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  1. Sofa, 2 arm chairs, 2 ottomans and a coffee table - $590.00 Original price $2944.60. Disclosure: Partially faded wood and cushion covers. Small chip on glass table top. Dining table and 6 chairs - $490.00 Original price $2350.00. Table top 70" x 42" 10mm toughened grey tint glass. Disclosure: Partially faded wood and cushion covers. Call or WhatsApp Mike on 6768-5128.
  2. You are correct: https://driversed.com/driving-information/signs-signals-and-markings/markings-colors-patterns-meaning.aspx My guess is that "Ready for painting lines..." was communicated and nobody stopped to think "Oh wait, this is a one way street". Just the usual lack of planning or thought, resulting in errors and rework that you see here every day.
  3. Joyful

    Tocumen Baggage Inspection Experience

    Was this coming into Panama at the large xRay machines where usually nobody is ever questioned? Did they quiz you before or after your bags were scanned?
  4. Oh, c'mon Jim, please do... Isn't this more related to shipping business than airline business? If Copa really want's to challenge, then they need European destinations, and with full lie flat business seats (a first for Copa) on their new Boeing 737 MAX 9's, maybe this is their plan - do you have any inside info on this?
  5. Joyful

    Floral foam

    Hi Bonnie, please keep me posted, because I would like to know where to get some of that florist's foam! Ta everso, Cath.
  6. Yes Bonnie, also on Tuesday when I went into town, the right turn that was in use was blocked off and we were directed along the main road into town or to take a left turn past The Haven. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to be prepared for anything...tho' I didn't see any rock breaking!
  7. Joyful

    Theatrical Make Up Workshop


    Hi, I sent an email around June 24th to sign up, but did not get any response so I wondered if it was still going ahead?
  8. Joyful

    Lucero Golf & Country Club Mexican Night

    The meal consisted of all 7 courses listed on the menu above (like a tasting menu), and the food was excellent. With so much good food and a margarita included, $30.00 was a steal for those searching for "finer food". We will be trying our Chef Paulo's new menu, especially after the new video launched yesterday by another social website.
  9. until

    Thanks. We would like to go, but this posting says 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, whereas a separate posting (see below) says 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. What is the correct time?
  10. Last night my husband and I had ribs at Seasons Restaurant in Lucero, they were EXCELLENT! All you can eat ribs and fries, or yucca fries, for $20.00! Great food and great service, what more can one ask! We will be looking out for their next "rib night " announcement!
  11. Joyful

    Planning Airline Travel

    We also use Google Flghts (https://www.google.com/flights/) a lot - very easy to use and a lot of useful features (monthly price view, price tracking, etc), and they suggest the best price/site to purchase the tickets (normally direct with the airline).
  12. We too use smartdnsproxy. It's been stable for almost a year now allowing us to stream Netflix USA and Amazon Prime Video. They did go through a period where Netflix was able to undo their efforts. smartdnsproxy is primarily only for setting geo-location for streaming music and videos. It will not hide your location (or IP address given by your provider [Cable Onda in our case]) for regular web surfing (like some VPN's).
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone on Chiriqui Life! Last night my husband and I had dinner at Colibri, and in the words of Patsy and Edie...it was Absolutely Fabulous! 5 courses and each one quite different, thought up with imagination and cooked with great care. The service was also very good, and Carolina and Daniele had everything organized beautifully. Seriously, what more could one ask...and only $40 a person. No doubt, some would complain it was far too expensive, and the food did not come as huge servings, but there is the alternative of a Boquete tipico restaurant where a huge plateful would only cost about $4....but it is Christmas after all!
  14. Stopped for a fill-up yesterday and they put $50 worth of diesel in my vehicle before telling me they don't have credit card facilities yet.