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  2. On October 27, 2019, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 316 animals, 141 dogs and 175 cats with 7 vets working. This was a record day for us, the first time we had over 300 animals. But it is not just about the numbers, it is about the animals that will not be reproducing in the streets. It is about the families who we have reached and helped. It is about the students who we have met over the years and watched grow and mature and graduate. It is about our volunteers who return month after month and the new volunteers who are just beginning to work with us. It is about all of us who work every month and gain so much more than we give. It has been a great year for us in so many ways, we have seen what we can do and are looking forward to doing even more next year. It is always fun to see how some people dress up their animals, even for the clinic. One person did not want her dog to go into surgery without her fancy dress on! Thank you to everyone who has contributed food to our clinic. Jane Hampton, along with Cheryl Schmidt, always makes sure that everyone is well fed all day long. We thank everyone who brings food, and a special thanks to Heidi and Mike of Mike’s Global Grill. For years they have been donating pizzas to our clinic, something our vets look forward to every month. 2020 ANIMALES CALENDARS ON SALE NOW! The 2020 Animales calendars are now on sale and going fast. You can find them at the Tuesday Market, Mike’s Global Grill, Mail Boxes Etc, and Larry’s Place. All proceeds support our spay/neuter clinics. NEW EVENT COMING UP JANUARY 23 On January 23, 2020, four local animal welfare groups - Amigos de Animales, Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary, Salvadores de Animales, and La Casa de los Animales - will come together to raise funds to sterilize local cats and provide care for homeless cats and kittens in the Boquete community. This will be a gala evening at Boulder 54 with auctioning of art works by local artists, thus supporting the local arts community while raising awareness of animal welfare, public health, and the role that all Boquete residents can play in raising the quality of life for humans and animals in our town. Mark your calendars, more detail to follow soon! If you want to donate art or buy ticketsvisit www.topcatandtails.org IT IS THE SEASON As the year comes to an end, please keep Amigos de Animales in your plans for tax-deductible donations. We are a registered US 501(c)(3) entity and any donations you make to us through this are tax deductible in the US. We welcome any donations made in Panama as well; we are also a registered not-for-profit here. Our work over the years has not only helped the dogs and cats of Boquete but also its residents, greatly enhancing our town’s livability and general health. We have much to be grateful for this year from our hard working volunteers to our wonderful vets to the town of Boquete that has embraced us and our mission. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Alicia McGuigan President Copyright © 2019 Amigos de Animales, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website. Our mailing address is: Amigos de Animales chiriqui Boquete Panama
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    Join us for lunch and launch! Our 2020 calendars will be available for sale.
  4. The Amigos de Animales calendar mistakenly listed incorrect dates for this year's Orchid Expo - our sincere apologies! Please refer to the flyer below for the correct dates.
  5. As the Tuesday Talk coordinator for BCP, I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation for the unpaid and undervalued efforts of those volunteers who help us create these videos and disseminate them to our expat community. Their efforts are greatly appreciated, and this information is made readily available to everyone whenever they need access. If you are having difficulty viewing the videos, please consult a local technical expert - I am sure they will be able to help you!
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