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  1. Thank you Bonnie. I will text her and see where she's at in the process. I heard/read/was told the same thing, about February being the month of cutoff. She said her checks have been stopped "for months" but didn't realize it! Hmmmm, glad her portfolio is doing well so she didn't miss it!
  2. Bonnie, have you received your long-awaited reply from CR regarding your situation, i.e. no POL in the mail yet for this year? I have a friend who's checks "just stopped" and she's stumped and has emailed the US Emb in CR for help about a week ago...
  3. Good to hear. Thx Bonnie. Servitechnics is handling a recent order from an online drugstore for just a few items I cannot find here and it doesn't seem to have been delayed, except for being during the holidays.
  4. Bonnie, can you elaborate on your comment about the drugs/cosmetics ordering "law" having been resolved? I don't order a lot of those items but if the gov't has lifted/softened it's crack down on those items, I'd like to know! Thx
  5. Bonnie big thanks for your assistance on this topic that is difficult to understand and to comply with. We await to hear the outcome of your experience with Mr. Hayes. What about the form SSA-21? Can you shed light on that one too? Thank you
  6. Thanks to all who have replied on this post today. Will keep watching for updates! Buenas noches.
  7. I was just wondering if there was an equivalent POL for beneficiaries in the States....
  8. Bonnie, we too thank you for your continued efforts on this topic. Anxiously await for the report on your experience/conversation with Mr Hayes next week. I know this is about foreign POLs, but during the 7 years my hubby has been receiving his SSA checks he never received any POL form to complete (living in California)--just curious as to why not...it's not an age-related requirement is it?
  9. Good morning Bonnie. We are still a bit concerned about the POL form. Do you have an update for the Fall of 2017? We have lived here now for 2.5 years and have all the carnets (e-cedulas, etc) and hubby (age 73) receives SS benefits through a US bank, and October's was deposited as usual this week. We have not received a POL form at our address in US. A friend of mine told me this week that Panama's Embassy isn't handling SS issues any longer-Costa Rica is. May we contact you privately for further explanation and "hand-holding"?! Grin Thank you K & P
  10. Anyone know how early they open up in the morning? Helping a neighbor get his boxes to them and he doesn't know their hours! Thx!
  11. Big thank you to all who replied to my Post! We now have several options for accom. And will check out Air Panama again for flight to PAC vs PTY. We did visit the Albrook Mall back in March and will prob go again...plus we tried to hike Ancon Hill but it was closed for tree cutting! And possibly the church if we have some time to ourselves. Gracias!
  12. Well, all of this sounds perfecto! I will look all this up on the 'net...thank you for the quick reply! Our attorney mentioned we could take a flight from David to the Albrook airport but when I looked at that route online nothing came up...is Albrook airport (Paitilla) not available for passengers, i.e. freight, etc only? Thx Brundageba!
  13. Heading to PTY in Mid-Dec for our Pensionado Visa application with our attorney. Need hotel accomodations somewhat nearby that area, or not too far away. Quiet, nonsmoking, no pets, King beds, restaurant on premises. Thx!
  14. Need a hotel recommendation somewhat near the Immigration Offices in PTY in December.  Non-smoking, no pets, quiet, restaurant, 3-5 star hotel...thx!

    1. Twin Wolf Technology Group

      Twin Wolf Technology Group

      I am not aware of any hotel near the Immigration office in PTY and you will be taking a taxi anyway.   I generally stay at the Milan Hotel  http://www.hotelmilan.com.pa/en/.  It is a short taxi ride away from Immigration.  Clean, safe and well priced - $40-$50.

      The only drawback for me is the restaurant.   I really do not care for their restaurant but the good news is they are located in an area with many excellent restaurants within a block or two.

    2. BoqueteBug


      Thx Twin for the honest note about the restaurant!  Yes, we knew we'd be taxing to the office...wouldn't want to stay right next door!  Lol. Will probably try the filet at Martin F's, or some Italian food...anyone have a fav Italian place in this district as well? 

    3. Twin Wolf Technology Group

      Twin Wolf Technology Group

      There is the Wine Bar / Pomodoros on the same side of the street as the Milan.   Just walk to the corner in the opposite direction of traffic (it is a one way).   It is right at the corner.  If the weather is nice they have a center courtyard.  Walk all the way thru the restaurant to be seated there.

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