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  1. Cableonda Increases Service Speeds

    Exactly the same results on speakeasy.net/speedtest/
  2. Cableonda Increases Service Speeds

    Several people have responded on Volcancito Road and I can confirm going from 20 to 60 on the same trunk line.
  3. Airport Security

  4. VIDEO: Special Musical Event

    One Class Act Two Weeks to Go
  5. Non-Cents

    A very British (and not serious) look at BA's passenger safety video along with the "Flying Start Donation Envelope" at the end.
  6. BJBF Dinner Performance 12 August 2017 Hotel Ladera
  7. Non-Cents

    Spend them I = O (income = outflow)
  8. It's going to be a tourist attraction called Parque el Faro (Lighthouse Park) with amenities to suit. Wouldn't you expect it to have a light?
  9. It is my understanding that a substantial solar-power beacon-type light will be mounted in the Faro.
  10. BJBF 2018 Artist Lineup Video

    Tickets sales start on July 15th for 3 days of BJBF, Feb 2018 to be staged at Boquete Feria http://www.boquetejazzandbluesfestival.com
  11. Notsereyus Productions
  12. Hollywood Broadwalk

    HOLLYWOOD Broadwalk via bicycle Hollywood Beach, Florida Notsereyus Productions
  13. MEMORIAL DAY at the beach Notsereyus Productions
  14. Road to Mar-a-Lago

    Road to Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach via Indian Scout NotSereyus Productions