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  1. What should a citizen do if they see someone who is obviously violating the quarantine? It seems like they are putting others (me?) at risk.
  2. Not clear to me. Is your friend involved in the artwork, the eggs or both? I’ve never heard of organic eggs before. Is organic really healthier? Worth the extra cost?
  3. I’m still laughing. Find myself singing that song now as I wash my hands. Wash is not the right word. Scrub would be better. Several times a day.
  4. Maybe this is a case of a truly dedicated worker wanting to do a good job. Glad you paid him. Wonder how many gringos would have handled this in a similar way.
  5. The article says the money is a loan. Who pays it back? Big bucks here. Is tourism in Panama that significant as a source of income?
  6. Wow. At those prices for pineapple I am wondering if they were they flown first class to Europe? Or is the cost of living in Europe at that level? Or is someone gouging the market? Those are ridiculous prices.
  7. until

    I learned a new word here. For Keith re "Give me a break", okay. What do you want broken?
  8. Brundageba, you bring up a good point. Had not considered that. The earlier news article that pooh-poohed the use of face masks appeared authoritative, and so I just accepted it as gospel. Glad that you have broadened my thinking.
  9. I think I found the answer to my question. This is a scam. See https://youtu.be/qdAOLfmPI8s
  10. Does anyone here have experience with or recommendations about a TV streaming thing called “TV Buddy Caster”? Not sure I understand how it works. In addition to this device it seems I also need a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, etc., for this thing to work. I could use some help here. Here is a link to the website https://www.gadgetsunserewelt.com/en/index-v2-tvbuddy.html
  11. A friend recommended IP-Vanish, but it costs about $75/year, so I do without Hulu or a VPN.
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