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  1. Went to PriceSmart today and the InterAmerican was backed up past Cochez. Took best part of an hour to get there. Authorities are resurfacing the road heading West to Paso starting just past the PS turnoff. All traffic heading West diverted onto the opposite side. Looks like it is not a short term thing.
  2. ..But, why is this on Chiriqui life, I thought we didn’t do politics here?
  3. until

    My wife and I took this course last November. We have stuck with the daily routine (and some days it is hard) but we both see a definite improvement in our well-being. But, it depends on you - spend the $50 and then don't follow up is a waste of money and time. Enjoy, we feel better every day after doing the rites. Here's something I didn't know though - yoga mats wear out! Who knew?
  4. Another bus collision on the way home from David at noon or so. Bus turned left across the line of traffic and was T boned by an oncoming car. This near the junction of the old Boquete road and the new one. From the damage, I doubt if the car was doing the speed limit......
  5. Supposedly a 6.0 or 6.1. Very strong in Potrerillos, water splashing out of my reserve tanks. Apart from that, no problems here, hope everyone else is safe
  6. Same bank told me that they would charge $300 to cash a cheque from my Canadian Scotiabank, even if I wrote it from my U.S. funds account. They are not making it easy, folks!
  7. Priorities, Keith, Priorities. A cynical mind would think that a wall and fence are tangible, seeable things while text books are not, especially this close to an election
  8. $17,500 2013 Kubota diesel loader backhoe, BX 25D. 4 wheel drive, 143 hours currently. Bought this when I came to Panama, but not using it now, so time to move it on. Regular oil changes, greased every 10-20 hours. Excellent original condition, all equipment is OEM except for front tires - Kubota cheaped out on them so I replaced them. Always stored under cover. I don’t need to sell this, so no ridiculous low ball offers. Johnferguson1301@gmail.com
  9. i just checked flight costs to Canada. COPA in some cases is nearly double the cost of Air Canada. I would prefer to fly COPA but not at such a premium. I would guess that it is the same coming to Panama.
  10. My apologies for not being clearer. Yes, they are out of bandwidth, perhaps things have changed in the last couple of months but I don't think wireless is a priority for them.
  11. The problem in Potrerillos appears to be a full spectrum on the El Banco repeater. Friends of mine tried to get service but was told it is not available. When I was with them, my minimal 4meg would slow considerably at times of heavy use. I tried to move up to a blazing 6meg, they took my money but never provided the increased speed. Again, the excuse was no extra bandwidth at El Banco.
  12. And us country folk are stuck with 4-6 mega for $90. Ah well, I like the Country.
  13. Yes, it does. Especially if the lake has a larger surface area now. I'm just not sure about climate change being blamed for everything. It is an easy and convenient excuse for a lot of folks and organisations.
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