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  1. Teaser here. We are working on a podcast that discusses farm raised fish, among other subjects. The podcast should go public within a couple of days. My take is that farm raised fish will only continue to grow in importance, given that demand continues to go up (increasing population) and supply declines (oceans being fished out and the regulatory environment becoming more aggressive). Stay tuned here on CL as it was a good interview that Mike did.
  2. until

    Corrected. Probably a timezone error on the computer used to post this event. I have sent a PM to the originator.
  3. A good idea. Now to figure out how to implement using our software. Give us a bit of time to research some options.
  4. Maggie's List (our pet care resource listing) shown above was updated today to Issue 1.16 with expanded location information for Laboratorio Dixon. We have chosen to use a hotlink to Google Maps for a graphical display of the location for this laboratory.
  5. I refer you to Rule #17 (see These kinds of matters are routinely handled by the CL Staff. Simply send a PM (private message) to @Admin_01 (that is a hotlink, click on it and then click on the message icon), and identify which posting and what is to be changed.
  6. Hotel Finca Lérida Coffee Plantation and Finca Lérida Note: Google Maps has two entries for what is commonly referred to as "Fiinca Lérida". One is for the restaurant and one for the lodging. Either one of these will normally be sufficient for location data, however, the vast majority of people think of Finca Lérida as meaning the "Hotel Finca Lérida Coffee Plantation" because that is where the restaurant is located. If in doubt, we recommend that you use the Hotel Finca Lérida Coffee Plantation entry.
  7. Seasons Restaurant Note: this entry is specifically for Seasons Restaurant, which is separate from the entry for Lucero Golf and Country Club (see above). To add the additional line for the "Carretera La Estrella" part of the address, simply click on the "+" sign to the right of these fields.
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    At one point we (Moderator and Admin) had a discussion about breaking out the stocks* as a form of punishment. ______ *If you do not know what stocks are, check out
  9. until

    As Admin, I will chastise the Moderator for making such a blunder. I have edited the Moderator's comment to correctly indicate 211,000, as opposed to the 211 million that he reported. Shame on him, and thank you for catching his blunder!!
  10. until

    VPanama's issued has now been resolved.
  11. until

    I make the same request of you that I made of MBA2wikde: send a PM with a phone number and we will help diagnose the problem. Before posting these kinds of documents they are fully tested using different browsers and different machines, etc. Obviously something is broken, but we have no way of knowing without diagnosing it.