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  1. Really sad news. Michael was very much involved in our community, both for health and musical entertainment reasons, and truly was a nice guy. Marcelyn and I had taken stretching exercise classes with Michael at The Haven, and also were working with him on preparing some high end multimedia to help document and market his musical skills. Following John's lead above, below are some video recordings taken on September 27th at Boulder 54. It was a rainy evening, there was the ambient noise of recording in a functioning restaurant, and the audio was based only on the camera microphones, so not good quality. These videos were test runs only, and not intended to be made available to the public. However, under the circumstances it seems appropriate to publish these so as to share Michael's talents. We cannot confirm, but believe strongly that these likely are the last videos taken of Michael prior to his passing because a few days after these recordings were made Michael traveled to the USA for about a week; we were on the same plane with him. That was the last time we saw Michael, on the plane from David to Tocumen on October 2nd. We do not think he would object to these postings. Along that line, we were working with him to produce higher quality multimedia recordings (using studio quality audio kit) in November and December. Again, really sad news for our friend. RIP. Posting here in your memory.
  2. So sad. Hopefully Rosie will be reunited with you soon. Our dog, Anouk, really does not like thunder either (nor fireworks or other loud noise bursts). We understand how traumatic these sounds can be to our domestic pets, who really are part of the family.
  3. Three of us had dinner yesterday afternoon at Bar Bamboo. This is the eatery that in the recent past was known as The Baru, and is located diagonally across from the post office in Bajo Boquete. It had been a very long time since last patronizing that eatery, so we wanted to see how things went with the new owner's version of the restaurant/bar. First off, there were no signs visible from the street as to the name of the facility. I saw only one "sign" that had been painted on an exterior wall that was hidden from easy visibility to the effect that the name is now Bar Bamboo. Service was quick, and the menu was extensive and reminiscent of the menu of the prior Baru establishment. We all commented upon reading the menu that prices for the food items seemed a bit high. We ordered some onion rings for an appetizer, plus one medium size combination pizza, which was to be shared among the three of us, plus drinks consisting of one each domestic beer, Coca Cola, and black coffee. The drinks and onion rings were delivered in short order. The onion rings looked attractive, but did not meet our expectations for taste. The pizza was delivered a few minutes later, and was very attractive and tasty. It was a LOT of food, even for three people. Glad that we had not ordered the large family sized pizza. The ambiance was quiet, which pleased us because the three of us like to chatter and catch up on the latest bochinche. On the other hand, we were the only patrons inside the restaurant (pardon me for calling it a restaurant, since the name is Bar Bamboo). The place was clean and well appointed. After finishing our meal, which included a request for take away container, we asked for the bill, but did not ask for a jubilado discount. I paid with a credit card; we were informed that tips had to be in cash. No problem with that. We paid, left a cash tip, and then departed. The outside patio area had only one table occupied. In other words, there were not many patrons there at what we think of as a normal dinner time. We likely will go back, but it is not at the top of our favorites list. No real complaints on our part, but it didn't seem a good value, and the onion rings left a bad taste in our mouths. It was not until getting home and logging the credit card purchase that I noticed that we were not charged for the beer. Obviously an oversight that would have been pointed out had I checked the bill prior to departure. Also we were given a jubilado discount without asking for it. The medium size pizza would have been $14.00 but with the discount it came down to $10.50. Had the bill been correct and no discount applied, the total would have been about $21.00. The bottom line of a dinner for $7.00 per person (not including tip) is reasonable to us, so maybe I should soften the earlier comment about the prices seeming high on the menu. And it was a LOT of food, and tasty pizza.
  4. On our way into town today we could see no evidence of fire damage from the street. I had planned to take a picture to post here, but there is nothing to show.
  5. Our housekeeper told us today that the owner of Milquiburger (near the Los Naranjos "Y") passed away earlier this week. He was suffering from a long term illness, but no details are known. For us "old timers", Milquiburger was known for good hamburgers, and especially for its fried chicken. RIP Sr Milquiburger
  6. We, the larger Boquete area, had another electrical outage today. It began about 5:15AM and service was restored about 11:15AM, or about six hours. I got my haircut this afternoon, and learned while at the barber shop that the cause was a transformer that exploded. The faulty transformer was located somewhere between Boquete and Dolega, but exact location was not known. Interesting how quickly bochinche spreads in our community, probably faster than the speed of light.
  7. A captivating image, obviously taken by a drone. Wow! Given that I am height-phobic (with the exception of airplanes, go figure), it is highly unlikely that I will ever venture to the top. I suspect the views are awe inspiring. Maybe someone could post some pictures.
  8. This product should be outlawed — Kirkland's Kettle Brand potato chips with Himalayan pink salt. Recently got our first package at PriceSmart, and they are sinfully captivating. Can't be the healthiest food in the world, but if you like chips and dips, these are the chips to use. Thick, crinkle cut, crispy, with just the right amount of salt.
  9. I suspect that the prices we see here for beef have been impacted by the large exportation levels to China. On the other hand, we tend to shy away from Panamanian beef for several reasons. We are happy for the beef industry here in Panama, but at the same time not too worried about our meat budget being exceeded.
  10. until

    I chatted with a friend who is "into" pickle ball. He indicates that the sport is very much alive and active here in Boquete -- at the gym at Los Naranjos. Three times a week, M - W - F, from 12:30PM to 3:00PM. If you want more information, please indicate here and I will see about getting you contact information for the source of this information. Looks like this event on the calendar could use some updating.
  11. Bernardo Montenegro. We have used his service for years and years. Not much English, but Spanlish works fine. Honest and polite as anyone can be. 6599-6751. Doesn't do email. Don't know about texting (because we don't do it).
  12. There are three large pools to swim laps in the Boquete area, at least three that I know of. Two discussed above: close to Plaza San Francisco and at VE. There also is a pool at the seminary on the road in Alto Boquete. It is NOT heated, but there are dressing rooms. They used to charge $1.50 per swim. I also mention the pool at the Haven Spa. It is small but workable. The pool has a "water jet assisted" resistance swimming equipment. You buy "membership" by the month. I used to swim there 3 to 4 times a week. Very nice facility (but not saying anything bad about the others mentioned here).
  13. This is going to sound redundant, but... This time the increased speed is for the upload direction. I pay for 10Mbs uploads but recently have been consistently seeing uploads at 15Mbs. Are others having a similar experience? Not complaining here, just curious.
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