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  1. http://www.italaw.com/sites/default/files/case-documents/ita0031.pdf Last page.
  2. I will just say that I don't want to be a member of a group that has expats who have sued their host country. Thank you for your efforts.
  3. Is there any way to close a chiriqui.life account? I can't find a way.
  4. Great article. And buried in the article is reason for the outrage against the newning direction, a useful method for goers, stayers, and newbies to interact with each other before actually getting involved with each other. Most first encounters between the 3 groups took place on oldning where Lee allowed everyone the chance to be their own self.
  5. My guess is CPAP. Requires moisture to prevent dry throat while using. IF the ambient humidity is high enough (Boquete has plenty of humidity), the use of distilled water may not be needed. Again, ALL guessing on my part.
  6. While reviewing the oft repeated, but false claim that Lee banned more members than Ambreen, I re-read this post from Lee which I believe has the clue to running a forum. And yes, Ambreen, free speech is indeed a key to that. Panama does not have a free press. in fact it is less free now than in the past. According to Reporters without Borders, Panama ranks 81 out of 178 nations, way below Costa Rica at 29, bracketed between Albania and Zambia, just a bit above Nicaragua at 83. This website is hosted in the US, number 20 on the same list and I am a US citizen. Still I and many others who contribute to this website live in Panama and we are subject to the laws of Panama, all of them. Twice, I have threatened with slander or more correctly libel suits using Panama's rather draconian laws. Once for exposing Computer Protective Services and Fredrick Allen Osburn and more recently for expressing my opinion about a Tuesday Morning Meeting topic. Threats inhibit free speech. Threats discourage people from interacting or expressing their opinions. The goal of this website is a free exchange of information which includes opinions; mine and yours. I cannot prevent anyone from filing a lawsuit, but I will ban and delete all content from anyone who, in the future uses this forum to make a threat, legal or not, against any user on this website. The past is the past and cannot be altered but the future will lack threats here. If you think you are libeled, hire a lawyer, but don't threaten people on this website. http://boquete.ning.com/forum/topics/free-speech-and-threats Boquete.ning is now a lost cause. I do not believe the forum was ever high on the list of the websites that JLM Foundation bought. I guessed that the new ning might last until Independence Day but certainly they can not make it to Christmas on their present course of conduct. Adios Boquete.ning, bien venidos Chiriqui.Life.
  7. This is true, Sr. Roger. Ambreen claims 325 new members but a very easy count of BN membership shows 234 members since JLM Foundation joined on Sept 8th when BN changed ownership. Her math skills are not much better than her social skills.
  8. There was a congratulation for planet telecom for discontinuing their sponsorship of ning's bad practices. A discussion about having ethical values was part of that talk. Continuing to sponsor ning was seen as a bad light.
  9. Has anyone been interviewed for the position of ambassador to ningdom? From Bob's message on ning. We understand the importance of having a 'boots on the ground" representative for our site, one who understands the needs of those residing or vacationing in the surrounding areas. We are interviewing and very close to announcing this Ning ambassador so to speak. We only hope the critique's will be minimal, there is no reason for any meanness. ,
  10. The description seems to fit. http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Breen_(planet)
  11. One other clue as to how b.ning acquired the services of Ambreen. http://creators.ning.com/members/JLMFoundation She may have just been an off-the-rack choice to install the upgraded features to ning that Lee didn't purchase.
  12. Ambreen is a real person. Her responses are computer-like because she learnt her English from Google Translate. Bob Hunter has already assured us early on that ning was not associated with religious JLM foundations. If you can't trust Bob, who can you trust? (kidding) http://boquete.ning.com/page/questions-asked-and-answered-about-the-new-ning
  13. This is the kind of thing that is so bad about losing oldning. LOTS of experience will have to be relearned the hard way. If it were me in the golf cart, I would put the dog out front on a leash, then if I got stopped, I would claim I was running the Iditarod and had lost my way?
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