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  1. We are a bit puzzled also, Keith. CL management is of the opinion that the Animales organization would be more successful if they were to post their activities (not just the sterilization clinics) on the CL calendar, with over 1,300 sets of eyeballs seeing the events. There is a secondary benefit for the entire community in that other organizations planning activities can schedule their events so as not to conflict with the Animales activities. With more prompting, maybe they will come on-board and post their activities here on CL for all to be better informed.
  2. Alison, CL is ahead of the curve here. A forum dedicated to culture already exists. See: http://www.chiriqui.life/forum/19-culture-history-traditions/ P.S., please pardon my obvious plug for CL here.
  3. Restaurante Mar de Grau Note: either version shown here will work properly.
  4. At the request of several CL members, this topic is being locked (closed).
  5. Dottie, I think I now see why you are having a problem. You were not referring to content being deleted from CL, but rather ion the BPWTR website. Sorry about my confusion. Go to the link that Bonnie referenced. Then scroll to the bottom left where you will see two digits indicating pages 1 and 2 of that topic. The posting you seek is on page 2, and is the 8th of 8 postings, and written by Mark Hurt on August 10, 2014.
  6. Dottie, it is not clear to me what you are not finding. Things only rarely are deleted from CL, and I mean only extremely rarely. As I look at Bonnie's posts (plural) I have no difficulty finding everything that she refers to. Can you be more specific as to what you are not finding?
  7. Hotel El Oasis and Oasis Restaurant These two entries point to the same place, but you may prefer one over the other based on where in the hotel you wish to focus attention.
  8. The health care resource listing was updated today to incorporate two "Helpful People" (at the very bottom of the listing), including Keep It Simple and Ask Geovana.
  9. Several postings in this topic have been split off into a new topic. The subject transitioned into a discussion of health care resources that might accept direct payments from insurance companies. Those postings are more appropriately placed in the Insurance forum, and therefore may be found at:
  10. The health care resource listing was updated today to incorporate services and products related to hearing and hearing aids.