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  1. Annnndddddd, turns out I was wrong. Tthe only “registration” you need is when you first go in, something that, apparently, you repeat on each visit.
  2. From what I have been told by Panamanians, one needs to get registered in the system. While it may not be a total necessity, I like to keep within the rules on this kind of thing. I am heading down today to find out.
  3. I know I have seen this pass by but cannot find the thread. How does one go about registering in the CSS system?
  4. JohnF13

    City Mall grand opening May 24th

    Went to City Mall yesterday on a recce mission. After spending $75 in the grocery section (no meat or alcohol) I have to report we were impressed. Large, clean store, attentive staff, short check-out lines ( There are check outs on both sides of the store). Jocie, who is the grocery price checker, said that pretty much all of the prices were 30-60 cents less per item than at Baru or Rey. I was looking at 2 things in particular - toilet paper and kitty litter, as these are expensive at other stores. Good products available, and at prices comparable to, or less than PriceSmart. My PS “membership” is due in June, I suspect I will not be renewing. Only glanced at the upper floors but looked like a good selection of higher end clothing and furniture. They even have woodworking tools at reasonable prices. All in all, a great new addition to David and one that is going to threaten the stranglehold PS, Rey, Baru and 99 have on the consumer dollar. Worth the trip.
  5. WEll, at least the ditches and culverts trap the errant vehicles, so no damage to anyone else!
  6. JohnF13

    Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    No, Dottie, you are not a captive audience. When we shop there we fill up our cart, get into the line and then decide if it is worth our time. On many occasions I have left a cart full of stuff and walked out. But, that’s us, passive agressive I think is the term. I can find pretty much everything I need at other stores and if it wasn’t for paper goods I would have a hard time justifying the annual fee.
  7. But WHY is it planned to go to the Costa Rica border? What is there that needs a rail line? I’m guessing that this is intended to be part of the new silk road. Next will be pressure to push it through the Darien, with obvious results. Unless this is a line for moving goods, it makes absolutely no sense from a commercial standpoint.
  8. Didn't see any problems yesterday, drove past the new mall, everything normal. Went as far down as Calle 4, nothing there either
  9. Oh, I really have to back out of this subject. Yes, climate change is real, it's called "weather". It has changed many times over the life of the planet, from warm periods to ice ages. Unfortunately, universities have debased themselves over the past few years to the extent that one really needs to question the truth of their preachings. That's it from me, don't want to engage this matter further.
  10. Don’t know. But, nothing is as it seems. Rising sea levels - what is the basis for measurement? Is it a stick at the entrance to some port or other or a bit more scientific? There now seems to be an argument between scientists as to whether Arctic and Antarctic ice volumes are growing or shrinking. The famed 97% consensus never was, it was a subset of a small group of warmists, promulgated by the IPCC. Land rises, land falls. The problem is in the measurement. If you say an island is being flooded due to rising seas, could the opposite not also be true - the land is sinking instead of the sea rising? Nature is a complex thing. Yes, there is climate change, BUT, there always has been. CO2 emissions are a red herring, CO2 levels were much higher in medieval times - that wasn’t man made.
  11. The sinking of islands is not necessarily caused by climate change. There is a group of islands not far from Australia where a new one regularly grows at one end of the chain and at the other end one sinks. Of course, plate tectonics can be a tad complicated for the followers of the Church of Gore.
  12. JohnF13

    Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    Kinda related, for those of us who are fans of fresh step kitty litter, the mystery over its disappearance is resolved. It is back, smaller size and more money. Guess Pricesmart is thinking consumers have short memories.
  13. Right now it is not happening. Besides the importation ban, the government has unilaterally decided to withhold any new permits. Do not buy a gun of any sort and expect to get it. I have been waiting for 30 months for a shotgun permit. Why? Come back in 2 months......several times. No exolanation, just no.
  14. JohnF13

    PriceSmart's private labels

    With Bonnie and Doug. The members select stuff is hardly clumping at all, and it certainly does not supress odours. Another misstep by them, if they reolace certain paper products I'm outta there.
  15. Because it would cost money Doug, thereby diverting funds away from Diputado’s “special” projects.