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  1. Hmmm, “get what you pay for”? Before I fired Cable Onda they were charging me $50 for 3 meg speed. Those with fiber were getting up to 100 meg or so for the same price, so I don’t see how that argument stands up.
  2. Only works if you can get fiber to your house. Many thousands of people don’t, so this is not universal.
  3. I think the government just said “haha, fooled ya” re lockdowns. It was clarified by Sucre last night that only weekend lockdowns apply to Chiriqui, Bocas and Colon. Rest of the week is normal. Shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Without effect? Wonder how many could have been saved if these drugs had been made readily available?
  5. Again, this government has borrowed BILLIONS of dollars - perhaps they could use some of that money to provide such “necessities”? Oh, wait, they can’t even get food bags to all who need them.....
  6. One word “solyndra”. Haven’t seen a large solar or wind installation that hasn’t relied on substantial govt. Investment, after the investment goes away, the installations shut down
  7. I thought so too, Keith, but when I went to get my permissio there were actually 4 lines, each for something different. I was out of there after 15 mins
  8. Do we make it a thing now to frighten as many folks as possible? Life will kill you. The rest are just supporting actors.
  9. Alison, I didn’t mention road protests. I agree, this thing isn’t going away soon, if ever. So the decision is individual as to how much exposure you are willing to tolerate. While I will social distance and will GRUDGINGLY wear a mask, that’s it for me. I’m not going to live my life hiding from something I can’t control. There’s a ton of things out there that could kill you, heaven knows I’ve been close more than once, but I am determined to enjoy the rest of my life and not live in fear.
  10. Sorry Alison. Don't agree. If we accept that the incubation period for Covid is around 14 days, then the uptick in cases (seemingly starting the day after home arrest relaxation) cannot be a result of relaxation. As for Divila, I haven't been down there lately but I suspect the cases are concentrated in the farm worker shotgun shacks there - the ones without running water. Someone brought it in, then spread was easy. I no longer trust the stats we are being given by the government.
  11. Alison, more and more organizations are coming out and saying asymptomatic transmission is very Rare. Death rates are now pegged at around 0.2%. Methinks yet again, wolf has been cried when it was a mouse.
  12. Just sayin', but Boquete is the only place with these really stupid rules
  13. O.K. So we have very strict firearms laws and the police are consumed with checking to see if you are 10 minutes outside your time out? Here’s another thought, get the police back to investigations and solving crime. Seems to me it would be a better use of resources.
  14. If you are talking about “flattening the curve” just beware - the numbers of those infected and the number of deaths will likely be similar in each case. The ONLY thing lockdowns do is to prevent the general public from realizing how woefully underfunded and inadequate our health systems are.
  15. We will never find out if the herd is kept locked up. It is time to consider regional reopenings, out here in the West the numbers warrant it. Being held hostage to City malcontents is not acceptable.
  16. That's my read of it too. Kinda sucks that they brought in house arrest Saturday for "Easter" then thought it was such a good idea that it has been with us ever since. 4 hours a week isn't enough to get things done, especially with the line ups at stores now.
  17. Change of seasons, might just be molting..
  18. black market from Costa Rica. Heck, for all we know, the Colombian cartels might have re-purposed their semi submersibles to carry booze to Panama. Short trip, big profits!
  19. So I suppose if I stay locked up and eventually die or boredom, that will be classified as Covid-related? Flu season is coming, yes, but it does every year, many die. Should we have imprisonment for that too?
  20. Those are good questions. Seems to me the infrastructure is getting worse, even after all the promises of improvements. The Canal thing is fixable, but will likely require major cash, hopefully without the graft (fat chance!) While I agree, in part, with a limited quarantine in the current circumstances, the way the government has gone about it is nothing short of draconian. I can be out of my house for 4 hours per 168 hour week, too short a time to wait in line at Rey's. That, simply, is house arrest. Alcohol might have alleviated the situation a bit, but Panama and South Africa (great company) are the only Countries to adopt such a stringent measure. Would I recommend Panama to prospective immigrants? A resounding NO and for this main reason:. The breadth of government control and the ease that it was implemented over every aspect of our lives is just frightening. I can live with power outages and water interruptions but this has gone way too far. Ooops, time to get off the soapbox..
  21. Large hole - but isn’t that polluting the environment? Not like Caldera, who treat garbage with respect....hahahaha...
  22. I went to Gago yesterday, same type of lineup thing. I don’t need anything so much that I’m willing to wait 30-40 mins in a lineup. Got what I needed at Dorado Plaza.
  23. I’m in the same boat, except I did have pick-up but garbage guy has disappeared. If you have friends on the main road I think the pick-up there is still being done, perhaps you can drop a bag or two off?
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