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  1. Bud

    Watch Repair

    Thanks for all of the pointers here. John provided the best option for us by pointing out the shop close to Duran Coffee in the Don Vidal building. We took Marcelyn's watch there yesterday afternoon. The lady behind the counter was very friendly, answered all of our questions, told us the cost, etc. She informed us that we needed to leave the watch overnight, which we did. We picked up the watch today. New battery installed, watch cleaned. Returned in good working order, and the total cost was $6.42. The name of the business is La Estrella de Oro.
  2. Bud

    Meat Special @ Sabor Escondido


    Marcelyn and I patronized Sabor Escondido last evening for this red meat special. We had no idea from this advertisement what the meat selections would be or about pricing. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they are starting four new meat specials at that restaurant: a T-bone steak, a tenderloin cut, and lamb dish and another that I don't recall. Upon arrival, we were the only patrons. Sat next to the glass windows looking onto the quebrada, and so we had nice but low level white noise from the running water, as well as a nice view of the landscape and homes. After ordering was completed, we sipped on our drinks, and waited. And waited. Approaching an hour for our food to come to the table. Very attractive presentation, and HUGE amounts of food. Quite tasty, and prepared to our requests. And the big surprise was that Marcelyn's T-bone entree was $15.00 and my tenderloin was $18.00. Both meats were tender and tasty. We presumed them to be imports, but were told that they were domestic beef. The beef must have been marinated very well for them to be that tender. This was a pleasant dining experience. Sabor Escondido is not one of our regular eateries, but we are rethinking that matter given the quality and quantity of food, coupled with the prices. Just don't be in a hurry if you go, or maybe the slow service was just a one time glitch.
  3. Bud

    Male Akita needs to be found

    It is my understanding that this missing dog is now back home.
  4. Marcelyn and I wish to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us in this undertaking. Your comments, feedback, and support is hugely gratifying. We have even been stopped in PriceSmart by people previously unknown to us about our presentation. Thank you.
  5. I will forward your request to a good friend who is very well connected with the Chinese community in Panama (being of dual citizenship, and totally fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, and English). It will be up to him whether he responds. Hopefully you can understand our interest in protecting his privacy. He may ask what your interest is, so if you could provide that information in advance it might improve the chance of a positive response.
  6. Thanks, Sheila, for the clarification -- and the good news. I am a bit curious why the voting for the best chili is being taken away from the public. That is part of the fun of this event, imho.
  7. Bud

    Chili Challenge - Amigos de Animales


    Good decision, IMHO.
  8. This article tweaks a bit of curiosity in me. First off, it says the $100M is a "loan". That means it is a chunk of money that needs to be paid back, and so I am curious what Panama is going to cut short or deny its citizens in order to repay this "loan". Further, $100M is a LOT of money. What is it that those funds is going to buy? This seems off-base to me. Transparency comes from changes within a culture, to my way of thinking, not something that can be bought. Where am I going wrong here?
  9. In the interest of full disclosure, there is a rudimentary "test" regarding rules of the road and signage, etc. It is done via a machine (not a paper test or oral exam). Further, be advised that there is a book of the rules of the road that every driver is supposed to have in his vehicle. Last I heard was that it is available at Super Centro Ivan in Alto Boquete (but I presume at many other stores as well). Good luck. P.S., my experience with Sertracen located at Chiriqui Mall in David (where you get your license) has always been very friendly and supportive staff. So far, all discussion has been in Spanish, but Spanglish works.
  10. Personal opinion here. At least someone is studying and reporting on these kinds of social issues. The statistics re graduates vs job availability is very discouraging. Is this a case of too many babies and not enough jobs, jobs, jobs? And yet there are reports of businesses not being able to find qualified applications (for mostly high tech positions). Scary information. Education is the key to moving forward in a good direction.
  11. We recently were in the US (Houston), and could not resist taking a picture of the large Haas avocados in an HEB store. Note the price. These avocados were imported from Mexico. It is reasonable to believe that HEB was making a profit on these avocados, including with higher labor costs (compared to local store labor costs). Further, experience tells me that Haas avocados are more expensive than non-Haas. I will grant that economies of scale may play a role here. I leave to the viewer their conclusion about local pricing structure.
  12. Watching how fervently the Panamanian people express their disapproval of this proposed electricity rate hike is admirable and makes me proud of the public's interest and involvement in issues that really affect them. Let's just hope their activities will be peaceful.
  13. Bud

    117th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

    Dottie, You continue to perform a valuable service for the Volcan community. We are somewhat stressed to read your comments about the "dumping" of animals in that area. I cannot imagine any rational reason behind such action, but trust your assessment. Please don't give up on your passion of taking care of the domestic pets in Volcan. However, Marcelyn and I knowing you as we do do not think your mindset includes an option for giving up. Thank you, and to all of your volunteers and to Dr. Tello as well.
  14. Again no electricity for many hours today, and no hope in sight. Yes, I call the electric company and place a trouble ticket, but it just seems to be wasted energy. They should recognize my voice by now. Anybody got electricity in Boquete, and with a long extension cord?