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  1. The Club Rotario de Boquete and ACCBoquete would like to thank all the volunteers that supported our Oktoberfest Event. We had around 75 volunteers that gave their time and smiles during a period of 12 hours. We could not have achieved this without all of your help. Joe Hart, President, ACCBoquete and Dean Hoover, President, Club Rotario de Boquete
  2. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018


    Only 8 more days to Oktoberfest 2018. Saturday, October 20th at the fair grounds in Boquete. Just over the bridge. Music, food, variety of beers, wine, champagne, pretzels, German food, desserts, more music and dancing! Silent auction and raffles for great prizes. The fun begins at 1:00 and goes until midnight. You won't be disappointed. Come join the fun. Early tickets available at BCP from ACCBoquete booth and Rotary booth, Mail Boxes Etc., Big Daddys and the Brewery. Advance tickets $8.00 a person. Buy them early, avoid the line at the door. To contact the organizers, email Joe Hart or Ralph Day.
  3. Joe Hart, President of ACCBoquete and 2 members Javier Samaniego and Charlie Frogge and the Major of Boquete Police Dept. presented financial support to the widow of one of Boquete's own. The sudden loss of the family breadwinner can be devastating. It is our hope to bring some peace of mind to the family at this time. .
  4. Linda

    Safety meeting sponsored by U.S. Embassy

    I think Bud Huber, who is a member of ACCBoquete, would do well to sit in as well as he has been doing some research on our support and working with the police in case of emergencies. Will ask him as well. Thanks.
  5. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018

    THANK YOU to everyone that came out to help us (ACCBoquete and Club Rotary) to the Oktoberfest kickoff party last Thursday night at the Boquete Brewery. It was such a blast we blew the power out in all of Boquete. Just kidding!
  6. This is the last day to support this most wonderful event. Nutre Hogar Chiriqui gives hope to these poor young children of Chiriqui. If you haven't been there for a visit, you are missing a great experience. Please see Judith Tovar and her helpers at City Mall before 5:00 today.
  7. Linda

    Safety meeting sponsored by U.S. Embassy

    Joe Hart, President of ACCBoquete, has been working with the local police in Boquete (and David) for some 6 years now. Our main goal has been to support and work "with" the local Police, learn how They do things and not push the "way we do it in the our Country" down their throats. That is NOT what they want to hear. We have taught them English classes which they are very receptive to. It has taken a long time to develop the respect and to be treated as "one of them" by the local police to the point they share war stories with Joe. Perhaps you should consider Joe Hart meeting beforehand with the Police.
  8. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018 Kickoff party

    Introducing new hand made pretzels to accompany your beer at the Oktoberfest kickoff party, Thursday Sept. 13 @ 5:00-?????
  9. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018

    Introducing new hand made soft pretzels at the Oktoberfest kickoff party at the Boquete Brewery on Thursday, September 13 at 5:00-???. Advanced tickets for Oktoberfest 2018 on Oct. 20.
  10. Oktoberfest 2018 will be having their kickoff party at the Brewery on Thursday, September 13, starting at 5:00pm. We will be selling advance tickets to the Oktoberfest 2018 for &8.00 per person. This is the time to get your tickets. Oktoberfest members will be there with red Oktoberfest hats on. For more information contact Linda Hart @ lhart249@hotmil.com, or Ralph Day @ twodays2012@aol.com. .
  11. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018

    Oktoberfest kickoff party, Thursday, September 13, 2018 at The Brewery in Boquete. Starts at 5:00PM until ????. Co-sponsors members from ACCBoquete and Club Rotary of Boquete will be there to sell advanced tickets for the BIG Oktoberfest event held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 1pm-midnight. Come to the kick-off party at the Brewery for a pre-event party. Music, beer and food. For more information email Linda Hart @ lhart249@hotmail.com or Ralph Day @ twodays2012@aol.com.
  12. ACCBoquete purchased a small refrigerator from LaReyna's in Boquete and delivered it to the Police Station and then transferred by Police truck to the substation at the checkpoint at the Caldera checkpoint. By purchasing the refrigerator at LaReynas, we kept the July 4th fundraiser money in Boquete. Thanks again to all who attended the fundraiser and made this happen.
  13. One of the best and most fun trip we ever had. Our repeat travelers are becoming good friends and "party bus family" which makes our trips even more fun. Thanks to all for sharing this experience with us.
  14. I have received confirmation the two patients that were in the home have been transferred to the David facility and this one is closed. I am not 100% sure why but if I had to guess it was due to a lack of patients to support it. This type of home is so needed in Boquete but I'm sure it was a business decision. So sad.
  15. At the 4th of July fundraiser, ACCBoquete took up a special collection for the family of the woman who was murdered on July 1st. We added to the amount collected and 2 of our members delivered it with our sympathies on July 8. Thanks to every one of you who contributed to this special fund. Our prayers go out to her family. Thank you Boquete!