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  1. New Restaurant Grand Opening

    Total waste of my time. Not possible to read anything. These guys are headed for failure and disappointment if they can’t get something this basic under control.
  2. Appears to be a really bad accident. Hope the fire fighter comes through this okay. Apparently he is the deputy fire chief in Boquete. Or assistant fire chief, or whatever they call that position. This information raises several questions. I have been told repeatedly that accident victims are taken to Regional Hospital in David. Yet Rovira was taken to Chiriqui Hospital, which is a private hospital. Is there a logical explantation why? The caption on the news article photo suggests that the bomberos truck went into the opposing lane. That is kinda hard to do given the explanation of where the accident occurred. What details are available? Weather doesn’t seem to be a factor. Was this a mechanical failure? Driver mistake? Excess speed involved? Just curious here. Nice that this ACCB group supported the family of the fire fighter. Who is ACCB? I have not heard of them.
  3. Climate Change and Coffee

    Some people tell me that Starbucks already costs more than $10 per cup. So what has changed?
  4. VIDEO: Best Solo Performance at BMAF

    Whatever their reason, it seems to have been poorly thought through and planned. Right at the last minute changing the name after about half a year of advertising as the BJBF. And then just changing the name at the last minute without any announcement or description or explanation. Hope it works well for them in the future, but I suspect they will regret it. BTW, I didn't pay the big bucks to listen because I could just sit in town across the river and hear everything going on. It was even too loud where I was. People should be more considerate of their ears.
  5. VIDEO: Best Solo Performance at BMAF

    I saw that sign also. And now people are posting using this new name. I feel so disconnected at times.
  6. VIDEO: Best Solo Performance at BMAF

    I'm confused also. Maybe because I'm a country boy. Did the Jazz Festival change its name?
  7. Doesn't everyone know that STOP is an abbreviation for Slight Tap On Pedal?
  8. Interesting and dramatic differences in work ethics of the two countries. Maybe the locals should think about these things. How long does it take to build a house here? How long should it take to build a house here? Food for thought. (Or train station, or commercial building, or xyz?)
  9. For those like me who are not familiar with the impact of sun spot activity and our local weather, could someone please enlighten me? Part of me now questions whether the global warming thing is really about sun sport variations or cycles (or whatever they are called). I hope the moderators don't slam me for taking this in a new direction.
  10. Someone named Moderator got after me about my posting here. I can't delete it, but I am apologizing. The next time I see something so poorly written, I will try to forgive the writer for being so incompetent. Apologies to all for my bad behavior.
  11. I continue to be amazed at how inept some people are. Why advertise something happening in December in the month after? Why are you wasting my time? Yes, the words in the text say the right date, but the title doesn't. I think the NewsLady should just reject crap like this. How can I believe anything that is written by this guy?