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  1. Marcelyn and I noticed police activity at the "Windy City" Terpel Station as we were headed out for our dog obedience training session in Potrerillos. They were using tape measures kinda like a crime scene investigation. That was about 9:15am this morning.
  2. I could be wrong, Bonnie, but I believe that Casa Decor has shuttered their business (or perhaps relocated?). I was on the Volcancito Road yesterday during regular daytime business hours, and it did look closed down, not just closed at that time. But then here is a posting from last November: I'm confused (as is normal for me ).
  3. Not wanting to jinx things for us, but we now are approaching three consecutive days without an electrical outage. I can't remember the last time that we have had uninterrupted electrical service for that length of time. Disclaimer: I am not including fairly sizable voltage variations in my definition of outage.
  4. And so the new store will be Deli Baru, not Super Baru (or as one person suggested in a private conversation: Mini Baru). Great info. Thanks.
  5. Both of these postings bring up an interesting question. What is the plan for Deli Baru here in Boquete once the new Super Baru in Boquete opens? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. http://www.prensa.com/in_english/Capturan-Evelyn-Ivette-Vargas-Reynaga_21_4696240331.html
  7. http://www.prensa.com/in_english/Comision-Ministerio-Publico-investigacion-Odebrecht_21_4696240330.html
  8. Marcelyn and I were at Juice Mi last Saturday for several hours because we were volunteers for the "Poker Fun Event" that was sponsored by Amigos de Boquete Comunidad (ABC). Juice Mi was a business supporter of that activity. During our three hours there for that event, we chatted with David Hatton, the owner of Juice Mi. He told us about a new breakfast menu item, which is basically an omelet but with an outer shell (a kind of cocoon) of shredded potato. We were so intrigued that we stopped by Juice Mi this morning for breakfast, and to try out the new potato encrusted omelet item. We arrived about 9:00AM, and placed our order. It turns out that he will prepare that omelet with whatever inside fixings one asks for. Since Marcelyn doesn't do well with onions, we said to put everything on it except for onion. What came out was a huge omelet that was as tasty as any omelet that I have ever had. We cut it in half for a picture so that you can see the innards. Note the bacon on the far edge of the plate, which also comes with this menu item. Oh, and Marcelyn's coffee was again served in a French press, and tasty. My freshly squeezed orange juice could not have been better. If you haven't tried a breakfast at Juice Mi, you don't know what you are missing. Good service, good food, and very reasonable pricing.
  9. Thank you to all who have come to our assistance. Many good thoughts here. Marcelyn and I have discussed these new options, and we plan to follow through. Will post the results when we get to that milestone.
  10. RANT MODE ON. For the past three weeks we have had horrible electrical service. Again this morning, just a bit short of four hours with no electricity. Service outages, brown outs, and surges are frequent occurrences in our area. I have used my label printing machine to permanently put the Fenosa telephone numbers and my NIS number on the edge of my built-in desk in the office. A few days ago we took delivery of a replacement washing machine. I can't say definitively, but I strongly believe that power was the cause of that casualty. Before anyone chastises me, YES, we have surge protection and voltage regulators. Besides the inconveniences of doing our Spanish homework by lantern, worrying about loosing frozen foods, replacing lots of batteries in our flashlights and lanterns, and light bulbs blowing out (yet another two just a few days ago), appliance replacements are more than petty cash. And our poor generator really got a workout when our electricity was out for four days. Enough is enough. It can't be all because of winds and tree limbs. I can't imagine that there are that many trees in all of Panama. RANT MODE OFF. We are not happy campers. Are others in this area similar victims of poor electrical service? To end on a positive note, the customer service people at Fenosa do answer their telephones 24x7 when I call in my trouble calls.
  11. until

    If you want to have some fun, help our community, and meet some like-minded people, why not show up at the Parque Central in Boquete a bit before 2:00PM on Saturday, February 18th, and support this "Poker Fun" fundraising event. Don't let the lack of parking, the demolition of our streets, and the general chaos while trying to get around Boquete keep you away.
  12. until

    Jere, More stunningly beautiful photography.
  13. Judy, when I voiced similar concerns recently about street blockages the result was that I was taken to task via email messages direct to my inbox for my lack of understanding of the situation. Hopefully you will not get the same feedback. It seems to me that a bit better planning, advance notification, and signage is warranted. We have been led to believe that Mayor Walker is getting similar feedback from the residents in this area (obviously the case, given Keith's posting just above), and further that there are some announcements on local radio stations.
  14. Thanks Siempre. Marcelyn and I had to go unexpectedly to David this afternoon (don't ask), and on our return to Boquete we stopped by this new coffee shop. The name is Delicias Chiriquí. The owner is Oscar, along with his partner, whom we did not meet. The chef is not Oscar's wife, also not met. Oscar has been in business one week as of today, and is from Venezuela. There probably is a story there, but we didn't inquire further because he was busy taking care of us and other customers. The menu is on the wall. Here is a (admittedly poor quality) photo that was stitched together from some quick grab shots. Oscar sounded like he would fix just about anything a customer asked for, assuming he had the ingredients. He also mentioned offering a limited breakfast menu. We did not ask about the hours of operation, but assume early morning to late evening. And here is Oscar, who speaks good English (although we talked in my poor Spanglish): And then the business sign over the entrance door: And finally, a panorama of the store front. I had to stand very close because of the cars being parked so close, but you get the idea what the coffee shop looks like.
  15. I asked that of CableOnda a couple of years ago and got a negative response. We use our own routers and gateways, etc. Maybe things have changed in the intervening years.