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  1. Note that the prices for the service are "quincenal" meaning every 15 days, so you have to double it to see what you would pay per month. Ahh the subtleties of marketing!!
  2. As many of you may remember, on February 22 of this year a young indigenous man drowned in the river near his home. Valeria. his wife and the mother of three small children and a 2 month old baby are struggling to survive. Fortunately, Buenos Vecinos has stepped in to help with once a month food delivery. This only begins to cover their needs. I will list the ones that I am aware of: School for the 3 older children (1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades) Someone kindly donated enough to cover buying uniforms and school supplies. What is not covered is the cost of transporting the children to school. The cost for one week of transport for 3 kids is $12 x 4 weeks = $48 Propane for cooking: 3 gas tanks /month at $5.36 each They live in a shanty close to Oriana and the river. There is no electricity and no running water. A thought I had was to get a solar charger at least for a cell phone and maybe a lamp at night. I know there are things I have not thought of but the above would be a great help to her. Abram helped build my house and I got to know Valeria. She is a strong and determined young woman who wants the best for her children. I know there are far too many here who suffer and it is easy to give in to donor fatigue. But I would like to recount a previous effort by the community a few years ago that saved the life of a young mother with sickle cell anemia and her newborn. They are both doing well and living the life they were given. You can leave a donation at Mail Boxes Etc. Put money in a sealed envelope with Valeria/Evelyn Kendall written on it and please let me know (evelynkendall@gmail.com) so I can pick it up. I will keep track of the expenses and let you know exactly where your money went. Thank you for whatever you can do.
  3. Thanks so very much to those of you who want to help. Valeria says she will return from the Comarca next Sunday and will come by my house. I can then get a better assessment of her needs. Of course all things are subject to change especially for a young woman in a whole new situation. I will continue to post here as I know more. I gave her some travel money, so she can at least get back to family and the burial of their loved one.
  4. I know this young man, Abraham, and his wife Valeria. They have 4 small children. He helped build my house and was a valued worker as well as a caring human being. Valeria came by my house today. She will return to the Comarca for a week and then return to Boquete...where she will have no job, no income, and children to care for, but to stay in the Comarca would deprive her children of the schooling they are receiving here which she greatly values. The reality for some who call Boquete their home is crushingly difficult and painful. Grateful I could put a human face on "just another bit of news".
  5. My Panamanian friend has been battling a severe lung infection for months. The cost of the antibiotic is $500 for 2 weeks. This month one friend has gifted $400, and no other friends or family have been willing/able to pitch in. I am unable to do so because I have covered the expenses of his other medications. His current antibiotics will run out on Saturday. If you would like to contribute any amount to help him get through this please let me know. It will be the best Christmas gift he could receive. evelynkendall@gmail.com 6752-2283. Many thanks in advance
  6. Caribbean Habaneros! Wonderful flavor and VERY hot! 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ Time to prune my pepper plants so all the ripe peppers have to go. Please take some and make yourself a fantastic hot sauce. You can freeze them also. Call 6752-2283 or email evelynkendall@gmail.com
  7. There most definitely are codes for septic tanks. Ask at the Municipio and they should be able to tell you who they recommend/give you a name
  8. Is there anywhere near or in David that sells Indian groceries?
  9. Try them with a piece of 70% dark chocolate! I buy them in packets of 6....that way they stay crisp and I don't eat too many.
  10. Hard working young man is looking for employment (full or part time) I have known him for years and he has helped build my houses, kept my yard clean, moved heavy objects, mixed cement, and pretty much will help with anything he can. Highly recommend. Call Evelyn at 6752 2283 or email evelynkendall@gmail.com
  11. This sounds familiar to me. I will start with the most recent occurrence which happened just a couple of days ago and was told to me by my neighbor who works at hostel in your neighborhood, Bonnie. A man came to the gate or door of one of the residents and asked her for a piece of paper and pencil so he could write a note to leave for another resident who was not there. She complied and then he asked if he might use the bathroom, and being a nice person, she said yes. He came in and stole all her money. Go back 3 years....I live in a small community of 3 houses. A man came to the gate of one of the houses and told the resident that he wanted to talk to the man who lived in the house next to him. Being a nice person, he let him in and brought him to me. The man suddenly seemed awkward and his story got fuzzy. Unbeknownst to him my very big Panamanian friend was sitting in my living room. I went in and asked him to see what this fellow was about. When he emerged from the door, the intruder went pale and excused himself and left. My thinking was somewhat log jammed with this situation but when I cleared my head I remembered...go back a lot of years when I first came to Boquete. A man asked if he could use my bathroom. Being a nice person, I let him in. It cost me all my cash and my Nikon camera. I'd be real surprised if it isn't the same person working the same MO. Your door was open so he did not have to bother with the niceties. If it is not the same person, then there is just another one on the loose.
  12. Hi I have a 2 bedroom home that is wheelchair friendly. Open floor plan, full of windows. House is one of 3 on the same property. The other 2 houses are occupied by long term renters - Americans who speak Spanish and who know the community well. House is in Alto Boquete near San Francisco Plaza and near public transportation. Rent is $600/month. email evelynkendall@gmail.com
  13. until
    THE TIBETAN BOOK OF LIVING AND DYING By Sogyal Rinpoche Beyond “getting our affairs in order”, we in the west have been given little in the way of information, guidance and support as we face the most important event in our lives and in the lives of all beings: Dying and death. For the most part we have been left with a dread of death and ignorance about its actual process. Our death forms the root and background of our lives, yet we live as though it does not exist. This “out of sight out of mind” aversion and denial of death need not be our experience. Instead we can learn from those who, over thousands of years, have made a profound study and exploration of this event and have shared their understandings with any who are open and receptive to a different way of relating to both Life and Death. Readers from many different spiritual and religious backgrounds have been helped, blessed and transformed by the wise and compassionate teachings from this widely read book. One does not have to become a Buddhist in order to benefit from it. From the Forward by The Dalai Lama: “In this timely book, Sogyal Rinpoche focuses on how to understand the true meaning of life, how to accept death, and how to help the dying and the dead….Death and Dying provide a meeting point between the Tibetan Buddhist and modern scientific traditions. I believe both have a great deal to contribute to each other on the level of understanding and of practical benefit….This book offers readers not just a theoretical account of death and dying, but also practical measures for understanding and for preparing themselves and others in a calm and fulfilling way.” If you are interested in exploring this book please contact Evelyn Kendall evelynkendall@gmail.com I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. The book study is held in a private home in Alto Boquete. We meet on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. If this time is not convenient for those who wish to participate, an additional meeting time will be established to accommodate as many people as possible. Our first Meeting will be Sunday May 13. If you do not have the book by then don’t worry as we will have introductions and a general discussion. There is no cost involved beyond the purchase of the book. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is available on Amazon as a Kindle ($2.99) or paperback ($12.67) copy
  14. HOUSE FOR RENT FURNISHED 2 BEDROOM 1 BATH $600/month Internet, water, trash pickup and laundry facilities included Off street parking Short walking distance to Plaza San Francisco Easy access to buses and Taxis Wheelchair friendly Completely fenced Friendly neighborhood of Panamanians and Expats This house is one of three on the same property. It provides both a sense of community while maintaining individual privacy. Well behaved dogs welcomed. Available June 1 2018 Please contact Evelyn at 6752 2283 Email: evelynkendall@gmail.com
  15. A Panamanian friend who lives in Boquete was drugged and robbed in David on Friday. Some years back there were reports of robberies in Chiriqui by people using a white powder (scopolamine) to drug victims. Although this sounds like an urban legend, it unfortunately is not. The effects are the same, and experienced by my friend. The victim is handed something with the powder on it, or it is blown in the face or put in a drink. It is not difficult to inflict a person with this drug. The victim experiences a total loss of memory for the time the drug is in effect. But he is lucid and functioning. My friend was taken to an ATM where he willingly withdrew money. They left him who knows where and took his car and all the groceries he had just bought at Price Mart. He was found by the police 2 days later wandering in David. He was completely disoriented, had no memory of anything, and had clearly been roughed up. The police later found his car (stripped of anything of value) in San Pablo. The last place he can remember is being in Price Mart. Clearly it was after shopping there. This drug comes from the very common variety of datura that grows in Boquete. The angel trumpet flower can be seen almost everywhere here. The tall shrub produces those lovely pink or white trumpet shaped flowers. The problem of scopolamine robbery (and worse) has been a scourge in Colombia for many years, but aside from a few cases (made public) it has not been in much use here up to now. PLEASE be aware of this method of victimization and be vigilant. Here is one link to information about it; there are many more (Borrachero tree, Devil's Breath) on the internet. https://www.biopsychiatry.com/scopolamine/borrachero.html
  16. 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Fully Furnished in Alto Boquete $600/month Available June 1 2018 Internet and laundry facilities included Short walking distance to San Francisco Plaza Easy access to buses and taxis Off street parking Wheelchair friendly Completely fenced Organic vegetable garden Friendly neighborhood of Panamanians and Expats Tobacco free environment This house is one of 3 on the same property. It provides both a sense of community while maintaining individual privacy. Well behaved dogs welcome. Please contact Evelyn at 6752-2283 or email: evelynkendall@gmail.com
  17. I am looking for fresh curry leaves to use in Indian cooking. Any ideas where to go?
  18. Actually, he did have a chance to survive. Unfortunately he was left to bleed out in the road for 45 minutes. No ambulance would come from Bomberos. Finally the private ambulance showed up but a payment of $300 had to be made first. He died shortly after being put in that ambulance. This according to my Panamanian friend who has worked in conjunction with the SS clinic for many years. I have lived here for 11 years. I continue to be shocked and often horrified at the treatment Panamanians receive from their government - especially working class citizens who have no financial leverage. How it is that a country that has the wealth that Panama does, the ability to pay from the government coffers for extravaganzas of all types (including private weddings) travel junkets, villas, and just plain stuffing private bank accounts with the people's money not able to supply a major community with one functioning ambulance? How is it that the wretched state of the so called new Social Security clinic is good enough for the residents of Boquete? Shame on you, Panama end of rant
  19. Looking for renter for April, May, June. Lease is renewable on month to month basis after June. Lovely little house is located in Alto Boquete within short walking distance of San Francisco Plaza, taxi and bus stop, and soon to be large grocery store. This house is one of 3 located on the same property which lends itself to both a sense of community as well as individual privacy. Community includes 3 dogs, vegetable garden and common area for socializing. I have lived in this neighborhood for 11 years and it is safe and friendly. House is fully furnished, and includes laundry facilities, wireless, water and trash pick up. Rent is $650/month. Please call Evelyn at 6752-2283 to make an appointment to see the house. 0
  20. Lovely little house is located in Alto Boquete within short walking distance of San Francisco Plaza, taxi and bus stop, and soon to be large grocery store. This house is one of 3 located on the same property which lends itself to both a sense of community as well as individual privacy. Community includes 3 dogs, vegetable garden and common area for socializing. I have lived in this neighborhood for 11 years and it is safe and friendly. House is fully furnished, and includes laundry facilities, wireless, water and trash pick up. Rent is $650/month. Please call Evelyn at 6752-2283 to make an appointment to see the house.
  21. Short term rental in Alto Boquete near San Francisco Plaza. 3 bedroom, 2 bath fully furnished. Includes washer/dryer, wireless, TV, cable ready. Fully landscaped, outdoor gazebo. Water, trash pick up and electricity included. No pets or smoking. $1000/month plus damage deposit Contact Roxanna at 6509-1674 email: claritaroxi@comcast.net
  22. Once upon a time...my mother was into "Let's try this recipe from Gourmet Magazine!" Salmon eggs (excuse me, roe) in jellied consume...served cold in her best crystal goblets. To this day I can remember the taste/consistency As they say in Panama "Guacala!" (or huacala if you prefer) Disgusting! My dad used the leftovers to catch trout.
  23. This morning I went to a local garden supply store at the north end of Boquete. I saw a sight that I still have not recovered from. As I was about to enter the store, I saw smashed against the side of the cage dozens of dead and dying chicks who were trying to get heat from the heat lamp that was positioned at the side of the cage. The heat lamp should always be place a correct distance above chicks to give them adequate warmth and freedom to move around. The stench of dead chicks and fecal matter reached out into the street. I told 2 employees what was happening and they seemed to have cared less. When I reminded them that this was abuse and completely incorrect, they seem to slowly make moves to do something. Please go past said garden and feed/pet supply store and let them know that you are making note of the treatment of their livestock. There is nothing more lethal and cruel than the human animal.
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