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  1. PRIVATE COURTESY TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH FOR NEWS BOQUETE Total quarantine announced for coming Saturday and Sunday, driver license suspension under consideration https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Autoridades-anuncian-cuarentena-licencias-conductores_0_5551694851.html Por Redacción de TVN Noticias 08/04/2020 - 6:36 PM Public Safety Minister, Juan Pino, announced the establishment of a total nationwide quarantine for coming Saturday 11 April and Sunday 12 April. Accordingly, no one may leave their home, with the exclusion of exceptions established in Executive Decree 507. He also stated that stronger measures are being considered against drivers who do not comply with the established quarantine to combat COVID-19 in Panama. “Their driver license will be suspended for three months and the vehicle will be towed” stated Pino. In the past 24 hours a total of 589 people were detained nationwide for non-compliance with the Executive Decree: 483 men, 60 women and 46 minors. Panama Health authorities have expressed their concern regarding a sector of the population that is not complying with measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The National police assured continuation of the respective monitoring. Anuncian cuarentena absoluta para este sábado y domingo, analizan quitar licencias a conductores https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Autoridades-anuncian-cuarentena-licencias-conductores_0_5551694851.html Por Redacción de TVN Noticias 08/04/2020 - 6:36 PM El ministro de Seguridad Pública, Juan Pino anunció que para este sábado 11 y domingo 12 de abril se establecerá cuarentena absoluta a nivel nacional. Por lo tanto, nadie podrá salir de sus casas, salvo las excepciones establecidas en el Decreto Ejecutivo 507. También aseguró que están analizando tomar medidas más fuertes contra aquellos conductores que violen la cuarentena establecida para hacerle frente a la pandemia de COVID-19 en el país. " Se les quitará la licencia de conducir por tres meses y el vehículo será removido con grúa", destacó Pino. Las autoridades de Salud del país han manifestado su preocupación por una parte de la población que no está acatando las medidas para mitigar la propagación del COVID-19. Por su parte, la Policía Nacional asegura que seguirán con los respectivos operativos.
  2. For a flat rate of $25, Boquete Delivers sends a professional driver to pick up your order at PriceSmart, and deliver it to your door. Place orders at: https://boquetedelivers.com/
  3. Dear Customers and Friends THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING OUR BUSINESS AND TRUSTING YOUR MAIL TO US For security reasons our doors are closed, nevertheless we keep providing our services daily, under adapted working hours. Please knock the door. For mail pick up: 11.00 am to 2.00 pm Monday - Saturday If possible, please notify in advance the approximate time of your arrival to our store so we can have your mail ready. If these hours are not convenient for you, please email us and we’ll arrange a different time. If you need any other of our services, such as fax, printing, scan, sending through DHL (at the moment this is the only way to send mail out) the best time is 9.00 am to 11:00 am You are welcome to email us for any additional information: boquete@mbe-ca.com mbe_boquete@cwpanama.net During Easter we will close on Holy Friday, April 10th and Saturday 11th. On Monday 13th we will be back to work. We take the opportunity to announce our new SEAFREIGHT SERVICE. For more information please contact us by email. Stay Safe. Your Mail Boxes Etc. – Boquete Team *Please share this information. TEL. 011 (507) 720-2684 | FAX: 011 (507) 720-1019 | Avenida Central, Edif. Don Andrés. Local # 2 Boquete, Chiriquí, República of Panamá www.mbe-ca.com Connect at:
  4. PRIVATE COURTESY TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH FOR NEWS BOQUETE ATTT warns that those who did not renew their driver licenses and license plates in January and February may not circulate https://www.laestrella.com.pa/nacional/200406/attt-advierte-podran-circular-quienes-renovaron-licencias-placas-enero-febrero Por Gustavo A. Aparicio O.gustavo.aparicio@laestrella.com.pa Updated 06/04/2020 17:45 Extension will be until June 30 and only applies to those drivers whose driver licenses and plates expire in March, April and May Deputy Director of the Transit and Land Transport Authority (ATTT), Miguel Aleman, warned that drivers of all type vehicles who did not renew their driver licenses and plates when due in January and February of this year, may not circulate the streets and avenues of the country. Aleman explained that the approved extension for renewal of driver licenses and plates, due to the coronavirus pandemic impacting the country, is only applicable for drivers whose driver licenses and plates expire between March, April and May. “In these instances the extension will be until 30 June of this year”, he said. “Those whose license expired since January and February and did not comply with the corresponding procedures may not circulate and will be sanctioned since they had sufficient time to transact and make the payments established by Law”, said Aleman. He reminded that drivers whose plates expired in February had until March 15 to renew them and pointed out that although the National Police has been benevolent with many drivers, non-compliance with existing procedures could result in sanction for offenders. ATTT advierte que no podrán circular quienes no renovaron licencias y placas en enero y febrero https://www.laestrella.com.pa/nacional/200406/attt-advierte-podran-circular-quienes-renovaron-licencias-placas-enero-febrero Por Gustavo A. Aparicio O.gustavo.aparicio@laestrella.com.pa Actualizado 06/04/2020 17:45 La prórroga será hasta el 30 de junio próximo y solo es aplicable a aquellos conductores cuyas licencias y placas se vencen en marzo, abril y mayo El Sub Director General de la Autoridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (ATTT), Miguel Alemán advirtió a los conductores de todo tipo vehículos que no renovaron sus licencias de conducir y placa vehicular cuando les correspondía en enero y febrero pasado, que no podrán circular por las calles y avenidas del país. Alemán aclaró que la prórroga aprobada para la renovación de la licencia y la placa, producto de la pandemia de coronavirus que afecta al país, solo es aplicable a aquellos conductores cuyas licencias y placas se vencen entre marzo, abril y mayo próximo. “Para estos casos la prórroga será hasta el 30 de junio próximo”, indicó. “Los que tenían sus licencias vencidas desde enero y febrero y no cumplieron con hacer los trámites respectivos no pueden circular y pueden ser sancionados, ya que en su momento tuvieron el tiempo para hacer los trámites y pagos necesarios establecidos por ley”, indicó Alemán. Recordó que incluso a los conductores a los cuales su placa se les vencía en febrero, tuvieron hasta el 15 de marzo para renovarlas y señaló que aunque unidades de la Policía Nacional han sido benévolas con muchos conductores, el incumplimiento de las normas vigentes podrían acarrearle a los infractores una sanción.
  5. Event: Planned Commercial Humanitarian Flight The Embassy is working on evacuation options via commercially operated humanitarian flights for any qualified traveler with appropriate passport/visa to permit entry into the United States who wishes to depart Panama. There are no guarantees of these flights or the space available. There is one flight operated by Spirit Airlines (NK 6501) scheduled for April 11 with a limited number of seats available, and dates and times may change. We are in the process of notifying individuals who have already expressed interest in being evacuated from Panama about this flight. · April 11, departing Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport at 1:00 p.m. for Fort Lauderdale, FL, to arrive 5:00 p.m. For additional information about the flight and to make reservations please contact Spirit Airlines directly. Spirit anticipates ticket sales for this flight will commence Sunday, April 5. The Embassy encourages you to check their website regularly for updates. The Embassy encourages interested U.S. citizens and LPRs to purchase early and forward your purchase confirmation email to the Embassy immediately at PanamaCityUSCitizen@state.gov so that we can assist you with the issuance of salvoconducto passes. If you have not already done so, please express your interest in consideration for potential evacuation flights by emailing:  PanamaCityUSCitizen@state.gov. If you have previously expressed your interest you do NOT need to resubmit. Please enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Embassy Panama City security updates: https://step.state.gov/ Consult the Embassy’s website (https://pa.usembassy.gov/) for additional information on the situation in Panama and the Department of State’s COVID-19 crisis page on travel.state.gov for the latest information. Assistance:   U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama Building 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Avenue Clayton, Panama +507 317-5000 Panama-ACS@state.gov https://pa.usembassy.gov/  State Department – Consular Affairs +1 (888)407-4747 or +1 (202)501-4444  Denese A. Rodgers +507 6456-8539
  6. Why are Panamanian Authorities recommending the use of face masks? https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Coronavirus-en-Panama-Autoridades-cambian-recomendacion-mascarillas-pandemia_0_5548695124.html Por Jorge E. Quirós 04/04/2020 - 7:36 PM PRIVATE COURTESY TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH FOR NEWS BOQUETE Health Ministry (Ministerio de Salud – MINSA) authorities changed their statements concerning the use of face masks in view of the pandemic generated by COVID-19, on Saturday April 4, based on scientific evidence. Dr. Javier Nieto started by saying that “medicine is not an exact science and decisions are based on evidence and facts” and that these have recently shown that up to 25% of those infected with COVID-19 could be asymptomatic. “This means that these people could unknowingly transmit the disease to others” he said. He cited Iceland in Europe, with approximately 360 thousand residents, as an example. Approximately 18 thousand tests have been taken there – representing approximately 5% of the population-- to be able to determine disease by coronavirus. Less than 1% of the tests taken in Iceland were positive, but most noteworthy was that 50% of the 1% tested were asymptomatic individuals who were unaware that they could transmit the disease. In view of this Nieto said that a scientific justification exists to recommend the use of masks as a priority for people with respiratory symptoms as well as those caring for a confirmed COVID-19 patient. Health workers and security forces should also prioritize its use, especially those that must be in contact with people at less than a meter´s distance. Thirdly, people who must go to the supermarket or use public transit where social distancing from other people of more than a meter and a half is not possible, should wear masks. The wearing of a mask should be complemented by hand washing or using gel alcohol hand sanitizer pointed Dr. Nieto. Health Vice-Minister Javier Sucre highlighted that N95 masks must be worn exclusively in areas where protocol-established procedures will be performed. Translator’s Note: Please note that the message is that the use of face masks is recommended --not ordered-- and further recommends when its use should be a priority. ¿Por qué las autoridades en Panamá están recomendando el uso de las mascarillas? https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Coronavirus-en-Panama-Autoridades-cambian-recomendacion-mascarillas-pandemia_0_5548695124.html Por Jorge E. Quirós 04/04/2020 - 7:36 PM Las autoridades del Ministerio de Salud (Minsa), han dado un giro a las afirmaciones sobre el uso de las mascarillas ante la pandemia generada por el COVID-19, este sábado 4 de abril, basados en evidencia científica. El doctor Javier Nieto, partió por decir que “ la medicina no es una ciencia exacta y que las decisiones se basan en evidencias y en hechos” y en ese sentido, han surgido algunas recientemente que demuestra que hasta un 25% de las personas que padecen COVID-19 podrían ser asintomáticos. “ Lo anterior quiere decir que esas personas pueden transmitir la enfermedad a otras personas sin saberlo”, expresó. Usó como ejemplo el caso de Islandia en Europa, donde habitan cerca de 360 mil personas. Allí se han hecho cerca de 18 mil pruebas para poder determinar enfermedad por coronavirus, lo que podría representar un 5% de la población. Menos del 1% de las pruebas que se han hecho en Islandia han salido positivas, pero lo que más llama la atención allá, es que el 50% de ese 1% al que se le hizo la prueba, eran individuos asintomáticos que podían transmitir la enfermedad sin que lo supieran. Con ello, según Nieto, hay una justificación científica para recomendar el uso de la mascarilla y las personas con síntomas respiratorios deben priorizar su uso o aquellas que están al cuidado de un paciente confirmado con COVID-19. El trabajador de la salud y estamentos de seguridad también deben priorizar su uso, sobre todo aquellos que deben estar en contacto con personas a menos de un metro de distancia. En tercer lugar, las personas que deben ir al supermercado o tomar transporte público y no se puede garantizar un distanciamiento social de más de un metro y medio con otras personas, se debe usar la mascarilla. El uso de la mascarilla se debe complementar con el lavado de manos o el uso de gel alcoholado, puntualizó el doctor Nieto. El viceministro de Salud Javier Sucre, resaltó que el uso de las mascarillas N95 deben ser utilizadas exclusivamente en áreas que vayan a realizar algún tipo de procedimiento que esté establecido en los protocolos.
  7. This is an important announcement from Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce. We have made arrangements to deliver your web orders to Boquete on Tuesday April 7th and drop them at them t 153 Whole Foods Store which is now on the side street behind Todo A Dollar. They will be open on this day from 8 am until noon. We expect to be there by 8:00 am. You will need to pickup your order by noon. You can pay in cash when you pick up your order or prepay via my US Paypal account which allows you to pay using a credit card or Paypal balance. Or make a direct deposit to our Banco General account. Email me at fincasantamarta@me.com if you want to prepay which is preferred. So… go to our website http://www.fincasantamarta.biz/ now and place your order. Deadline for placing orders for this delivery is Monday morning at 8:00 am. And then pick it up at 153 WholeFoods store in Boquete on Tuesday April 7th from 8 am until noon. Note they will be closed the 9th and 10th due to Passover. We also can deliver orders of $15 or more in Dolega and David on Tuesday morning on the way back to the farm. We need your Panamanian cell phone to make contact about those stops. We are also still able to deliver orders to our front gate for pickup at the farm in Santa Marta on Tuesdays, Wed, and Thursdays from 10 am until 1 pm. Email me if you want to utilize this service. Questions??? WhatsApp Hellen at 6393-4044 (Spanish) or Ron at my US # 540-560-9680 (English). Take care and be safe. Ron Miller and the FSM crew. Ronald Miller US # 540-560-9680 fincasantamarta@me.com
  8. On the Air with Cynthia and Barbara will be broadcasting this Monday from 10 to 11 on Radio Chiriqui 103.3. Our guest will be Dr. Shannon Lynn Tuer. If you have any questions you would like Dr. Shannon to answer please message them to me shallicrs@hotmail.com today or tomorrow morning. Thank you -- Tzilum Denver Photography by Cynthia www.tzilumdenver.com 720 291 3443 US Business - voicemail 720 292 9273 US Cell & WhatsApp/IMO 507 6871 0825 Panama (Use this number for local calls/sms to me in Panama)
  9. Boquete Weather Watchers: I posted the data for March 2020 at the website Climate section and a new Weather Watcher Update No. 132 at this link. I also created a link to websites where you can monitor the status of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Do your best to stay safe! Lloyd Cripe www.boqueteweather.com
  10. Morton's Bakehouse will be closed from Wed April 8th to Sun April 19th due to the Holiday of Passover. Please make your orders by Sunday April 5th. Thank you -- Mortons Bake House +507 730 - 8499 +507 6456-8392 +507 6242-9387 +507 6243-0666 http://www.mortonsbakehouse.com/ Plaza San Francisco Alto Boquete Panama
  11. The Season of Easter begins in April NOTICE: During the Quarantine for Covid-19, Celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at The Old Catholic Church In The Chapel @ Valle Escondido Is suspended! However, you join us weekly, for live presentations of the Mass, Sunday Morning at 10 a.m. on FACEBOOK, at “Michael Schamp.” 1st Week in April: Palm Sunday: Theme: “Death and Life” 2nd Week in April: Easter Sunday: Theme: “Christ has Risen Indeed” 3rd Week in April: 2ndSunday of Easter: Theme: “Faith and Fellowship” 4thWeek in April: 3rdSunday of Easter: Theme: “Word and Sacrament” Most Reverend Monsignor †Michael J Schamp D.D. Pastor and Presiding Bishop Email: fathermichaelschamp@gmail.com Did you know? You can read any of Fr. †Michael’s weekly “Pastor’s Letters.” Click here: http://www.chiriqui.life/profile/2470-father-michael/ Cheers & Blessings Father † Michael Schamp D.D. Pastor & Presiding Bishop Old Catholic Church Valle Escondido Chapel Boquete, Panama
  12. Cancellation of April 4 and 5 Military Repatriation Flights The two anticipated U.S. military air flights scheduled for April 4 and 5 have been canceled. The Embassy is not aware of any additional flights currently. The Embassy is exploring other options for evacuation flights. If you want to be considered for future repatriation flights from Panama City, it is imperative you contact PanamaCityUSCitizen@state.gov immediately to register your interest. There is no guarantee that there will be further opportunities for repatriation to the United States. If you choose to remain overseas, you should be prepared to shelter in place where you are. Please enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Embassy Panama City security updates: https://step.state.gov/ Consult the Embassy’s website (https://pa.usembassy.gov/) for additional information on the situation in Panama and the Department of State’s COVID-19 crisis page on travel.state.gov for the latest information. Assistance: U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama Building 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Avenue Clayton, Panama +507 317-5000 Panama-ACS@state.gov https://pa.usembassy.gov/ State Department – Consular Affairs +1 (888)407-4747 or +1 (202)501-4444 Enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates. -- Denese A. Rodgers +507 6456-8539
  13. Dear BoquetenIan Community, As all you know our legal office is closed now because *Covid-19* but we are attending all your legal needs by wasap or legal consultations by the Phone, so we remaind you to contact us if you need our legal Services. I wish the Best to all, with the hope to come back to work personally again in our office, with a lot of health and very positive energy as always. Blessings Sincerely yours, Ms. Nixia Guerra Attorney at Law Cel. (507) 6427-2267 www.BoqueteLegalServices.com Nixia@BoqueteLegalServices.com
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