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  1. We took 2 Uber rides in Panama City yesterday. The first was ~4 km and took 25 minutes (rush hour) and cost $4:18. The second was ~3.2 km and took 12 minutes and cost $2.53. I'm sure that, as gringos, we'd have been charged much more if we'd taken a yellow taxi. These prices are ridiculously low, and we cannot see how the drivers make any money.
  2. I don't know if gates are dedicated to particular flights. For Tocumen, it's possible Copa has a specific block of gates assigned to them, but how is this relevant to the international vs. domestic terminal discussion? At Tocumen the departure lounge has all the duty free shops, which are not supposed to be available for domestic travelers (strictly enforced in Canada), and access to the lounge is only available through passport control. The logistics of allowing domestic travelers access to the same lounge (bypassing passport control) would promote violation of border control procedures (it's the duty of airports to ensure international travelers have valid passports and visas for their destination country and it would be easy for an international traveler to also buy a cheap domestic ticket, and get a boarding pass, to avoid passport control). There are many international non-Copa flights that only come and go once a day. The point is that there are dozens of them and they are all international, and can therefore use the international airport's facilities as designed. Again, it's 4 domestic flights a day vs. probably 300+ international that simply cannot justify the expense of a domestic terminal more user friendly than the current one.
  3. Tocumen processes approx. 15 million passengers each year. Of those, only 215,000 are domestic (less than 1.5%). There are 2 domestic flights in each day and 2 departures - the Copa DAV-PTY flights that you use. All other domestic flights use Allbrook Airport. Until a few years ago, Tocumen was solely an international airport, until Copa started the DAV route. According to https://www.bts.dot.gov/newsroom/2018-traffic-data-us-airlines-and-foreign-airlines-us-flights in the US, domestic passengers account for more than 75% of all passengers. The expense of creating a separate domestic departure lounge and arrivals hall with their own jetways that bypass the immigration and customs areas in an airport that was designed as international only would be huge. So, don't expect the current domestic arrangement to change anytime soon, unless Copa decides to add a bunch more domestic routes. We are thankful that we no longer have to make the painful connection between Allbrook and Tocumen to travel to/from David.
  4. Had a great quality sandwich and salad at Isabella's yesterday. Very nice bright, clean, minimalist addition to the long list of Boquete's restaurants. https://www.google.com.pa/maps/place/Isabella's+Bakery+%26+More/@8.7745448,-82.4339898,1216m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8fa5ed277c31767d:0x1326eb4aeaddc573!8m2!3d8.7745395!4d-82.4318011?hl=en
  5. Blocked print heads - doesn't print. If anyone believes they can unclog blocked print heads, then this would be a great printer. Scan function works fine and doesn't need ink. https://epson.com.jm/For-Work/Printers/Inkjet/Epson-EcoTank-L575-All-in-One-Printer/p/C11CE90301 Your's for free - just need to pick it up! WhatsApp Mike on 6768-5128.
  6. Mmm, trying to park now is hard enough! Maybe they will build an underground car - park!? LOL
  7. We went to the museum on one of our PC trips, it is really interesting and well- worth a visit. It would also benefit from more publicity, generally!
  8. I'd be surprised if there will be any change to the current domestic terminal and associated bus connection any time soon. With only 2 domestic flights in and 2 out each day, I just don't see the justification to support a special domestic facility in the new terminal. Does anyone have any connections with Copa that could confirm or deny?
  9. Finally! Does anyone know the reason for the significant delay in opening. We heard it was because Naturgy wanted an exorbitant fee to connect the electric, but can anyone in the know confirm or deny?
  10. Generally, these are held on file, and only scrutinized if and when you are subject to a tax audit.
  11. We signed up with Cable Onda 5 years ago and I think their top speed at that time was 15 Mbps. Like others, the speed has increased considerably over time (15 to 30 to 60 to 100 to 160 Mbps). I find SpeedTest's "Finding optimal server" process sub-optimal because it always finds a sever in Costa Rica instead of Cable Onda's server in Panama City. The screen shots below show the difference which can be considerable especially the Ping times.
  12. Dining table and 6 chairs - $490.00 Reduced 50% - now only $245.00 to sell. Now only $200.00 Original price $2350.00. Table top 70" x 42" 10mm toughened grey tint glass. Disclosure: Partially faded wood and cushion covers. Call or WhatsApp Mike on 6768-5128.
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