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  1. I think the people may be better served by pulling the transitos off document checking duty and have them actually patrol for dangerous yellow cars. Although document checking is easier and pays better
  2. Spent a month recently in Medellin. The lights never even flickered. Makes you wonder. (BTW it was rainy season with lightning and thunder). This part of the infrastructure is private in Chiriqui. Makes my wonder why such crappy service.
  3. Same here, waiting on MBE to call me when my "crema" is ready to pick up after several weeks. Item bought on amazon with all proper docs. This is really crap, i still don't know what I can buy or not now.
  4. This will be my last response. I don't want to get into any further dialog. The ladrone used one of the large rocks to hammer in a window frame partially to attempt entry. That was the first sound I heard waking me up. There was a home invasion with a shooting up the hill from me in cerro verde, its in the press. 3 of the 10 houses on my block have been burgled lately. What if any statistics are there?? I think a bit of empathy is needed here.
  5. I agree Bonnie, I don't know how it ended up here.
  6. Please be careful! It was attempted. About 3 weeks ago. 20 minute barrage of fist sized rocks breaking many windows. The criminals know there is bad police response and take advantage of it. Why are the police resources used for checking documents at the Caldera and not patrolling Boquete where the violent crime is taking place? The crime in my neighborhood has actually gone up after the checkpoint.
  7. Moderator comment: several of the replies in this topic were split out from a separate topic at The reason for doing this rearrangement is that the original topic was about enforcement of a new Executive Decree from December 2016, and its implications for those living semi-permanently as "border hoppers" using a loophole in the law. Part of the conversation morphed into a discussion about the use of police officers at the Caldera intersection police inspection point, and an attempted home invasion. Although related to some degree, this topic is really about a safety/security issue. The below quoted postings are the junction point where the conversation started to diverge. Note that some CL members highlighted this diversion, and recommended a restructuring of the postings, which has now been done. We are always stopped at the Check Point between Boquete and David. Officers are friendly and only sometimes ask to see our cedulas. We usually offer bottled water....especially on hot days. Above is the history and background. Below is where this newly created topic now begins. I wish those officers were reassigned to Boquete. I had a home invasion attempt and it took 25 minutes to get to my house. The boquete police station is 5 minutes from my house.
  8. I know this doesn't help much, but my past experience is not all border checkpoints are administered the same, as are the migracion offices. I have crossed 5 different ones! Also the law, which I have read isn't followed to the letter. So good luck. I am going to MDE soon, but staying longer. Interested to know what you find out.
  9. What is interesting is one of the people in the article experienced a home invasion where they were smacked in the head with a hammer! I got this info first hand from said person. It was over 6 years ago and not robbery related. Maybe they can be more forthcoming and provide the details. My conversation with this person was in person and over several minutes.
  10. It is up to the homeowner to "harden" their security, which is problematic as others have pointed out. The "checkpoint" at the Caldera cutoff would have had no effect on Richard's or Marion's home invasion, nor the 3 burglaries in my block of 10 houses in Boquete. Better to have those police resources in/near Boquete, where the police response is dismal, than miles away at the Caldera cutoff.
  11. I hope the authorities rethink their position. There are well over 100,000 Panamanians that are in the US with more liberal stay times. If the US decides to reciprocate like Brasil on visa issues, it will not bode well for them. Also the most populous countries in the western hemisphere don't require attorneys for residency, and they issue 6 mo tourist visas. I see a lot of tunnel vision here. Furthermore I commonly see glib comments about deportation of non compliers. Panama simply doesn't have the budget for it. I also hope someone in the Panama government sees this post, but doubt they will be able to shake the attorneys loose from their self serving positions regarding their role in this process,
  12. Excellent article. You may get the necessary 40 credits other ways. Several countries have totalization agreements with the US (Canada for example). Many developed countries in Europe and elsewhere have reciprocity agreements with US Social Security. You can google this. You don't have to be a US citizen to earn or draw SS, but there are certain requirements. PS: the Supreme Court ruled SS a tax, so congress can change it at any time. Also to open an online SS account you must provide a US address.
  13. If I am correct the slope you have planned is 4.7 degrees. The water will run off, but it won't flush any leaves. I have a 10 degree slope on my back roof, and what accumulates grows stuff, and I have to remove it. My front roof is 20 degrees and doesn't have this problem. Hope this helps. Your plastic cover is going to sag somewhat, so even more slope is needed.
  14. Bonnie, here is what is reported on "ning": Just two months ago mt wife, ****, was returning to Panama' from Atlanta and encountered a problem. They would not honor her cedula. They even claimed that the "expedido" date indicated that it had expired. In fact that is the date it was issued. They ignored the "indefinidamente" which indicates indefinite expiration. She even showed her Panama' drivers license but that did nothing. As a result Delta airlines made her buy a Panama' to Atlanta return ticket. Of course, she made sure it was refundable, but we were out about $1,500 for two months plus a service fee. My comment: I would assume she had her passport to board in Atlanta. The UK lady I know personally, and will add more info when see her in Boquete.