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  1. I have a friend who has a gas dryer that just quit. Does anyone out there know of a good repairman?
  2. Here is an article from Johns Hopkins University Hospital that is very informative. https://bhaktapur.com/covid19-updates/
  3. The new tree still in the box has been sold. The used tree which is the one in the picture is still for sale.
  4. These beautiful trees are still available. Christmas is just around the corner.
  5. I had the same problem. USTV no longer airs on Firefox. Go into Google Chrome if you have it and it works fine.
  6. These two beautiful Christmas trees are still for sale. We will include lights and some decorations. Please contact me at 6628-6363.
  7. I just spoke with the Contractor who will be doing the renovation of the Steak House in David. He said they have just finished the plans for the renovation and the Steak House WILL NOT be closed during this renovation. That is good news for all of us who love this Restaurant.
  8. We recently spoke with the Architect and Contractor of the remodeling that will be done to the Steak House. It will be a major undertaking and we think everyone will enjoy the finished product. Please be patient.
  9. Bud and Marcelyn, we also join in to wish you both a very Blessed Holiday Season. Thank you both for all your hard work during the year - you are most appreciated! Keep up the great work.
  10. Two 7 1/2 foot tall Christmas Trees. One used tree $45.00 and one new tree still in the original box for $95.00. Contact bobcbowling@yahoo.com or call 6635-6982.
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