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  1. We simply do not know if what we were previously told is still going to happen (but on a slower time clock than we hoped for), or if plans for a replacement recycle facility have just fallen through. With the closure of the recycling facility (across the street from La Posada), we are curious if anyone knows where (and when) recycled goods here in the Boquete area should be taken. P.S., the two word version of this post is: "What's happening?"
  2. Just curious here. Did ANAM issue a permit for the removal of this tree?
  3. Do Portugal Circus at the Feria


    Marcelyn and I were doing some grocery shopping at Avicola Athenas (the Canasta Basica store at Plaza San Francisco) earlier today. At the checkout counter we saw some discount coupons for the Do Portugal Circus that is coming to Boquete beginning August 4th. We asked for, and were given several of these coupons. Apparently the regular admission will be $10.00, but with the coupon, admission will be $6.00. We intend to go to the circus, and why not save some money in the process! We assume several other grocery stores will also have the coupons. Just ask at the checkout stand. Here is a scan of the coupon.
  4. Marcelyn and I had our second pleasant dining experience at Rustica last evening. I tried a hamburger (with cheese, no fries), and it was one of the better hamburgers I have had in recent times. Marcelyn again did the nachos. We had batidos de fresas. I could make a meal out of the batido. Wish I had, because the hamburger was simply too much food. But good service, good food, good prices, etc. In other words, a good value and dining experience. There were only a total of four customers (including the two of us) during our time at Rustica. I hope they survive.
  5. Marcelyn and I had a similar experience many years ago when we were stopped on the InterAmerican Hwy while returning from PC to Boquete. We were there (meaning fairly close to and on the western side of Santiago) for about 3+ hours. Not a thing we or the others could do except to wait for the authorities to deal with it. I wouldn't call it a big highway party, but people did get out of their vehicles, walk around, talk, and food and water started showing up from the locals. Also, the absence of violence or raised fists, etc. Nice to see that people can still act with civility in times of stress.
  6. We deposit our US bank checks here at Multibank (also have an account at Scotiabank, but it is only for backup purposes). There is zero fee for this service, and the hold time is only five business days. The short hold time was pre-arranged because we are long term customers, limit our checks to no more than $3,000.00 USD, have cedulas, and they know (copy of the escritura was requested and provided) that we own our property and are full-time residents. Couldn't ask for better service from any bank. In asking around we have not found any other bank to be this "friendly" about transferring funds between the US and Panama. We likewise have a Canadian bank account that is denominated in USD, but were told that the same funds transfer service would not apply to a Canadian bank check even though it is in USD. Dunno.... Some Canadian banks (e.g., RBC) have US bank affiliates that would overcome such constraints. P.S., the checks we deposit in Multibank clear the US bank typically in two days. That is fast.
  7. Evening of Strings and Winds


    Marcelyn and I attended this classical music performance at the library yesterday afternoon. We were impressed, even though the musicians were young and amateurs (meaning not paid, professional musicians). They were good, and the audience showed their appreciation with strong applause. It was a standing room only event. Every seat was taken, and conservatively speaking there were several dozen people standing at the rear of the room. We were pleased to see so much support for this kind of event. During the comments at the end of the event there was some suggestion that more frequent musical events at the library are being considered. We hope so. Here is the full program: Here is a picture taken during the event: There were some speeches after the concert, including some comments by Price Peterson, who apparently had helped cause this event to come to fruition. And finally, here is a small video clip of part of one of their musical pieces:
  8. Progress continues on this "lighthouse" just a bit north of Los Molinos. I think of this project more as an observation tower or lookout post, but apparently it is being called a lighthouse. Hmmmm. Here is a picture taken on July 13th. Not the best imagery possible, since this picture was taken through a rainy windshield.
  9. Olga Rios' breakfast place is a long time staple for good food, good service, and warm greeting hugs. We were surprised not to find anything posted on CL about Punto de Encuentro, and so decided to fill that gap this morning. Marcelyn and I had breakfast at Olga's this morning. Everything went like clockwork. It all started with warm, genuine hugs upon our arrival. We ordered just one order of pancakes and a side order of bacon to be shared between the two of us. Marcelyn ordered her usual café negro, and I my hot chocolate. The service was prompt, accurate, and the serving was huge. Even though it was just one order to be shared between the two of us, it still was more than the two of us could eat. For visitors in the Boquete area, I submit that you cannot legitimately say that you have been to Boquete unless and until you have experienced one of Olga's famous (and sincere) welcoming hugs. Breakfast almost becomes secondary. Olga's is open only for breakfast, and this is done seven days a week. Not sure of the exact hours, but I believe breakfast starts at 7:00AM. I guess she closes when the last breakfast patron leaves. Here are some pictures taken this morning. First, the famous welcoming hug (Olga and Marcelyn). Followed by a couple of inside shots of the ambiance. There are no printed menus. Look at the chalkboards just outside the entrance door. An extensive selection, to say the least. The signpost that is street-side. And a shot showing Olga and an employee checking the grounds, and the entrance walkway into the breakfast area.
  10. Good Mexican Food in Boquete

    Wondering what is happening at the El Viajero Restaurante. They have been closed for almost two weeks, and no indications of having gone out of business. We believe that Mattia Bertero's wife was expecting, and so we are hoping that nothing serious has happened in their lives. Does anyone know what their status is?
  11. Classical Music Concert


    Two Sailors, Thank you for posting. We were impressed with this event as well. We tried to take pictures of the event, but our seats were such that no images were worthwhile. After the concert, Marcelyn and I had arranged for dinner at Hotel Oasis with our friends who accompanied us to the concert. While enjoying dinner, guess who showed up? The musicians! Apparently they were staying at the Oasis. We bought them some drinks to say thank you, and had a short but warm and enthusiastic conversation with them. We were suggesting that they arrange more concerts in the Boquete area. They were receptive to our suggestion, having been pleased to experience how well their performance was received. YEAH!!!
  12. In another run to the [current, soon to be relocated] recycling facility here in Boquete yesterday afternoon, we learned from the lady who manages the facility that it is relocating to a building that is located next door to the Boquete Bible Fellowship Church. We stopped by to see the current status of that building. For those who do not know where this site is, go down the side street next to Restaurante La Karreta (which is across the main street from Biblioteca de Boquete). Here is a picture of the building. To the right of the bushes shown in this picture appears to be a yard space that is fenced in and likely to be used as the receiving area. The wall of the building on the left side of the picture is the BBF church building.