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  1. Boquete Health Fair

    Do they really expect to be able to read this? Dark letters on dark background colors?? Good luck.
  2. I'm trying to find non-offensive words to express my extreme skepticism about that statement!
  3. Whats worse from a health perspective is the black mould that will start forming in the houses. I had that happen many years ago, and it is really hard to come back from that. Lots of paperwork, inspections, and money. The good thing is that houses are not transportable like a vehicle, and I don't expect to see any of those houses show up here in Boquete.
  4. Fenix Cafe

    Dear Fenix person or people, I wish you well. The few times I went to the Fenxi it seemed to be disorganized. And then the selection of the movies were not to my liking. My biggest issue with Fenix was that I could not remember what was happening, and found no way to figure it out. Better marketing skills might have helped,. To late now tho. Two up and two down. All the best to Lucy and now Joy.
  5. I am really disappointed in how this recycling thing is going. Who gives a rip whether there is a recycling place n David? I don't care whether it is a good one or a bad one. I am in Boquete. Are you expecting me to go to David to recycle my discards? What about the fuel required to do that? Not to mention the time, and then only certain items are accepted. Get real. And no feedback about the recent recycling meeting at the library, it appears that is a dead effort. Let the do gooders do some good here in Boquete. Until then, my discards are going into the city trash.
  6. Just curious if you Canadian expats would get better service at the banks here in Boquete if you wrote checks instead of cheques?
  7. Message from US Citizens

    What a poor job of labeling this positing. Are US citizens informing US citizens of this activity? (Actually non-activity.) Never met Penny, and not blaming her. She just sends out this poorly prepared crap.
  8. Black water is defined as the discharge from a toilet according to many dictionaries. Am I the only one seeing a correlation between this topic and the ZIKA problem with this other posting?
  9. Drama in the Gulf of Chiriqui

    I guess you are saying that fake news has finally made its way to Panama. How sad.
  10. It is a shame that I can't access that news article. I am very interested in this turn of events, but can't read the that you referenced. Can you try again and give something that will work?
  11. Curious why you are bringing in US political crap into this news feed? Better still, onto this website? I come here to get away from that crap and you stick it back into my face.