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  1. Stolen pensionado card

    It is my understanding based on what I have been told (not first hand experience) that a police report must be filed in the case of lost identity documents (cedulas or jubilado cards, etc.) That doesn't seem to be the case here. Can anyone clarify with facts, not conjecture? P.S., from first hand experience, I can say that a police report is absolutely required in the case of a lost placa for your vehicle.
  2. Jim, No need to expend more energy on this for my needs/desires. Your quoted reply provided sufficient information to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks mucho for elaborating on your experiences and decision logic.
  3. Jim, It appears that you have done quite a bit of on-site research. Would you elaborate on why you chose Boquete over Ajijic and the other locales that you mentioned. Just a bit curious. P.S., I did read the last sentence of your first paragraph.
  4. An interesting YouTube video clip (about 16.5 minutes runtime) about Ajijic, México. This video clip was sent to me by someone who has visited Boquete, but decided not to immigrate to Panama. His main comment was that Ajijic is what "a lot of people told him that Boquete really is." He then said it is more like what many Boqueteños think it is, or want it to become, or words to that effect. https://youtu.be/6lYA7c1Pnuo I will say only that Ajijic sounds like a nice place.
  5. This raises a question in my mind. Why did the police conduct a raid in his home? Was there a tip off? Was this retaliation? A "deal" gone bad? Angry neighbors? Like Paul Harvey used to say, where is the rest of the story?
  6. Great idea for setting up a listing of pet friendly restaurants. I have not heard of an "official policy" at Mike's Global Grill, but several times we have seen [well behaved] dogs walking around, and without complaint. Big Daddy's also, in the rear patio area at the round, fireside table seems to be acceptable. I am of the opinon that restaurant owners have a right to decide their pet policy for themselves. In some jurisdictions perhaps the health code may override a business preference and prohibit such; I do not believe that is the case here in Boquete. Can anyone clarify? And I do know people who are uncomfortable having dogs in a restaurant. Everyone gets to decide for themselves. Will be interested to see how this plays out.
  7. Marcelyn and I had a [very late] lunch today at Señor Gyros (SG). It has been a long time since last patronizing SG, and having heard about the change in management we were curious. We had not been avoiding or boycotting SG, but simply had not gotten around to stopping by. (We do not know what happened to Mark Perren-Jones, but wish him well, wherever he is.) It was a wonderful dining experience today. Things have changed a bit with the new owners, however the basic menu is essentially the same. A really pleasant surprise was that Nelson now works at SG. The "olde timers" in this area will recall Nelson as being one of the really good waiters in our area, having worked at numerous restaurants through the years. Nelson is not a waiter at SG, but appeared to be more like el gerente. Nelson told us that the new owners are from South Africa, but we did not meet them, nor do we know their names. Re the menu selection, be advised that you should not eat at SG unless you have been stranded on an island for a long period of time without benefit of food. The servings were huge. The prices were very good, especially given the good quality and fresh ingredients, the portion sizes, and the "delectability" factor. Marcelyn and I had a pollo/puerco gyro, which was very tasty. The ingredients were high quality, fresh, and full of flavors, and well prepared. Another surprise for us was the onion rings, which we are addicted to; SG used large, sweet onions for the onion rings, and it appeared to be a beer batter coating that the onions were prepared with. The onion rings could be a meal by themselves. All in all, this was a pleasant and informal dining experience. We both said in unison as we said our hasta luegos to Nelson that we definitely will be coming back. Here is a picture of their menu (chalkboard style as was used in the original SG):
  8. Marcelyn and I know the owners of the property in the Potrerillos area that is the subject of this topic. At the time of the events discussed in Mark's writeup, the owners were Bill Streit and Donna O'Toole. Bill died in December 2009. I recall that exact month because I was scheduled with a few friends to have lunch with Bill and Donna, but higher priority issues intervened in that planned luncheon. Not sure where the name Bill Strong comes from, unless it is simply a pseudonym. Donna remarried after Bill's passing, and we know her new husband. Details are omitted here because they are not important. The owner still lives at Finca La Pagoda (the name of the former Noriega finca there in Potrerillos). Not being a CL member, we provided a link for Donna to read this topic. She responded back to us via email, with permission to publish her words here. In closing, we both know Donna (and I knew Bill, but he passed away prior to Marcelyn's arrival). What Donna writes is truth to the best of our knowledge.
  9. This sounds like a very warm gathering of friends and family. Have fun and enjoy the turkey and fixin's. This topic caused me to go into a bit of nostalgia about my first visit to Canada. I was working for Hughes Aircraft Company back in the 70s and 80s and 90s prior to my first retirement. I was traveling on company business, probably around 1984, although it might have been 1985, and was in Europe. While there I got an urgent message that I needed to go to the Toronto area for a short noticed meeting. The company travel office changed my travel documents, and upon departing Berlin, I was headed to Toronto. It was October, and our travel people did not know that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October. Duh! I arrive in the Toronto area, expecting to go into meetings the next morning, only to be told upon checking into the hotel that it was a Thanksgiving weekend. That turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. Here I was in Toronto, on company business, but having everything delayed for a short period. With my rental car, I drove outside of Toronto, to the north, and the weather was simply beautiful. I recall stopping by a park and river landing area, got out of the car, walked around, could smell the smoke of charcoal grills, etc. One couple in the near distance had some classical music (Mozart and Chopin) playing. It was heavenly. I have never forgotten my first experience in Canada. Friendly people, wonderful scenery, and feelings of peaceful harmony surrounding me. (BTW, the business meetings that were delayed were successful as well, and I did travel several more times to Canada, both on business and personal time. I like Canada, and Canadians.) Wishing you all the best on your special day of giving thanks for the many blessings that you have had, currently have, and hopefully will continue to be enjoying.
  10. Wow, Keith, you are a fountain of knowledge. I plan to pursue this. One thing I do not see in my first look through of the web information is the matter of parking in handicapped blue spaces without the placard. Did I overlook that?
  11. I really, as in REALLY hate to keep harping on this, but driving skills are woefully inadequate in this area. Just this morning while running errands around town, we had two -- yes 2 -- near accidents. One was an older blue SUV that clearly was not honoring a stop sign. We got within a few inches of metal on metal. It would have been what is called T-bone hit on our right side. Frightening, to say the least. Our impression of the young female at the wheel was that she was not paying attention to anything. And the second near accident was even more scary. We were returning home from Plaza San Francisco when a big 18 wheeler was trying to enter the highway with a left turn from the Alto Dorado area. The driver just gunned it, apparently not checking for any traffic on the main roadway coming from his right. That easily could have been a fatal accident for us (and Anouk who was in the back of our vehicle). Is there someplace where I can send my dashcam recordings to get these ill-trained people sanctioned, licenses cancelled, or ??? Am I the only one who is having these experiences with recent Boquete driving habits?
  12. Where did that come from? Never heard of it before. Is this fact, rumor, or wishful thinking?
  13. Notice that it is Price and Susan Peterson sitting at the table with the fire department officials.
  14. Multibank does not charge us a fee for depositing a check on our US account.