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  1. Joe Louis Walker Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival 22 Feb 2019 www.youtube.com/notsereyus
  2. Marshall Keys Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival 23 Feb 2019
  3. Phantom Blues Band Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival 23 Feb 2019
  4. Matt Schofield, Christine Tambakis, Silvan Zingg, John Carney Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival February 21, 2019
  5. Good singers, catchy tune, great lyrics, excellent video. Hope it does well.
  6. The benefits of good customer service - - - wouldn't it be great if more Panamanian retailers understood this.
  7. From the list of countries and the suppliers/sources shown it is clear that motorcycles are really just affordable transportation alternatives to automobiles. Why else would Guatemala be the largest importer and Panama the smallest by far? Would like to see corresponding figures for cars.
  8. The transfer of US dollars to Scotia Bank will become considerably more expensive as of February 1st. Deposit checks written on US bank accounts will no longer be accepted but will require formal Wire Transfers (at a Scotia fee of $30 on top of a $50 originating bank fee). Instead of waiting 21 days for funds (a form of 'kiting') they will become available 'next day' - - - little comfort for those who saw Scotia as welcoming bank to expats.
  9. Children's Christmas Party 31 December 2018
  10. This is what you get when you push the COLOR up (saturation) in almost any photo editing program. Dramatic but not very real.
  11. Will continue with my once-a-day 81 mg Aspirin. My judgement is that the benefit outweighs the risk. Can't be afraid of every headline or article. Otherwise I'd live in bubblewrap.
  12. Yesterday turned into a long day for a lot of people. The very sad spectator death occurred around the time the Gran Cabalgata finally started at about 4:30 and added a further delay to the parade. By the end of the day I had to lead a group of riders returning home up Volcancito Road in the dark with a vehicle & flashing caution lights.
  13. Went into Boquete this afternoon to film the Gran Cabalgata scheduled for a 2:00 start (always a moving target). This year's horse parade included several Presidential candidates who wanted to 'meet and greet' the locals. Apparently too much 'glad-handing' occurred in Dolega which was the cause of our delay and by 4:00 the light levels were pretty much gone so I packed up. Still no start at 4:15 - - - a great sunny day lost. T I P
  14. No, you'll have to buy it upon arrival in those countries.
  15. Anybody know why construction appears to have stopped? Only a few cars at the main gate and workers parking across the street.
  16. Bonnie, (From Investopedia) - An impaired asset is a company's asset that has a market price less than the value listed on the company's balance sheet. Accounts that are likely to be written down are the company's goodwill, accounts receivable and long-term assets because the carrying value has a longer span of time for impairment. Upon adjusting an impaired asset’s carrying value, the loss is recognized on the company’s income statement. --------------------------------- "Conventional Generation" means an asset using conventional methods to generate electricity, i.e gas or coal
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