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  1. yes - Hil posted the correct one It was signed on Dec 22, 2015 to come into effect on Jan 1, 2016. Scroll down to the bottom and it states what I just said.
  2. Hi Bill - you have to drop the /index.asp in order to access the site. I use Google Chrome as my browser and it automatically translated the Spanish to English where it can. Search for Ley 6 - the laws for los jubiloados pensionados y tercera edad are all there ( in Spanish). I actually picked up a booklet from them at their booth at fair. I will call tomorrow to check on how we can get them to investigate. I asked them about hotels trying to take the discount off the rack rate instead of the daily quoted rate. They told me to get a quote emailed to me with the price they are charging that day. The call back later and ask for a quote with the discount. No matter what they say just ask them to email you . Then you can take the emails to Acodeco in David and they will definitely take this info and confront the hotels. You could probably do the same with the restaurant. Order something and take a picture of the price on the menu and anything else you see written about discounts. Then after you have eaten you have the bill. Take the bill and the menu price to Acodeco and I'm sure they can investigate. If you still have a bill in hand - go back to restaurant and take a picture of the menu. Maybe they have one you can actually take home for reference. I haven't eaten there because I find the prices totally ridiculously high. I am not willing to support people who want to go after the Gringo's. As was said, there are lots of other places to eat with really good food - including Pianista. Ley6Jubilados Feb 2016.pdf
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