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  1. Just curious if you Canadian expats would get better service at the banks here in Boquete if you wrote checks instead of cheques?
  2. Message from US Citizens

    What a poor job of labeling this positing. Are US citizens informing US citizens of this activity? (Actually non-activity.) Never met Penny, and not blaming her. She just sends out this poorly prepared crap.
  3. Black water is defined as the discharge from a toilet according to many dictionaries. Am I the only one seeing a correlation between this topic and the ZIKA problem with this other posting?
  4. Drama in the Gulf of Chiriqui

    I guess you are saying that fake news has finally made its way to Panama. How sad.
  5. It is a shame that I can't access that news article. I am very interested in this turn of events, but can't read the that you referenced. Can you try again and give something that will work?
  6. Curious why you are bringing in US political crap into this news feed? Better still, onto this website? I come here to get away from that crap and you stick it back into my face.
  7. It doesn't feel like the right thing to be doing or supporting.
  8. That link worked just fine for me. I'm not a sports bar type person, so prob won't go there. But I do like ribs. Hmmmm, I guess I have a decision to make here.
  9. I've never heard of an "association" in Panama. SAs and foundations, yes, but associations, no. Or are you just being a bit loose with terminology? Can you elaborate a bit more on the structure and advantages of an association. Are there tax advantages for me if I were to contribute/donate?
  10. Been trying to Google research these fruit things. Not finding anything. Can someone give some links so that I can read more?
  11. Oops. Because you don't have the challenges that I have. I now see the subject saying the full story. Forgive me.
  12. Geez, this can be interpreted two different ways. One is that Mort's Bakery is closing early on one day for a graveside service in honor of Mort. The other way is that Mort's Bakery is permanently closing. Nothing is mentioned about opening back up the next day, or ever? Which is it? I really do hope that Mort's is going to continue in business.