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  1. Of course he doesn't owe anyone an explanation, but someone in his position should at least give a general reason as to why. He was the Embassy Warden, and was a very outspoken person who talked about his personal life quite frequently, so it is a bit strange and disconcerting that he would not comment on the reason.
  2. Has anyone heard why he abruptly decided to leave? He made no comment as to why, and has not replied to anyone on his site.
  3. Yes, but the point of this thread is not to go over the merits of why Panama is implementing these new changes or if you are a bad person or not because you have border hopped, it is to try to help those that need to cross the border and to gain insight into the new policies and what people need to do. This is not only affecting "border hoppers", it is also affecting the "regular tourists". I read on another forum about a couple of tourists that had flown into Panama City and then crossed through Paso Canoas into Costa Rica to spend a few days there before returning to Panama to fly out. They were reportedly denied re-entry into Panama.
  4. It's more a matter of how long you need to stay out rather than if you let your stamp expire. The information that people are wanting is if you leave at 5 months can you come back in if you stay out for two weeks or 30 days or 3 days? Also if you leave at your 6th month before it expires are you going to be let back in after 30 days, or do you need to stay out for 6 months or longer? Also does it matter how many border hops you have done in the past?
  5. Bonnie, it would be nice if they were able to tell you if they have had any issues with people having to call them from the airport.
  6. So true. Now however it's more than a matter of this guy had to show $500 and the next guy didn't. People have been denied entry and it would be helpful to hear the stories to see if anything that could be helpful to others emerges.
  7. The problem is that Panama has not made any clear cut rules, it is all very wishy washy. The best way at this point is to hear about others experiences crossing the border, either by land or air. People have been attacked trying to tell their experiences, and that has shied people away from telling their stories. Maybe if this stops we can gain some insight. It has been said before 5 months have passed to stay out 30 days and you will be let back in, but if you reach your 6th month staying out for 30 days won't let you back in. If that is the case when can you come back, 6 months, a year? No one knows. It has also been said that if you have been border hopping for 2 years, you can't come back in. If so, how long before you can come back? It has also been said that if you are in the process of applying for residency to show a letter or paperwork from your lawyer and you will be let back in, but will you really be able to, is this good enough? Hopefully some will come forward and tell their experiences so others can benefit. If you have been border hopping for awhile at this point if I were to do a border hop, I would treat it as if I wouldn't be allowed back in just in case. Have someone caring for your pets, let your landlord know you may not be able to come back, maybe go so far as packing up all of your things or selling them.