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  1. I don't go into Rey's much anymore, just seems to me their prices have increased tremendously. Last time I was in there were very few people.
  2. Don has shared, in private, "a reason" with me. I'm not sure it is the whole thing but guys, being U.S. Warden in David has just got to be soul sucking. Maybe he needs to reduce and reflect. Whatever, everyone needs to understand what he did and who he represented. Time for a new beginning for everyone I think. I wish him well.
  3. The notice says "special hours for Friday April 14th". How can that possibly be interpreted to mean a permanent closing?
  4. Hil, I think the question is this - did you ASK for a jubilado discount or did they just offer it out of the blue? It would seem that yes, indeed, you are a very lucky man if two companies over four transactions gave you the discount without being asked. Of course, those that do not believe in coincidence will have difficulty in believing that it was spontaneous. I am trying to make the point (as others, likely) that the jubilado discount is of real benefit to expats and any abuse of it may bring the whole system crashing down. It would be very easy for the government to exclude E-type cedula residents from the program.
  5. I was in the Casa de batteria on the PanAm today for a new battery for a UPS, while it is obvious that I am a jubilado, no discount was offered. Nor did I ask for one as in my opinion, it is not covered under the law.
  6. Bonnie, I'm with you, I don't understand a jubilado discount for batteries - unless I'm missing something?
  7. Where is the name calling? I merely said don't get pissy. Apology? No.
  8. Pat, I "think" I told you in my reply above. Yes, the poster could have added more information but quite frankly, she was sending a message to all of the La Villa costomers who were left in the lurch. It was/is a complicated situation and has been addressed admirably. Don't get pissy.
  9. BD, those that know, know. But I'll let you in on it. At the BCP across the feria bridge.
  10. Bonnie, Not sure I agree with you. Before coming here we did everything the Panamanian govt. wanted through a lawyer in Panama City. After out arrival we had our one year temporary pensionado card within three days. The permanent one arrive well before the expiry of the temporary card. So, it can be done, it just takes money (in our case around $3k for the both of us) and attention to detail.
  11. Dont know what is going on in my neck of the woods, but power in Potrerillos has been very "iffy" over the past two days. A 6 hour outage yesterday, a couple of minor outages during the night and two more this morning. Certainly not blaming Panama City, I suspect piss poor maintainance is to blame.
  12. We are just going through this process now to move a car from Panama City to Dolega. I seem to remember that the last time we did this ( courtesy of Keith Woolford) it wasn't nearly as complicated. The only steps we have left to do is the DIJ inspection, then wait a few days for the official paperwork then go back to Dolega and get the revised title for the car. A friend of mine doing the same thing appears to be caught in some kind of black hole, he cannot get his plates even though he went theough the steps at the right time. He figures he has around 35 hours invested in the exercise. Moral of the story, if you don't have to do it, just don't. We have fun with this kind of thing, others may see it as a huge irritant.
  13. The 27% doesn't surprise me. After all, a lot of the U.S. Folk live nowhere near a border and don't have an exploring spirit - apart from the U.S of A.