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      The Boquete Feria de Las Flores y del Café   01/12/2017

      The Boquete Feria de Las Flores y del Café begins Thursday, January 12th and runs until Sunday, January 22nd. For those who have not yet seen -- and experienced -- this magnificent fair, you are in for a treat, and some inconveniences. Most importantly, you must see all of the flowers and the tiendas at and around the Fair Grounds here in Boquete.  During these eleven days you also need to be extremely careful, especially while driving and in planning your activities. In recent years there have been well in excess of 100,000 visitors to Boquete. Last year that number was closer to 200,000, and some predictions for 2017's Fair are closer to 300,000 people coming to our area to see the Fair. Traffic congestion will be the norm. Getting seats in restaurants will be difficult at times. Parking spaces will essentially be nonexistent. Buying groceries may be difficult and time consuming. Busses will be parked on the side streets, making driving difficult. There will be lots (as in LOTS) of people walking, standing around the bridge and the Feria and the many tiendas (small shops and stands [kiosks]) while taking pictures, talking, viewing the scenery, etc. Please be extremely attentive while driving, and drive slowly. Some streets will be blocked and require passes to use them. Other streets will simply be blocked based on congestion. Please be careful of your personal items, such as purses and wallets. Having so many people in one area creates a prime target for pickpockets and other maliantes to do their thing. To repeat, most importantly, you must see all of the flowers and the tiendas at and around the Fair Grounds here in Boquete.  Three closing thoughts. First: enjoy. Second: be safe. Third: you might wish to post your pictures, comments, reviews, etc., here on CL (start a topic or reply to an existing topic in http://www.chiriqui.life/forum/118-boquete-feria-de-las-flores-y-del-café/).   To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.


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  1. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, and in honor of the Flower and Coffee Festival, CHOX offers our incredible Coffee Bar. Made from gourmet Pacamara coffee beans grown right here in Boquete, this gastronomic delight has the texture and mouthfeel of a fine chocolate bar, but it is unique in that we substitute coffee beans for cacao. It’s the cup of coffee you eat. Anyone can put coffee flavor into a chocolate bar but only CHOX brings you the 100% Panamanian coffee bar. Bajo Boquete, next to Senor Gyros. Tuesday 12:30-5:00; Wednesday thru Saturday 10:30-5:00. Closed Sunday and Monday.
  2. Last year, they re-engineered traffic on the hill descending from CEFATI during the fair, such that in the evenings you could only go downhill into Bajo Boquete. Does anyone know if that will be case again this year? If so, it would be nice to know the days and hours.
  3. If you ordered a chocolate Christmas tree from CHOX, they will be available during regular business hours for pickup at the shop next week (no Tuesday market deliveries). They are $18.95 each and we don't have the capability to accept credit or debit cards. We will not have extras for sale at the shop, so please only count on purchasing the number you ordered. Stop in at your convenience: Tuesday 12:30 - 5:00, Wednesday thru Saturday 10:30 - 5:00 .
  4. Due to incredible response, CHOX is no longer taking orders for chocolate Christmas trees. Orders this year far exceeded last year's and we have been working overtime to accommodate the requests! The trees for orders that have already come in will be available next week (Tuesday through Saturday) for pickup and we will be sending an email reminder to those on the list. Thank you so much for your interest!
  5. Unless Fred gets there first, which is usually the case for me because I can only go on Sunday or Monday.
  6. I saw the Swanson 12-packs of chicken broth 2 weeks ago.... now, fresh artichokes would be nice!
  7. Shawarma con cordero - will visit soon!!! thanks.
  8. I had the same experience as Judy did, when I returned on October 8. I was in the residents' line and was fully fingerprinted there. No one said to me or the people I was travelling with that we needed to go to the visitors' line. Even with this new procedure, the residents' line was a breeze to get through, compared to the visitors' line!
  9. I stopped into Romero this evening, as I was early for a dinner with friends at TOCO Madera and was hoping that portobello mushrooms had miraculously appeared, despite nearly no produce the last time I was there. (Plus, I was out of vodka). I was aghast to find that the store was fully stocked again. At least the produce sections were fully stocked and the rest of the place appeared to be as well, though I didn't spend much time assessing the situation after grabbing mushrooms and vodka.
  10. Sure coulda used that 2 weeks ago!
  11. The other one I have seen a truck for is Tecsan The phone number painted on the truck is 722-2662.
  12. thanks to those who suggested batteries, but getting new batteries was the first thing I did. Regulator is also brand new, after battery replacement didn't work (and the regulator seemed loose no matter how I re-seated it after taking it off). Someone (no expert) who looked at it today said that it may need cleaning in the line since it seems not enough gas is getting through to ignite. Who knows? Having exhausted the tank, regulator and battery issues, I'm calling Millo tomorrow. Funny thing is several people have told me they had the same problem and the solution for each turned out to be different. I guess these heaters have several problems.