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  1. I have never been asked for a “spot tax” in my 5 years here. Been stopped plenty of times, usually just to check my licence, a lot of the time I am just waved through. I do have a pretty good rapport with the local check point guys and give them cold water and cookies every now and again. The head of the police in dolega knows I am a retired copper and has dropped in once or twice for help in getting repairs done to various police vehicles. I have no problem with that and consider it community service
  2. Bonnie, don't know if it will work, but I buy Tilapia food from Chiki in Dolega at a good price. I also have a bunch of duckweed/trefoil if you want it. Lots of water hyacinths as well
  3. Keith, Two sailors, Education and Health surely are more important, let’s hope someone figures that out soon. As far as the bus route cost, I took it to mean the cost of the permit plus the cost of a new bus to fulfil the obligation. But, there again, I have been tricked once or twice!
  4. Annnnnndddddd, we will see if the government backs down after the long haul bus operators object and start blocking the interamerican...Talking to a taxi driver last week in David, he told me the cost of a licence and a bus for the Panama-David route was over $1 million
  5. The water has been "iffy" for about a week. Looks like the contractors cut a main line coming down the hill when they were doing some fill and widening work at the junction of the Potrerillos Arriba main road. Water is coming back slowly but the problem now is the red earth that has gotten into the system. I have 5 filters prior to my reverse osmosis drinking water system and every one of them was dirty. Usually the first filter stops everything, but this red stuff is so fine it gets through. Ah well, new filters all around, probably time anyway.
  6. Where are those darned Tornado chasers when you need them? Gust of wind? Nope.
  7. I was there a couple of weeks ago to renew my dl. Lots of folks waiting, but I was in and out in 30 mins. This is one area where the service is superb. Perhaps because it is privatised?
  8. But Bonnie, stop signs are just “advisory”. Everyone here knows that!
  9. Agree with all of that Doug. Here in Porterillos some concerned folks gather up the garbage and put it in garbage bags. But, the town won't collect the bags. Result? Obvious. Bags get broken and the trash is scattered until someone picks it up again. Depressing really, as the administration here wants to promote the area as a scenic place. How much would it cost to pick this stuff up? Much less than the cost of a stadium, a new park and all the fancy new bus stops they have here.
  10. It seems to me that the greatest asset of Panama is the canal. Unfortunately, it is also it's greatest detriment. As long as the canal brings in boatloads of cash ( pun intended) then no real effort will be expended on diversification.
  11. Never seen anything like it. It "looks" to be a semi auto bodge-up possibly based on a pistol frame. It's a mess, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous. Even a Kalishnikov is prettier than that thing. I'd like to have a closer look at it to make sure, but that's not likely to happen! Have to wonder if it has been modified into a full auto, that would explain the stock and front end as more fire control would be needed.
  12. BD, trying to stay away from controversy here, but there is a mathmatical pattern to sun spot activity (Dr Google will help here). Over the centuries it has been noted that more activity equals warmer temps and less cooler temps. There is now an argument gaining strength amost some climatologists that we could be entering a mild cooling phase. If you can, compare sunspot activity/temperature corelation over the last 1000 years and compare that accuracy with the predictions of the global warming folks. It is instructive to say the least.
  13. Jim, gasp, you don't mean to imply that the SUN has any bearing whatsoever on climate change? Quel horreur.....
  14. Jocie was in see Dr Almandral this morning. He has no visible burns, but does have a persistent cough. Apparently he burned his lungs but should recover completely. He gave permission for me to post this so his many patients will be reassured.