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  1. No, but you can contact the source of this info, my attorney Vicki Romero who has since relocated with her husband Dr. Pretelt to Panama City. This issue came up when I evicted a tenant, and she offered this info (which wasn't needed).
  2. Good to pass this along. When there is a strong financial system to "work the system" this is what happens! Also if one has a tenant of child bearing age, and she gets pregnant, she and the child can't be evicted until the child is two.
  3. One perceptual bias is how crappy the place you left was (weather, etc.) making the place you are going to better. The better place may only be better in that aspect. Beware of confirmation bias of recent arrivals. I almost got derailed by that one regarding Thailand! Pay close attention to how the laws and bureaucracy works (or doesn't) in your new country. I know of a few that had their plans here totally destroyed. Pay attention to murder and highway fatality rates (easily googled).
  4. Dennis, I share your concern. I want the transitos on effective patrol, so I or you will have lessened risk of meeting up with an out of control speeder, drunk or cellphone user. Having them stationed at the Caldera checkpoint certainly doesn't help with any of these serious dangers. However they do save money on gasoline, tires, depreciation and vehicle maintenance while being out of the weather under the overpass, making the department's budget look better, as an expense reduction.
  5. Susanne, the police have the authority to tow the vehicle regardless of licensed drivers present or not. See: http://www.transito.gob.pa/costo-infracciones item #28. Pretty harsh I think. My beef is that the transitos are not patrolling for drunks and speeders, which is a major public safety danger, but checking vehicle docs, which is not. Of course that is easier work and pays more. The transitos could write tickets all day long in Boquete by the central park for illegal turns not indicated by the arrows on the pavement. But that is not a towable offense. Follow the money!
  6. Heads up: you can be a sober diabetic and fail the breathalyzer test.
  7. Wasn't the checkpoint put in to deter violent crime? It seems one of the main beneficiaries are the towing companies and their friends. Looks like "mission creep" to me. BTW I don't drive to David, so no risk to me.
  8. Value Motors, in Boquete near main church. Rents, sells cars. English Speaking. Brick and mortar presence, with staff always on site. Also has facebook page and www.valuemotorspa.com
  9. I close friend did this several years in the past, paid in David. I was with him. He got a big piece of paper stapled in his passport that gave him a week to leave. I know la migra was friendly and smiling when he gave them the money ($700). Maybe one can pay at Paso Canoas, for those who decide to fly out of San Jose, but I would confirm that. Anybody know?
  10. Why the snark? You got anything better?
  11. Checking www.numbeo.com, I have found 3 large cities that are safer than Boquete. Having said that, those cities are outliers, as most of Mexico is pretty bad.
  12. If you are in Colombia more than 183 days they not only tax worldwide income, but worldwide assets, where the imputed return is 4% of the value of those assets.
  13. I share Keith's desire for statistics to know if the checkpoint is really effective. Since my last post on this I learned of three more crimes in my neighbourhood, all done by locals. So there is no confusion, I moved here from a city where they changed their resource allocation of community policing after years increasing crime, and it worked. Again, it is not about me. I am willing to change my stance if I can get facts instead of opinions on this. Also I have been talking to some merchants in Bajo Boquete, and they talk about response times on the order of hours. According to one of them, she knows of four holdups on the Feria bridge at nighttime. I learned all this yesterday, just by going out and asking.
  14. The police commander is to say, here is what I stated "Now the police will be reassigned to actually where crimes are occurring". There is crime in Palmira and Potrerillos, etc. It is not about me. BTW I attach the blame on the perps, no one else.
  15. Caldera Road Checkpoint

    Can anybody provide actual statistics to the crime decrease. All I have is my own personal experience (facts) that counter opinions of others. I was informed that the initial idea was to provide Boquete area residents stickers to show at the checkpoint. Is that still possible? Is there anyway to persuade the transitos to actually patrol for cell phone users and drunks, rather than checking vehicle docs at the checkpoint? Wasn't the checkpoint established to counter violent crime. Lastly, does anybody have more info on the home burglary with a pistol wielding maleante reported in the Panama press very recently in Bajo Boquete? Appreciate any light that can shed on this.