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  1. Here is the front page of this issue of the WAG. To see the entire August 2018 issue, click on the link at the bottom of this posting. https://aadab.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/The-Wag-Issue-2.pdf
  2. Sheila Strunk

    Chili Challenge - Submit Your Chili!

    There IS no contest for chefs - Boquete residents are being asked to make and submit their chili, and those entries will be judged by local chefs. The ONLY difference between this year and last is that the judging will be done by professionals in the food industry and not by attendees.
  3. Sheila Strunk

    Chili Challenge - Submit Your Chili!

    Bud, I'm sure you can understand that sometimes there are no-win situations! We have had complaints in the past about attendees voting for their friends rather than for the best chili, so we decided to change it up this year. Judges (3 local restaurateurs - yes, that is the correct spelling) will be tasting all the entries but will not know who submitted them. We'll determine after the event whether we should return to public judging next year!
  4. Sheila Strunk

    Chili Challenge - Submit Your Chili!

    Bonnie is correct - this is a flyer soliciting local cooks to submit their chili for the competition, which WILL be open to the public. Further announcements regarding the public invitation to attend the event will be coming soon!
  5. Click HERE to order tickets online!
  6. Sheila Strunk

    Ham It Up!