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  1. Special Pet Edition To many of us, keeping our pets healthy and well taken care of has a very high priority. And just as with humans, maintaining good health and dealing with problems quickly is important. Let's review some El Matador products that can contribute to health maintenance be used to treat various problems. Colloidal Silver Colloidal silver kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It can be used externally on cuts, scrapes and infections. It can be given internally for intestinal, respiratory and other infections. The dosage amount for internal treatment is approximately proportional to weight. Here is a list for guidance: 150 lbs – 2 ounces for two days, then 2 tablespoons for 2 days 75 lbs – 1 ounce for two days, then 1 tablespoon for 2 days 40 lbs – 1 tablespoon for two days, then 2 teaspoons for 2 days 20 lbs -- 2 teaspoons for two days, then 1 teaspoon for 2 days 10 lbs – 1 teaspoon for two days, then ½ teaspoon for 2 days 5 lbs – ½ teaspoon for two days, then ¼ teaspoon for 2 days The best way to administer the colloidal silver is to put the dose into a small amount of milk in a shallow bowl and allow the pet to drink it all at one time. If you would like information about using colloidal silver for both pets and people, send an email to usn11958@gmail.com with the subject “El Matador Pets” El Matador Colloidal Silver is available in 8 ounce bottles for $15 and one quart bottles for $45. Boron Supplement Boron supplement has multiple uses. The main application is to prevent and treat arthritis and osteoporosis. It is sad to see a pet with arthritis. 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  2. Bonnie: Thanks for the thorough summary. Other than just directives (which I assume must have been from MBE), did Velkys have any copies of actual government orders or regulations? Based on just the August 1 comunicado, I am fully confident that it addresses only the subject of cosmetics. I also know that health supplements are not mentioned in the sections of the law quoted in the comunicado. As for alternative inquiries, maybe our diputada could ask for clarification. A non-warden could handle something like that to keep you from being involved. 'Any idea how any of this relates to the Free Trade Agreement? It was alleged to have the effect of removing tariffs from around 87% of imports from the US within a couple of years of its signing in October 2012. The official US government site, Export.gov, says this: Tariffs have dropped to 0% for 87% of U.S. Exports to Panama. Panama’s tariffs are already relatively low – an average of 7% for industrial goods, around 15% for agricultural products regardless of where the products are made. But a 0% percent tariff is a competitive advantage for U.S.-made goods. And U.S. products and services are already very competitive, with some 30% market share of Panama’s imports. Are we so unlucky as to bring in a lot of stuff that falls into the 13% that has import tariffs or other restrictions? Do you think the embassy could explain this oddity?
  3. After receiving three written requests from you, has the embassy not even replied at all? Do you think a phone call might help? Perhaps someone who is not a warden can obtain some answers as to why such a clearly stated comuncado is being misadministered, if that is indeed the case. The comunicado has only one operative sentence, and that is the one prohibiting importation of cosmetics for personal use. Apparently that is the only change being made by this comunicado to the way things have been working. Even the opening sentence of the comunicado states that it relates to repeated requests to bring cosmetic products into the country. How did the subject of the law (or regulation) about prescription drugs come up back in June? The comunicado related to this thread is dated August 1, 2017. Have there been other comunicados on the subject? If not, what seems to be the basis for any change in delivery of medicines or supplements? I see no mention of supplements in the quoted law sections. The usual term for them is "suplementos de salud." "Medicamentos" does not have the same meaning. If there has been no other comunicado in this subject area, then what triggered any recent changes in the administration of the requirerments for importing medicines for personal use, and what accounts for any changes in regulations for importing supplements? The TeleMetro artice recenty posted by Keith Woolford also has no mention of supplements. " A statement by the Ministry of Health pointed out that all cosmetic products, medicated cosmetics, cleaning products, personal hygiene, disinfectants, or antiseptics that enter the country under the category of "personal use", must be provided with Sanitary Registration for import, distribution and marketing in Panama." For several months there has been a flat $2.00 additional customs charge for supplements. ------------------------------------ For Bud. I cannot explain what happened, but I wrote the post, made changes to the font size, attached a small file with an image of the last two paragraphs of the comunicado, checked that it showed up and clicked the button at the bottom that said "Submit Reply." I received no error message of any kind and assumed that the post had been made. My only confusion is about why it didn't work. I know what I did and on which forum I did it. I made a separate, additional post to a differernt forum, and some of the wording was not the same. .
  4. I made a post to this topic yesterday evening, and it seemed to work okay, but today it is not present on the thread. Here is another try: I just learned of this today and did something really radical. I read the Spanish language order (Comunicado) dated August 1, 2017. This appears to be sort of a tempest in a teapot. Whether it was caused by misreading of the Comunicado by government employees, by mail order clients or both is not clear. The Comunicado, as written, applies ONlY to cosmetics. Here is a translation of the operative statement in the Comunicado and the antecedent paragraph. As we see the standard, it refers to the requirement and to the cases of Exceptions to the sanitary registry. However, the current norm of exceptions to sanitary registry for cosmetics is not contemplated. In consequence, from this date, entrance into the country of cosmetic products for personal use is prohibited. (bold in original) The Spanish language excerpt from the Comunicado is attached. There is no mention in the Comunicado order of prohibition of prescription drugs nor of vitamins and supplements. The law, itself, is only quoted to provide context and authority for the Comunicado. But the purpose of the Comunicado is to single out cosmetics in the law and state that they are no longer allowed to be normal exceptions to the law. It could be that there are some super gung-ho customs agents misinterpreting the order, or it may be that there is a rush for people to get their panties in a wad over something that will not be a problem. I think a helpful embassy official or a helpful Panamanian government official should be able to straighten it out. Embassy Warden Hank Landis is fluent in Spanish andvery familiar with Panamanian law and probably could handle this efficiently.