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  1. Ok, so we moved to Spain 3 months ago today, and I have to say we have not been without electricity or internet for 1 minute. Yes, our electricity bill is about 75% more than what we paid in Panama, and we do need heat in the winter and probably a/c in July & August. The entire house is electric and we do have a small pool. But I guess you get what you pay for. Our internet is the same as we paid in Panama. Fuel (gas/diesel) is a bit more, but household goods, vehicles and groceries are less. The choices are unlimited. No surge protectors needed!
  2. We have purchased 2 vehicles and sold 2 vehicles in the past 5 years utilizing Keith's knowledge and expertise. He is honest and dependable. In fact we left our vehicle with him to sell and left the country! He sold it and the $ is in the bank. Keith knows what is for sale at any given time and the quality of the vehicle. That is why he is THE car guy.
  3. We at Amigos de Animales are greatful for your positive feedback and we LOVE what we do.
  4. I totally agree with Bonnie. Great food and wonderful service. i think happy hour is from 4 to 6.
  5. I will leave it with "Earth Mama" the soap lady just to the right when entering the hex-room.
  6. I have a full can of Scotch Gard you can have for $5 Carol 6951-5904
  7. The German restaurant in San Francisco Plaza sells very good ( and inexpensive ) red and white wine vinegars.
  8. It was $44 per person for our initial medical consultation, not a driver license certification.
  9. i have some that I would sell. 16 oz (1pint) hand and body lotion........1/8 used 8 oz (236 ml) hand and body lotion......1/4 used 4 oz bath oil spray bath oil towelettes ( 9) call me I will make you a deal...,,,, I cannot stand the smell Carol 6951-5904
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