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  1. Biblioteca de Boquete

    III Book Fair Boquete 2019

    Soon, 3rd Boquete Book Fair We are very happy to announce the return of one of our most acclaimed events: The Boquete Book Fair. This literary festivity will be from April 4th to 7th of 2019. In this third version our motto is: "Reading, key to education and a better life". For this homage to literature, we will have book presentations, conferences, storytelling, art presentation, the visit of well-known national and internacional authors, and book sales from the different editorial houses. Save the date, we will keep you updated!
  2. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Juvenile Polyphonic Choir of Santiago

    First presentation of Concert Season 2019: Juvenile Polyphonic Choir of Santiago For this month’s concert we will be visited by this group of talented youngsters, leaded by the prodigious Panamanian musician German E. Pinzon Jimenez. This group consists of young students from all the schools of Santiago and its surroundings who started with this initiative since 2013. Reserve your tickets now and gift your senses this melodic opportunity. Fecha/Date: Domingo, 17 de Febrero del 2019 / Sunday, February 17th of 2019 Hora/Time: 4:30 P.M. Donación/Donation: B/.10.00 Boletos disponibles en la Biblioteca de Boquete y Mailboxes Etc / Tickets available at Boquete Library and Mailboxes etc.
  3. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Exhibit of Volcan Quilters @ Biblioteca de Boquete

  4. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Christmas Concert

    Christmas is by the corner and so the beautiful melodies that everyear the Juvenile and Children orchestra Mario de Obaldia Alvarado gift us. In this emblematic concert, Boquete Library spruces up with lace and ornaments to present the talent of this group directed by Prof. Xiomara González. And the best: ¡Its completely free! Enjoy the presentation of this artists who visit us to offer their best christmas wishes through music. Don't be late because it will be a unique evening.Fecha/Date: Domingo, 9 de Diciembre del 2018 / Sunday, December 9th of 2018Hora/Time: 4:00 p.m.Gratis/Free
  5. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Concert Camerata Mario de Obaldía Alvarado

  6. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Contemporary Peruvian Movie Showcase

  7. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Chamber Music with Consort-Musik


    Learn more about the artists who will accompany us at the concert on October 27
  8. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Chamber Music with Consort-Musik

    Consort-Musik Concert: Once again classical music visits our Library. Consort Musik was founded in 2017 by the Panamanian musician Ricardo Zuñiga, Ph.D. in Double-bass. This group takes their audience into an intimate approach with their songs, offering a quality resonance and consummating art through their melodies. Delight your senses with this presentation of the most fine art in charge of these international performers. Date: Saturday, October 27th of 2018 Time: 5:30 p.m. Place: Boquete Library Donation: B/.15.00 https://www.consort-musik.com/quienes-somos
  9. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Magic on the Road

    Magic on the Road This Saturday Dino, the magician who comes all the way from Argentina, will visit Boquete to surprise everyone with his magic show. Come and participate with all your family of this exciting activity that the Boquete Library presents for you. Date: Saturday, October 6th 2018 Time: 12:00 M.D. Place: Biblioteca de Boquete FREE
  10. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Festival de Cine Icaro Panama

    Central American International Film Festival Icaro in Panama and Art exhibition: Watercolor Universe. We invite you to be part of this traveling show of Central American and International movies, nominees and winners of this Festival in its 11th version. This works portrait our cultural identity and record the current history of the region we live in. Be part of these movie projections that will visit Boquete for the first time and get to know the amazing work of our own movie directors. Additionally we will have the art exhibit: Watercolor Universe. An exhibition of watercolors paintings from Panamanian artists. Date: From 8 to 12 of October Time: 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. Place: Boquete Library Free
  11. until
    You are cordially invited to this exhibit where we show some of the most majestic waterfalls in our beautiful province of Chiriqui. In this gallery we will present framed prints in the following resolution: 15x10, 19x12 and 32x20 inches. These prints will be on sale and they are ideal as a souvenir of these beautiful places in Chiriqui that aren’t very common. We want you to enjoy their brilliance, energy and strength in your house or office. This exhibit also has the objective of raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection. Not only encouraging people to not throw garbage in these areas, but to also pick up trash that others left. This way we can leave these beautiful places back to how they were naturally. It is important to mention that 20% of the sales will go to Boquete Library, to help them continue their mission of providing cultural and educative spaces for the community and of course for helping local talent. Date: Friday, October 5th (This exhibition will be available until November 6th) Time: 4:00 P.M. Place: Boquete Library FREE
  12. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Chamber Music Group Clarinon de Panamá

    Join us for our next concert at the Boquete Library. We are honored to present one more time The chamber music group Clarinon from Panama. They are group of fine artists that perform all sorts of classical music in the most lovely way. This year they are celebrating their anniversary number 37. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of this unique musical experience. Date: Saturday, September 22th of 2018 Time: 6:00 P.M. Place: Boquete Library
  13. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Books Sale @ Biblioteca de Boquete

  14. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Isaac Casal Ensemblast Concert

    Ensemblast Project has been a singular creative force of bold, new trends in chamber music for strings, piano, other instruments, and singers. It breaks new ground authentically and passionately, fusing the classical quartet aesthetic with contemporary Latin American styles and borrowing freely from an array of musical languages – folk, jazz, salsa, bolero, world and pop. By devising a performance practice that honors both influences, the state of the art has been inevitably redefined. For more information visit: www.biblioboquete.com www.isaaccasal.com Limited tickets, buy your ticket on time, in Mail Boxes Etc, and Boquete Library Do not miss this unique presentation in Chiriqui.
  15. Biblioteca de Boquete

    Art Exhibition La Eneida @ Biblioteca de Boquete

    Starting June 2nd the Boquete Library offers an alternative for all art lovers — the art exhibition: "La Eneida" from artist Montenegro. This exhibition is based on urbanism and nature, with very vibrant colors and interesting forms of composition. The exhibition will be open until end of July.