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  1. Thanks, Bonnie. Perhaps I should be less polite in the future and more of a curmudgeon. I'll try to do better. On the other hand, I was taught by my parents that honesty and politeness (in that order) are important personal traits -- for everyone.
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  4. Maggie's List (our pet care resource listing) shown above was updated today to Issue 1.15 with the incorporation of the information provided by Judy. Servicarga was added to the Pet Relocation Services category. Thank you, Judy.
  5. Check out: And thanks for your feedback. We do listen.
  6. Thank you for posting this inportant information. I repaired your link to the BJBF website. There was a typo that caused the link to fail. Also those interested in downloading the PDF need to know that CL membership is required to download anything. It doesn't cost anything to register, but membership is required (it is just the way our software works). Best wishes for a successful event. I hear a lot of "buzz" around town that people are excited about this event.
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  8. I believe there is a significant date error in this posting. Their words say the event is on Friday, February 4th, but February 4th is a Saturday. Their graphics say the event is on Friday, February 3rd. Note also that this event has been posted on the CL calendar for Friday, February 3rd. My guess is that this is a simple clerical mistake and that the event really will occur on Friday, February 3rd, but then who knows for sure. Perhaps someone involved in the management of this event could clarify.
  9. Welcome aboard, even if only intermittently.
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    Posting here to re-queue this event in the activity stream because a lot of additional information has been added to the event details.
  11. This is a minor correction of my prior posting on this subject of the organization of topics related to corruption and fraud here on CL. There actually are four (not three) topics related to corruption and fraud. Apologies for omitting the Mossack Fonseca topic. The four are: related to Mossack Fonsenca and the so-called Panama Papers [at] related to former President Martinelli, his family and close friends [at] related to Odebrecht [at] related to all other investigations and prosecutions, labelled "miscellaneous" [at]
  12. Maggie's List (our pet care resource listing) shown above was updated today to Issue 1.14 with updated services provided and contact information for Martha Beatriz Miranda in the Pet Services category, and also now listed in the Dog Grooming category.
  13. ¡ Fantastico ! Muchas gracias.
  14. MarieElaine, You might wish to try again using the corrected email address as shown here: Note that I corrected the error in Keith's posting, which was not his fault, but rather an error on the radio station website ( itself. Also, their website shows other contact information under the "contact us" tab.
  15. Shavuot, known as the Feast of Weeks in English and as Pentecost in Ancient Greek, is a Jewish holiday that occurs on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan (may fall between 14 May–15 June).