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  1. Someone built a small Cock Fighting ring in the field behind my house here in Alto Boquete opposite the highway from Plaza SF. There must have been over a hundred people screaming bloody murder from 8pm Saturday to 7am Sunday morning 50' from house. I was so loud it was rattling my windows and I didn't sleep at all. I thought Cock Fighting was illegal in Panama and there were noise ordinances? The Police were involved in it and didn't do anything.
  2. Daniel give me a call la manana at 6737-4051. Your neighbor Ahren across the street.
  3. Most of the problem is old retired drunk idiots here thinking they are above the law and drive drunk, and the stupid Panamanians that can't drive for ****!
  4. It is not a trim, but a gasket or shut off for insects, bats, lizards, birds, etc
  5. My neighbor is Ngabe and works as an English teacher at the comarca above Tole. He said the biggest problem is the spread of AIDS and 50% are infected.
  6. Lack of roof to wall flashing is funny. I have built in the most exclusive areas in the US, for billionaires. Panamanians don't know how to build!
  7. I see what you're saying. Underground here wouldn't be installed correctly and cause even more problems and longer outages. I get it.
  8. What I can't comprehend is why the electrical main feed to Boquete wasn't ran under ground during the widening of the highway a few years back! Piss poor planning as usual here. Some idiot that can't drive runs off the highway and takes out a trunk line concrete power pole below los Molinos a while back and the whole area was without power for the day? WTF?
  9. Does anyone have a pair you're looking to sell? Or, where would I find them at a store in Chiriqui? Thanks in advance.
  10. Did anyone else find this statement arrogant and out of place?.... "We are thrilled to bring the quintessential Applebee's American style menu and bar to our guests in Panama," said William Urrego, regional vice president of the Americas."
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