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  1. until

    Thinking. Read the link on Lynn Unger. Lots there.
  2. until

    Thank you so much for this information. I have printed everything up.
  3. Dear Alison and Bill, Your Flossie was the very first "Other Dog" our rescue Ridley wanted to be friends with after we adopted him. We were at Kris Bergs when we brought him in for "socializing". Flossy was so friendly to him ... and he was very scared of other dogs... so we always loved Flossy . Rainbow Bridge. Abrazos, Erin Ross
  4. We were so taken aback, and saddened to hear this news. Michael taught a stretching class at The Haven. I learned how to get up from a fallen position without needing a wall or piece of furniture. Very important at our age. Is there a Memorial for him?
  5. So many in our community were there today. At The Local St. John Church... It was full. Young, old,locals,gringo friends.. The Family welcomed all the embraces as those who wanted to express their grief for Hanna's passing and their love to her family lined up. There were so many. The High Mass was beautiful. The young and older musicians soared with their music for Hanna. The Priest sang and spoke to the entirely Full Church. A photo would have shown a sea of white clothing... (requested for their daughter). Boquete. Our Home. Blessings
  6. Aaahh. Another Boquete Friend lost. Blessings and healing thoughts to his family.
  7. Tears in my eyes, a smile on my face, and toes that are tapping. Thank you BHH (Boquete Health and Hospice)
  8. Dear CL Members and all your Expat and Panamanian Contacts. I hope you send this important video on. I have been amazed at how many do not know what BHH (Boquete Health and Hospice) Does and Achieves. This video really lays out the Whole Mission ... assisting the Entire Community... and the Cost...Zero...All Volunteers.
  9. Frank's place in Caldera. I believe they charge $10 per car per day? Great facility and so peaceful there by the river. Changing rooms. Food area et...
  10. Update on driving up.... "the gauntlet...restaurant row".... Tonight, for the 1st time in awhile I took a chance on driving directly up to my turn off towards the Panamonte. I wondered how the Yellow Curbs were faring in deterring people from parking... Hurrah!! There were 3 cars (spaced out ..2 in front of one bar and 1 in front of another) They ALL had Big Tickets taped to their driver's side windows! This is just about safety, folks... so glad we can now get through with out being "doored" or hitting someone.
  11. Saw our new Acalde today with a small entourage with video cameras and clip boards clustered at the foot of the Puente Panamonte on the Panamonte side. Pulled over, smiled gave thumbs up and said "Muchas Gracias por tu Servicio para caminos y seguridad". My spanish may not be great but my intention was obvious... Smiles all around. Stay tuned.
  12. Be not afraid... went up the "Restaurant Row" on purpose late this afternoon ( after having avoided this stretch for many months) and stopped and thanked the Police sitting there in front of the Yellow Lines. They were smiling to see how Happy I was when I said that our neighborhood is safer. Now if we could just get a European roundabout on that corner from Alto Lino/Otto's/la Posada/down to the Panamonte and the new bridge (where many tourists come to see and walk) ... that would set the town buzzing, ha.
  13. Hurrah hurrah hurrah! Every time I get home I breathe a sigh of relief having "run the gauntlet" safely once again. Then I negotiate the curve at Otto's and la Posada dodging the cars pulling into and out of their "parking spots", and the cars barrelling down from Alto Lino ... in order to turn right. Then just one last hurdle as I pass the Panamonte and peer slowly and cautiously thru the Bushes to see the oncoming traffic zipping over the new bridge (and annoying the taxis that back up behind me). Whew! Certainly keeps my mind alert and my driving skills sharp. We love it here anyway. Just ....Keep safe out there.
  14. Dear Bonnie, You have given so much to the community, and now this. Thank You CL for the PDF. With appreciation, Erin Ross
  15. A trusted source in the Panamanian community just called here and said she has been found. Sorry I do not have any other details, but it is a relief she has been found.
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