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  1. Despite all the obstacles we had thrown at us....the event was a success! The members of ACCBoquete would like to thank you for supporting our Palm Sunday fundraiser dinner at Boulder 54 yesterday, April 14th. I wanted to let you know that the generosity from those that came for dinner, produced over 40 Easter gift baskets. Some were able to find or create an Easter basket, others were in the form of Easter gift bags and some in the form of donations. Some baskets had items like tooth brushes, toothpaste, shoes, socks, hair brushes, books, besides toys and candy. How creative and thoughtful. Easter baskets are not traditional known to Panamanians or Ngobe Indians but what the children will understand is how happy you have made them. ❤️ What we continue to discover is the generosity of the people of Boquete. The results of the fundraiser made it possible for ACCBoquete to accomplish some of our on going projects. A big thank you to Rhody, Michael, Al, et al for the great musical entertainment at the 2nd seating. We wish you all a very Happy Easter. Linda Hart ACCBoquete Events Planner
  2. We at ACCB have met with Chris at Big Daddy's to complete our tally for the Elvis Presley Fundraiser held at Big Daddy's on Jan. 8th. We got the number of fundraiser meals that were purchased that gave us the total for the 2 charities, The Quilters of Boquete and Hogar Triska. Bottom line is we are giving $170.00 to each organization which is more than we collected. We can't say thank you enough to those that came out to play our Elvis trivia games,50/50 raffle and danced to the DJ spinning all of Elvis' songs. A special big thanks to Chris and his staff. All we can say is the people of Boquete are the BEST. Thank you from all of us at ACCBoquete.
  3. Happy New Year friends in Boquete. Many of you have asked "Who is ACCBoquete". The legal registered association name in Panama is ACCBoquete (Asociacion Cardad de la Comunidad de Boquete) . Now you know why we go by ACCBoquete. We started our Association 7 years ago under the name of International Police Association (IPA). Before we completed our membership with IPA it became apparent that money that we raised through our fundraising events would be split between the Boquete community and the IPA International Headquarters. Since we are serving a small community of Boquete we realized that the money we collect in "Boquete" should stay here to help "Boquete". So we started a new association, ACCBoquete (Asociacion Cardad de la Comunidad de Boquete). Our goal is to assist our First Responders....Police, Fire and EMT's of Boquete. We also support other Boquete charitable groups to help them achieve their goals. ACCBoquete is a sponsor of the new Recycle Group (RRR) of Boquete, financially and physically, to clean up the enviornment and educate the children in local schools of the importance of recycling. ACCBoquete has had fundraisers like our annual Poker Run, Oktoberfest, Christmas party and other fun fundraisers at Big Daddy's, The ClubHouse, The Garden and Boulder 54. We pay for Police car/truck repairs that results in police cars on the road for our safety. This past year we have provided financial assistance to the family of an injured Bomberos, to the widow and family of fallen Police Officer, and Financial assistance to the murder victim's family in Boquete. ACCBoquete raised money for a new stove for the Boquete Police Department and a refrigerator for the new substation at the Caldera Checkpoint. We made a cash donation to the JMJ Youth Group at San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church. Our fundraiser/gift donation 8th annual Christmas party at Boulder 54 was a huge success. We collected 138 wrapped Christmas gifts for needy boys, girls and babies in Boquete as well as provided cash donations for food to very needy families in Boquete. Gifts were given to Bill and Gina Bricks Ministries, Louise Orr with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, Hogar Triska, and Sara and Steve Hudson took gifts and food to Stones Creek Church. Cash donations provided food for Soloy Baptiste Church, El Faro Christian School and San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church for food baskets distributed around Boquetes to very needy families. Cash donations were also given to Quilters/Knitter group to purchase yarn and quilting material for the baby blankets, sweaters, hats and booties that they hand make. For the second year ACCBoquete members had a Bar-B-Que at the Boquete Police Department on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve for all the First Responders that are on duty these holidays, away from their families and loved ones. We served Chili hot dogs, chips, soft drinks, cookies and candies. Plates were prepared and taken to those officers working the check point. Our first fundraiser event for 2019 will be "A Elvis Presley birthday party" on Tuesday, January 8th at Big Daddy's stating at 5 PM - 9 PM. Chris will prepare a special Elvis dinner, there will be music by Elvis, a Elvis look-a-like contest. Lets see if any Ann Margaret look-a-likes show up! Fundraiser moneies to go to the Boquete Knitters and Hogar Triska. In March we are planning another Poker Run, starting and ending at The Clubhouse. More on this later. ACCBoquete has about 48 members. Annual dues are $30. , a one time fee of $11.00 for a ACCBoquete shirt and meetings are second Wednesday of every month at different local restaurants. All the money we collect goes back into the Boquete community. We have planned special trips occasionally and special outings. Besides providing a service to our community we have fun. If you have questions or are interested, contact Joe Hart, President, at 6521-2649, or any of its members for more information. Thank you Boquete friends for a great 2018 and we look forward to a prosperous 2019. Linda Hart
  4. This is going to be a fabulous trip and it may not be available for much longer. Don't wait.
  5. The Club Rotario de Boquete and ACCBoquete would like to thank all the volunteers that supported our Oktoberfest Event. We had around 75 volunteers that gave their time and smiles during a period of 12 hours. We could not have achieved this without all of your help. Joe Hart, President, ACCBoquete and Dean Hoover, President, Club Rotario de Boquete
  6. Joe Hart, President of ACCBoquete and 2 members Javier Samaniego and Charlie Frogge and the Major of Boquete Police Dept. presented financial support to the widow of one of Boquete's own. The sudden loss of the family breadwinner can be devastating. It is our hope to bring some peace of mind to the family at this time. .
  7. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018

    THANK YOU to everyone that came out to help us (ACCBoquete and Club Rotary) to the Oktoberfest kickoff party last Thursday night at the Boquete Brewery. It was such a blast we blew the power out in all of Boquete. Just kidding!
  8. This is the last day to support this most wonderful event. Nutre Hogar Chiriqui gives hope to these poor young children of Chiriqui. If you haven't been there for a visit, you are missing a great experience. Please see Judith Tovar and her helpers at City Mall before 5:00 today.
  9. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018

    Introducing new hand made soft pretzels at the Oktoberfest kickoff party at the Boquete Brewery on Thursday, September 13 at 5:00-???. Advanced tickets for Oktoberfest 2018 on Oct. 20.
  10. Linda

    Oktoberfest 2018

    Oktoberfest kickoff party, Thursday, September 13, 2018 at The Brewery in Boquete. Starts at 5:00PM until ????. Co-sponsors members from ACCBoquete and Club Rotary of Boquete will be there to sell advanced tickets for the BIG Oktoberfest event held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 1pm-midnight. Come to the kick-off party at the Brewery for a pre-event party. Music, beer and food. For more information email Linda Hart @ lhart249@hotmail.com or Ralph Day @ twodays2012@aol.com.
  11. ACCBoquete purchased a small refrigerator from LaReyna's in Boquete and delivered it to the Police Station and then transferred by Police truck to the substation at the checkpoint at the Caldera checkpoint. By purchasing the refrigerator at LaReynas, we kept the July 4th fundraiser money in Boquete. Thanks again to all who attended the fundraiser and made this happen.
  12. One of the best and most fun trip we ever had. Our repeat travelers are becoming good friends and "party bus family" which makes our trips even more fun. Thanks to all for sharing this experience with us.
  13. I have received confirmation the two patients that were in the home have been transferred to the David facility and this one is closed. I am not 100% sure why but if I had to guess it was due to a lack of patients to support it. This type of home is so needed in Boquete but I'm sure it was a business decision. So sad.
  14. At the 4th of July fundraiser, ACCBoquete took up a special collection for the family of the woman who was murdered on July 1st. We added to the amount collected and 2 of our members delivered it with our sympathies on July 8. Thanks to every one of you who contributed to this special fund. Our prayers go out to her family. Thank you Boquete!
  15. ACCBoquete would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our friends in Boquete for making our 4th of July fundraising event at Big Daddy's a success. Here are the results...winners of the silent auction items were: Donna O'Brien, Heather Dyer, Franc Lugo, Joyce Kinnear, Javier Samaniego, Geovana Caballero, Doris Martinez, Rich, Vicki Phelps, and Patti Powers. The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was none other than ACCBoquete's friend, Leslie King, who walked away with $119.00! Congratulations to all the winners. As for the results of the fundraiser, we reached our goal to purchase a refrigerator for the Police checkpoint substation and then some. A special collection was taken for the family of Nurys Castrellon who was murdered last Sunday. We collected $168.00 to which ACCBouquete added additional money to round off to $200. This is in keeping with our Mission Statement which states we support First Responders and the Community. This is a horrific tragedy for the Manuel Castrellon family and we are glad we could help. We would like to extend our appreciation to the businesses that provided the gift certificates for the silent auction.....Sugar & Spice, Mail Boxes, Etc., Milano Italiano, and Big Daddy's Beach Resort. Thank you to Big Daddy's Chris Young, Justin Isham and all the staff for great food, drinks and service and Bill McGraw for the entertainment! ACCBoquete is proud to be apart of Boquete.
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