery will be performed at hospitals in David. Limited English. UROLOGY: Dr Arias, Hospital Chiriqui, 774-0128 X2035 Dr Marta Sanchez, 777-2588. Speaks English. Chiriqui Hospital. 777-2588 or 774-0128 X3134 Dr Enrique Aleman, Consultorios Medicos Paitilla 3rd Floor, Panama City 263-2795, 206-2477 (appointments) HEARING AND HEARING AID SERVICES AND PRODUCTS Calasa, Licda. Zuleymis Ortega; Calle 3 era Oeste, Ave H/I Norte, Barrio Manuel Quintero Villa Real, Detrás del Nuevo Banco Nacional de Panamá; Telefax: 774-7101, info@calasapanama.com, zuleymis.ortega@calasapanama.com, http://www.calasapanama.com/index.html Clinica Hospital Cattan, Dr. Diogenes Cattan; Centro Auditivo Widex Clínica Cattan, Frente al antiguo Hospital Jose Domingo Obaldía, 2do Piso, 1er Consultorio a la derecha, David, 775-7099, 775-3553, 6408-3145 Hear4You, brands carried include Alera 5, Crisp, Enzo, Verso 7, Linx 7, Enzo 7, Verso 9, Linx 9, Enzo 9; Hospital Chiriqui, Local #305 y #306, 777-8022, 775-2603, 777-8021; www.hear4upanama.com, www.resound.com, http://saludch.wixsite.com/salud-chiriqui/hear4u HELPFUL PEOPLE INTERPRETER: Lola Braxton, David, $8 per hour, good medical translation skills, 6607-9423 CHIRIQUI HOSPITAL: Maribel Malbonado, Administration Finance, 774-0128 or 6679-0059 MAE LEWIS HOSPITAL: Elsa Herrera, Patient Assistant, 775-4616. She speaks English. KEEP IT SIMPLE PANAMA: Irma Castillo Smith, assists in the coordination of medical issues in David https://www.keepitsimplepanama.com 6716-2843, 6705-9845, infokeepitsimplepanama@gmail.com; $25/hour; the first hour is free (If you are a Rodny Direct member she charges $15/hour). Also assists under the Boquete Medical and Associates membership plan. ASK GEOVANA: Geovana Caballero, an advisor, coordinator, information resource, problem solver; 6675-3667, sweetpepper28@gmail.com, askgeovana.weebly.com PUNTA PACIFICA HOSPITAL: The contact person at Hospital Punta Pacifica now is Brenda Warner de Gibbs. Her direct phone line is 204-8246, e-mail bwarner@hpp.com.pa. She speaks English well and is very helpful.
  6. http://www.panamatoday.com/economy/flow-foreign-direct-investment-drops-17-panama-between-january-and-march-7162
  7. This is another in a series of audio podcasts by Chiriqui.Life. This podcast is an audio recording of the fourth in a planned series of Olde Timey Radio Shows to be produced by BCP. This performance was recorded live at the BCP Theater and Event Center on April 21, 2018. To view the event announcement, please visit: To listen to this performance of the Olde Timey Radio Show, click below on the white, right-pointing triangle (arrow) on top of an orange circular background. If you see two options below, we recommend using the "Listen in browser" option as opposed to the "Play on SoundCloud" option. This podcast is 1h 43m 47s duration. If you would like to provide feedback about this podcast, or discuss other matters related to this podcast series, please either reply to this posting, or send CL Staff a private message (@Moderator_02 is the correct display name to communicate with), or email to support@chiriqui.life. If you would like to share this podcast with family and friends, simply provide them the following URL, but remember that CL membership is required to view this content: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/9383-chiriquilife-podcast-21-bcps-fourth-olde-timey-radio-show/ Audio and recording services by Phil Bennett. Postproduction by Boquete Recording Studio. All rights reserved.
  8. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/opinion-panamas-perverted-justice-system
  9. Introduction After the usual announcements at the beginning of the weekly BCP Tuesday Morning Meetings on March 27th, 2018, emcee Sheila Strunk introduced Dr. Paul Myers for this well-attended presentation about Volcan Baru. Dr. Myers had given this same presentation earlier this year, and it was a standing room only audience, with people trying to get into the theater but not able to do so for space reasons. Accordingly, Dr. Myers was approached about doing a repeat presentation so that others could hear his presentation. Again at this second briefing about Volcan Baru it was a packed audience.This time, however, his presentation was recorded for posterity. This posting provides access to the recording of his presentation. Here is the meeting announcement of his repeat presentation as posted on CL: Contact Information Dr. Paul Myers, email paul.myers600@gmail.com Presentation Materials Click Here to download a PDF version of the presentation materials used by Dr. Myers. Notice: this file is approximately 4.75MB in size, and so it may take a bit of time to download to your computer. Video Screencast To view the screencast of Dr. Myers' presentation, simply click on the below graphical link. The video screencast is 1 hour 10 minutes 9 seconds duration. If you wish to view this video in full screen mode, click on the square full screen icon in the lower right of the screen (use your "ESC" key to return to regular screen display mode). If you would like to provide feedback about this screencast, or discuss other matters related to this multimedia series here on CL, please either reply to this posting, or send CL Staff a private message (@Moderator_02 is the correct display name to communicate with), or email to support@chiriqui.life. If you would like to share this podcast with family and friends, simply provide them the following URL, but remember that CL membership is required to view premium content on CL: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/9127-chiriqui-life-screencast-19-volcan-baru-presentation-by-dr-paul-myers/
  10. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/only-33-trust-panama-government-oecd
  11. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/hearing-begins-into-jail-system-corruption
  12. After careful assessment of all information posted here and user feedback, and striving to remain true to the purpose of this website, some postings in this topic have been removed and this topic has been unlocked. Facts and commentary about such facts are welcomed here, providing that people are neither attacked nor vilified.
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    Pig Roast at Big Daddy's

    Join Rotary to Raise Funds for Boquete Students Scholarships The Rotary Club of Boquete is holding a fundraiser at Big Daddy’s to raise funds for our scholarship programs for deserving students. Please come and enjoy a delicious dinner of succulent roasted pork from 5 PM on Wednesday, August 23rd. Give back to your community while enjoying the warm atmosphere and delicious food at Big Daddy’s Restaurant. ONLY $12 FOR A GREAT MEAL AND A GOOD PURPOSE --
  14. We attended this performance of the BCP Olde Timey Radio Show. What a treat it was. It was a nearly full auditorium, and the feedback we heard both during the intermission and post-performance chats was nothing but praise and appreciation. This was the third "episode" of BCP's Olde Timey Radio Show, and this was the best one yet. We heard and saw nothing that could be faulted. Hats off to the performers and the staff and crew that made this such a success. Here are some pictures taken during the performance: Mike Schwartz in his role as the emcee. The Spoon Full Blues Gang with Lee Sullivan on the saxophone. David Phillips on keyboard playing one of his original compositions. The sponsor's "wig skit" Michael Cooper on guitar. The Great Schwartz-o From the East reading sealed envelopes. Juan Pablo (from Venezuela) on guitar. Boquete Script Readers Group regarding "cheap airplane flights". Dan Curtis singing two songs (At Last, and What A Wonderful World). Dan McDonald from the Boquete Script Readers Group reading about the Thanksgiving "Pill". David Phillips playing another of his keyboard compositions. The "Quiz" with two people from the audience - Louise and Donny. Another sponsor's advertisement for Uncle Floyd and the Mobil Pet Store. Juan Pablo on guitar doing another number. The Boquete Script Readers Group talking about the invention of a new coffee machine. Spoon Full of Blues Gang doing another number. Curtain call. And finally, Phil Bennett, audio tech par excellence, who pulled everything together (having rehearsed in the dark with no electricity).
  15. This is another in a series of audio podcasts by Chiriqui.Life. This podcast is an audio recording of the third in a planned series of Olde Timey Radio Shows to be produced by BCP. This performance was at the BCP Theater and Event Center on January 27, 2018. To view the event announcement, please visit: To listen to this performance of the Olde Timey Radio Show, click below on the white, right-pointing triangle (arrow) on top of an orange circular background. If you see two options below, we recommend using the "Listen in browser" option as opposed to the "Play on SoundCloud" option. This podcast is 1h 27m 18s duration. If you would like to provide feedback about this podcast, or discuss other matters related to this podcast series, please either reply to this posting, or send CL Staff a private message (@Moderator_02 is the correct display name to communicate with), or email to support@chiriqui.life. If you would like to share this podcast with family and friends, simply provide them the following URL, but remember that CL membership is required to view this content: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/8445-chiriquilife-podcast-18-bcps-third-olde-timey-radio-show/ Audio and recording services by Phil Bennett. Postproduction by Boquete Recording Studio. All rights reserved.
  16. The correct Google Maps hotlink to Restaurante Unplugged in David is Unplugged Gastropub. Note that Google says the official name is Unplugged Gastropub.
  17. We are extremely pleased to be able to update CL's basic configuration to now display a new masthead photo of "Proud Panamanian Culture on Parade". The photography is by Larry Wilkinson. Thank you, Larry.
  18. The Clubhouse (at the BCP Theater and Event Center): Note: the word Jaramillo must be included in the city field, at least for the immediate future because of Google Maps requirements.
  19. Chiriqui.Life (CL) has many "nice-to-have" features built into it. One of them is to show the location of an event that has been posted on CL's calendar, using the Google Maps geographical map panel within an event. Because Panama is not as well documented as many other regions of the world, use of the Google Maps is at times difficult to configure properly. The purpose of this Q&A is to document what the more popular location configuration parameters are for various places in the Chiriquí highlands. As an aside, one of the things that the CL staff has been doing over the past several months is to edit the Google Maps application database so that more of the Boquete area locations are configured in its database. Anyone is free to do that, but it can be somewhat daunting to sign up, sign in, and then do it. But if you are so motivated, we would encourage you to do so. Please take note: it doesn't matter what the "official name" of an entity might be, nor what you think the address might be; the important concept here is that Google Maps is controlled by Google, and Google decides how things are called, or what their address might be. What is provided below is what works with Google Maps. If you do not agree with their names or the associated location data, then it is incumbent upon you to take the matter up with Google. We've tried, and failed repeatedly. What follows in the replies to this question in our Q&A forum are the correct parameters to enter for the Google Maps data fields while posting (or editing) an event on the CL calendar. These replies will be added as new locations become configured by Google Maps. CL members can also add replies with these configuration parameters in case we have overlooked something of importance. Note that Google Maps software is very sophisticated. It tries to be intelligent about the names and obvious variants of names, and has an ability to learn (the so-called artificial intelligence thing). Do not be surprised if you find that you are successful in using configuration data other than as outlined below. Note that in all cases that the ZIP/Postal Code field is blank. If you input anything in the ZIP/Postal Code field, then it is highly likely that your Google Maps display will be a world map, indicating a failed configuration.
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    Martyr's Day

    Martyr's Day, also known as Memorial Day and Duelo Nacional.
  21. New Year's Day
  22. How To Reply With Citations to Multiple Postings Within A Topic The prior reply discusses how to cite one posting in a topic. This reply discusses how to cite multiple postings from within the same topic. This is NOT an option that is frequently used, but the functionality is available for you to use when needed. The primary difference between citing one posting and citing multiple postings is the button that you use to specify/select citation(s). The "Quote" button is used to cite only one posting. Note that immediately to the left of the "Quote" button is a "+" icon. Once a posting has been selected with the "+" sign, it then changes to a check mark. See the below screenshot. The only differences between a single citation and multiple citations are: the button to click to indicate which posting(s) are to be cited, and the need to click on the execution link in the lower right of your screen, which is to be done after you have selected all of the relevant postings. There is no limit to the number of postings that can be cited, other than up to the total number of postings within that topic.
  23. How To Post A Topic What is a "topic"? Content on CL is generally contained in "topics", which are nothing more than a list of at least one posting with a title, and all posting(s) addressing one subject (as stated in the title). If a member wishes to respond to a topic, then they will submit a posting that is associated with the original posting. The first posting in this sequence is called the "Topic", and all subsequent posting(s) are called "Replies". Only registered CL members who are logged into CL may post any content. Step 1: Select The Appropriate Category and The Appropriate Forum First, you need to select which forum is most appropriate for your topic. Be advised that CL's forums are organized in five categories, and those five categories contain "forums" ("folders" or "buckets") that identify the subject for each forum, typically listed in alphabetical order. The five categories are shown in the below screenshot. To "open" up a category, click on the left-pointing triangle on the far right side of each category name (inside the appropriate red circle); the left-pointing triangles are toggles, which means that they "open" and "close" the categories. Most postings, in general, should be posted in the first category, which is called "Topical Forums (Non-commercial Postings About Life in Chiriquí)". Open up that category, and then select the appropriate forum for your subject matter. For example, if you have a question about how to open a bank account; you should select the "Banking, Currency, Safety Deposit Boxes, etc." forum. To "select" that forum, just click on its title. Step 2: Start Your New Topic To start a new topic, click on the "Start new topic" icon in the upper right of the appropriate forum based on your subject matter. See the below screenshot. Step 3: Populate (Fill In) the Required Fields for Your New Topic Step 3.1: The Title of Your Topic The "Create New Topic" window then opens. See the below screenshot. Note that you have only a few fields to enter information. The first field is the Title of your topic, and that field must be filled in. Be as descriptive as possible. Step 3.2: Optionally Enter a "Tag" For Your Topic You optionally may enter a "tag" or "tags" for your topic. Quoting Wikipedia: "In information systems, a tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an Internet bookmark, digital image, database record, or computer file). This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are generally chosen informally and personally by the item's creator...". If you choose to enter a tag, then you terminate the tag by typing a comma (","). Tags on CL are converted to all lower case letters, and cannot exceed 60 characters. It is best to use short word(s) rather than long phrases for tags. Step 3.3: Enter the Main Content For Your Topic The main work in posting a topic is the main content that goes into the big box. Here you can enter whatever you wish, and by using the tools in the toolbar at the top of that dialog you are able to format the content. Font, font size, bolding of text, underlining, italics, unordered (bulleted) lists, numbered lists, justification, etc., are just some of the options available for your content. Step 3.4: Upload and Embed Any Attachments If you wish to include pictures (JPGs, etc.), PDFs, Word documents, etc., in your posting, then upload it (them) using the "choose files" link. Once the files are uploaded, then you insert/embed them into your posting, one at a time, by placing the cursor where you wish to place the item, then clicking on that small thumbnail image in the "Uploaded Images" area. Step 4: Select Whether You Wish To Be Notified If Someone Replies to Your Topic Then select whether you wish to be notified if someone replies to your topic. If you later change your mind, you may go back into your topic, and select the "Follow" option in the upper right corner of your topic. If you do "follow" a topic, then you will receive a "notification" (and optionally an email) whenever there is activity on your topic. Step 5: If Necessary, Edit Your Topic Be advised that once you have submitted (posted) your new topic that you have a 15 minute grace period in which to edit your posting. Suppose that you find a misspelled word after you submit your topic. Look for the "edit" link in the lower left of your topic. Clicking there will open up the same text entry/editing functionality. You will NOT be able to delete your posting, but you will be able to edit it. After the 15 minute grace period expires, then your posting is locked. If you need to edit (or delete?) your posting after expiration of the grace period, then send a PM (private message) to @Moderator_02 or an email to support@chiriqui.life.