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  1. Officially jealous. I'm on wireless, CableOnda can't even get me 6 megs here. This morning I was down to 2 megs because they keep switching me to San Jose instead of Panama City.
  2. Up in Potrerillos there is a dreary annual trash collection from the sides of the road. The trash is put in plastic bags then left, forever, on the side of the road until it either degrades or some cowboy runs it over. Plastic bags are not the main problem, trash dumping is. Although, if the garbage bags were degradable, then at least the trash would meld back into the grass that much faster.
  3. That I agree with Keith. Drinkin' and shootin' just don't go together. However, punks on drugs waving guns around are some of the most dangerous people in the World.
  4. Keith, NO NO NO. Marion Clamp was shot in her house by several underaged male attempted murderers. I have absolutely NO sympathy for these people who have no problems with shooting a defenceless older lady. Good move by the 46 year old, I commend him.
  5. The problem, Keith, is that the supplements available here are not of the quality most people want. For some common stuff the local offerings might be OK, but there are quite a lot that are just not available. I went to GNC looking for one particular supplement and was told by the very young lady running the store that they didnt have it, "but look, here is something we sell that is just as good." Nah, I trust my own research better.
  6. Pure Solar ONLY works if you have an extensive battery back up system and inverters. Adding those into the equation pretty much always results in it being a non viable "solution". Yes, solar can help, but if you need grid back up then you are defeating the purpose. Before critisism, please be aware that I was the owner/ operator of a 10 kw micro solar system in Ontario, Canada, and I ran, off grid, for 5 years in a harsh environment utilising diesel engines running on waste veggie oil. The solar system only worked, from an ROI point of view, because the Provincial government paid ridiculous amounts for my electricity inputs. Even then, payback on my, admittedly, Cadillac system was 8.5 years.
  7. Lynn, does he charge $35 per day? Thats a bit high for around here. I have a neighbour who is looking, he will be moving down here in a month or two, but something can be arranged before then. PM me or email johnferguson1301 (at) gmail dot kom.h
  8. Thanks folks. Looks like SF plaza Scotiabank is way out of line. Will figure something out from all the helpful suggestions. Great community!
  9. Bonnie, this is my U.S. $ account, so I do not understand their fee. I'll try Global, thanks.
  10. I want to write a cheque on my Canadian U.S. dollar account for deposit in a bank here. I hoped it would be easy, after all, Scotiabank Canada to Scotiabank Panama....silly me. The bank here wants $300 for a $3,000 cheque. Not gonna happen. Is there any other bank (and yes, Scotiabank Panama may lose my business over this) that will accept such a cheque without exorbitant fees? Looking for a different way to get money down here without doing a large transfer every year or so. Would like to write monthly or quarterly cheques.
  11. If the technology wasn't there, a whole bunch of people wouldn't be able to communicate effectively.
  12. It is probably a health concern issue.
  13. Chiquita Banana

    Been on that pier. Dangerous walk to the end, I'm not sure even the pilings can be saved