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  1. Maria Rivas Boquete Music & Arts Festival NotSereyus
  2. Spyro Gyra Boquete Music & Arts Festival NotSereyus
  3. Rigoberto Coba Boquete Music & Arts Festival NotSereyus
  4. Still mostly variations of Jazz & Blues with wider cultural interests.
  5. Remember only two weeks ago those incredibly clear skies over Panama? Well, all gone . . . .
  6. Boquete Cabalgata Celebra 107 Años de Fundación 8 Abril 2018 NotSereyus
  7. Deanna Bogart with Scott Ambush, Mike Aubin & Maria Rivas Boquete Music & Arts Festival NotSereyus
  8. VIDEOS: Lance Anderson & Jose Ramirez - BMAF 2018

    The first song performed by the All Stars is "God Gave You Hands", written by Lance Anderson. The second song, "Iko Iko, originated in the 1950's and was made popular by the The Dixie Cups, The Belle Stars, Dr John and has been covered by many other artists. Jose Ramirez wrote both songs performed in his video.
  9. Lance Anderson All Stars Boquete Music & Arts Festival NotSereyus
  10. PriceSmart's private labels

    Yes, this is an endorsement of a perfectly good product. Just trying to accurately refute an earlier comment that Pricesmart's Member's Selection "stuff is hardly clumping at all". Where I come from this is "clumpling". Sorry Susan, didn't realize that a legitimate photo of a product doing what it's supposed to do might be considered "too much information".
  11. Jose Ramirez Boquete Music & Arts Festival 25 Feb 2018 NotSereyus
  12. PriceSmart's private labels

    Our Member's Selection cat litter from Pricesmart clumps just fine.
  13. PriceSmart's private labels

    Most cats are finicky about what they eat but never heard of them being fussy about where they go. We're totally happy with Member's Selection brand litter which appears to have replaced Fresh Step. The plastic containers are probably less environmentally friendly than the plastic bag but they're useful as gardening buckets and storage.
  14. John Carney w/ Anne Harris & Deanna Bogart Boquete Music & Arts Festival NotSereyus