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  1. Yes, we are definitely interested. Have used Miele for decades. We don’t “do” whatsapp, etc., and are not available right now. Can we contact you in about a week? Or we can PM (private message) here on CL if needed.
  2. While running errands in Bajo Boquete yesterday, we did see an “Open” sign on her office door. Would have parked to go in to chat with her in person but there were no parking places anywhere close.
  3. Another update on the increased Internet speed topic that I recently started.I have been routinely monitoring the download and upload speeds. Seems to be consistent at about 145+MB down (sometimes ~180MB) and 9.5MB upload ). There is an occasional blip in both speeds, but a follow up measurement within a minute shows things back to normal, meaning 145+ and 9.5. I’m a happy camper with my CabeOnda service. .
  4. Thanks for posting. Will check into this for our next oil change. Not only did the price sound attractive, but you added a comment that tweaked my interest -- about checking the car over for other problems. Some people complain about that because they see it as an opportunity to "up sell" or "do unnecessary work". I like for others with auto experience to tell me what they see (in case I am unaware of a problem) and then I get to decide what if anything is done at that point. Just the way I do things. Others may experience other outcomes.
  5. Thanks Keith. That was an aspect that I had hot considered. As I wrote, not much experience or knowledge on my part -- proven true again. For Panama to make its own concrete makes a lot of sense now that I think about it.
  6. Speaking personally and without much experience or knowledge of the concrete business sector, but my gut tells me there is something wrong with the numbers in the above chart. Panama at the bottom of the list given all of the construction that we see going on throughout the country? And Nicaragua, which is going through some serious internal turmoil and economic downturn as a result, at the top of the list? This doesn't pass the smell test. But then I've been wrong before....
  7. A group of three of us patronized El Sabroson in Alto Boquete yesterday late afternoon for dinner. It was a pleasant dining experience. The facility obviously is very new, quite large, and clean. The tables and chairs were impressive, and probably custom made for the restaurant. Food selection was good, the staff was friendly but spoke no English, however our Spanglish worked very well. Prices were nice for our pocketbook, and without requesting it, the cashier asked if we were jubilados and after our response was very happy to apply the discount. Marcelyn and I had dinner for about $9.25 total, not each, and that included the drinks (coffee and Coca Cola). Had we not included the two fruit salads then our dinner would have cost $6.75 total. In other words, very economical. The food was tasty. Sabroson had no alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, etc.) and we do not know if that is because they are awaiting permits or by choice prefer not to offer alcoholic drinks. The only "complaint" would be that food quantity was very large even though I asked for smaller serving sizes, and so we got a take out box for the leftovers. Here are some pictures taken during our first visit to El Sabroson:
  8. Finally made time to discuss this matter with CableOnda at their office in David at the end of last week. Without going into all of the details here are the highlights of our visit to their office, and is for information purposes only: Yes, our account (and by inference all/most CableOnda Internet customers) are getting bandwidth upgrades. Our account now is 160Mb downloads and 10Mb uploads. Again, we are heavily dependent on the Internet, and so we did not downgrade anything here. There are other Internet plans at different billing rates, one lower (60 down, 5 up) and two higher (350 down, 10 up; 600 down, 10up). Yes, there are ways to reduce a monthly bill, and ours will be going down about $8.00 monthly, but that is because of changes in our television channel selections, and having nothing to do with Internet service or our home telephone (which is serviced by CableOnda). BTW, the CableOnda office was quite busy, but as jubilados our wait time was only about 20 minutes. The agent who helped us spoke no English, but my Spanglish was more than adequate with one exception, at which time the agent asked her neighbor agent to assist with translations. (The translation was needed because of the complexity of conveying the idea that our account is in the middle of a billing cycle, and she was trying to tell me that the rate reduction is not pro-rated, but will become effective with our next billing cycle.) It was a very nice experience in terms of customer service, and for us it was counted as a successful visit. Here are scans of one of the CableOnda marketing brochures in case you want more details.
  9. I've recently been noticing faster Internet speeds, and so started measuring performance. Note that we have two ISPs because we run CL and depend heavily on the Internet for both CL and our business needs, which includes commercial VoIP telephone service out of the US. Because of our dependence on the Internet we have a "high end" network setup that includes industrial grade networking components by Peplink that includes a gateway router that supports up to three WAN connections, and which shifts between our two ISPs based on measured performance of our two WANs. The router does not combine the bandwidth of the connected WANs, but only switches between them. We also use four 8-port Peplink Ethernet switches. We pay for 30Mb download and 5Mb upload on our main CableOnda account. To my surprise we frequently get 150+Mb downloads and 10+Mb uploads. As broadband technology (meaning sharing of bandwidth among the users), CableOnda does tend to be faster in the morning hours (especially the wee morning hours) and then slowing down during the evening hours, presumably when a lot of people are watching Netflix type multimedia. We use two network performance monitor applications: Speedtest.net and DSLReports.com, both of which are free. I actually prefer DSLReports because it seems to be more realistic (personal opinion) by simultaneously testing multiple ping servers around the world. Here are some screen shots showing our recent network performance. Being a curious type person, I started asking friends about their experiences with their ISPs. And then we also get [unsolicited] feedback from some CL members who have difficulty accessing our website. Two general themes are presenting themselves in this feedback. One theme is that "the word" is that CableOnda is upgrading its Internet infrastructure and increasing speeds for customers, but doing so without announcing these improvements. That statement is something that we are hearing and I cannot attest to its authenticity. But if true, it would explain what we are beginning to experience. The second theme from the feedback is that there are some areas of the Chiriqui highlands that have very poor performance with CableOnda as their ISP, and in some cases not able to get service at all. Two areas of poor service in general are the Brisas Boqueteña area including further south approaching Los Molinos, and the other area is parts of Potrerillos; we don't have many data points in the Palmira area, but suspect a similar scenario as those in the Potrerillos area. Some people in the Brisas area say they go several days at a time with either painfully show or no service, which has to be a major ouch for them. And some people say they cannot even get CableOnda service even though nearby neighbors have it, and in one case a situation where there is literally a neighbor on either side of their home having CableOnda service, but unable to get it for themselves. Have no idea what that is about. The above two paragraphs are anecdotal in nature, as I have not done any rigorous research, nor do I intend to do such. The primary reason for posting this information is to see what others have to say about their ISPs. And one footnote, I have been told by two people that CableOnda may be reducing their Internet rates, but not sending out notices to the customers, nor automatically reducing the bills. Those two people have indicated they learned about the rate reductions while at CableOnda in David. They learned they could request a rate reduction (which they did, and apparently successfully with no complaints). I don't plan on making a special trip to David, but will stop by to inquire about rate structure changes the next time I am in David.
  10. Good vibes in driving around Boqueteville now. We recently returned home after some medical travel, and were pleasantly surprised to find road conditions not bouncing between dangerous to barely tolerable, but actually quite good. More work to be done, for sure, but streets are orders of magnitude so much better than they have been in a long time. PTL.
  11. I like Morgan Freeman. Great actor. Just watched another of his performances via Netflix.
  12. What about Juice Mi, across (formerly) from Banco Nacional? And Delicias Chiriqui on the river bank next to the Feria bridge? I suspect there may be others. ? Regarding Juice Mi, I recall having several conversations with David Hatton about his "fights" (plural) with the city and specifically including the mayor about the road conditions, dust, lack of water, etc. We really liked Juice Mi because it was good (healthy) food, good service, and good value.
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