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  1. You are welcome to go to the Prosecuters office at any time and look through the records yourself. They are open to anyone, they are PUBLIC FOR ALL TO SEE.
  2. There is no slander it is public knowledge and we were advised by our attorney to publish this in every place we could. Truth is not slander.
  3. Yes, that was me that posted the Denuncia, . As this is a matter of public record in Panama, attached is a denuncia against the owners of Casa Decor, John and Patsi Phillips. We've tried everything to resolve this matter privately for a very lengthy time. Please feel free to contact me privately if you are going through the same issue. We will add you to our list. cherylacg@yahoo.com It is our desire that other people don't go through what we have been through this last year. denuncia-copy.pdf
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