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  1. Yes, I believe they are related.
  2. ARTIST LINEUP ARTIST LINEUP Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival 21~24 February 2019 NotSereyus
  3. John R Hampton

    t's HERE!!! The year's Biggest Venta de Patio

    VIDEO from today's VENTA DE PATIO
  4. Three-state Landfall
  5. Power on finally in Volcancito. Part of Naturgy's (gasNatural fenosa) new global strategy to show sympathy for the people of the Carolinas (but without actually being there).
  6. Don't know of anybody in Boquete who can make a new Toyota key but your best bet is Gustavo Aruz in David Alarmas Gustavo 6672-8408 774-5017 gustavoarauzdelcid@hotmail.com http://www.alarmasgustavo.net Son, Eduardo, speaks English
  7. The longer local markets use the old brand name (gasNaturalfenosa) the longer it will take for people to recognize with the new name (Naturgy). It is not necessary for corporate HQ to change their actual local web addresses but they should be transitioning to the new graphics on the country home pages. The process of successful global name change is not easy and will take a very long time. Spain may have such a plan. Let's see.
  8. Nope, that's their Corporate website which you would expect to be up to date. I'm talking about the Local website here in Panama. https://www.oficinavirtual.gasnaturalfenosa.com.pa Probably not in our lifetime . . .
  9. Window dressing on cracked glass. Let's see how long it takes for Naturgy to show up on their website, stationary and store signage. I would have just accepted reliable delivery.
  10. Interesting how 'police-station chat' is being used as a reason for inappropriate comments - - - must be like 'locker-room talk'. And nobody is claiming that "this stuff" doesn't happen or that "stuffing him in the fridge isn't new here". Making snide, smart aleck remarks for a laugh is the offensive issue.
  11. Keith This was a morbid tragedy with no place for tasteless mockery - - - you deserved the 'Down Vote'. Can't image how you would have reacted if somebody else had gone for the cheap joke. Stay off the low road.