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  1. Mine looks just like the top one! Maybe she’s the Moma!
  2. Great! We can compare their markings. I will attempt to get her there too. I volunteer there.
  3. Absolutely! Mine is s female. Do you know the age of Jefe? Or maybe where they were adopted to?
  4. I will try it. I’m new to this site.
  5. Does not appear to have any marks. I am taking it to the Animales Clinic on Sunday if no one claims it. Too sweet yo let live a wild life.
  6. I live in Jaramillo Centro very near La Hacienda B&B. A small tabby kitten about 5 months old jumped up onto my patio 3 nights ago. Very sweet, friendly, and very hungry. I kept her in my bathroom the past two nights to keep her safe. She definitely prefers to be outside but is comfortable inside and very social. She must have an owner in the area. Please contact me if you know anyone who is missing their deer little girl 6604-7302
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