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  1. Marcelyn and I ate at Mike's Global Grill late yesterday. The mesera (waiter) indicated that they had a special menu item that evening -- chicken pot pies (CPP). We needed to read the menu no further, and immediately ordered two CPPs. After a few minutes the chef came out to apologize that they had only one remaining CPP. We were disappointed, but kept the order for the one remaining item and back-filled with another item for my main entré. Here is a picture of the CPP (the spots on the plate are decoration). And there was good news as we were finishing our dinner. The chef came out to our table a second time, given our strong support for CPP as a menu item. He told us that he was planning on adding the CPP to their menu. That doesn't mean that they will have this specialty item for everyone everyday because the plan was to make up one batch of the ingredients on a regular basis (perhaps not everyday because CPPs involve a lot of work in the kitchen), and when the supply was gone, then someone would have to wait until the next round. The chef also said that CPPs take extra time for cooking once ordered, so plan not to be in a hurry. And get there early -- certainly before we arrive -- if you want your own chicken pot pie.
  2. Marcelyn and I, along with friend Penny Barrett, had dinner last night at this new eatery in Boquete: Milan Italia. The ambiance was warm and inviting, and we were surprised at the beautifully matching chairs and tables (read probably fairly expensive), etc. Even more impressive was the attentive and competent customer service. I had expected a typical Italian cuisine, but concluded after reading the menu and talking with our waiter, that this is a new restaurant in Boquete that is owned by Italians. Sure, there were some Italian dishes, but there were non-Italian dishes as well. Not a big deal, but I mention this only because the Italian "label" that I had heard about really didn't fit the situation that I saw. Marcelyn and I had an eggplant dish that was vegetarian and simply called "Parmigiana". It was not a pasta dish, but rather a layered eggplant dish. Excellent tasting, and ample serving size. We generally order one entré and then split it between the two of us. Still had plenty to eat. Marcelyn went bonkers over the dessert selection, and so we split a chocolate item, but I can't remember its name. BTW, there were no alcoholic beverages available. It wasn't clear if wine and beer, etc., might be coming in the future after licensing issues are completed, or they choose not to have alcoholic beverages. Good selection of non-alcoholic beverages, though. We plan to return to try some different dishes. Here are the business card and another copy of the menu. Here are the phone and email in case the business card image is hard to read: 6954-3036, milanitaliapanama@gmail.com.
  3. In driving by the old Parmigiano (aka N22) Restaurant today, there was a new sign out front. It now says "Kamcha, Peruvian Brasas". Anyone know what is happening now at this eatery that is seemingly doomed because of lack of parking?
  4. We know one of those 80 Panamanians currently studying in Taiwan, and soon to be in China. She is Boqueteña and about 20 years old, with a full four year scholarship in engineering. This has to be exciting for her and her family. We wish all of them the best.
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what does Chiriqui Producers produce? What is the significance of this strike?
  6. Keith, The subject of driving habits and skills has obviously grabbed your attention. This topic and the "road carnage" topic are testimony to the need to make things better. For you to post your words here, which are uncharacteristically sharp for you, tells me that you are really concerned. I concur with you. We (Marcelyn and I) have seen on more than one occasion cars (and motorcycles) literally racing at extreme speeds on Calle Principal here in Boquete. And cars driving on the wrong side of the street. And cars not even slowing down, much less stopping at stop signs, and, and, and, .... You get my drift. I don't want to come across as a "do gooder", but the changes in driving patterns in my 16+ years here in Boquete are inescapable, and the trend is definitely in the wrong direction. Given the news articles that we are reading, and first hand experiences while driving, I have dramatically changed my driving habits to a considerably more defensive posture. That means that if someone reading this posting is behind me on the road, I will not apologize for driving as slow as I now drive and for being extra attentive. Perhaps others should adopt my safer posture.
  7. Don't know about Renfro, but we just had a very good experience with Taller Felipe Rodríguez in David. Wheel alignment, balancing, etc., with outstanding customer service, including by Sr Felipe Rodríguez himself along with his son. We started out using my Spanglish with a person who turned out to be Sr Felipe Rodríguez himself. Sr Rodríguez then got service representative Roberto in the loop because Roberto speaks good English. We had no appointment, but got scheduled for service a couple of hours later when the technicians returned from lunch, and we were on the road home by 4:00PM. All of this was just last Friday. Absolutely fantastic service. Our maintenance service included balancing, alignment, and replacement of windshield wiper blades. And we considered their charges to be very reasonable. Taller Felipe Rodríguez is located on Avenida Olbadia, fairly close to the Romero grocery store that is across the street from Rodelag. If you use Waze, then search on 'Taller Felipe Rodríguez'. Their telephone is 775-7740.
  8. Can someone help me understand the bottom line here? On the surface this sounds like it is good news for consumers (policy holders), but then at my age I have learned to be cautious (at times skeptical). Yes, I do intend to discuss with our insurance agent.
  9. While running errands in town today we looked at that intersection. Never noticed them before, but lo and behold there are arrows painted on the roadway (not doubting you, Keith). Interesting learning on my part. I intend to respect those restrictions in the future.
  10. The way this is worded (i.e., use of the word "extend") means that take away (take out) food is soon to be banned. Wow, seems Draconian.
  11. Yesterday Marcelyn and I joined a group of about 15 gringos for a tour of the Ralph Dessau Mariposario. For those who may not know, Ralph Dessau was a very talented and highly educated gentleman who lived in the Potrerillos area, but died in a car wreck about the time that his vision of a butteryfly sanctuary was to come to fruition. His dream carried on, and is very active. That facility is located in Los Naranjos (just north of Bajo Boquete), down the side street where Milqueburger is located. Fascinating stuff. There is a LOT more to see and do at this place, but we only did a quick tour of the butterfly sanctuary. Following are just a couple of the pictures we took. Photo enthusiasts will go wild in a place such as this mariposario. The facility is managed by Emily Haworth. Here is Emily: Here are scans of their descriptive pamphlet and business card.
  12. Agree with you Penny. And we know your opinion of Rudy the naughty wonder dog is totally unbiased.
  13. until

    We just finished listening to the first Listen Up radio broadcast. Congratulations to all who helped bring this new information and entertainment resource to fruition. Well done to all. Will make this a routine part of our weekly calendar.