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  1. I just found out about Gloria yesterday. I of course as many who knew her, are in shock. She was a trusted person who helped us over the years and understand that the service she provided is now something that we need to do - making sure our employee is covered by the the Social Security System. Enron, as a client, I was going to transfer money into her bank acoount prior to hearing this. Would this still be the best option? Thank you and very sorry for your loss. Valerie
  2. Well as much as I am not a Walmart fan, most likely because it was a long way to go (LOL at least 20 minutes), Target that was 5 minutes away was my choice. Oh but I can only dream hey even a K-mart if they are still around - OK desperate! Living on a crummy road in the middle no where - there is something going on close but gee, I doubt it's all about me or any of the stores mentioned above. And if it really happened? I would start to dislike all the reasons we moved here anyways.
  3. Happy New Year to you as well Keith. As I think you know, I am in 100% agreements - with your outlook in general. My best wishes to everyone. Val
  4. Thank you. I too am looking forward to a safe and wonderful new year. Happy New Year to all.
  5. I am a little afraid of saying something wrong here since I am not sure how this site works. I try to say something nice and get immediate dislikes? However, I will reiterate a very positive experience with ACODECO. Having proper documentation in a case of approx. a $5K settlement - l am legally bound to not disclose the details. They were professional, prompt, and clearly on the side of the consumer - us. The vendor tried to take advantage of us since in good faith, we made a sizeable down payment while the vendor never ordered the product, which is illegal but we wanted to move on. We were refunded our money since having the documentation in this case was relatively straightforward. Best Regards and wish everyone the same experience.
  6. Wow - one post with a dislike... Al care to comment on all the business I have bought you and how I support Planet Telecom?
  7. Hey Al, Guess I am a little late coming over here - maybe you didn't get my text inviting you to Thanksgiving dinner but that was a while a go anyway..... LOL- really good intentions although I understand you are Canadian - you would have fit right in. Due to my either being set in my ways on posting sites ( oh I hope that isn't why!!) or lack of time, I am looking here now. Saludos!
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