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  1. Marcelyn, it is on my whatsapp, if you pm me your phone number I will forward it. I only used the term “hall pass” ‘cause I didn’t know what else to call it.
  2. Just talked to my gardener, told him not to come for a couple of weeks. He produced a "hall pass" showing that he was allowed to continue working. Good for him in taking the initiative. He'll be here as usual.
  3. Be nice if they could fix the leaky pipes first. Around here the IDANN folks merrily drove past several water fountains so they could go and paint reservoir tanks.
  4. I am questioning myself as to whether I should renew my "membership". I can get pretty much everything they stock elsewhere for comparable prices and I don't have to wait in a long line. (I was going to say wait 30 minutes but by that time I would have abandonded the cart and walked out).
  5. I think there is a BIG difference between importation and carry permits. I would expect the latter to be quite rare.
  6. It looks like they are leveling the area to make it useable. Guess they don't need rocks in the infill down below, so are setting them aside.
  7. Hmmm, he is not in the Country, has never actually been arrested and imprisoned, no-one knows where he is and bail is denied? Can anyone else see the dichotomy here?
  8. One of them was the owner of the helicopter, Enrique Anathianadis, father of Athenas, our diputado in the last government. Enrique owns the Avicola Athenas chicken empire.
  9. “En Chiriqui, education es primero” has to be the biggest joke ever. No-one in authority seems to care, unless they can siphon off funds.
  10. Meanwhile, in Dolega, our ONLY police car is in the shop waiting for a new transmission - and, of course, there is no money to pay for it. At best, we have 5 police officers on duty at a time, big area for so few folks.
  11. Ridiculous. Climate change does NOT force a surcharge. That is entirely the fault/responsibility of the ACP. What they are trying to do here is get the same amount of money by providing less service. Eventually they will price themselves out of the market, resulting in much hand wringing and crying. Look for solutions, build another lake, find out why the catch basins are not working efficiently, utilize ocean water more. It's not like there isn't enough water around, just that it is not the type that the ACP wants to use.
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