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  1. Impressive! Certainly will appeal to a different group of people who wish to "experience" something rather than just "see" something. I suspect that means a younger group, younger either physically or based on mindset.
  2. Having a doctor appointment at Consultorios Médico Alfa yesterday morning, I diddly bopped into town a bit after 11:00AM. I quickly saw that something special was about to start because there were lots of police on motorcycles and people standing in the street in front of Melos. I was not aware of anything special scheduled for Friday morning. My initial instinct was that it was a protest. Fortunately my appointment was on the main street, and so I thought how lucky I was to avoid that blockage. I make it to my appointment, finding a parking slot in front of the medical office (next door to La Reina) and am sitting in the waiting area for my appointment. And then the festivities started. It was not a protest, but rather a parade. Leading the parade was the Alcalde Emigdio Walker. I then had a frequently occurring disappointment that I did not know in advance of the parade. But this time I felt vindicated because others in the waiting area (mostly Panamanians) indicated that they likewise had no idea that there was a parade scheduled for that morning. The first significant group that I could identify was the Red Cross. There were many bands, drums, groups marching in formation, drums, dancers, flags, etc., and oh, did I mention LOTS OF DRUMS. Glad to read Deborah's posting explaining that this was celebrating an anniversary of the Red Cross, which explains why the first group following the mayor was the Red Cross with their banner. Per Keith's posting, maybe I need to listen to the radio more frequently. I completed my medical consult, and then went to the other side of the street (in front of Mail Boxes, Etc.) for a better viewing point. Here are two photos that I took after I left the medical office. The entire event lasted about 30-45 minutes.
  3. Oh, such sad news. Our sincerest condolences go out to Lisa and their family. With love, Marcelyn and Bud
  4. Was able to shut down the generator about 15 minutes ago. About five hours of outage. Glad that we are percolating again. And no, I don't believe a word of the hucksters pushing their wares on the various countries. I just ignore them.
  5. Or raise your stress levels! Electric power is again a problem in our area. 82 volts at most this morning. Running on the generator right now to protect appliances and be able to get something productive done. Hopefully Gas Natural will be here soon.
  6. Again, just a few days ago upon returning to Panama from international travel, Marcelyn and I found the same four categories for arriving passengers to go through the passport control station. Long lines in categories 1 and 3 as listed above, but we were the only two people in the category 2 line (returning Panamanian legal residents line). We were through there in less than three minutes. And again, no fingerprints were taken, no pictures taken, etc. A very pleasant arrival experience. My conclusion is that fingerprinting and picture taking of arriving citizens and legal residents is now history. Maybe it was too much trouble with too little benefit.
  7. The silliness apparently continues. This afternoon (Saturday, May 13th), Marcelyn and I were returning from errands in David. We took the following pictures about 4:10PM today. The area is near Emerald Drive (just south of Los Molinos). We presumed from the lack of urgency on anyone's part that there were no injuries, although the pictures would suggest otherwise. One police vehicle had just arrived and two officers were walking around the accident scene. The roads were not crowded, there was no standing rainwater on the roadway, and nothing that we could see other than clear, straight roadway, etc.
  8. I had my glasses (the frame, not the lenses) worked on by Opticentro Vega, which is across the street from Multibank here in Boquete. Friendly staff, had the tools, materials, experience, and attitude. Successful repair job, and cheap. This work was done in mid-April, just a couple of weeks ago. This is not a recommendation, but simply reporting on my experience.
  9. I have delayed responding to my original question/topic so as to give a reasonable amount of time for those wishing to respond to have time to do so. It has now been a bit more than a week since I started this topic. Several replies brought up aspects of this tipping topic that I never even considered. I must be really naive. I have learned a lot. Thank you to all who have responded. A disappointing new awareness on my part has to do with a cultural or regional (?, not sure which, or both) aspect of this topic is the "tip sharing" concept. For some reason I never considered that as an option. Duh! I know that is the norm in some situations (e.g., aboard a cruise ship, etc.), and that doesn't cause me concern. Apparently, if I am understanding correctly, the pooling/sharing of tips is a common thing in Panama. A management decision to share tips can be presented as a good thing by some. But that wasn't the way I was raised. I actually do [now] see both sides of this issue. But that then defeats the purpose of my wanting to tip someone for good service. My mindset about a "tip" is that it stands for "to insure prompt service", and NOT to be an augmentation to salaries for all employees; to augment salary for the intended recipient is what a tip is supposed to be about to my way of thinking. I understand that many of you reading this will have different opinions, and you are free to share them and conduct your affairs accordingly. I am just telling you how I have always approached the subject of tipping (be it for a waiter in a restaurant, or a skycap for luggage assistance at an airport, or assistance with groceries at a store, etc.). It is not clear to me how this new awareness is going to affect my tipping protocol. Time will tell. Again, thank you to all.
  10. until

    Think of this posting as a kind of "event review". Marcelyn and I attended the inaugural performance of the Boquete Olde Timey Radio Show on Friday afternoon, April 28th. We had no idea what to expect. Being the old geezer that I am, I had fond recollections of the Sunday evening radio program that included mystery programs, etc. And then there were the news programs (at a time when they really reported the factual news of the day), and the numerous variety programs. I don't recall many "talk" programs. It was more entertainment and news back in those good ole days. What we experienced was definitely a variety program format, with lots of variety. The only negative comment I heard about the program was as we were exiting the theater, and someone (a much younger person than many of us old timers) said that they were thinking the show was so disorganized because of all of the people walking around on the stage at the time of the performance. I had to chuckle, because they were using "modern think" rather than reflecting on what really happened during those bygone days. Radio was radio, and no one in the listening audience would ever know about what movement there might be on the sound stage. We were glad that we went to this inaugural performance, and hope that there are more. BTW, we could have listened to a lot more of Fernando, the flamenco guitarist. He's really good. (Not saying anything bad about any of the other performers, but classical and flamenco guitar is among our favorites.) And hats off to the entire staff, the support team, the performers, and especially Gabrielle and Patrick for organizing the show. Good job. Bud
  11. until

    Marcelyn and I attended the inaugural performance of the Olde Timey Radio Show at the BCP Theater this afternoon. We estimate about 80 or so attendees enjoyed this first time showing here in Boquete. There were many different and varied subplots going on. For instance, if you are into belly dancing, then you would have had a treat today, etc., etc. Not wanting to take away anything from any of the performers and performances, but it seemed to me (as a techie guy) that Phil Bennett, who was running the audio and sound effects (aka "Foley Effects" for those in the know), did a FANTASTIC job. He is the one with the headphones in the background. Way to go, Phil. Here are some grab shots that we took during this event: If you are missing a picture of the belly dancer, then you have no one to blame but yourself. You should have been there. Also, if others in the audience took some pictures, maybe they too could post them here for everyone to enjoy.
  12. Just wanting to understand what is really going on here. Infrequently, but seemingly at a growing rate as of recent times, some restaurant staff are now telling me when we are taking care of the bill for our food service that "the law doesn't allow us to put tips on the credit card; tips must be in cash". My understanding of the law (including the new law from earlier this year) is that tips cannot be automatically put on a bill by the restaurant, but nothing to the effect of barring customers from voluntarily putting a tip on the credit card charge slip. (And the credit card processing centers seem to validate my understanding, otherwise why would there be the ability to do such on the credit card transaction?) So what is really going on here? I'm an inquisitive guy who just likes to understand things.
  13. Nicole and Daniel, Our condolences. A good friend is a certified translator. Her name is Mitzi Clare Nash Amat. Her cell is 6669-4786, email mitziclarenash@hotmail.com, website www.otralenguatranslations.webs.com. Mitzi is also a CL member.
  14. On the Netflix part of this topic, Marcelyn and I just this week reactivated our Netflix account. For that TV we do NOT have VPN, and Netflix worked properly without any restrictions (well, at least so far that has been our experience). We have now watched three movies via Netflix. The only negative so far is that the audio is so low that we have difficulty hearing it. The volume was as high as it would go. Will check into plugging Netflix onto a different TV to see if we can boost the audio.