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  1. The other day 3 families from Boquete Country Club placed dinner orders. Each of us placed our own orders with Chris so we could specify any special add-ons or requirements and he told us what our individual costs would be. The 3 families coordinated a time for delivery. Ordering from one gated community made it easy and quick for them to get our meals delivered hotter than if they had to go to different communities. All of us were overwhelmed at the size of the orders and how delicious. We had enough for another days meal. Big Daddys has added more items on the delivery menu including a plant based hamburger to die for. Sent an order to our housekeeper (single mother of 3) the same day. They really enjoyed it. LETS KEEP THESE BUSINESSES WORKING.
  2. I agree.....I like shopping at Gago. I too had gloves on but had to use the hand sanitizer. I was glad to this. Since I began wearing gloves, everytime I get in the car from each stop, before I touch the steering wheel, put keys in the ignition, etc. I use the hand santizier on my gloves then wipe down steering wheel and everything I touch before taking my gloves off. When taking my gloves off, they turn inside out and I put one glove inside the other. Remember when you put your gloves back on, you have to turn them inside out again. Sound like work? Not as much as it will be if I get the virus.
  3. Just a reminder that anyone who purchased a ticket for the Saturday Sausagefest event scheduled on March 14th can come by San Francisco Plaza on Tuesday, March 17th for your refund. Refunds will be given as you turn your ticket into us. We will be sitting on the sidewalk outside of Mort's Bakery. Despite having to cancel our fund-raising event, Boquete Charity Fest, this past weekend, the charities we were going to support still have financial needs to continue doing the amazing job they do for our community. PLEASE NOTE: ACCBoquete has decided to proceed with giving cash donations to the charities we were going to split from our profits from the above fundraiser events between. Buenos Vecinos Boquete, Dog Camp, Escuela Estrella Los Valle, Handicap Foundation, Panama Princess League, and Casa Esperanza. The need for money for these charities to continue to care for Boquetes needy never stops. In light of that....we will have a donation bucket at a table on the sidewalk outside of Mort's Bakery where we will be refunding ticket money. If you wish to make a donation to the charities we are supporting, we appreciate any amount you donate to these worthy charities..
  4. Due to Government cancellation to all events we are greatly disappointed to cancel the Boquete Charity Event scheduled for Friday March 13 (Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Dinner at Boulder 54) and Sausagefest on Saturday March 14th has been postponed indefinitely. Any tickets sold at MBE can get a refund there. All other tickets sold can come to Morts Bakery, Tuesday March 17th from 10-12 for a refund on your Saturday event tickets.
  5. The Boquete Charity Fest is this weekend. Friday night dinner reservations are filling up. Contact Linda Hart @ lhart249@hotmail.com to place your dinner order...Chicken, Fish or Vegan Steak. Don't forget the Blind Wine Tasting at Boulder 54 on Friday, March 13 from 3pm-5pm $15.00 per person and Saturday, March 14 from 1pm-10pm Sausage fest with 3 local restaurant vendors. Vote for your favorite. Live music with Still Kickin from 1-4pm and OS ALMIRANTES FROM 8-10pm. $10. at the door. 1 free beer and lots of fun.
  6. Event details: 3 individual events held in 2 days. Choose 1 event, 2 events or all 3. Friday, March 13th 3pm to 5pm. $15.00 per person RSVP for headcount purposes only.........lhart249@hotmail.com Wine Tasting Social featuring 8 different wines supplied by a wine distributor. Event will be held in the courtyard by the river at Boulder 54. We will supply canapes to cleanse your palate between wines. To make it interesting it will be a "blind" wine tasting and you will judge which one you like the best and at the end will tally the votes to determine the #1 wine. Bidding for the Silent Auction items. Silent Auction will continue through the dinner. Winner does NOT have to be present to win. Friday, March 13th 5pm to 8pm $20.00 per person RSVP required......lhart249@hotmail.com with number of people and dinner selection. Dinner at Boulder 54. Seating for dinner begins at 5pm with beverage served first. Take this time to look over the silent auction items and place your bids. Your pre-ordered dinner selection will be ready to serve at 6pm. Dinner menu.......................... Salad 1. Smoked Chicken w/sticky orange glaze, roasted potatoes, and veggies or 2. Fish w/spicy pineapple, roasted potatoes and veggies or 3. Vegan steaks w/veggies, roasted potatoes and veggies Dessert: Bread pudding with Panama Red Rum. You must RSVP to Linda Hart at lhart249@hotmail.com with your dinner choice by March 11th. Silent auction will close at 7:30pm and winners will be announced at 8pm. Winning names not there will be contacted. Payment and pick up day will be agreed on. Saturday - March 14th - Boquete Sausage Fest at TapOut 1pm - 10pm Entrance fee is $6. p/person in advance until March 6th. March 7th to day of the event is $10. p/person Tickets available at MailBox Etc; ACCBoquete booth at Tuesday morning Market, or Members of ACCBoquete. Entrance fee includes 1 free beer from TapOut and live entertainment. Wristbands will be given to paid attendees. Still Kickin 1-4PM (Gringo Band) and OS ALMIRANTES 8-10PM (Panamanian Band) There will be 4 vendor booths selling their specialty sausages, side dishes and other items of their choice at their booth. Each vendor will have their own booth and will set their own prices starting at $5.00. You will pay them directly. Vendors will be: * Richard from Sugar and Spice * Chris from Boulder 54 * Jens from Pasteleria Alemana * Shirley & Curly Sausage from Oktoberfest Vote on the best sausage before you leave. THIS IS A CHARITY EVENT TO HELP OTHER LOCAL CHARITIES. THE MORE MONEY WE COLLECT THE MORE WE CAN GIVE. If you are unable to attend any of these events, donations will be accepted at the ACCBoquete booth at the Tuesday market March 3 and March 10 at ACCBoquete BINGO night at La Posada on Tuesday March 2nd from 5-7pm, or by contacting Linda Hart at lhart249@hotmail.com. We will be giving the following charities donations from the proceeds raised from these 3 events: Buenos Vencinos, Boquete Dog Camp, Escuela Estrella Los Valle, Handicap Foundation, Panama Princess League, Casa Esperanza as well as others.
  7. until

    Pictures are great and the musical really took me back to that time in my life. It was a good reminder of just how much our lives changed from the early 60's, simple, fun, carefree and happy, until the end of the 60's with war, rebellion, protests, drug and hate. What a time to live in and I'm so glad to have personally experienced all of it. Boquete is filled with amazing talent. And so happy to be living here.
  8. until
    ACCBoquete will be hosting its 4th annual Oktoberfest, Saturday, October 3, 2020 at the Feria in downtown Boquete. Event to start at 1:00pm and end at 8:00pm. Beer, wine, authentic food, desserts, music, dancing, and silent auction. More info to follow........ Any questions email Marc Rosen - bglbyz1@aol.com, Joe Hart - jhartpi@hotmail.com or Linda Hart - lhart249@hotmail.com.
  9. ACCBoquete's 4th Annual Oktoberfest......Saturday, October 3, 2020....1-8pm. More information to follow.
  10. Mark your calendars for a very special fun filled weekend...March 13th and March 14th, 2020. Friday, March 13th we begin with a šŸ·wine tasting party šŸ¾with booths along the riverfront between Boulder 54 and TapOut. Wine tasting will be followed by a special dinner and silent auction at Boulder 54. Saturday, March 14th, again along the river front walkway, International Sausage Festival presented by local Boquete Chefs. From 1-4pm music featuring oldies and gringo dance music at the band shell at TapOut. From 6:00-9:00pm music will switch to Panamanian in the band shell. More information on times, cost, local chefs, etc. to follow. Any questions email March Rosen - bglbyz1@aol.com, Joe Hart - jhartpi@hotmail.com or Linda Hart - lhart249@hotmail.com.
  11. ACCBoquete is looking forward to a exciting 2020. But first we want to say thanks to all of our supporters for a great 2019! ACCB 2019 Actitivites Jan. Elvis Presley birthday fundraiser for the Knitters and Quilters; Feb. Fundraiser at Big Daddys for Bricks Path Ministries for kids school bags; Apr. Palm Sunday dinner at Boulder 54 to raise money and collect Easter baskets for needy kids in Boquete; June started our bi-weekly Bingo games and still going strong; August, Elvis Memorial Tribute fundraiser for the Panama Princess Baseball League ACCB sponsored; October 5, the 3rd annual Oktoberfest; Dec. 1, 9th annual Christmas party at Boulder 54 to raise money and collect wrapped gifts for Boquete needy kids; Dec.6 &7, Sponsored Christmas concert at BCP for gifts and food for needy families; Dec. 14, Christmas party for 400 kids of Boquete Dec. 24, A Thank-you Bar-B-Q at the police station for all Boquete First Responders. While everyone else is with families celebrating Christmas the PD, Firemen and EMT's are on the job protecting us and Dec. 31, and finally, another Thank-you Bar-B-Q at the police station for all Boquete First Responders.
  12. Gina's kids christmas party 2019.html ACCBoquete has hosted many events in 2019 but the kids Christmas party on Saturday, Dec. 14th was by far the best. ACCBoquete members who worked it and the volunteers walked away with the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts that day. Best we can calculate is a total of nearly 400 Panamanians and Indigenous kids were bused or car pooled or somehow made their way to BCP and Tap Out to see Santa and Mrs. Claus, eat hot dogs, sandwiches, cookies, punch and get gifts. There was face painters, balloons, 2 pinatas, 2 cartoons in the theater, several crafts tables to be creative and so much more. This will certainly be an annual event for ACCBoquete. Anyone who asks what does ACCBoquete do????? We strive to make a difference to the entire community of Boquete. If you were not able to share this wonderful experience, here are some pictures. Enjoy........ 20191223_155144_115254312090 (1).mp4
  13. ACCBoquete would like to say thanks to all that came to our Christmas dinner and provided us with 150 gifts to start our collection to give to other charitable organizations for distribution to needy kids of Boquete. Thanks to Chris Young and Boulder 54 fabulous staff for a great meal and excellent service as usual. A big,big thank you to our Christmas Carolers, Debbie Philips, Jeanie Miller and Kati Murphy for their best performances ever. It was a bitter sweet performance as Debbie is leaving Boquete and this was their last performance. Also a big thanks to Jeanie Fitzsimmons on the flute, Mike Webber for his sound equipment and Phil Bennett for technical skills. And lets not forget about the surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus to start the Christmas season off right! Thanks to everyone.
  14. The Christmas Concert sponsored by ACCBoquete at BCP on December 6 & 7, 2019 was a huge success. Both performances had a packed house and everyone said it was the best Christmas concert ever. We received 297 Christmas gifts for the needy children of Boquete as well as two large boxes of non perishable food. Thank you to everyone that came to get into the Christmas spirit and help to make a lot of Boquete children happy. Thank you so much.
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