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  1. How disappointing. Maybe if you upped the ante then you tell the difference between a $90 cup and a $100 cup?
  2. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/student-and-illegal-driver-raise-traffic-death-toll
  3. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/black-gold-lifts-panama-geisha-price-to-new-world-record
  4. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/opinion-a-country-hostage-to-subsidies
  5. http://www.newsroompanama.com/health/health-1/panama-approves-use-of-blood-cancer-drug
  6. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/the-anatomy-of-a-panama-jail-break
  7. http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/varela-receives-member-central-committee-communist-party-china-7360
  8. http://www.panamatoday.com/panama/slight-price-increase-main-fuels-panama-7361
  9. Moderator_02

    New mall across from Todo a Dollar

    Check out http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/4550-los-senderos-commercial-plaza-under-construction-in-boquete/?tab=comments#comment-21522. At least you will find out the name and some of the history. Other questions are still of interest.
  10. Moderator_02

    Found male beagle with red collar

    Good news. Happy things turned out this way.
  11. Following is on page 11 of the July 2018 issue of The Panama Good Times Magazine. If you are interested is watching some whales, we noticed a posting on a blog here on CL about a whale watching trip that is coming up soon. Check out: http://www.chiriqui.life/blogs/entry/382-“whale-watching-tour-pearl-islands”-with-“whale-whisperer”-anne-gordon/
  12. http://www.newsroompanama.com/features/media-watch/opinion-cell-phone-vs-heritage