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  1. Totally agree! That's a bell you can't unring. Some of the prolific posters have put stuff out there that is particularly nasty, and will exist long after they are gone. What a legacy! Dropping the F bomb is particularly uncouth and uncalled for IMHO.
  2. To expand on the above, nothing can be expired. Please check that the info on your policy is correct. A lady got towed for a typo on her policy. Also, many don't know that you will get towed after driving past 90 days on your tourist visa. For tourist having copies rather than having your original passport can get you towed.
  3. Me too. Bribe requested from me in David. Personally I would like to see more patrolling on the road to Boquete, seems like much crashes lately.
  4. Me too. I don't see patrols on this highway, just checkpoints, that don't catch bad drivers and speeders.
  5. Wikipedia page about the author and his other works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Shermer
  6. This explains some stuff: Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time, by Michael Shermer, available on amazon.
  7. EliMar auto parts, a small tiendita across from Pension Topaz has a couple of different sizes in stock. Pretty sure could order one from them for other sizes. The Casa de Baterias rep stops by there. My last battery I got from there was a Casa de Bateria item.
  8. I only had problem once for a few hours, and I use the water for ice cubes and heating water to kinda hot in the microwave for instant coffee now. So I think a confounding variable is gut health. I eat a lot of yoghurt and from time to time take enterogermina ampules (available locally). Latest science shows gut health is generally bad in the population and is extremely important in more ways than I ever thought. Not sure if this works with giardia tho.
  9. Because the water is not treated, quality becomes really problematic. Testing one day can be different another day. Years back there was a lecture on this at the Tues. mtg. The takeaway is a lot of variables. Biggest problem was intrusion into the tubos with bad quality pipes (this varies over time). External pressure on the pipes from rain water in the ground, varying water pressure (like none occasionally). So unless the pressure in the pipes is great enough to prevent intrusion, clean water from day to day is a real crap shoot (pun intended).
  10. I tested my Bajo Boquete water. It failed for ecoli. However, it was really clear and tasted great! I believe the medicos here recommend treating the tap water. BTW my water source is Las Ladrillos above Los Naranjos. It is maybe the most common source for this area. Right now I don't have any water, so I guess water quality is moot, at least until it comes back.
  11. No, but you can contact the source of this info, my attorney Vicki Romero who has since relocated with her husband Dr. Pretelt to Panama City. This issue came up when I evicted a tenant, and she offered this info (which wasn't needed).
  12. Good to pass this along. When there is a strong financial system to "work the system" this is what happens! Also if one has a tenant of child bearing age, and she gets pregnant, she and the child can't be evicted until the child is two.
  13. One perceptual bias is how crappy the place you left was (weather, etc.) making the place you are going to better. The better place may only be better in that aspect. Beware of confirmation bias of recent arrivals. I almost got derailed by that one regarding Thailand! Pay close attention to how the laws and bureaucracy works (or doesn't) in your new country. I know of a few that had their plans here totally destroyed. Pay attention to murder and highway fatality rates (easily googled).
  14. Dennis, I share your concern. I want the transitos on effective patrol, so I or you will have lessened risk of meeting up with an out of control speeder, drunk or cellphone user. Having them stationed at the Caldera checkpoint certainly doesn't help with any of these serious dangers. However they do save money on gasoline, tires, depreciation and vehicle maintenance while being out of the weather under the overpass, making the department's budget look better, as an expense reduction.
  15. Susanne, the police have the authority to tow the vehicle regardless of licensed drivers present or not. See: http://www.transito.gob.pa/costo-infracciones item #28. Pretty harsh I think. My beef is that the transitos are not patrolling for drunks and speeders, which is a major public safety danger, but checking vehicle docs, which is not. Of course that is easier work and pays more. The transitos could write tickets all day long in Boquete by the central park for illegal turns not indicated by the arrows on the pavement. But that is not a towable offense. Follow the money!