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  1. Looks like it was a good show. I don't live in Boquete and have to ride public transportation or taxis. With the rain it didn't seem worth the trouble to go but now I kinda wish I had. You got more Panamanians on stage. Move in the right direction.
  2. Sounds like a horrible PR issue for Copa. I am of the opinion that drunk wannabe passengers should not be allowed to board, period. Has nothing to do with the fact that this case was a Copa pilot. Have you ever had to sit next to someone who is drunk? Ain't pleasant.
  3. Duh. What do you expect when Panama gets known as being the 25th most expensive city in the world? Decline in tourism is a natural and direct result of being too expensive to visit here (or in my case to live here). Where to go now is my problem.
  4. This presentation sounds like a boondoggle to me. A way to give a paid holiday to some NYPD people. What would someone from NYC know about the security issues here in our area? Totally different situation and different needs, and different perspective about security. I prefer that my tax dollars be better spent on something that will likely do some good for someone, hopefully to include me as well since I am the one paying. For instance, fix the social security contact points. I live in Panama, not Costa Rica where they don’t care about the US citizens who happen to live in Panama.
  5. What point are you trying to make?
  6. BD

    New recycling rules

    This seems to be going in a bad direction. I live closer to David than Boquete, but if I lived there I am pretty sure I wouldn't put up with all of these new rules and regulations. In one way I can understand, but it seems like the demands of the buyer have gone off the scale. Separating different colored papers into separate stacks. Get serious. I'll just put my recyclables in the garbage.
  7. BD

    Dog Camp Needs Your Help!

    Something strikes me super strange here. Does a neighbor get to decide whether I have a dog or dogs, or not? What is the real story? Is this legal in Panama?
  8. BD

    Auditions: Olde Timey Radio Show #5

    I’m confused. When did BCP change its name? What is the W in WBCP?
  9. When I read Keith's comment I thought that he was wrong. But then rereading their advertisement says that he is right. These guys are confusing the public and loosing out on a good deal. Why even have a chili cook-off if the public is not involved? I'm writing this event off to bad management. Why even advertise this?
  10. Agree. There will be snow in Boquete before we ever see that level of police stationed in Boquete.
  11. Wow, how lucky US citizens are! To have only four hours each week in which to conduct government business with the staff at the US Embassy. 😪 Pathetic is an understatement.
  12. until

    P.S., the website that Kevin referred to — www.iop,global — seemed far too technical and focused on digital money for my liking.