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  1. While attending the first performance of The Olde Timey Radio Show (OTRS) on Friday evening, I used my Nikon D5600 to take video clips of the performances. That camera is a still camera, but it can take movies of limited duration. Some of the movie clips I took did not work because the lighting and/or people in front of the camera caused the focus mechanism to go crazy, but I figure that something is better than nothing. And so, here are the video clips of many, but not all, of the musical pieces, skits, dances, etc. Enjoy. If you did not attend this show, you missed something very entertaining. We are looking forward to the next OTRS. Our hats off to all who made this show such a success. Thank you.
  2. Bud

    The Great Boquete Soup Fest


    Marcelyn and I attended (supported?) this event by Brandy Gregory at the Clubhouse yesterday. It was well attended in spite of the heavy rainfall. We understand there were 18 soup entrants to be sampled. I personally taste tested almost all of them. There were no losers among the soup entries. Don't know if there was a rating or competition, but everyone deserves a blue ribbon. My most favorite soups were Nairn Cutten's creamy vegetarian soup (made from veggies from her garden), and Sheila Strunk's chicken and wild rice soup. Wow!!! Again, nothing negative about any of the other soups, but those two were my favorites. Here are two pictures taken during this event. First shows Brandy (on the right), as the organizer and main driving force behind this event, chatting with one of the attendees, and the second is just a shot of the main room showing lots of people enjoying the soups, crusty breads, and cookies.
  3. Bud

    The Great Boquete Soup Fest

    Brandy, we have this event on our calendar. Looking forward to it again this year. Marcelyn and I both are soup-a-holics. Plus it supports a good cause.
  4. I have to agree with Dottie on the matter of inventory control systems at PriceSmart. Inadequate, under used, not well understood, or possibly non-existent. Who knows why? We really do not like the drive to David., but we had to go yesterday for several business needs (not just going to PriceSmart). We like Tuesdays at PriceSmart because those days tend to be less crowded and thus shorter checkout lines. It turned out that PriceSmart did not have three of the items on our shopping list. Two of the items are things that really should be available all the time (IMO): paper dinner napkins, and baguettes. The third item was the spritzer bottles that are used to dispense cleaning liquids; we could understand and accept those bottles not being in stock. But not having napkins and baguettes??? At least our other errands in David were successful.
  5. Just curious how this will play out for US citizens residing permanently in Panama. Will animosity increase? Hopefully not, but who knows for sure when it comes to these kinds of issues.
  6. This lengthy jail term seems to be a step in the right direction, albeit a small step. As for Alison's question: resources to help wayward youth, be they imprisoned or otherwise -- you gotta be kidding. As commented in other articles posted here and on other media, Panama has not committed the appropriate resources to basic things, such as education, water purity, health care, etc. This is not just my opinion, but one shared by many. Alison, good thought, and maybe it will happen someday.
  7. We recently had to have some additional checks printed for our primary checking account here in Boquete. I was stunned today to learn that the cost for that "service" was $26.76, and that was for only 100 checks. Without even being a rocket scientist, it was easy to figure out that each check costs a bit over $0.26. Wow! Add that charge to the $0.10 per check written for processing through the Panama banking system, and each check that we issue costs almost 37 cents just for the clerical function of writing a check. Our US bank provides pre-printed checks gratis. Such a difference in mindset (or efficiencies?). The bottom line message here is to pay bills by direct transfer or credit card when possible.
  8. El Santuario area went out at 8:40PM last night, and had fits and starts until about 2:00AM this morning. We are back on the grid now. It was horrible during that outage. I unplugged as much as I could. Just after the outage began, I tried calling the electric utility, but could not get in. The phones were busy, busy, busy. That told me that it was a wide area outage rather than just our neighborhood. We also felt a tremor while without electricity, but I did not look at the clock. It lasted about 10 to 15 seconds, and felt kinda weak, like a 2.0 or less.
  9. Here is another dashcam extract. Totally unintentional to do this twice in one week. But it is what it is. In this 25 second video clip look closely to the right of the blue car that is parked next to Sabroson and you will see what we saw. You can see the man in the orange shirt is the "offender," and the man in the blue shirt was doing the removal from Sabroson.
  10. Here is a case of where some "clamping down" by the police should be applied. This happened earlier this week. This video clip is from our dashcam recorder. It is a 41 second clip as we were exiting Boquete just before noon on Tuesday, September 4th. In this case are three incidents in less than one minute of people driving over the center divider line: a taxi, a bus, and a vehicle. It was the bus that was the scariest. We were within one inch (not exaggerating here) of hitting, and note that I had completely stopped and honked and flashed my lights. The bus driver still came on without reducing speed or moving further to his right until we were side by side.
  11. Yes, we both are on the Charlotte's donor list. I am a "universal donor" (O-). However, age and our frequent travels outside of Panama work against us as being acceptable. The one time that the requirements were waived (a dire situation for the patient), I went to Hospital Chiriqui to donate, but had a really bad experience. After many hours and two chats with the attending doctor, I finally just left because my perception was that the hospital staff just didn't seem to care if I donated or not. I am of the opinion that there needs to be a MAJOR overhaul of the blood collection and handling process for this area (and perhaps the entire country, but my experience is limited to the Chiriqui Province). P.S., Charlotte Lintz deserves a lot of praise for the service she provides as a blood donor coordinator for our community. And a nice lady, as well.
  12. Not many people can say that they live close to a castle. Those of us here in El Santaurio can claim such. I have known the original owners of the castle from before it was even built, but they recently relocated to another area here in Boquete. About a year and a half ago the new owner's of the castle converted it into lodging for travelers, and named it Bambuda Castle. We understand it is very well received and popular with the backpackers, especially those from Europe. And so they added some yurts to increase their lodging capacity. Now in the very recent past (the past week), one of the yurts has "become hairy" with the addition of what we believe to be grass that totally encloses the outer shell. Interesting conversation item. The below picture shows two of the yurts, with the forward most displaying its new covering, and the rear one looking like it is getting ready to also grow hair.
  13. Thanks for this feedback. Will pass it on. Bottom line seems to be that few things are easy here.