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  1. No protests by Panamanians about how this is being handled? Why not open borders and let everyone in, including drug lords, human traffickers, sick and pregnant people, criminals and so forth?
  2. Interesting topic here that I wouldn’t have thought about much. As I boogey around I do see an occasional motorcycle, but mostly the bigger ones on the Interamerican road. Not many motorbikes, motorscooters, or smaller ones for scooting around in metropolitan areas. Yes some, but not many. My thought has been that it is because driving of anything in Panama is dangerous. To many people speeding. And the narrow roads with many in poor condition, not well maintained or bad design. Not to mention driving while intoxicated. I don’t own any vehicle here, but if I got something I would want a lot steel around me, not open air. Walking is healthier anyway. Buses cheap. Taxi is so so.
  3. Why,, and what title do you suggest as a replacement?
  4. Didja notice that none of the photos have a full front facial view of the bride? In fact the other women in the pictures at the wedding were absent a full front facial view. Also the bride’s name was not provided, with the only identifying information in the articles being that she is from Paso Canoas. It appears to me that her identity is being hidden, probably to deter problems regarding her safety at her home. Am I looney with this logic?
  5. Where do the indigenous shop for groceries and produce? I see them sometimes but only in small numbers in Romero and maybe Super Xtra. Never yet in El Rey (but then I don't go there often myself).
  6. Curious why you recommend that people contact you for such a business matter???? Are you wanting to be the beneficiary of my account? No way Jose.
  7. One has to wonder if they will ever argue again?????
  8. Not to forget, TIP - this is Panama. Things are not always logical or consistent. It could have been that the yellow paint was cheaper than the white paint that day, or perhaps that was all they had in inventory. Yes, I know I am being critical, but that has been my experiences so far while here.
  9. Not sure where to post this. Have you seen the new pictures at the top of this web sight! Don’t know when they were posted cause I just got back from some travel. Wow, gosh oh my golly. That Larry guy is one heck of a photographer, don’t ya think. I wonder if he could make me look good?
  10. I'm shocked that anyone would suggest that a politician or legislative body as a whole would do anything underhanded, such as passing tax laws for alternative purposes. Shame on you. (Written tongue in check, for those who don't get sarcasm.)
  11. Didja consider the possibility of both rather than or?
  12. From what I hear he is non-responsive to anything a gringo has to say because they can’t vote for him. He also claims that he is not responsible for this paving and plumbing mess.
  13. So it is adios señor — lo siento — if someone lives in Valle Escondido and happens to have a heart attack today?Talk about good planning!
  14. Good point. But even had they done that it didn’t work and they need a new plan. You may be right, but should they remain passive and go down the tubes?