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  1. Pantah

    Cedula Found

    I think there is a fine and a visit to the police station if one can't produce a cedula. Kudos for helping a ciudano.
  2. Just recovered from an almost 2 wk bout. Tried probiotics and then took eskapar and it cleared up in hours. Probably from not nuking hot water long enough for coffee. Never a problem before living for years in Bajo Boquete.
  3. Checking documents does not prevent horrible car wrecks, patrolling the highways for reckless behavior does, with the resources available, in my opinion. To be clear, the limited transito resources are being used for the wrong activity.
  4. 6x the highway fatality rate of the US per 100,000 km driven. I might even buy an airbag jacket (they do exist)!
  5. For vehicles registered in boquete, I paid $8 late fee for current yr. Another vehicle was inop for several years. I got a mechanics letter (Ludwig) for being inop and they waived previous years late feel.
  6. Good advice generally, but I actually had my security camera ripped off the stantion and taken. The same maleante broke into my neighbors house and he had several dogs in his yard. The perp was on drugs. So crazy (like the recent story here) and drugged out changes the equation.
  7. My female housesitters called the linces. I have seen the guy Bonnie saw (about 8 months ago), as have some people in Volcancito. This guys MO is the same, as the Bonnie's perp. If you have a posted sign i believe you have more legal rights, as this person is violating your "curtilege", don't know what that is in Spanish. One of the housesitters was outside and saw him coming up the entrada, in the dark, so she hurried inside and locked the door. I am going to hazard a guess that most women are going to react differently than men to potential threats, and are more likely to not engage in conversation. I of course can't do anything as I am out of the country (hence the housesitters).
  8. His behavior is definitely not normal, in my case to go so far as to walk 20 meters uphill past a gate to sit on a chair that he could not see from the road. My house sitters (both local females) were so stressed that only one of them dared look at him from behind a barred window. This guy is wreaking substantial emotion damage just by his very inappropriate (and criminal) behavior. He needs to be caught!
  9. This guy may still be around. My housesitters reported to me that a guy matching this description was sitting on my front porch chair at 8pm. The porch is way inside my gates and far from the street. From what I gather this ladrone has zero respect for bounderies and doesn't show much fear of dogs either. They didn't confront him as they were scared. Linces were informed.
  10. Not unlike the guy I saw, although not dressed as well. Maybe the same guy, maybe not. A straight on facial aspect would make it clearer for me. Looks like he likes his brewskis!
  11. A year ago I had a guy ask to use my bathroom. He looked to be about 45 and dressed OK, and friendly appearing, It was around midday. he was acting like he really had to go. I was next to my dog on my front porch at the time. Told him sorry the dog is going to have a problem. Later I thought if he had to go there were plenty of private places nearby to go, and people dressed like that walking in my area with no vehicle nearby I just don't see. Still spooks me to this day.
  12. So how do we know this pendejo is from the US? Anyone?
  13. Totally agree! That's a bell you can't unring. Some of the prolific posters have put stuff out there that is particularly nasty, and will exist long after they are gone. What a legacy! Dropping the F bomb is particularly uncouth and uncalled for IMHO.