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  1. Last night's show was a huge success - amazing talent - some of your old favorites from the first 4 shows and some fantastic new talent. There are about a dozen tickets left for tonight's performance. If don't have your ticket the box office opens at 4.
  2. I am so impressed by the talent in this wonder Radio Show. Hope you get your tickets before they are all gone - only 3 days left til this weekend and the 5th Olde Timey Radio Show.
  3. Only a few days left to buy your tickets and then be prepared to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - FYI Enjoy a FREE RUM PUNCH drink at the BCP Clubhouse after the show.
  4. Better get your tickets soon ... This coming weekend the place to be is at WBCP's Fifth Olde Timey Radio Show - 5pm Fri Oct 5 and Sat Oct 6
  5. Had the privilege of previewing some of the amazing talent in this show. Be prepared to be impressed!! Get your tickets now. You do not want to miss this show!!
  6. It's just around the corner - get your tickets soon
  7. I imagine it is your US bank making the charge. What is the description of the charge?
  8. All of you trivia queens and kings - put together a little trivia skit and head for the auditions!!! This s radio - you won't have to memorize your lines!
  9. I will be coming on March 17th to Boquete. Would you like me to bring stamps with me?
  10. "In addition, the new hospital and now the new University campus will be here." Really? Is there going to be a hospital built here?
  11. Hi I would love to attend the watercolor flowers on June 23rd. Cynthia
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