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  1. There are plenty of people enamoured with anything China claims to be behind. Sound economics don’t matter to them Lots of them would also “like to see a high speed train to Panama City” much like I would like to fly/drive a “helicopter/motorcyle” over the mountains to Bocas.
  2. Playa La Barqueta 60 Minutos de Boquete NotSereyus
  3. 21 January 2018 NotSereyus
  4. Bonnie, I have been trying to film the Feria including aerial footage for eight consecutive days with no success - - - now only three days to go.
  5. In seven years of observing NASA satellites I have never seen a disruptive weather pattern during any previous Feria like this one. Bleak.
  6. An extraordinary amount of atmospheric disturbance this far into the new year. Very unusual for mid-January.
  7. Panama Road Map

    Amazon $5.40
  8. Oh, thanks for reminding me. Foolishly lost my head and thought I was Keith Woolford there for a moment. How careless of me. What would we do without people like you helping to keep us within the guardrails?
  9. Bonny, it is my experience having lived on several continents that "mountains make their own weather" irrespective of what happens on the coasts, thus the multiple micro-climates we have here in Boquete.
  10. Any more out of place than Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds? And remember . . . "Based in Glendale, California, DineEquity, Inc. (DIN), through its subsidiaries, franchises restaurants under the Applebee's Neighborhood Grill + Bar brand and the IHOP brand. With more than 3,700 restaurants combined in 18 countries and U.S. territories and over 400 franchisees, DineEquity is one of the largest full-service restaurant companies in the world."