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  1. until
    Mark you calendar to join us for a two woman art show at the library gallery in Boquete. It will feature metal sculptures by Lin Hall and paintings by Mary Ellen Watts.
  2. I think there are some bar-b-que tanks that come with the bar-b-que when you buy them that can only be exchanged or filled at the store where you bought it, unless you change out the regulator.
  3. Joe had been having chest pains for several months and was denied treatment by his insurance. One report said he was found in the bathroom. He could easily fallen and hit his head.
  4. We stopped by during the fair and had a couple blondies (like a brownie, but not chocolate) which Lucy said were her mother's recipe. The best we ever had!
  5. Marcelyn, Excedrin is a combination of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and aspirin, with a little caffene (sorry, I never could spell). If you can't find it here, do some research on the net and you should be able to approximate the type Excedrin that works for you. The Chinese grocery on the left, a couple blocks after you go across the Inter-American going from Boquete into David, has some medications I haven't noticed elsewhere. It is the last business in the strip mall (Beverly Hills Mall?) that is white with a green wall and a green strip over some of the stores. The sign is so faded it is hard to read. I may have seen Excedrin there at one time.
  6. Penny, As Hil suggested, don't change until you have to. We got a new laptop before we moved to Panama and had no choice. I hated 8.1, it was awful to have to relearn how to use my computer. Then we upgraded free to 10 when it became available. Not much different than 8.1 that I could see but after a couple of months the laptop locked up and we have to that it in for repair. It was caused by a glitch in 10. Keep what you have as long as you can! Lin
  7. Wow, great links, can't wait to explore the links more deeply.
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