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  1. Makes sense! Not yours to rent. So my servidumbre has a guava tree (7.5 meters from road centerline). Can anybody help themselves to the fruit? Not a problem, just curious?
  2. Bud, I just sent money to a Panamanian Ngäbe worker from my PayPal account (US) to his that uses https://www.paypal.me/***, with *** being his user ID. I am not sure he has a Panama bank account. I will have to ask him how he set it up. There is a PayPal Me that I think he signed up for.
  3. WU is great. I set up an account as backup. Also have the app on my iphone. When none of my debit cards worked on a trip to Colombia, I sent money to myself, this saved me. Fees were reasonable.
  4. Wells Fargo & Co. on Wednesday detailed steps it has taken to address problems following a series of scandals that have resulted in more than $4 billion in fines and settlements since 2016 and tougher scrutiny from regulators. also: https://nypost.com/2016/10/19/wells-fargo-under-criminal-investigation-over-fake-accounts/ Keith, this took me less than a minute. You could have done this yourself.
  5. Interesting. I worked in electronic banking for a REALLY big bank. We had redundant data centers mirroring each other in realtime to avoid any possible disasters/glitches. So in addition to being a criminal enterprise, they appear to be incompetent too.
  6. I believe you can get one from US Embassy/Consul and send to them. I did this in the past, when they were here in Boquete. Now a lot of this SS stuff has been transferred to US Embassy, CR, so heads up on that.
  7. Bonnie, I agree. I signed up mymedicare.gov today, but can't sign up for the my social security using the same Boquete address. Go figure! Anyway the hold time to call SS is 55 minutes vs 10 minutes some time back. Especially maddening when they keep screwing up my deposits.
  8. Are blood test now required for renewals? I thought it was just for blood type (which of course doesn't change). Also not clear to me is if one's blood type is accepted from a foreign license.
  9. The oft bashed US dollar makes the following currencies about 30% more expensive: Canadian and Australian dollars. The following currencies have taken a major exchange hit too: Euro, pesos from various Latino countries, etc. People from these places are facing significantly higher cost buying stuff here in Panama. Restrictive border hopping has made residential tourism less attractive. I know of 2 more developed countries where costs are 25 percent lower. There is competition for expat dollars.
  10. I think there is a fine and a visit to the police station if one can't produce a cedula. Kudos for helping a ciudano.
  11. Just recovered from an almost 2 wk bout. Tried probiotics and then took eskapar and it cleared up in hours. Probably from not nuking hot water long enough for coffee. Never a problem before living for years in Bajo Boquete.
  12. Checking documents does not prevent horrible car wrecks, patrolling the highways for reckless behavior does, with the resources available, in my opinion. To be clear, the limited transito resources are being used for the wrong activity.
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