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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0952zl9
  2. Still only getting 25-30 Mbps. Reset the modem multiple times. Using http://www.speedtest.net/ to test.
  3. We pay for 30 Mbps and are getting 25 down and 5 up. No change here...
  4. Yes, I have been there 3 times lately and they do give Jubilado discount.
  5. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    Yes Bonnie you a correct! I was on FB yesterday and there were lots of postings from Patsi ......and they were all religious! How ironic is that!
  6. Does anyone have any information on how many midday flights (12:06 pm PTY-DAV or 3:49 pm DAV-PTY) Copa have been cancelling lately due to weather or too few passengers?
  7. until

    FYI.....Actually Suzie is on vacation until Monday, May 29th, when classes will resume.
  8. We're looking into switching to Worldwide Medical. Can anyone provide any details of their "In network" doctors and hospitals in Panama? What happens if you go "Out of network"?
  9. As predicted. The authorities need to fix the drainage in that area, or aquaplaning will continue.
  10. We drove past this accident yesterday. There was a "river" of water crossing the road just before the entrance to Brisas which was almost certainly the cause of this vehicle aquaplaning. There is obviously something wrong with the drainage on the right side of the road that needs to be fixed, or more accidents will occur. The water was flowing right to left across the road. The water was probably close to 1" deep and any speed in excess of 60 km would likely be problematic, depending on the condition of tires.
  11. Bought these in error - they don't fit our printer. 2 x Pixma PG-40 black and white cartridges. 2 x Pixma CL-41 color cartridge. All cartridges are unopened. $40.00 for all 3.
  12. It can be recovered at Mail Boxes, Doug. My husband ordered a new passport last year, and we sent the documents with Fed Ex, via Mail Boxes, and got the new passport back within about 18 days. Mail Boxes have a very good system, and Fed Ex items are delivered to their office in Boquete. It wasn't cheap, but the documents went virtually door to door from Mail Boxes, Boquete to the UK passport office in the North of England withing about 2 days.....an amazing service, really!
  13. BCP Presents:Dixie Swim Club

    I went to see the play on Sunday at the BCP....it was wonderful! Such a good story and a great cast! Treat yourself, go and see it either next Friday 24th or Saturday 25th, if you can get a ticket....you won't be disappointed!!
  14. This morning, my husband and I and a group of friends went to the brunch at Claudia's. It was amazing! I believe someone posted on this website that $35 was too much....no it wasn't!! The food was so plentiful, fresh produce and home cooked. For example...there were at least 4 types of bread, home cured salmon, home made pate, about 4 kinds of cheese, cold meats, chicken, pork, meat loaf, pasta, rice salad, potatoes au gratin...then, there was fresh strawberries, various fresh fruits, home made cheesecake, 3 other kinds of gateaux, and home made chocolate mousse and strawberry mousse to die for...and a glass of champagne! The new restaurant building is coming along nicely and all in all, Claudia's brunch's and dinner's will be events worth attending.