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  1. IIRC the evidence suggests that speed differentials, rather than speed itself, increase the risk of collisions. Also, 4-lane highways have a much higher safety factor than 2-lane roads. The evidence suggests (and this corresponds to my own observations) that drivers stubbornly sticking to posted limits or lower, in the face of higher speeds in the environment, pose a higher danger to all motorists than those following the flow of traffic even if the flow is significantly higher than the posted limit.
  2. Most of the expat HC discussions centre around the implications for US expats who are familiar with a number of insurance programs that are foreign to us more familiar with cradle-to-grave health care. it would be good to have an in-depth discussion about this topic for Canadians, both for long term "visitors" and those with pensionados.
  3. This happened in Canada a few years ago, so I assume the new format will be similar internationally. For example, date is top right - yyyy/mm/dd, nothing else stands out in particular.
  4. I will be exploring Volcan as a possible alternative to the higher costs of accoms in Boquete. Several comments (somewhere) have referred to an as-yet unopened new hospital building in Volcan. Does anyone have info as to the status of that facility?
  5. Sometimes I feel that I.m operating in a parallel universe. I upgraded back then to 8.1 right from XP (IIRC) and work from a familiar desktop, no changes to my usual so far as I can tell. Both home and office. But when I jumped on the W10 when it first came out everything froze and I had to restore back to 8.1. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I do not understand why anyone thinks there are difficulties with 8.1. Unless you go to the start screen it is no different from 7. And the start screen is kinda fun.
  6. The maps work well and the book is very useful. Well worth it.
  7. Thanks Alan - plenty of good info there, a lot to think about. I'll question more deeply as I get closer to a permanent move.
  8. Alan - thanks for your perspective. I wonder whether you could expand on this point. How would one convert to US$ when located in Panama, and avoid the 2-3% cost that you mention?
  9. No doubt, but when I return to Canada I miss the lush mountains. So where do I find an area with mountain lakes beside the ocean? More than anything I will miss boating.
  10. Well I certainly hope to run into some of you in January. We booked at Isla Verde this time because you get a good rate via Habla Ya. So we thought we would spoil ourselves while scouting more modest digs for the longer term.
  11. It speaks well for the success of this forum that I received so many helpful comments so quickly. Keith - very warm! A little west of Smiths Falls and a little more backwoodsy: Sharbot Lake area. Power outages? Hah! I have a generator at home because you don't know "power outage" until you have one in the dead of winter. A power outage in summer is to laugh at! I have not looked into the cost of health insurance in Panama. I hope there are decent plans available a a reasonable cost. I will try to find a consultant to discuss this with in January. I have see a recommendation for an insurance broker located at Plaza San Francisco. Thanks again everyone!
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