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  1. That was the email I got back from your website. ?????????? Bottom line is...time is short. I leave a week from today to return to DC. Can you please help me get this opportunity/" Coaching on how to write and publish a book" on your calendar and to the Boquete News feed? If you want more info on me and my book...Google my name Jo Clem and also go to YouTube and type in the book title Tell Me Who's Wonderful. There is a DVD there that explains the message of the book. Thanks so much for your help.
  2. I submitted my info but keep getting a message about “Waiting for approval.” I am only here one more week before I return to the US. I need your help please to calendar an event on Thursday afternoon/ October 25th at the small cafe at Isla Verde on how to write your book ?! Time is4:30 -6:00. This is Jo Clem. I am staying at Isla Verde. Can you help me please.
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