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  1. Good day everyone, I am relatively new to Boquete, I am a sports enthusiast and would love to play a bit of basketball. Social basketball would be fantastic and right up my alley! ( Just would like to have a little run around, have some fun and shoot few hoops) I am a 30 year old South African, my Spanish is also not too sharp. Please any info/help or recommendations would be hugely appreciated. My email is ryan.coetsee23@gmail.com Many thanks Ryan.
  2. Hi there, I was just searching for some info about playing basketball in boquete. I am new to the area for a little while i am a 30 year old South African. I am a sports enthusiast that would love have a run around and play some basketball. Would really appreciate any info/help or maybe even joining you guys would be fantastic. Many thanks Ryan Coetsee
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