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  1. Pantah, it is beginning to sound like you want police presence outside your house 24/7 and the hell with anyone else. I sincerely hope that is not the case. My neighbour (in Potrerillos) was almost killed in a home invasion. As responsible citizens, we as a local community have now taken precautions, including a neighbourhood watch.
  2. Wondered why ours in Potrerillos had disappeared.....
  3. Not following. However, when I spoke to Marion just before she left. She had been called in for another interview, one she reported as being somewhat agressive towards her. Of course, now that she has left the Country, and it is two years after the fact I doubt very much if anyone will be called to account. I do know the minors involved were released from jail because they were minors. They were back in this area (and one in Boquete) within weeks of the attempted murder.
  4. And yet, the three who stabbed and shot Marion Clamp are not in jail and will likely never go to trial. Double standards anyone?
  5. Update – Abandoned Blind Pony in Jaramillo Centro

    Two questions. What size is the pony and can the cataracts be treated?
  6. American, 71, arrested in Boquete drug raid

    And yet, we have $7.00 bottles of rum here. I would suspect that the intolerance of some substances has a lot to do with the futile US "war on drugs" and the co-opting of this Country's government agencies into a doomed venture. Que sera......
  7. American, 71, arrested in Boquete drug raid

    Can't believe there are many left that think weed is a bad thing. Sounds very personal to me. Usual advice, keep it to yourself. Even friends talk.
  8. Help with Kodi

    Try troypoint.com, they have tutorials there for installing kodi and all the add-ons. Be warned though, it is not one click!
  9. Signs are like restraining orders, not worth the material they are printed on. There is always that "special" someone who will drive unsafely and then claim that it is the road's fault. Unless someone such as the Diputada or the Mayor gets involved, nothing much will happen.
  10. Why It’s Easier to Reinvent Yourself Living Abroad

    My reason - I'm a snow refugee!
  11. I guess you missed the "strictly enforced" part? Of course signs and speed limits mean nothing if no one is enforcing them, but if they are,nthen behaviour changes very quickly.
  12. Simple solution folks. Reduce the maximum speed through that area to 20 kms/hr and strictly enforce it every day. You wouldn't have any more accidents there, but I suspect a whole bunch of people would whine.
  13. I would think, Judy, because EVERONE knows how dangerous that section of the road is especially in wet weather. I know most disagree with me, but in my mind there are no "accidents" and what happens at Brisas merely reinforces that position. In other words, sillyness on the part of the driver. Unfortunate that some get injured or even killed, but that is not the fault of the road. If calming measures such as speed bumps and chutes were installed some people would still find a way to continue silly/dangerous driving.
  14. Who Wants a Housekeeping Job in Potrerillos?

    I will ask my housekeeper if she has spare days.
  15. Santa Catalina sunset on the beach

    Spectacular. No wonder we love living here.