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  1. Bought these in error - they don't fit our printer. 2 x Pixma PG-40 black and white cartridges. 2 x Pixma CL-41 color cartridge. All cartridges are unopened. $40.00 for all 3.
  2. It can be recovered at Mail Boxes, Doug. My husband ordered a new passport last year, and we sent the documents with Fed Ex, via Mail Boxes, and got the new passport back within about 18 days. Mail Boxes have a very good system, and Fed Ex items are delivered to their office in Boquete. It wasn't cheap, but the documents went virtually door to door from Mail Boxes, Boquete to the UK passport office in the North of England withing about 2 amazing service, really!
  3. I went to see the play on Sunday at the was wonderful! Such a good story and a great cast! Treat yourself, go and see it either next Friday 24th or Saturday 25th, if you can get a won't be disappointed!!
  4. This morning, my husband and I and a group of friends went to the brunch at Claudia's. It was amazing! I believe someone posted on this website that $35 was too it wasn't!! The food was so plentiful, fresh produce and home cooked. For example...there were at least 4 types of bread, home cured salmon, home made pate, about 4 kinds of cheese, cold meats, chicken, pork, meat loaf, pasta, rice salad, potatoes au gratin...then, there was fresh strawberries, various fresh fruits, home made cheesecake, 3 other kinds of gateaux, and home made chocolate mousse and strawberry mousse to die for...and a glass of champagne! The new restaurant building is coming along nicely and all in all, Claudia's brunch's and dinner's will be events worth attending.
  5. On Thursday Feb. 16th I went to Chiriqui hospital to have a hernia repair. My doctor was called Reinaldo Isaacs, and is a gastrointestinal surgeon. I must say I had a very positive experience, in fact it was almost pleasurable. Dr. Isaacs organized the whole thing and it all went very much so that I came home at about 5.30pm after having the procedure at 11am. No, it was not a laparoscopy ( apparently they are not recommended for all cases), so I had a small cut and a piece of mesh inserted. I didn't even have any nausea afterwards..which was good because I was starving and thirsty. Overall, not much pain at all ( which is good because I don't like pain!), and I am healing nicely. In fact I am back to walking 9 holes of our golf course again....I normally do the whole 18 but I have to take things somewhat easy! The cost was also extremely reasonable! So, if anyone is looking for a decent, competent, caring, very able gastrointestinal doctor who speaks good English, give Dr. Isaacs a call....(507) 777 8080, 774 0128 Ext. 2202, cell: 6948 2762. Email:
  6. We have a monthly (data only) plan for ~$11 per month for which we pay automatically by credit card (you have to go to the office in Boquete to get this setup). For minutes we use the +Movil website to top up - see below. You have to top up every 3 months or they will suspend your account - this is important to us because we used to buy 1 year's worth of minutes ($30 - $40) at a time.
  7. We first used Unblock-US 2 years ago, and then switched to SmartDNSProxy when Unblock-US failed to avoid Netflix's blocking. Then SmartDNSProxy started having the same problem about 6 months ago. However, SmartDNSProxy have recently (this month) introduced a new design that seems to be working for us so far.
  8. Talk to Filippe Maestrini (speaks English) at Grupo Aguas - the main potable water equipment supply and installation company in Boquete. 6676-7168 720-3367
  9. I'm renting a vehicle at Tocumen for a few days in October. Does anyone know if I can use my PanaPass key-ring tag/card and go through a lane with an attendant instead of paying the $6.50+/day fee that the rental company charges?
  10. I just called in around 9:00 am one morning ready to shop around 3-4 places looking for Michelin. They said 45 minutes, and it was ready in 35. Maybe I was lucky there was nobody in front of me. From what I recall they only have 2 bays (they're not anywhere near as big as Tambor, ServiCentro, DK Auto etc. Or, as Keith suggests, buy them to go "para llevar" and get them fitted elsewhere (particularly as they don't do alignment).
  11. We bought 4 x 265/65R17 Michelin LTX M/S for $206.00 each + $10.00 for balancing all 4 (normally $20.00). These are not cheap, but the price compares OK with Walmart back in the US: As someone who has experienced aquaplaning before, we are happy to spend the extra $$ for a quality wet weather tire - see reviews for this tire below. You can get sub-$100 tires from China, but with most things these days, you get what you pay for. Always be respectful of heavy rainfall standing on the road.
  12. Thanks Keith! We just bought 8 tires for our 2 vehicles. My husband wanted Michelin for the best wet weather (anti-aquaplane) performance. Tambor could only offer Bridgestone for his Fortuner, and with the upsell and slow service you mention at Tambor (which we experienced before), he decided to shop elsewhere. Bridgestone don't get "great" wet weather performance reviews. To our surprise we found the exact Michelin tires we wanted at Renfrio (next to McDonalds on the Pan Amarican highway) - they have a huge inventory in the back warehouse. Unfortunately they don't do alignment, so had that done at Value Motors in Boquete. Steve gives great service there. Always get balancing and alignment done when fitting new tires.
  13. The prices can be seen on the menus on the Lucero Seasons website:
  14. ..and in typical fashion, sloppy work - see the bend below consists of straight segments welded together at an angle. It may hold if it's a non pressurized sewage line, buy WHY WHY WHY not use the correct 22.5 or 45 degree bend?