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  1. Bud

    Yes or No

    An interesting topic, and some of the replies have caused me to think about things previously not considered.
  2. I've always been fascinated by rainbows (and then upon arriving in Boquete long ago, also with moonbows). Here is a shot taken with a low quality cell phone late afternoon last Thursday, December 6th, on the street where the eShop and Multibank are located. Subjective opinion is that the image does not do justice to what we saw that afternoon. It was much more vivid than depicted here. The rainbow season has started in Boquete. Isn't it wonderful!
  3. We wanted to check the status of our car battery, given that it is several years old, but did not want to go through the car dealer in David because of the hassles and time involved. And so we went to La Casa de Las Baterias in David yesterday to inquire if they could perform such a diagnostic. They smiled and said yes. It took only about two minutes for the diagnostic procedure, and they provided me with a printout from their diagnostic equipment. Fortunately for us the battery tested good. Below is the printout. No English spoken (that I could determine), but my Spanglish worked fine. We went to the store that is on the one-way street across from filling station in the center of town. Total time involved at the store was about ten minutes. No cost. Smiles and good service. The time delay (if one could call it that) was that I was second in line for the customer queue. No big deal as I sat down and waited my turn. Really good service, and good news for us.
  4. Alison, your comments about the "drop offs" is another main concern. I didn't mention it in my posting because I get taken to task for being "too negative". Not only can vehicles become a victim of the sharp and deep drop offs, but pedestrians can as well. Try walking from across the street into any of several of the businesses on Avenida Princpal here in Boquete. Not only scary, but down right dangerous.
  5. I agree upfront that the roadways in Boquete are [slowly] getting better. However, I have concerns about the long term viability of some of the repaved roads. For instance, here are two pictures taken yesterday showing an edge of a street (behind the car lot that is behind where Banisto used to be located), and the edge of the pavement is already eroding from rain activity. Toward the top center of the first picture where there is a faint image of a car there is a section of the roadway itself (not the edge) that has literally disintegrated. I estimate that missing pavement area conservatively to be about 40 to 50 square feet in size. Are we getting quality road work?
  6. In general I agree with Doug’s assessments. This article makes me wonder what the real agenda is for the Chamber of Commerce. Are they positioning for next year’s elections? Something else?
  7. Any chance that the Millicom takeover of CableOnda has something to do with these outages? See http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/10681-millicom-buying-majority-shareholding-in-cableonda/ Just a thought.
  8. This is a relatively important discussion topic that applies not only to Panama, but to many countries around the world. Not taking sides here, but we see the end result of Chinese influence/expansion as we travel around various parts of this wonderful world we live in. Recommendation: remain alert and inquisitive. Insist on transparency of governmental agencies and elected officials.
  9. Marcelyn and I recently had dinner at the Papa Rico's place across the street from the Feria here in Boquete. While there we had an interesting conversation with Yaissel Carracedo, who used to work at Mail Boxes, Etc., here in Boquete. Yaissel decided to go out on her own, and now operates a custom tour service providing 4x4 tours primarily to Volcan Baru area. We thought we would post this information to help get the word out about her tour services. She markets her services via the Internet, principally Facebook and Instagram. Here is her Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/ycarracedo. You may contact her via cel to 6981-1339.
  10. While attending the first performance of The Olde Timey Radio Show (OTRS) on Friday evening, I used my Nikon D5600 to take video clips of the performances. That camera is a still camera, but it can take movies of limited duration. Some of the movie clips I took did not work because the lighting and/or people in front of the camera caused the focus mechanism to go crazy, but I figure that something is better than nothing. And so, here are the video clips of many, but not all, of the musical pieces, skits, dances, etc. Enjoy. If you did not attend this show, you missed something very entertaining. We are looking forward to the next OTRS. Our hats off to all who made this show such a success. Thank you.
  11. Bud

    The Great Boquete Soup Fest


    Marcelyn and I attended (supported?) this event by Brandy Gregory at the Clubhouse yesterday. It was well attended in spite of the heavy rainfall. We understand there were 18 soup entrants to be sampled. I personally taste tested almost all of them. There were no losers among the soup entries. Don't know if there was a rating or competition, but everyone deserves a blue ribbon. My most favorite soups were Nairn Cutten's creamy vegetarian soup (made from veggies from her garden), and Sheila Strunk's chicken and wild rice soup. Wow!!! Again, nothing negative about any of the other soups, but those two were my favorites. Here are two pictures taken during this event. First shows Brandy (on the right), as the organizer and main driving force behind this event, chatting with one of the attendees, and the second is just a shot of the main room showing lots of people enjoying the soups, crusty breads, and cookies.
  12. Bud

    The Great Boquete Soup Fest

    Brandy, we have this event on our calendar. Looking forward to it again this year. Marcelyn and I both are soup-a-holics. Plus it supports a good cause.
  13. I have to agree with Dottie on the matter of inventory control systems at PriceSmart. Inadequate, under used, not well understood, or possibly non-existent. Who knows why? We really do not like the drive to David., but we had to go yesterday for several business needs (not just going to PriceSmart). We like Tuesdays at PriceSmart because those days tend to be less crowded and thus shorter checkout lines. It turned out that PriceSmart did not have three of the items on our shopping list. Two of the items are things that really should be available all the time (IMO): paper dinner napkins, and baguettes. The third item was the spritzer bottles that are used to dispense cleaning liquids; we could understand and accept those bottles not being in stock. But not having napkins and baguettes??? At least our other errands in David were successful.