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  1. When this topic was started last May, I had no idea that it would end up with this much traffic, or so many viewings (currently over 2,500). Wow!!! Alison, you now have very well known eyebrow pencils! Congratulations. Maybe you could put them on display and charge admission.
  2. Numerous additional earthquakes are occurring in Mexico. Just this morning we were informed that a "fairly major amount of damage from a 6.2 earthquake on the west coast (and shallow depth)" has occurred. In researching the Internet, we see that there have been many. This is probably a regular and naturally occurring sequence of quakes, but given the recent major earthquake and resulting death/damage, we thought we would just post a follow up. Here is one link to such reports: https://www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-b&dcr=0&q=earthquakes+in+mexico&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWouyNh7zWAhUO52MKHWKZBDcQvwUIIygA&biw=1680&bih=872
  3. Here is the link that you refer to: If this new location actually comes to fruition, then these topics will be merged.
  4. until
  5. Here is the event as posted on the CL calendar:
  6. Thanks, Roger. I'll modify the title of this topic for a bit more precision. Just a bit curious how you have access to her cédula?
  7. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Ah-ha. Keith has the answer. It was a Facebook posting that had a picture.
  8. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    I am talking about looking at the original email as received, processed, distributed, and then archived by News.Boquete. There was no picture associated with that email.
  9. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Sorry to have to inform you of this, but there was no picture associated with the email that was distributed via News.Boquete. I went back to the original source email archives that are stored by News.Boquete, and there was no picture as part of that email and thus none associated with the positing done here on CL. Perhaps you are recalling a posting done on August 30th about a dog and that did include a picture. That was a brown dog and does appear to be an adult.
  10. Lost Dog? Sweet pup showed up today.

    Be advised that we have received numerous complaints about this posting. The complaints are because no picture was provided, meaning no one knows what the missing puppy looks like. Not even a verbal description. We have tried to find that missing picture, including searching all the way back to the original email that was received; the originator simply provided no more information, and no picture. Please do not complain any more. There is nothing that we can do about this unfortunate situation.
  11. We'll be performing well known LIVE Jazz Standards and Hit Songs from the 70's to Present on Wednesday Aug. 30th at: The Rock 6-8:30pm, with your favorite Dance Music, Lights and Dancing on the Patio from 8:30-9:30pm. For reservations: The Rock Restaurant on 11th of April Street, Boquete www.therockboquete.com or call 507-720-2516 Mark your calendars now for 2 Upcoming Holiday Shows at the Rock: Friday Dec. 1 & Wednesday Dec. 27, 2017 6:00-9:30pm DeDe & Larry at the 2016 Rock Holiday Show DeDe Wedekind Recording Academy & Grammys Voting Member “Dream of You”-2016 IMEA ALBUM of the YEAR ! Indie Music Channel's 2016 BEST New Female ARTIST of the YEAR! Be a FAN & get FREE music on ReverbNation. DeDe's Official Website: DeDeWedekind .com --
  12. Radio Chiriqui has changed our broadcast time to 12:00 Noon on Friday, beginning August 25. We will NOT be broadcast at 10:00 am as in the past. This change is due to a series of bicycle races that Radio Chiriqui will be covering live for the next several weeks, in memorial to the founder of the station, Ramon Guerra. It's been a great deal of work by many people, to bring you the weekly show for the past 3 months. We didn't intend for the show to go on this long, but thanks to Linda Sherman, we were able to continue for a total of 14 weeks, through September 1. That day will be our last broadcast of the Listen Up! Expat Radio Hour. We all need a break. Mike Webber's Strange Brew Radio Show will continue at a time to be announced by Mike later. Both Listen Up! and Strange Brew past dates shows will continue to be available on our website, www.listenupboquete.com. We'll keep this site up for as long as possible into the future. So visit the website and enjoy all our past shows. Thanks to all of you who have listened, interviewed, contributed and helped with production. It's been a massive effort by many volunteers and we are eternally grateful. And thanks to all our restaurant sponsors whose commercials were broadcast, and for supporting Panama Red Rum. So Listen Up! at 12:00 noon on Friday August 25 and September 1 to hear our last two broadcasts. Thanks so much for listening. Penny --