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  1. Why would anyone be surprised by this? While our politicians talk a good talk, it is not in their own interests to fix the problems effectively.
  2. Come on guys, O neg is universal donor blood and very common. Get down there and donate - please.
  3. There was a stop on the Potrerillos road a couple of days ago - just up from the Terpel station at Dolega. Six or seven ATTT guys checking licences, plates and insurance. Several cars on tow trucks. Friendly enough, but these guys are not messing around, so be prepared.
  4. Help with Kodi

    Wilson, if you are getting no streams available, on the first entry list to exodus (or whichever you are using), scroll down to tools, then to clear providers, clear cache and possibly clear search history, clear them all then back out. Works for me, sometimes you need to do it a couple of times
  5. Keith, are they pushing through from the Palmira side as well?
  6. Yeah, we watched him for a while. Hope he was just guarding and not stuck, although there was another dog just above him.
  7. Doesn't look like a whole lot of progress since the last photos, but there are lots of trucks and heavy equipment working away. Couldn't go too far down the road, the voice of reason, A.K.A. my wife Jocie said no.....
  8. Microclimates and pests

    Here on the Potrerillos side at 2400 feet we have snakes, about 10 in the last three years, fer de lance, corals and boas. Ants by the million, likely because I have a 3/4 acre bush just behind the house. Cane toads, one in my pond right now. Many scorpions but no problem, my cats dispose of them quickly. Few mosquitos but some “noseeums” , little biting buggers. On the good side, lots of mot mots, raptors and other assorted birds. I think they all, good and bad, live in my little jungle. Wouldn’t change it for anything!
  9. This is nothing more than a ploy to support domestic car salesmen. As Bonnie says, a minimal emission standards check on vehicles here would drastically cut down on the smokers we see on the roads every day.
  10. Boy, you folks have a huge Embassy down there in the City. Guess they are too busy with important stuff to deal with everyday citizen matters!
  11. Of course, the main flaw in the argument alway is, and always has been, what is termed the "last mile". That is the actual connection to your house, and if that goes down, it doesn't matter how many transmission lines there are.
  12. Bonnie, think of it like water lines. As a generic example, your main line is a 2" one, from which your 1/2" line runs off. Normally all is OK, but if a large number of people run their 1/2" lines off the 2" lines, eventually the pressure will drop because there is too much demand. By putting in another 2" line two things happen - it increases capacity so more people can run their lines off it and, more importantly, if the first line goes down, the second one can carry much of the demand. Hence, theoretically, there should be fewer outages.
  13. Judy, the climate ALWAYS changes. Changing the moniker from “global warming” to “ climate change” is merely the warmists attemt to cover up years of totally wrong modeling and egregiously false computer predictions. Does anyone still believe the hockey stick?