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  1. VIDEO: Boquete's "4th of July" Parade

    Not sure why similar parades with marching bands, military personnel, policemen, firemen, schools, children, baton twillers and thousands of happy citizens all celebrating on a day set out to mark their independence is demeaning to anyone. It was titled "4th of July" with quotation marks to associate it with patriotic public gatherings which is common to the US and Panama and many people understand the celebratory nature of that expression. Did not assume that some people would take it literally since the video is clearly labelled Dia de la Independencia in Spanish.
  2. VIDEO: Boquete's "4th of July" Parade

    You kind of missed the point Keith. Parades are same whenever people celebrate.
  3. The Keys, Marathon, October 2017 This footage did not make the recent "Road to Key West" video. Only 50 miles from Key West, Cudjoe Key, Big Pine & Marathon were hit with 130 mph winds. Mobile homes & trailer parks didn't stand a chance but many concrete block buildings survived. Key West's historic downtown was miraculously spared. NotSeryus Productions
  4. So much for clear skies this week in Panama & Costa Rica
  5. Gnabes want $4 million to return Google Satellite

    Google has confirmed they will pay $4 million for the device but only if the Gnabes can return it to working order. In further news, here are Google's real balloon/satellite projects: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Loon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneWeb_satellite_constellation
  6. Maiden Voyage

    First Flight: DJI Spark Notsereyus
  7. Haven't seen weather over Central America and the United States this calm for months.
  8. Road to Key West

    All of this material was filmed by me two weeks ago. Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key and Marathon suffered tremendous property destruction which was piled on the main road (not shown in this video) Key West was mostly tree and vegetation damage.
  9. Road to Key West

    ROAD TO KEY WEST NotSereyus
  10. Food Trucks Hollywood, Florida NotSereyus Productions
  11. Treating Hurricanes Like War Zones Hurts Survivors