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  1. Banning plastic bags is a very small contribution, but nevertheless is a contribution. I might disagree with Dan in that it needs "first world countries" to lead. Look at the industrial strength plastic that surrounds a lot of products these days. You need a chain saw to get into that stuff! If the companies using it were subject to penalties, then a change could quickly happen.
  2. Diapers HAVE to be one of the most polluting items in Panama. Alternatives are easily available. Yet, we celebrate banning plastic bags. Think seriously, folks.
  3. Again, from us in the boonies, jealousy rears its ugly head....No fibre for you!
  4. Just pointing out the “want to have” like sports facilities and the “need to have” like good drinking water. The second should always have priority but, sadly, doesn’t. Naturgy is another thing altogether, the line maintenance has been woefully lacking in the past, they are just trying to improve now but it will take years.
  5. JohnF13

    Ruta Sur

    Yes, I noticed that the underground (not literally) asphalt plant near Avicola Athenas closed down soon after out last Diputada lost her reelection bid....
  6. Oooohhh, look over there, nice new sports facilities.....Water, hospitals, who cares if the lights are on at the baseball stadium? Classic redirection.
  7. I suspect a lot of it has to do with lack of maintenance, but that’s not exclusive to Panama. I have seen crews out a lot more often lately cutting branches and actually replacing poles that looked Like 2” metal pipes. Unfortunately that sometimes involves turning off the power. Usually here in Potrerillos, if the power goes out at 0900 on Saturday morning, it’s gone for 6 hours or so. We have learned to adapt, and generators can be had that run on the small $5 gas bottles - good for a few hours.
  8. Seems to me to be a topic at least worth discussing. I agree, the Return on investment may be problematical, but the area needs “something”. It could easily become a World class tourist destination if the right investments are made, but not everyone wants that. Before passing judgement, let’s see if a good business plan can be developed.
  9. Things may be changing - maybe. About every two weeks my power goes out on a Saturday from 0900-1500 more or less. Naturgy is changing insulators and last weekend I even saw them cutting tree limbs! Of course, I'm never informed of the outages...
  10. Don’t get up to Boquete very ofter, but I notice that the 60 km hr zone coming in has been extended. From the number of folks passing me I don’t think many have realized....
  11. Some things you just can’t unsee. This is one of them. I’m scarred for life!
  12. Was just in Rey today. Sign said plastic bags 5 cents, reusable ones 25 cents. While I agree with cutting down on plastic, this idea was very poorly thought out. What do I put my meat and veggies in? Seems like the supermarkets will be making out like bandits on this law.
  13. Went to PriceSmart today and the InterAmerican was backed up past Cochez. Took best part of an hour to get there. Authorities are resurfacing the road heading West to Paso starting just past the PS turnoff. All traffic heading West diverted onto the opposite side. Looks like it is not a short term thing.
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