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  1. We are being led to believe there now may be some kind of an "alliance" or an "affiliation" (but not a "merger") between Keep It Simple Panama" (Irma Smith) and Boquete Medical and Associates (Dra. Digna Diaz and her associates at Clinica Alfa). Doug and Jo are needing time to better understand how to document and represent this new "arrangement" between two of our healthcare resources in the Chiriqui highlands area.
  2. Not sure how to interpret your reply. First blush is that you are saying that CL is giving preference to Boquete Medical Associates. If such preference is what you are trying to say, then you are incorrect. CL is NOT a sponsored website; there is no favoritism given to anyone. If you check it out, the healthcare resource listing is as comprehensive and unbiased as possible, and there are no recommendations given therein as to which service provider to use. It is simply a resource listing for our community to use, or not use, as they desire. Marcelyn's reply above comes from the fact that Doug and Jo (CL's healthcare information coordinators) have been doing an exhaustive review and update of the information contained in the healthcare resource listing. We (collectively referring to Doug, Jo, and the two CL owners/administrators) were just about to release an announcement about the first major revision of that resource listing. Only four people know of that pending announcement. But then with the announcement made by Keep It Simple and Boquete Medical Associates at yesterday's Tuesday Talks at the BCP Theater (a surprise to us), we are delaying our pending announcement to be sure that Doug and Jo have sufficient time to modify the resource listing based on the new information released to the public yesterday. That is not a preference for anyone, but simply prudent operating policy on our part. The healthcare resource listing should be as accurate and complete as possible, and absent any bias -- that is our goal.
  3. The Calendar

    Thank you. We do make an outreach to everyone announcing events via News Boquete, and others that we learn of. Not perfect but getting better with time.
  4. Ferias in 2018 When & Where

    On my “to do” list. Probably within two weeks.
  5. Part of the reason for missed information may be that three separate topics had been created here on CL about the same subject. In order to consolidate all of the history about the relocation of Boquete's recycling center we have merged those three topics into one. [This is the first time that we have merged content into a topic here in the News.Boquete email archive forum. It just seems like the most appropriate thing to do.] We agree with Bonnie's last sentence, and hope that this single topic might help further the goal of getting more people to recycle.
  6. Holidays for 2017

    They are all listed on the CL calendar. Holidays are shown in green color.
  7. When this topic was started last May, I had no idea that it would end up with this much traffic, or so many viewings (currently over 2,500). Wow!!! Alison, you now have very well known eyebrow pencils! Congratulations. Maybe you could put them on display and charge admission.
  8. Numerous additional earthquakes are occurring in Mexico. Just this morning we were informed that a "fairly major amount of damage from a 6.2 earthquake on the west coast (and shallow depth)" has occurred. In researching the Internet, we see that there have been many. This is probably a regular and naturally occurring sequence of quakes, but given the recent major earthquake and resulting death/damage, we thought we would just post a follow up. Here is one link to such reports: https://www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-b&dcr=0&q=earthquakes+in+mexico&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWouyNh7zWAhUO52MKHWKZBDcQvwUIIygA&biw=1680&bih=872
  9. Here is the link that you refer to: If this new location actually comes to fruition, then these topics will be merged.
  10. until
  11. Here is the event as posted on the CL calendar:
  12. Thanks, Roger. I'll modify the title of this topic for a bit more precision. Just a bit curious how you have access to her cédula?
  13. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Ah-ha. Keith has the answer. It was a Facebook posting that had a picture.