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  1. They have some transportation issues but try to open at noon. They are still getting adjusted but Hell, with cold beer for a dollar, the rest is just petty details.
  2. rainy season trip

    Lot of raw nerves out there.
  3. Boycott Super 99. Simple, effective, a message to the party going on in Miami. It's time for the people to show their power and their opinion.
  4. Bonnie, i have been to Medellin frequently. If you will call me at 67425204 I will share what I know. It will be much easier than e mail. Jim Tosch
  5. depends on how fast you were going and who you are. I got stopped by a motorcycle for going twelve kph too fast. I got out of the car and asked him how much it would cost. He said over 100, maybe 150 he responded while writing the ticket. About then my wife got out of the car. She is Panamanian. They talked for a few minutes, he smiled, completed the ticket and said it would cost me $20 in the Chiriqui Mall. And that is what I paid the next week.
  6. Boquete: Why Some Leave and Others Stay

    For those considering, as I am, continuing their journey South, this may be the perfect time. China's slowdown, the strength of the dollar and airfare wars have made South America as cheap as it is likely to be ever again.
  7. Thoughts about gringos selling vehicles

    I am flabbergasted. We live in a global economy. People and corporations are moving all over the world. Are they all hurting the locals or is it improving lives all over the world? More Mexicans are returning to Mexico than immigrating to the US. Think people. There were very few car sales here before and who is repairing those cars now?
  8. I took a copy of the news story to the Municipio and discussed it with the Representante for Alto Boquete and urged them to make the Policlinica available for the Tech University that has bought land in Alto and to try to take advantage of the Skypower opportunity.
  9. I don't think even now the magnitude of this project has sunk in. This very large company is capable of and intends to make some part of Panama the "Silcon Valley" of renewable energy. If this were in the US there would delegations from hundreds of cities begging and bribing Skypower to pick them.
  10. just keep this in mind. Politics rules. The power in David is downtown. Why did Campeon open downtown. We expats better sit back and watch. Where are the government offices. Stay tuned.
  11. Marcelyn, am so pleased that someone, you, have reacted. This is culture changing for Panama. Smart young people will see a new world. Please keep me posted about new info you gather. I wish it could be near Boquete but I can't seem to get anybody moving. David will need the energy and Boquete is a perfect college town. Good luck!
  12. Marcelyn, This is really interesting stuff. It is all about solar power and other renewable energy. If you will Google Skypower Energy Panama I think you will be amazed. A Canadian Company has big and much needed plans for the youth of Panama.
  13. there is no rational for what happens down here. They build airports and roads to nowhere and finish them years later. They just decide to build with no budget for completion. But, one day you drive by and it's open. The market in Boquete received a large grant from a foreign country to be completed. Meanwhile the gov bought boats and radar systems that would not function. There is one new airport that has no scheduled flights. The Ruta Del sur has had a road but no bridge for years but now they are discussing it. It is a combination of mañana, juega vivo , and election results to mention a few. After awhile you just have to shake your head and laugh.
  14. it's joking and playing. Lighten up. Panama is not suffering other than some money nobody seems to be able to account for. If I were going to recommend care for Canadians it would be psychiatric. If you think the Panamanian's need a better health care system, you might also look at their education system and their infrastructure, but it is not because they lack money
  15. I will never claim to understand what the US gov does or does not do. Also I should leave out the word gov. Because much of the money comes from the private sector. But next year it is Canada's turn with the commitment to build a fifty million dollar university somewhere in Panama. Maybe Panama should give Canadians free health care.