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  1. Looking for a functional laptop, perhaps too slow to run Windows 10.
  2. Arc 20 L/min Demand Hot Water Heater used less than one year. It kept shutting down due to the back pressure from my shower. I replaced it with an 8 L/ min unit to solve the problem. I have no use for this one unless one of my larger units fail. This is large enough for most houses. $100.00.
  3. I have two 100 pound Tropigas propane gas tanks with the medal lines and regulator for sale. I'm not sure how much to charge for these. They are $300 to $400 new. I paid $60 each for the 20 pound subsidized tanks with which I replaced them; so, I think $100 each is reasonable. Maybe someone who recently built a house could comment.
  4. want a Nordic Track Ski Mackine in good condition.šŸ™ƒ
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