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  1. On the Netflix part of this topic, Marcelyn and I just this week reactivated our Netflix account. For that TV we do NOT have VPN, and Netflix worked properly without any restrictions (well, at least so far that has been our experience). We have now watched three movies via Netflix. The only negative so far is that the audio is so low that we have difficulty hearing it. The volume was as high as it would go. Will check into plugging Netflix onto a different TV to see if we can boost the audio.
  2. When Penny mentioned this sad news to me this morning at BCP, my heart just sank. Jim and Amelia were very involved in and committed to our special community. We were saddened when they announced they were returning to the US. For some unknown reason this morning, my second thought was a recollection of the first time I visited with them in their home. It had a stunning, hugely panoramic view of Bajo Boquete. And then I realized the correlation between that panoramic view and Amelia's (and Jim's) approach to life -- it was to look at every challenge as an opportunity, but act only after seeing the whole picture, not just through a peephole. RIP Dear Amelia.
  3. We stopped by the Boquete office of C&W today and found everything locked up with a large sign on the fence. They have relocated to Plaza Los Establos. Don't know when it happened, but recently I suspect.
  4. First I've heard of Barrios Seguros. I read the news article that was referenced, and it seems promising. Would like to know more about the project. Where can one learn more? Just curious if anyone knows where the "...'red' sectors..." in Chiriqui are located, and not sure what "judicialize" might mean. Thanks for posting this.
  5. We are not into Droids (or Apple TV, etc.), but just curious if Juan Arauz might be of assistance if other options don't work out? Just a thought.
  6. Interesting new spin on the term "Vecinos Vigilantes".
  7. Marcelyn and I have been happy customers of La Casa del Cerdo in David. While in David today for errands, we stopped by again to pick up some pork chops (chuletas in Español). They were picture perfect samples of how pork should look. We noticed that they now have a new brochure, and so picked up a copy. It is attached here for those who wish more information. Note that I have blocked out a section of the brochure (lower right area in black), because they no longer have a store in Boquete (it used to be across the street from Fletes Chevales). La Casa del Cerdo still has a weekly presence in Boquete during the Tuesday Market at the BCP Event Center. BTW, the pork chops that we purchased today looked pretty much like the ones in the brochure - thick, perfectly shaped, and enticing. Can't wait until they are on our table served for dinner.
  8. N22. We tried it once and it was good food and good service. Reasonable charges, and they voluntarily offered the jubilado discount. Only trouble was that there was no one else there. Apparently the lack of customers took its toll. We suspect the lack of parking was a major factor, although we never had a problem with parking at Sugar and Spice and then walking over.
  9. Dottie and Twin Wolf, Thanks mucho for this topic and the reply. As a [strong] believer in and proponent for privacy, this topic surfaces an interesting (read devious and pernicious) Internet capability called super cookies. Super cookies is bad stuff for those who believe in privacy. I recommend that those who have desire for privacy do a Google search on 'super cookies' or 'flash cookies' or 'zombie cookies', etc. You will find many articles talking about them. Randomly picking just one of them (https://www.fightidentitytheft.com/blog/new-breed-super-cookie-defies-removal-almost) will show you a couple of things that you can do to better protect yourself. But even then you are not fully protected. Like Dottie, I routinely use a VPN; my VPN automatically starts when I turn on my computer. However, a VPN won't help against super cookies. One disappointing fact is that some businesses block users from attempting to log into their website while using VPN protections. Some banks, for instance, block VPN access under the misplaced logic that only hackers use VPNs and so they "protect" their bank customers accounts from those evil people. Nothing could further from the truth. This next statement is a gross over generalization, but I'll say it anyway. There is zero privacy in today's digital world. And once something is on the Internet it is there forever. Not trying to beat this to death, but most of the general public believe that data security and data privacy are the same thing. They are closely related but are not the same concept. And at times, security actually can work against privacy. Do another Google search but on 'difference between security and privacy'.
  10. I had not thought of that possibility, but if so that would NOT have happened. It would've been about a $10 propina, and in a situation where propinas are not appropriate.
  11. I had another experience this morning of wanting to buy some items at a local store here in Boquete, but at the check out counter being told that the store had no change. I didn't either. Bluntly speaking, I do not view it as my job to estimate what a bill will be (even if I could do so), and then take sufficient change to complete a purchase. End result here was no sale, and loss of their time and energy to put all merchandise back on the shelves where they belonged. The really bad aspect of this not infrequent experience is that the clerk apparently really didn't care that they were losing a sale. Maybe she was upset that she had to work on the Saturday before Easter.
  12. I find the number of Panamanians who assist in my Spanish skills to be increasing. Just two days ago at our primary bank, the manager corrected my Spanish, and with a wink in her eye. I acknowledged (in Spanish) her assistance and thanked her. [Gracias para ayudarme seems to work well in this situation.] It seems to be more of an attitude on my part that tells them that it is not only okay but actually desired that they help. Seems to work for me.
  13. Thanks for this information. We keep hearing really good things about the mercado at Alto Dorado. Will give it a look-see in the near future. The word is that they have incredibly good customer service. Your comments about the debit machine seem to support the assertions of good customer service. The name Melissa keeps being mentioned as the main driving force at that store.
  14. My [admittedly limited] translation skills tells me that you are writing "Chiricancos would say 'you are talking yucca'." I suspect the last phrase is an idiom meaning something more like "nonsense", or perhaps something stronger in a negative direction. I would appreciate clarification or correction, as appropriate, if you would be so kind. The primary subject here in this topic is community integration. That is important to me, as one significant purpose of my efforts regarding CL is the integration of the various communities (personally speaking I prefer the word 'cultures' here, but we are talking about the same concept) that are converging in our area. Just look at the second section about the goals for CL in the "Welcome Aboard" posting. For completeness, there are two main goals of our efforts here with CL, one is the integration item mentioned above, and the other is service to those who live, work, or visit here. The words in the Welcome Aboard were written in September 2015 while CL was being planned, and before it went live. Glad that Keith started this topic. A bit curious what triggered this topic.
  15. Marcelyn and I took Renny's "Crash Course" this past January and February. It was two days a week for eight weeks. If you are willing to work and are serious about learning Spanish, this is a very good course. It was the first time Marcelyn had taken a Spanish class. It was my third (having been here for many years). I learned things in Renny's class that I had never learned in the other two classes. I'm NOT dissing the other courses, but Renny really knows her stuff. Will you be certified as a UN translator after finishing this course? Of course not. But you will have a good foundation to get to that level if you so choose. In other words, if you are serious about learning Spanish, here's an opportunity.