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  1. Hello all, We have sent several packages to CVT. It appears that they are closed. Does anyone know how we can get our packages?
  2. Today, May 15, 2019 we connected from an international flight on Copa to the domestic Copa flight PTY to DAV. We checked our bags through to DAV and they arrived without incident. Some thing have changed. This may be old news, but one does not have to retrieve the bags and after scanning at PTY and have them rechecked to DAV. The transfer is automatic. Another thing is that the departure from the domestic terminal is listed as gate 128. We asked at immigration and several employees and no one knew the location of gate 128. We just took a guess and went to the old domestic terminal and that was it. Even there, there is no indication that it was "Gate 128". The entry guard took a long look at our boarding passes and finally just nodded. This would be hugely confusing to anyone who is not familiar with the current system and does not know some Spanish. One positive thing is that the lady we called the "security Nazi" is gone and the replacements are more agreeable. Also, we bought several bottles of spirits at the departing Duty free shop. They were put in a duty free box and taped shut. We carried it aboard the departing aircraft. At the PTY domestic flight security checkpoint, I simply put it on the scanner belt with the receipt and it passed through without incident. On a personal opinion, a domestic terminal of some type will still be needed. People will want to travel within Panama' without going through international security. Yes, it a hassle to use the bus-to-plane system. A future solution could be to segregate a part of the main terminal as "domestic" and utilize jet ways. An unknown is the price difference to Copa and any other potential domestic provider between the current system and the cost of using the main terminal. Safe travels and keep an open mind.
  3. This may become a good example of the law of unintended consequences. I completely agree with the intent of removing plastic bags from general use, but the results may not be what is intended. The law as I read it, is that retailers must provide paper bags OR sell reusable ones. Given the choice, I think that a retailer would choose the latter, no cost to the retailer. How many customers are going to buy what they currently get for free. Many ex-pats recognize the need to use reusable bags. IMHO, not so, some other of us and some Panamanians. Take a look at how most of the trash is packaged for pick-up. I see a number of small bags from the retailers. If plastic bags or free alternatives become unavailable, we run the risk of a garbage avalanche. Yes, not only the danger to sea life but I see them hanging from trees all along the roads. This is a problem, but maybe not as large as the one that is created by removing a free packaging of trash.
  4. Keith, It was leaking and the repair guy basically destroyed it trying to take it apart.
  5. Hello, We have a GE laundry center (clothes washer and gas dryer). The washer died but the dryer works great. Free to a good home. Jaramillo centro. Alan Nilsen and Kat McKay. nilsenalan@aol.com, katnukesu@gmail.com. 6604-7201 or 6479-3834. You Haul.
  6. Could you give more details on how to find this shop? For example, entering town on which road, a few more landmarks..... Thanks.
  7. The other Sushi place in the Fondador hotel also makes all of their rolls with cream cheese. just say "por favor, no queso crema."
  8. Hello all, We also have cable onda. I have rebooted everything several times and still only get our normal speed in the 8 to 15 mbps download range. Has this upgrade been implemented system wide? Also, one post indicated that they were contacted by cable onda before being upgraded. So my question is, do I have to do anything to get this upgrade?
  9. Went there last week. Great burger $3.50, fries $1.50. Also had a very good omelet. Make sure that the waiter understands what you want, there was some miscommunication.
  10. Bonnie, Thanks for taking the responsibility of being our US Warden. Returning to the original thread, it is not clear to me if the drugs and supplements are being delayed at customs or denied entry entirely. To me, it is ridiculous that Panama’ is holding up drugs that are essential to people’s health and well being. Whomever is drafting these regulations is out of touch with the way prescriptions are done in countries with more advanced systems. I have not seen a paper prescription in the US for years. My doctor simply enters into the computer system if he/she is renewing or creating a new script. The computer sends it to my on-line pharmacy (CVS) electronically and a few days later, the drugs are mailed to me. No paper is involved. So it is impossible for me to give Panama’ a copy of something that does not exist. I take about 8 vitamins and supplements. No US doctor in his/her right mind would give me a document saying that they are a medical necessity. When I update my doctors on what I am taking, the best that I get is a verbal statement something like, yes that helps some people or yes, it can’t hurt. In the sue crazy US, no doctor is going to provide such a document.
  11. This morning, Tuesday June 20th, I drove by the BCP during the Tuesday market. I looked like almost every vehicle parked outside had a ticket on the windshield. There is one particular "tranista" traffic officer who seems to dislike Gringos. Her other favorite spot is Sugar and Spice where she tickets cars parked in the wrong direction on the side of the street. I did not see her in action, so I am only speculating that this is her work. Who ever did it, there is going to be a big crowd of angry folks down in David paying fines.
  12. Hello all. Thanks for the great information. Keith, as always, you da' man. One question, is the "Municipo" where we get our new license plates each year?
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